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The importance of moderation and faith in one's life is emphasized in Islam. The use of "we" in Islam means to the person not seeking world-anchored gains. The speakers also discuss the use of wealth and property for personal pleasure, as well as the importance of finding one's own values to be a source of happiness and empowerment for others. The segment touches on the idea of moderation and finding one's own happiness in a healthy way.

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sending him his preaching and salutation

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he stopped in the healthy about trying to gain peacefulness, contentment inside our lives. Where we concluded on certain verses of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Dena

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and our visit

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in the terms of beliefs, and find tranquility, peace and rest inside their hearts, wired as a part of a muscle to Allah, indeed via the vicar of Allah Subhana Allah, do hearts find tranquility and peace. Likewise, in Medina, in Dubai, Islam, their way of life in front of lots of parents,

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that will be acceptable if nothing less by Islam. Islam is the path

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of peacefulness. And that powerful peacefulness is a part of moderation. And that is the theme of today's quote, by being the leader, to be more driven, in all of our affairs, Islam needs towards moderation in everything that we do inside our lives. And that we find the opposite of moderation is going to excessiveness extremism or extravagance, which eventually leads the individual to overindulgence and needs to melt off a bit even destruction of the individual. And thus, the Quran and Sunnah encourages the individual, to live a middle life, not to become those individuals their whole goal. And sole purpose becomes the world to gain the world, love of the world respect of the

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world and to gain rank or honor or dignity from the people or from the world. When I begin to travel, notice in the heart and the mind of the individual, then life just becomes the world. The whole game of the world, to gain that insight one's life, appropriate highly should have some insight is happy, available theater of eternia module regarding the seeking of dystonia in the kingdom.

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And how the incidence of

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every individual has been created will be facilitated forever they want to achieve in such a life alone facilitate them will lead them individually to that another Hadith, which is more accurate, more specific wording that we find your nurse, it took a look, what do you mean

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all mankind, fair of us 100 to Allah and be mortal, in your quest, in your journey regarding this word, enough cylinder mood health, does tofi respond that the person will not die at the Sophia will not the person will not leave this world until they risk their provision, their sustenance has been completed every single individual provision, are they destined to gain upon this dunya has been decreed 50,000 years before the creation of the heavens and earth. Why not?

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Even though maybe seem to you may be delayed or the world for whatever it may be comes the latest stages who have been decreed when it comes flourishing to the individual when it comes at a later stage for the color of a pollen. Kodama have to

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be murdered in such a question search stick to the head again that which is beneficial and stay away from that which is held on which is forbidden. Also to sort of imagine his headache is narrating. And as you find, as I mentioned,

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we made you the middle nation, that just nation, never going to extreme opposites that we find everything about Islam and Islam, indeed will handle fear as somehow is the most accurate.

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The most orthodox belief, the most tolerant belief, or sorry, the only belief, the only total belief for mercy, compassion, and relief for people. That is what Islam is. If a person strays away from that, then you find that person begins to cause difficulty amongst their own self, various forms of moderation that we want to look at today between data and overland. moderation regarding one's faith, one's practice of one's faith, or the actions of faith. We find inside prophetic traditions.

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Islam is something very easy. So a person who ever overburdened himself regarding his religion, this affair will not be able to continue in that way. So person should not be extremists by trying to be moderate inside your life and trying to gain some element of perfection and receive the glad tidings that you will be rewarded by Allah Subhana. Allah seek aid and assistance strengthening by worshiping Allah panda in the morning, and in the evening, had the insane Buhari kita would even warning us that extremities regarding our fame body regarding practicing our faith, we only burden the individual and destroy the individual

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or the

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other, which actions are most beloved

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and appropriate, mentioned

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to him

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that we didn't have continuous regular basis. Maybe something even simpler, something smaller minute, but something that had been shown, a regular practice that we find is action, which is beloved versus bandanna. Because what we find inside our society, what may be classified as linguistically burnouts that we find people who just send us the service of giving up their faith, but for the music, the scene of passion, that certain moments of belief and conviction that they have, but after some time, it burns away. That's so cool, claiming have imagined himself is taken away, or is burned out. And there's various reasons for his passion to die out, or to burn out among

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some of the young individuals that we find older that we find

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a lack of knowledge or focusing on those things that will benefit the individual. Because this world is full of, as we began with a worldly gain, even a worldly gain in Islamic sciences, as well that people want to claim to specialize in certain things, or learn certain things. Often they get to benefit people in certain things. certain,

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certain topics, there are only four people have a deep understanding of religion of Allah Subhana Allah, which become trivial, which is common practice amongst the masses of people, that this person is born, this person misguided, this person ignorant, this person innovative, this person that calculates his personal value, this person has sinner, this person came to him, this person is going to gender. These are tips to tell them many of the masses of the youth that the whole life thrives upon trying to place people in pockets inside boxes, and worrying about them, and failing to understand spirituality, or begin to focus but tertiary issues, the way a person may display

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themselves, the way they may dress. These things are all important inside Islam, but they don't become the own end goal. The goal and purpose that represented this action of this this in a certain manner, then this becomes a symbol of religious it becomes a symbol that this person is a pious individual, or this person is holding fast to something that we find the masses of value, that they've just thrown out their faith. Or they unexpectedly become harsh inside the burden, making things that which a person can insert inside their own spare time making that the benchmark that every single individual needs to carry out this practice, to reach that idealistic element of faith

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that we find. And this passion can be present time there's no doubt about them. Disease, infection is something good to have, but needs to be commodified. And just not many of us may have this zeal and passion. There are people

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who have exactly the same passion, the same z, but even more zeal and passion. None other than the companions, the Friends of the prophet Elijah to stuff that we find the most and we find up to like with every ounce that we find

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known for a burden, which isn't worship. So when

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his worship, he rebuked him they don't go to say excessive amounts of fasting every single day or praying every single night. Take a break, take a risk in an epidemic perhaps indeed, your body has a right over you. And of course, when even more specific Howdy, whereby the Mi semana Thorazine and

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made you to become brethren companions to live to be with one another, to share with one another. So when shall not enter to the house?

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See his wife in a disheveled state pose answer the question how you living, healthy living in Spanish he said that your brother doesn't want to take the good things of the opinion that are permissible. So at that night, when he stood up to offer he his prayer, he stopped him told him

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To take it easy for him to look too fast, because every other day, sometimes

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this may be something was wrong. So the following day when they approach the Prophet expressed this to him, he said that someone has advised you to write

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your note as well, to hug. So one has a right your body has a right.

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And your family has a right to give every everything is due right? Don't come extreme in the face of the companies that we find a specific amount will be even more. And you read that their life at the end of the line, they feel upset. And sad. If only I took the advice of the Prophet Allah is

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the first one day to break the force and up to force. So the scene and his passion was co defined by the prophet alayhi salatu salam, the famous heading of hamdulillah. A city

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whereby they mentioned that when we sit with a prophet and they start to slum, visualize the gender, we visualize it and know the Hellfire will come so overwhelmed. But we return back to our family members. And we get to play with our children and enjoy time with our family members. Maybe this is some element of distraction of hypocrisy. We don't have the same level of immersion. So when he expressed this

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they went to the Prophet alayhi salatu, Salam

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ala, certain was at

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the time for person to relax, to enjoy their life, with the good things, to revitalize, to rejuvenate the man to come back. So that becomes refreshing. imperative become more focus. And so there's nothing wrong with spending time with family, one's children, is all

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about all other forms of input the worship of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah was the heading of an exhibit 93 individuals that inquired about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, they inquired about his life. This is really from this. Where are we from this from the practice of perfect.

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So one of them said, I will pray every single night. The second one set out for us every single day. And then get married, now have relationship with women. So when he came home, and he heard about this, and he called these three individuals, he said that I pray an arrest. I force an upgrade my first and and then another

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who returns with my sadhna has nothing to do with me. Can anyone be at a greater level than a prophet Allah is not to sell them, some love to sell them. But yeah, he's teaching them that there is an element of moderation inside life that a person needs to develop. The second type of moderation that we find moderation in one's when the Quran is repeated. So me I am speaking about the use of wealth and the dunya. But he always hints about the dunya and I find for me that

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there's some people say just give us good insight.

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some people just pray, Oh Allah, just give me goodness.

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They have no shame inside

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of it. He has an inner governor.

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But the real believers and those individuals are those individuals who say what, give us good in this world and give us good in the hereafter. Then he comes a secret of the real believer understands his dunya wealth and save us from the punishment of the Hellfire made me use my words to rescue me Deliver me from a hellfire. Those are the true believers in the loss of hamdallah it's not the end of the social classes. That would be a chapter upon speaking about qarun will be given this immense wealth and property with given to him then Allah mentions will attend center so you become a middle

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class and a low la will attend.

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Don't forget to share this dunya even though majority people see me Kathy

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your righteous action for the heritage and

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no harm in taking a recipient under random I've taken on a Tennessee book a minute Don't forget to take no distractions in your face shield is

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that which is permissible for the individual to carry out inside as well as in

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the awesome show goodness to people that show goodness to you. As if Allah say that this runs that I bestow upon you take this wealth and deliver it to the people around you is so good.

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to you for a purpose, that you begin to deliver that kindness, that richness that will that property to other subjects or the individuals around you. That's in his head because we mentioned that the Buddha had the Sophia is gonna wind up on her own bus.

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all know individually dystonia. Now individually dystonia, except for the individual will be completed.

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the end, that we find no so news, what is going to end tomorrow and we find sometimes it's strange, it exists this word that people follow with property, everything that is by the blinking of an eye, wherever the crushing of the stock market or death of an individual, they find anything that comes to stands at the end of the individual. And likewise, your present person in impoverished state, may inherit, may be given once becomes a rich individual who will be tested by Allah subhana wa, Tada. Even though maybe delay or slowly coming to the individual, every individual there is can be completed, hoodoo Miranda aroma, take that we'd love

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for you. And stay away from the home. As we find unfortunately, in fact, sometimes

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people just want to get rich. They don't care anymore. What is halal or haram? What is Reba with interest, whether it's some form of dd dd

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elements, which are

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all the people who are that being a rich individual, gaining the wealth, and in thinking that at the end of it, just give some sort of at the end, does not justify the means is a principle of charity or you can't steal, you can't grow, you can't carry around. And at the end of the day, do I give some subtle call to the people I hope for people in

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Canada given lots of health care is pure, only except that which is pure, you can't carry around means and then try to think that you're going to help other individuals by this wealth or gain some benefit. And likewise, you find curious if instead of

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about wasting a wealth, school,

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or holding back upon one's wealth, when it didn't go well Myskina

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give the neighbors they right close family members toward you give the individuals the way for the traveler to give their wealth.

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As if panda is praising the individuals giving their wealth, then the mentions

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one shall be done. Don't know when show live. Because some people definitely hide

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it well. I'm now free to do what I want with my wealth. If I want to live a lavish lifestyle, I want to spend millions. If I want to do this, I could do that. If I want to do

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it, I have to see the eyes turn your head and you can do what you want to do. But it's called the fire. Those people who waste their wealth can if want to share a theme, or the bravery of the devil. The devil intoxicated them. That's why they mentioned the intoxication of humor is one form of intoxication. Something which you know dangerous and that is common.

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intoxication of this word. If you get intoxicated with a word with a property last.

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There is no end there's no barrier, you will continuously drum deeper and deeper inside this ocean. So this hermit is intoxication is a deeper intoxication than the liquor and the wine that we're surrounded by. Like what we find after a lot of the mentioned when I get the hula, hula

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don't get tight in your hand towards your name. Kenai

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don't become my thing. Don't become stingy with your wealth, that now restraining yourself overstating your worth.

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For the coda maluma Massara, don't expand your workers to begin to give out your wealth out as well be limited family, your children, the people around you, then the game continues, that don't worry about your children, where they can provide for them and provide for you. So only is all about work all about property all about moderation. Television shows the findings on the end are suited for that we find that is that this is so to speak about some of the individuals the characteristics that they do the character characteristics to stay away from, like where's the end of sort of for fun, the 25th chapter on foreign language. Also they once again, begin to praise

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one Latina either of them, you see them you see

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While I'm

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working on cannabinoid Delica,

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those who don't waste their wealth and those who don't hold back the way

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they are between poema Kava can be translated as moderate. moderation inside they went, they know what to spend upon moto they went back upon an icon defined in the heady era.

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The everyday, two angels they descend from the heavens and the earth. And when they pray one of them pray Allah compensate into every person who spent in your cause. The other angel says, overload, destroy every miserly individual, who holds that they will have the body keytab and second, that we find like what we find Thirdly, moderation. The ones food and drink, the food and drink that Allah bestowed upon you.

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a YouTuber

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in order to be

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informed the good things, the provision from the economy, enjoy this good food. Once again, Michelle

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Obama she, why don't follow the footsteps of the devil. The beginning of the relationship towards food and drink.

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As highlighted don't begin to waste your food and drink become excessive. You have any Adam, who's eager to come in?

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cuckoo washable 12343 feet.

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Yeah, for the adult children of Adam, who goes into the university. Every time you come to the mercy come corporate you come out. Take your beautiful clothing, your beautiful attire, coming to the house of Allah Subhana Allah is played the beauty of Allah bestowed upon you, and in entering and do not waste. Indeed Allah does not like the individuals who waste then we find again Allah undermentioned speaking to the believers and speaking to the messengers, you're

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in the Villa de Luna honey in the way of the messages, eat, and drink, and rejoice. Once again why the concert eating and drinking wine, solid strength, this food and drink to strengthen you for a bad day. So counting

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how much food and drink is an individual need? How do you find enough food that will keep your spine up round?

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If you have to eat food and drink at a third dinner first numbers we used to briefly the the teachings of the prophet Elijah to some excessive eating and drinking that we find that living his lavish concept that we find that some people

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unfortunately find it may sound very strange for some of us, but it constantly leads to laziness. It leads to obesity, which is prophesized by the prophet Elijah.

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That it is a Muslim Ummah, will begin to face obesity. Excessive eating entreaty leads to laziness leads to stagnation. leads to that may sound even more strange for some of us may lead leads also to Dan Ford. And this is a fact. If you read through the history of the standard Empire study in great detail, you find a lavish lifestyle. lavish lifestyle, eating and drinking that we find is well documented, so visible. Even today, you can go to the museum in Istanbul and see the lavish lifestyle of the rulers the Emperor didn't even really find in some of the Muslim country family changed certain things 570 507th living inside a presidential house. cooking for one president of a

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country may sound strange to us but neither neither facts that is most of always full of some people have to defend and say No, there's nothing wrong with that. This he said in great detail is one of the elements that the Islamic empire collapsed on many occasions when we became rulers and darkness for the sake of the earth, for the world. So the so called to show the world to show the people what we possess what we own, to boast in the

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disbelieving individual look at our power, look at our strength, from our intent. And some people want to hide that and say it's something good to show the world isn't nothing good to show the world. This facade, corruption opening up the world. Oh by the way for people to be directed away from the way lots of $100 bills one machine and spend billions on the world and then try to justify the people to bamboozle us as they look at each step in a machine on the face of it.

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We spend on other things, who is accountable for that being

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Muslim is clearly visible in front of us in dire need. dire necessity.

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Have a few millions that are given to these people. Why can't we build cities for them? Why can't we build a life for them? Why don't we build homes for them? Why don't we build an average lifestyle for them? Because why? There's no element of moderation, no element of understanding this wealth that Allah bestowed upon this rich Muslim woman. The final element of moderation that we find is moderation, and a concept of friendship towards the people around us. And even the Muslims around us that we find in a healthy disagreement to me that we find that a person should show over excessiveness, towards a person that they love. Because a person that they love, may one day become

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an enemy towards them, and show excessive hatred towards that person. Because maybe that person may eventually become a close, but loving individual, to that individual is what Islam is. moderation in all of our fears, the way that we do, the way that we conduct ourselves, that we are transparent in our dealings transparent and the way that we conduct ourselves individually that we begin to show two faces towards a society that we find that disbelieving individuals, the hatred, a rainbow, the Infinity display is totally despite how they think about Islam towards the Muslim, we shall no hatred towards any society or any individual or hatred towards over to this funny disobedience,

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rejection of Allah Subhana Allah does it become upon the entity upon the individual is because the cocoa that they display even Muslims amongst us It should be a balanced approach

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me and mentioned that every

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you should love and hate them moderately, according to the degree of the Kokoda disbelief, position to go to extremities towards other Muslims are home as a Muslim. And as we began with this concept of excessiveness, we can clearly see it being displayed day in and day out, that we find the excessiveness towards one Muslim that we find and excessiveness towards Muslims that are punishing poultry harming other Muslims, when they may be Muslims who don't believe in something we don't agree with some we don't agree with the status quo, don't agree with certain legislation don't agree with certain principles, that doesn't give any individual the right to charge a person with treason,

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that a person pumped up charges a person that this person should be executed inside a Muslim society. It is a Muslim society as a society that is full of equity justice, that people around us clerics around us Muslims around us when they fail. Now, if anybody say anything, which seems to be controversial inside the wider world, then bring that punishment person to punishment, torture them, bring them and execute them. For what basis what purpose? For what purpose is it really we study in great detail is only to defend one's own honor, one own dignity, one on purpose. Islam doesn't belong to any identity of any individual. Islam is a teaching of moderation, a teaching of justice,

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teaching of equity, this how Islam flourished. Islam spread far and wide by the system of the justice that we deliver to people, to Muslims around us. And like other non Muslims, history has testified that time and time again, how we live, how we conducted ourselves, how we were adjusted, and people became receptive towards them. And now we live off of it once again, in a state of terrorism that we find tyranny over us. tyrannical rulers over us, for their own purposes became harming their army their people day in and day out. For what it does a person prays to Allah to relieve us of tyranny, from oppression, from hardship to guide these individuals, to become just

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unfair to the subjects around them, to the people around them. It's a great big responsibility to come and learn to govern people, to be in a state of governance in authority to take someone's life isn't trivial. To take a Muslim life is even more severe, is even more severe the first response for that day, in front of a lot, even more than we find that before. We're worried about the subjects around them, that any individual any point individually, any harm individually, then the brunt of the blame, comes back to me.

00:29:33--> 00:30:00

Come back to me that I'm responsible. And this is the mindset that we should encourage inside our society, that whatever small element of authority that we have, to be fair to be just can we find them day in and day out, even a minor scale inside of society. people complaining about this person took away my wealth, took away my property, didn't pay me appropriately didn't give my wife didn't return this back to me. It's all one big reflection that we become extremely

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Inside a sense that we don't give the right to the people who belong to them, we have lost control, of inability to become educated, to become more Insider, dealing with

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them, strengthen our software to worship, rather than our worship, become strengthening us inside our life that we know. And know when we know.

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A feather is an intense form of wisdom, that a person knows when to do certain actions, when to say certain actions say certain things. It becomes a fruitful life for the individual, in encouraging the people around them

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in their world, a property more moderate in the food and drink everything about them. Look at the present example a prophet Elijah to sort of moderation everything that he did, and he lived, and his motivation, it was full of extremity. And the only reason of that was because he was a prophet of Allah. And he had to beat that higher level, to show these people that my level, my level is far superior. And no one in the face of this earth would ever be able to reach that level of come closer level of balance.

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But he becomes a benchmark

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of spirituality devotion. Melo was all a topic inability to reach for that benchmark and likewise to be a conclusion to be with a prophet Elijah. That a life of exertion and effort and time and fatigue and hardship I find it The end result becomes Nietzsche the Prophet alayhi salatu, salam, and beyond that becomes see Allah Subhana Allah in the final days we documented as being the greatest blessing for a people and the Sunnah.