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Are Suarez Salatu was Salam said, Who's the best person? He said two qualities.

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Coloma whom will sodoku Listen, so do kill. Listen. He said, Everyone who is to criteria. Look at yourself. Don't look at anybody, pure of heart, pure of heart, and truthful in his speech.

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They said we know truthful and speech. That's easy. What is this pure heart? Muhammad Ali. This is the word he said the Nanami which is hard the word what is his pure heart? The pure heart is a toughy and Nucky. The person who is pious,

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the heart is absolutely pure. And they said, what is that? He said doesn't have the following.

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No sin, no injustice, no anger, no envy.

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The sage one more time

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truthful in Tonga. Hopefully that's easy. Now come here. Nobody knows except him. Subhana I have no idea what is in your heart. You have no idea what is in my heart. Only him.

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Four things. The heart is pious. That's your relationship with him.

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And the heart is pure. That's relationship with people. no anger, no hatred, no jealousy.

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And at all. And there is nothing next to it says it depends what they did.

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Did you see it? No sin, no injustice, no envy, no anger.

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Then you have a pure heart.

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If you say to yourself or to somebody, I can't forgive her. You don't know what you did to me. Your your heart, your heart is in process.

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Or you say you know what he did to me? You stole my money. They took the company from me. Right? He hated my daughter. He did this and this and this and this to my daughter. I can never forgive him. That doesn't mean you love him. We are human. But I am not going to say I will never forgive