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Quran Tafsir/Explanation – Juz Amma

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Salam adad

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RO Billahi min ash shaytani r Rajim inaho Allah Raja e the Hadith.

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Ravi Shastri suddenly were suddenly Emily Watson Hakata, Melissa, Annie, Holly along with a bit now handle multi mula ilaha illa. Allah. I mean, you're right, I mean, okay, so the previous couple of ayat we spoke about the things that allows your calls our attentions to first of all in the sky, and then within our own selves, illustrating our weakness on an increase in capacity not only to not be able to fathom them completely, but not to explore them, as we may wish, okay. Then Eliza says this profound statement in the whole ideology he recorded a raw translation would yield, no doubt he is in complete control over returning it, Larry he of its return.

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So what is this return that allows that we have speaks of, most of them of us who don't comment, that this return is of course, bringing human returning to human being after he is dead, back to life. But there's something really beautiful and profound in the use of this word here, because Allah speaks of the human being the fluid going into the woman and the form of you know, basically just a fluid and then what comes out of her womb is a human being. So what is entered is a is something dead. And what is returned is something fully formed, something miniscule goes in and something profound comes out, a lot of returns it surprised on what are in the same way Allah says

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if a login produced this return, after this fluid has gone in and turned out into a human being alive is capable then also, in returning the human being from whatever form, if you can create the human being out of order water and return him out of the womb than the Earth, the womb of the earth will yield him back, no matter what he turns into. So the earth is going to be talked about as a womb as the IOD continue. The word inaho here illustrates is out of the shock. what that implies is that there are people who are not willing to give this thought consideration. They'll go as far as to say, yes, the birth is miraculous. They'll go that far. But they were not willing to take that

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next step olara, which is giving them that next step in the who are allowed on journey he recorded in the eloquence of the surah. We don't find in ilaha illAllah JE la COVID. And usually, you know, so it says certainly he is capable of returning it. But the word he a pronoun is used typically when the noun is already mentioned. Like if you're telling someone a story, and you say once upon a time there was a man. The next sentence doesn't say the man went out to town it says he went out to town right? So the word he would be an illustration of a noun that was already mentioned. Interesting. The word Allah hasn't occurred in the salon, again, keeping his name secret, because that's part of

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the theme and shouting his name in secrecy in this surah subhana wa tada because that's part of the theme of the soul and also illustrates a lot as urges displeasure of the ones who have forgotten hemiola Nick not make us from them. Now Allah says he is in complete control over returning it and complements what he started saying in the previous surah. In the previous surah. He said in now Who who are you with? Do you read exactly the same subject, no doubt it is he who initiates and brings back just like he initiates the creation of that fluid and brings it back a human being, and initiated the human beings existence on this earth and we'll bring it back in the next life after we

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are gone. Similarly, he says in neurologically recorded now that this has been illustrated, allows the will gives us the next conclusion. Yo Ma, tubular saw the day on which secrets will be thoroughly tested and left out, you know, something that is pulled out and exposed to everybody. This is what the word Bella is used for, not just for testing, but for completely exposing. So Allah says when secrets Sara is, and by the way, the word Sara it comes from the singular city era. Now there are two words in the room. There's silver, silver, and the plural of silver, which means secret is a slot. Right? But then there's the word serie era. And the plural of that is Sarah and

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Sarah is a very well guarded secret series a secret. But a cerebra is like it's camo by the hand. It's a really well guarded secret that nobody could find out about. It was protected by the ones who didn't want it exposed. Unless as they will be thrown out in the open like, you know, open and open access information. Open Source basically, no matter how much you try to guard. So Allah says Yamato Bella Sara, this is important because if you notice, the theme of the surah was secrecy. And if you notice the previous surah spoke about those who are do who oppress the believers, well whom if it would have been me, Nina should whatever they did with the blue

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They themselves were witness to it. And they will not speak in the previous sort of Apostle and speak about genocide and crimes against innocent people that were buried alive or mass graves and all these kinds of heinous crimes that have existed throughout history, even in recent history. But when a nation commits those kinds of crimes, they bury the, the, you know, the evidence, and they don't let anybody excavate the site and all that kind of stuff. And they use their military and their police and all you know, and they'll prevent the journalist from going in there to see what's really going on all this stuff. Why? Because they want to keep it a secret if it comes out and

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they'll be exposed. Allah azza wa jal says, yo ma Tula, Sarah the day on which even the most well guarded of the secrets will be exposed. It began with night, there is of secrecy, Allah azza wa jal let us know there's halophila here, and what I failed to mention before was the stars that are at such a distance or witness. And if they're witness What's so hard to believe that there's someone right here, if they are fully witness at such a distance, the star Allah has made a witness to what goes on on this earth that Allah has assigned, what's the big deal for Eliza was able to create a witness for each and every one of us the half of that is been assigned over us. The next is of Hana

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Allah, Allah says from Allah who mean? Well,

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first of all, this is a contrast with the previous sorta, in the previous slide, we found nations that had a lot of power, power to hurt the believers in the very beginning with the loss how we look at that, later on how the attacker had evolved, you know, the

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previous surah didn't the news of the armies come to you, the armies of Pharaoh and in some would love mentioning armies illustrating power. But here he says, a day is coming when the secrets are exposed. Of course, these secrets are usually very well guarded. So when they are exposed, what does that illustrate? Those the armies, whatever they were, whatever mechanisms they were, have all failed. They've been overcome. They've been overpowered. Allah says, Allah whom, in what in what are now sitting there on that day, he will have no no power to his avail. nothing for him that isn't of any power whatsoever, nor any helper now what's power and help? What are these two things important?

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When you try to hide something? You do whatever is in your power to hide it?

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And if there's something not in your power, what do you do you ask for somebody help to get to help you hide it. Think of even something as simple as a person who's sick, who's trying to hide part of his legs. He's lying in a hospital bed and his leg is exposed, and he wants to cover it. He's too weak to even cover his leg. So he doesn't have the power. What does he do next? He has somebody who's helped. Could you put, you know, could you cover it right here? Could you cover this for me, he doesn't have help himself. Unless there's no kua they will have no power whatsoever for themselves, nor any helper to help them cover these kinds of their tracks. And this again, perfectly

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completing what we learned before the people who killed the believers they themselves were witness, but they kept it a secret for themselves only alone, you only knew what the crimes they had committed against the believers. But now, when those secrets are exposed, they will have no power nor any helper. This again, goes further elaborating what Allah says before yoma Latham liqui nafcillin absentia on the day on which no person will have no authority, no power in the case of any other. So first of all, a person doesn't have power for themselves. Forget the idea of even trying to help anyone else upon Allah.

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By the way, when Allah says Yama, Yama, for example, Yama, tabla, sorry, from Allah, human kotula, Yama, and for the day on which and then then there won't be any helpers. what that implies is there are people that keep secrets now, then they won't, but now they have some power apparently, and they have helpers at their disposal. So they are in a position of some power. One of the things you need to inshallah tada bear in mind in complementing the previous surah. With this one is in the previous level, we find the disbelievers oppressing Muslims. And in this surah we find what happens before the oppression, the secret plans of the disbelievers that they don't expose, we will find later on

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in the home Yaki do, Nikita will find that in the surah, too, they're making those plots those plans to execute their their attacks on the believers. But before we get to that, the next half of the surah begins, Allah azza wa jal says, begins with another oath, which is very similar to the beginning of the previous surah. He says was Santa either tell Roger, I swear by the sky, and by that all which is above that possesses the feature of returning that Roger, which is known for returning, that is used when something is replete with a feature. So the sky is being described as one that has the feature of returning something. So what is the sky return, we learn to see that the

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sky returns with the rain over and over and over again, that's one implication of what somebody that tells Roger, it's complemented even more beautifully, because when the rain comes, it penetrates the earth or it flows in it becomes parts of rivers and oceans. And then it's some of it dries up, and it goes back up and it returns again, and it goes back up and it returns against the same water. That is cycling. So unless as was somebody that Roger so panela another thing here, that's been mentioned by

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But by more recent commentaries like chef Danny who does a lot of science and Koran kind of research, he says, look, the ozone layer we know now, radiation comes from outer space and it gets sent back from our the first layer of the sky here. And telecommunications, you have, you know, the first layer, the the waves bounce back. And that's how satellite and cell phone communication takes place. So there's a lot of data on him. But we know classically, what this is referring to is the water cycling, the water cycling. So the sky is known, what was semi at that temperature, what are the that is solder, and the earth possessing the feature of tearing open cleaving, ripping open,

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Allah describes the earth as ripping open, what this is describing basically is water coming from the sky, absorbing into the earth, the water comes into contact with the seed, the seed gets empowered and starts growing. But the if the earth refuses to rip open, there's not going to be any life. So every time a plant comes into being every tree is basically a rip in the earth. It's a tearing of the earth. So we'll have the, that the southern, this is basically a lot as a depiction of another kind of impregnation, the previous passage was the mother gets impregnated with that fluid. Now Allah sends a fluid from the sky and impregnates the Earth and the earth continues to

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continuously delivers, continuous delivers continuously delivers life on this earth. So a lot of parallels are creation with the with the creation of plant life, all around us because it's from the same creator. So he shows the parallel in the mechanisms of prana law. So when out of the that is Southern.

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Then after these oats, remember when whenever there's an author's job and cousin, there is a response to the oath, I swear by the sky that it has the feature of returning the earth that has the feature of cleaving and tearing open, what is the point of this oath? What is this oath leading to in now? hula? Colin First, there is no doubt that this is or that that there's no doubt that it is truly a decisive word fossil alpha, a fasten quality, right? It's a decisive word that decides between truth and falsehood. Fossil literally, fossil means to separate two things so far apart, that you can tell them from another, you know, two things are mixed together, you can tell one from

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the other, like, you know, branches of trees, when they're, you know, intertwined, then you can tell which belongs to which, but when you separate them, you call this fossil, they're distinguishable. Now, Allah says this word is a decisive distinguisher it makes distinction. Now, what is what are the previous to oaths have to do with this?

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You know, the rain comes from the sky, just like the revelation this word comes from the sky.

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And the rain enters into the earth and gives it life just like this revolution enters into the hearts of the people and gives their hearts life. It gives them life. In a hadith we find out paraphrase only inshallah, but I'll tell you where it's from. So you can read the full text on the shelf on your own. This is from Kitab Elphaba in,

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in Sahih. Muslim, barbarian, Miss Luma misnomer. So this is the example of what I have been given. The messenger says the example what I have been given in knowledge and guidance, and he gives examples, the likeness, the parallels with revelation, and one of them I'll paraphrase for you inshallah, again, read it up and said he Muslim also occurs in Bahati is that he says, it's like rain coming from the sky. And there are three kinds of reactions. There's the earth that absorbs it, and then plant life comes out of it, and it benefits that people continuously it continues to produce and produce and produce. So not only is the earth itself beautiful, but it's giving benefit

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to others. Then he says another kind of patch of land, which doesn't absorb the water, but at least retains it meaning forms like a puddle or a lake or something. And at least other animals and people can, you know, cultivate from it, they can drink from it, they can use it as a supply it's still it doesn't benefit itself, but at least it benefits others. That's another kind of land that is describes the third kind of land that has no use whatsoever. It doesn't retain the water it doesn't give the water if the water even goes in on the shrubs and you know, harmful plans with thorns that even animals are scared of even the only these things come out. But the messenger RNA sotto Salaam

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is talking about people. So when Allah says was semi that Roger will be the decider, yes, it's referring to the rain and referring to the plant life. But it's also referring to the revelation that comes down, and the reactions of the people what comes out of the earth, what comes out of the people, and this book decides in the hula Kowloon, first it distinguishes between people who are the people that learn this book, they internalize its teachings, they live according to them, and then they teach it to others also like that, that that Earth that itself beautified itself, and was also to give fruit to others who are of those who learn from this book, but they don't apply it for

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themselves, but they still serve as a vessel for others to learn at least some good came out of them, even though not for themselves, at least still some good came out of them. And who are of those whether you give them this book or you don't give them this book doesn't make any difference? Nothing changes in their life at all right? These the Quran distinguishes between these people. Now the thing of it is Eliza doesn't just say Nikola coal and fossil. He says one

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who have been hasn't?

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It is not at all an MA who would be would be in Arabic is very strong negation. If you say Lisa hasn't been right Lisa has long enough it's not has an MA who has an MA it is not at all in any way shape or form hasn't. So what is this hasn't that a lot of social refers to has a literally in Arabic refers to being skinny or weak, being incapable of doing anything productive, that's a person is called mezu. If they're very skinny and weak and they're not able to do any work, olan hasn't speech that is weak speech that doesn't have any benefit that may entertain people may keep people you know, laughing, or may keep people addicted to watch more, but produces no benefit whatsoever.

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How many conversations are we a part of where people crack jokes, say funny things right? They'll throw in a line from here, take something from here, take something from you. Put it together, make somebody laugh, poke fun at something. We all have a good old time and then we go about our way and part of our life has been wasted, useless speech. Allah says Quran is not at all useless speech. In other words, it's not at all speech that should not lead to clear decisive action fossil also means that which leads you to decisive action. In other words, you and I that are speaking and listening to hold on right now. This speech is not Oh, interesting talk, interesting information and we go

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back and nothing changes. This is not entertainment. Allah lets us know in Quran itself, it's not entertainment. We've turned into a culture many of us unfortunately, may Allah protect us from being this way. Where we've turned Koran into entertainment. We've turned the hook by into entertainment. We've we've returned listening to recitation of Quran into entertainment, it's become entertaining. It's become something fun to do. And if you enjoy it, you're not guilty for enjoying it, but it's something more serious than that. Nola colon, fossil woman who have been hasn't. It is not at all vain talk. It's not vanity speech. It's not something you could say, Oh, yeah. And then you move on

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with your life. And when's the next one? When's the next big convention? When is the next great speech? It's not just about listening. It's about action. So Larissa just makes this clear to those who are listening. Now this is also a threat to those who disbelieve, those who disbelieve are being told, this is this is decisive word. In other words, the news that this is bringing, that your secrets will be exposed, that you will have no helpers, no power for yourself and no helpers. This word has already been decided. There's no negotiation room left, either you accept or you reject and that's it and your fate is decided. So for us, it's it's decisive and even for the disbeliever. It

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is decisive. This word is surprised a lot. It complements what we learned in the previous sorta in the previous surah. Allah passed a verdict on those who are immersed in Cofer. He said, Belinda, Xena, cafaro fita creep. Those who disbelieve they are immersed in their completely committed to lying against you. That's what he basically said. That's it, they've sealed their fate. They're not budging from that position. And one of the ways in which they lie against this message is they call it entertaining talk. Interesting discourse. Interesting discourse. This is what you find, you know, when I was at the, in my college in my university, I took an Islamic studies course, right? That's

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what they call it. So they make you study passages from the Quran. And, you know, they read and they say, this is very interesting. This is really interesting over here, and compared to the biblical narrative here, and blah, blah, blah. It's all interesting, casual discourse. And after they're done reading that, they'll read something from the Odyssey, then they'll read something from you know, some Greek philosophy, they'll read something from mythology, then they'll read something from from Hindu texts, or whatever is interesting to them. Hasn't, that's what it is. It's casual. It's, it's, you know, intellectual exercise is all it is, is not something that actually leads them to make

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decisions in life. That's not how they look at it. So Pamela, and unfortunately, this attitude slowly enters the mind of the Muslim who attends University in this country. Right? What happens is every take everything with a grain of salt, everything, it's all good, that kind of attitude. It's all good. So you know, you go to these meetings, and you say, You're Muslim. Oh, yeah. So he that's pretty cool. It's all good. You know, and they don't believe it. And it's not it's, it's very hard to give people Dharma that are disconnected from everything. Right and this is attitude of disconnect. Allah azza wa jal says no, this is not something casual in the hula code and fossil mama

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who have been has now allows me to concludes the surah with with to two distinctions. The first is a reality of the kafala begins with the word in the home. There is no doubt that they in the home there is no doubt that they know whatever they're about to do. In other words, there is some doubt Don't be confused. Don't think that they're not doing this activity, they're engaged in it. Now the messenger RNA Sato Salaam may or may not know about the plots they make and secret, like for instance, the plot to assassinate the Messenger of Allah sallallahu send them when all the tribes ship on, give them a good suggestion, get one of each tribe, and then come after him so that no one

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tribe takes the hit for the crime. Right. The messenger is although some may or may not have news of it until Allah gives him but a lot that's have no one to work.

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I inform you or not for sure plotting is taking place in the home Yaki do Nikita they are all engaged in making a plot. Now the word Kade is different from the word mucker. In Nakuru, unrefined Womack Kuru Amara La la la Hokkaido remarketing hamacher omachron mama Karna Macron also be fine, right? So they make a plot and Allah Allah made a plot and was the best of those who designs a plot here, Cade, what's the difference between market and cave market essentially includes into two things misleading the opponent into thinking they're headed for victory, where they're actually headed for loss. That's the that's part of market it's a kind of deceit, and it is only used for a

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lot in response to Mecca that took a photo. So if you know what you would think of as generally inappropriate words for a large origin, you know, the idea of tit for tat, eye for an eye that occurs in the Koran, like you know, we don't associate poking fun at someone, Allah, we just name the glorified name associated with a lot poking fun. But what Allah says when they poke fun at the believers, you know what Allah says, Allah who yes as it will be, Allah pokes fun at them. Allah responds, Allah comes to avenge the believers Aziz Aziz on vontae, calm, he's got the authority and he possesses the ability to take revenge. So when they make a plot, then in response, Allah says

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makalah when they first mama Kuru, then mama Kerala, first Indonesia, Kaduna Qaeda and then in response, Joaquin oka, its response from Allah azza wa jal. So now the word Yaki Duna, to make a secret pluck aid has in it the well while mocker is both mean plot, but mucker has in it the meanings of deceit, or misleading the enemy guide has in it the element of secrecy, which is beautifully fitted here because everything we've talked about has been about secrecy from the very beginning of night to tubeless saraya to the fluid that word begins inside the body. Right, all of these secrets were being talked about. And now here at the end, it is no doubt that they are engaged

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in making a plan. Now the Qaeda at the end, which is my rule, mutlak, this Caden at the end Yaki Duda and Caden, what this implies is, each one of them's got their own plot, meaning there are various groups and they're all making their own plans. They're all making their own secret agendas, and they're executing them because even they are not united. That's the other thing we should know all of God is not united. Allah says Dr. boham, Jamie and makuu home shatta. You would think they're all together but their hearts are all over the place. Their hearts are diversified. They're not together. They're even at each other's throats. So Allah says it Nahum Yaki do Nikita, but he

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responds, he doesn't see any Aikido Qaeda. When he responds, he doesn't say no doubt, certainly I am also making a plan. He doesn't say certainly, you know, this the inner home. What this does in an Arabic statement, it makes it of course, Joomla is Mia and it adds Toki to it. But what it does also is implies effort, they put a lot of effort in making their plan. But alas, plan is what effortless Berkey look at no need to emphasize, no need to, you know, respond with that strength because Allah azza wa jal, all he says does is go in. And by the way, they've got multiple plans, right? Every group has their own plan, how many plans from Allah, one that takes care of all of them. I have a

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plan that takes care of all of their plans. 111 plan of attack that takes care of all the loose ends, we can't do one thing, you know, for every enemy, you have a different strategy. That's how human beings are. We can't have you know, one strategy for all all sides, all problems a lot. So it looks at all of these different enemies and says, Well, okay, I've got one plan that takes care of all of their plans. Now this is consolation to the messenger on his left was saddam, we should note that the middle of the soula started discussing or depicting the reality of the kofod but they were never addressed directly they were spoken of in the third person, the human being should observe

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what he was created from Nima Hola. Hola. Coming back, right, then again, in a home Yaki una de plot, not you plot, he doesn't address them directly. Now this does two things in Arabic literature, especially in Quran, why Allah distancing himself from the one he is displeased with. When you talk to someone you're at least addressing them, you're dignifying them by talking to them. Allah does not dignify these kuffaar by talking to them, he talks about them, he talks about them. To understand this ill defined these transitions in the Quran because the transition is about to come. You have to understand Allah azza wa jal has multiple audiences in the Quran. One of his audiences

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is His Messenger himself. So the lahardee another audience is the believers. Another audience is the disbelievers another audience, or is everybody in general. So depends on who Ally's talking to that to help you visualize the teacher, right? A teacher is talking to this group of students and he's talking to that group of students and he's talking to the teacher's assistant. He's got different audiences. This is the case in the Koran. Now when a lot of turns away from the kofod doesn't talk to them, but he's talking to the messenger RNAs AutoSum, but Who's he talking about? them, they can hear it. They can hear that Allah has turned away from them and he's talking about them too.

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To him it's you know, to give you a picture of this the the psychology of this if I'm talking to one of my children about the other child, right? What is what is the other child feel? ignored neglected? He's really angry at me. You understand this turning away from one audience to the other and especially talk to them about them. Why not just talk to me about myself? This is an illustration of anger from Allah. So in the home Yaki, do Nikita this regard them they're making a plan, let them make their plan. I'm making a plan, walking into Qaeda Who's he talking to? The Messenger of Allah say Salaam and that becomes abundantly clear at the end. By the way, this is

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something really important to note, the sooner I began with addressing the messenger woman as a raw cow, it began with a tabula rasa sallallahu Sallam will give you an idea of what art is a lot of speaking to his messenger sallallahu sallam. The ending is also familiar Hillel caffiene incredible. Allah says my health and healing Arabic is to give somebody extra extra extensions in their deadline. Like you owe somebody owes you money. They came they said I can pay you by Wednesday. Is that okay? Take the Thursday or take till next Wednesday. You gave him then he you extended their deadline. Allah tells His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Mahi Lim caffrey give an extension

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then be loose go easy on the disbelievers. Now the surah is about them plotting against us. The kuffar fighting against the believers. This is Moroccan Koran who's in a position of military power, the kurush so who should be giving Huda extensions? You understand, but Allah says this messenger oh, let them let it slide. let it slide. And the difficile they come and look at the wording so Pamela, Fela, Tasha Hill bill intercom inhome La la la, la la la. Don't get busy in worrying about avenging against them and don't make the against them. The thing the weapon in the messengers hands some Allahu alayhi wa sallam is his anger against them.

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Allah is angry with them. But if his messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam turns angry at them. That's it. That's it. This these are one of the places few places in Quran we find the profoundly delicate relationship Allah has with his messenger sallallahu sallam, Allah changes the Qibla and tells us to please you file annually and Macaca Latin, tada sallallahu Elisa, this is not something small. So here in this state in these kuffaar, in the previous surah, they are oppressing the Muslims, here, they're making plots to destroy, even assassinate the messenger himself. And Allah says, I've got them covered in the previous lesson of alohomora in white allies completely encompass

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them from behind them in front of them in front of them, don't worry about it, they're completely analyst control, they've got nowhere to go. Here. He told them what a key indicator, I've made a plan against them, I've made a thorough plan to take care of to undo all of their plots. Then he tells his messenger, let him slide. Don't make dua against them don't even make go against them. Allah has empowered His Messenger. So the irony of this is the eyes of a believer, right? They're in a position of being oppressed, they are being ridiculed, they are being mocked, their their attempts are being made to kill them, they are being made to leave their homes and who's still in a position

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of power. Even then, the messenger is in a position of power. So the law harnessing the power of the one thing we learn here is the power of Allah is telling his messenger, let them go, let it slide. Then he says it again, I'm here home, I'm here, you know them he is over time, let them go, let him meaning they come back, do something wrong, let it go. They come back, let it go. They come back, let it go. That's them he then Allah reemphasizes with burden burden is with inhale from if I am healed, and just let it go entirely. Don't worry about it at all. Just let it go. Because if it has completion in it, and the fleet has processing it, so whenever small incidents occur, just let it

00:28:51--> 00:29:29

slide from them. Don't worry about it. And as a matter of fact, develop an attitude of just letting things slide because I have already made my plot. But then Allah doesn't say do this indefinitely. He adds one more word. I mean, he'll home or Aveda, which means I mean, him Helen Reda. Give them a time but just a short little bit more, give them a little bit more time. Because you know, Allah has already designed the plan for his Allah. Allah has already designed the plan for Medina, Allah has already designed the plan for brother and then are heard and then that was that plans there. We just have to wait a little more. You just have to take it a little bit patient with them. And don't make

00:29:29--> 00:29:59

dua against I mean, that's really the weapon of the messenger slice Allah that Allah has illustrated here. So no matter how much we think we're in a position of weakness, Allah azza wa jal lets us know we're always those who truly believe are always in a position of power. And the thing that ally empowers them with those who are on the mission of His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is this this door, the door of the school Salalah hardy center. So you know, now you appreciate something. The power of the messengers, though I thought was set out to put this in perspective.

00:30:00--> 00:30:16

You know there were those who claim to follow His Messenger the messenger on his Auto Salon but didn't truly follow him Did we call them the hypocrites. Now the Messenger of Allah was told. So out when it started for tala home and lambda stuff in the home interest of a loan Sabrina Martin.

00:30:19--> 00:30:53

It is the same for them these hypocrites, whether you ask a lot of forgive them or not, even if you do so 70 times a loved one, forgive them. Now put this in perspective. Here you have one door, one door from the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi salam, and these kofod will be wiped out. Their game is finished. But Allah tells him to hold on. You know, take it slow with them, give them a little bit more time give him a little bit more time. And on the other hand, you have that same messenger RNA Sato, Sam making the 70 times and Alyssa is known for who?

00:30:54--> 00:31:30

against the moon of the moon, Allah, you know, Allah is asking them what are the messengers asking so so long for them to be forgiven? And in a hadith he said, I will ask more than 70 times then look at the mercy of our messenger RNA Sato Salaam. But think how deep this this problem of the fact is, you know, reweighed, by the way, is in isn't asleep. Okay? It's called, isn't it? Like AB becomes obeyed, or what becomes overweight? Just give them a little bit more time. It is like a lot of negotiating with his messenger solomani send them you know, when you say something just a little more just a little more. That's the language here, my heated caffeine alcohol home provider. And the

00:31:30--> 00:32:09

last thing to comment here is the word fat in the beginning of the masculine caffeine as a result of their plotting, and as a result of in response to their disbelief in response to their efforts against you. You should only know one thing I've made a plan against them. That should be enough for you to now should be enough negotiation for you to let it go. Let not anything in your heartbeat held against them. So Pamela fama Helen caffee Rena umhlanga, the surah, as we said, began with the mention of addressing the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, and the surah concludes with an address to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam. The Mr. tsuda began with a law saying that

00:32:09--> 00:32:17

there's a half is over everyone. There's a guardian over in Kowloon of Santa Monica houses. The surah concludes that Allah azzawajal has them in their plan.

00:32:19--> 00:32:53

In the beginning, part of that plan was revealed there's a half of over every one recording every deed, but even in their worldly affairs. The plan is complete their plans are completely overrun by a loss plan. Well, Mata Shah una Illa Allah in the home Yaki una Qaeda, Aikido Qaeda. May Allah azza wa jal make use of those who truly understand His word and are able to live up to it. May Allah make us deeply internalize the meanings of inna hula Kowloon Fussell This is a decisive word. May Allah make it leaders lead us to make decisions that are decisive in the laws obedience in our life and in the lives of our families, allows them to bring the light of the Quran into our homes and and

00:32:53--> 00:33:00

enlighten our children and our spouses with them. So panic alone will become the Chateau La ilaha illa Anta Mr Furukawa willikers salaam alaikum