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Luqman 1-11 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 1-5

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Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim lesson number 212 so let's look man, I am number one to 11

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so let's look man is a Maki surah and it was revealed in the middle mechon era

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and it was revealed after sort of soft fat and this solar is named Look man, after the well known personality amongst the Arabs by the name of Luqman Hakim.

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He was an Arab he was well known amongst the Arabs, he was known for his wisdom, and inshallah we will learn more about him later on in disorder. This was also a very short surah it has only 34 verses 548 words

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and 2110 letters.

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When I tell you about the words and letters, what do you think?

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Does anything come to your mind? These many words, these many letters.

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That melody was to give the heck of every letter when we recite that we'd do 1110 letters, multiply that by 10 times.

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What a great opportunity and multiply that by seven times

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548 words multiply that by seven times. Is there a difference? If you do your lesson only once? Of course there is

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this villa Hiroshima and Rahim. Elif Lam, Meem, who's not that many of them are consumers, they begin with such a roof. And this roof they serve as a reminder of the edges of the colon of the miraculous nature of the Quran. And they remind us that this is the 10 zeal, the revelation from Allah soprano Tara, who is wise, who is praiseworthy, whose knowledge is complete, and who has offered some guidance for people at the flan meme, delta Ayatollah Kitab al Hakim, these are verses of the wise book

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delta is an issue Mashallah buried. Why? Why is very being used over here to show the honor, the great status of these verses that these verses that you're about to read of the surah or the verses of the Quran, these verses are of Al Kitab al Hakim of the wise book, Al Kitab. Al Hakim, meaning the Quran.

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And what is the attribute of the Quran mentioned over here that it is an herkie.

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And what is hackie mean? Hakeem is that which is full of wisdom, they were Heckman, one that possesses wisdom, one that has wisdom. So Kitab al Hakim, meaning a book that is full of wisdom.

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And Hakeem also means that which fast is judgment between people, that which decides for or against someone.

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So these are the verses of the book that is Hakeem. What does it mean by that?

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That the verses of the surah of the Quran, are based on wisdom, and there is absolutely no contradiction in them. And these verses, they tell us what we're supposed to do what we're not supposed to do. And when a person adheres to this book, then what will happen? This book will be in his favor. Isn't it? So? Because what do we learn on how to lacquer, our alayka. So this is how this book is hacky, that if a person adheres to it, if a person follows a command that a lot of penalty has given in this book, then this book will be in his favor, and if he does not adhere to it, if he contradicts it in his action, if he opposes it in his action, if he doesn't do what Allah subhanaw

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taala has clearly said in the Quran, then this Quran will be heard against a person.

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So this Quran, full of wisdom, and this Quran, Al Hakim also that it will pass judgment, it will either be for someone or against someone.

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And this soul as I mentioned to you, is named after lachemann. And look, man, he was known as the command, Hakeem, Look, man, the wise and some of his words of wisdom are mentioned in the solar as well.

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So this is how, also in one way, these verses of the solar are full of wisdom.

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So what do we learn from this ayah that this Quran that Allah subhanaw taala has revealed, is not an ordinary book. It's not an ordinary kind of

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that the verses of this book

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are full of wisdom. And they're also decisive. They're also such that pass judgment.

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And as it has been said, that this is a sign this is an Adama an ayah of the one who has revealed it.

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How? Because tilaka Ayatollah Kitab al Hakim.

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If this book is full of wisdom, then imagine how wise The one who sent it is.

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Just imagine, if this book is full of perfect laws, then imagine how perfect the one who revealed it is, how complete his knowledge is. Delta Aya tokita will Hakeem.

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And we see that because of this reason, there is absolutely no statement in the Quran. That is useless.

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Why? It's full of wisdom. It's that which is wise.

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And wisdom. it contradicts uselessness, isn't it? So? it contradicts it, it opposes it, they're completely do different things. So every statement in the Quran, every word in the Quran, every hokum in the Quran, every piece of information that has been given in the Quran, what is it? It's useful?

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Nothing at all is useless, because this person is hacking.

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Who then it is a guidance or a Hamilton and immersi for who lil mercy Nene for those people who do.

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Allah subhanaw taala has sent this book as what as a guide, and also as urashima.

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When can a person find guidance from this book?

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that whatever instructions or Lost Planet Allah has given, he learns about them? He follows them. And when he will follow them, what will he receive?

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What will he receive a hammer? So when he finds out when he learns the work, what does he get? Who the and when he implements that knowledge, what does he get?

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So who is worthy of this Hooda and Rama and Marcin? Those people who do Epson and Lil myrcene? This lamb is for if the sauce specification, that they're the only ones who benefit from this book in this way?

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Who those who do so.

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Now the question is, what is their son?

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Their son is from her son, and what does her son mean? Beauty. So our son is to do something beautifully,

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to do something in a good way.

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Now, one action could be very good, according to you. But according to another person, it could not be that good, isn't it? So you might find something extremely beautiful, but another person might not find it extremely beautiful. So what is the standard? How do we determine whether something is at the level of excellence

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we have to see if Allah subhanaw taala approves it.

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So an action will be considered as that of San Juan, Allah subhanaw taala approves.

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And an action will be beautiful in the sight of Allah, it will be considered good in the sight of Allah when it is according to his prescribed way.

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Think about it. If you give instructions to someone, do this work this way. And they follow the instructions, then what does it mean? They've done very well. But if they don't follow the instructions, and they come up with their own way, even if what they've done is good when you like it, no, you will not approve of it. So an action is good in the sight of Allah when it is according to his prescribed way when it is according to His instructions, his commands, when they meet his criteria, when those actions are based on truth, and they're also performed well.

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So who is a Martian then a person who performs his actions, his obligations, fulfilling all of his responsibilities, how, in the best way, whether these obligations are related to the rights of Allah, or these obligations are related to the rights of people. Because remember, your sign is towards Allah and also towards people. So what does it mean by towards Allah, that when a person is fulfilling his obligations, his duty to Allah, how does he do it in the way that Allah subhanaw taala has prescribed

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in the way that Allah likes, and how did the prophets that a lot of them explained to us and that would allow her get a nugget out all

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that sand

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Towards a lot in Reba, what does it mean? That when a person is fulfilling his duty to Allah, he does it as though he can see a law

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as though he can see a law. And if he cannot see a law, then he should do it with the mindset that Allah is watching me.

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Think about it. You know, sometimes people have to perform in front of others in front of a huge audience, in front of the president in front of, you know, the principal of the school, in front of the principal of the university.

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What happens? How do they perform? How do they say what they have to say? How do they carry themselves? How do they walk? How do they dress up? How

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they're extremely conscious, everything that they're doing, is at the level of excellence. Now imagine when we pray, we should be praying as though we can see.

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if we cannot come up with that feeling, then at least that Allah is watching me, the King of all kings, or bousema, Watashi wa out. This is what brings beauty to the actions of a person.

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This is what will make a person do what he's supposed to in the prescribed way.

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And axon towards people. What does it mean by that? giving them their help

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giving them the right that they deserve? Like we learned earlier, that will add detail proba healthcare who,

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and after close relatives of the people who has the greatest right on us, the parents and with the parents, what does the last pantalla say to us? We'll build validating.

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And after the parents being good towards everyone, giving everyone their right, whether they do good to you or not.

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What do we see over here

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that this book, which is a very special book, full of wisdom, which is either harder for you or against you, who can benefit from it, only those people who do a

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little more sunny. So in this is a warning, and also a great encouragement that if a person wants to benefit from this book, then he must develop the quality of your son in him.

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Because only if a person does your son,

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can he get Huda? And can he get what

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you understand?

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If a person does Excel, only then can he learn? And only then can he do or mazzani.

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Because houda is like what and Rama? What's the cause of that, and will suddenly

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you understand.

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So, only if a person does your son, then he can get in, then he can perform outside you have to do something, you have to be driven by the level of Allah the fear of Allah, and only then can a person attain more knowledge and only then can he implement that knowledge as well.

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And this shows a very important thing as well, that as a person increases in his son, the level of his brain, and his armor increases as well.

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You understand?

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And as a person decreases in his axon, the level of his brain and armor will also decrease that will also drop

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both are related very strong related to one another.

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So who are the more seen and Medina those people who they are those people who up Muna salata, they established the solder what you do as a catheter and they give the soccer with whom Bill herati whom you can own and they have the hereafter there are certain

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they believe with conviction, who those people who are sad, those people who benefit from the book that our last presenter has given

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that first of all, alladhina yukimi una sala, that they gave the right of Allah, remember exam towards Allah giving the right of Allah. And then when you tune as the character they give this a cat. What does it mean by that they give the right of people well, whom will a hero to whom you know, they have certain faith that there will be reward and punishment in the hereafter. And because of this, they do what they do at the level of excellence and the secret Ward with who Allah soprano.

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And if you notice over here home bill at home your opinion, this repetition of home, this the crown of home, what does that show?

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What does that show that

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These people it is definitely only them who believe in the hereafter with conviction. This is an evidence What if karma was solid, and ether was a god is an evidence that a person believes in the hereafter with conviction?

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What does it show that the stronger a person's opinion is, the better his sweater will be, the more careful he will be with regards to giving the group of people giving the rights of people

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because it is only such who believe with certainty in the hereafter.

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And believing in the hereafter with conviction is something that is essential. Because without it, this quality of ersan that cannot develop in a person,

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a person cannot do exam, except with your clean in the hereafter. Why? If you think about it, people, they're weak. What do they want? That every action of there should be acknowledged? It should be appreciated, isn't it? So? This is why when we do the slightest of things, even when we clean up the house, even What do we want? that people should come and notice it?

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Isn't it? Even if you know we say that? No, no, no, no, no, no. desire and sugar in our hearts? What do we want? acknowledgement at least? Which is why when people don't acknowledge our efforts, what do we do we complain?

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Isn't it, we feel bad, we feel sad, we cry. And we say Allah, you give me reward.

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So people are weak, what do they want, they want reward for their actions.

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Now when a person believes in the Hereafter,

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what does that enable him to do? Do good, because he knows that any good deed I do a lot with technology,

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a lot will reward for it, he will pay me for it, he will reward me for it.

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And on the other hand, if a person wants immediate gratification, if he does not believe in the hereafter with conviction, then what will happen? He does something people don't acknowledge him there, he will stop.

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He will not do it again. You understand? Because axon is that whether people do good to you or not, you do good anyway. You do what you're supposed to do. You do what you do at the level of excellence, whether the other person deserves it or not.

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So what will make you do it, the belief in the hereafter that Allah has kept a day on which he will reward every dollar of good, he will not waste the reward of any person who does their son.

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So this quality of their son can only come in a person who is certain of the Hereafter,

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who has the pain of the affair.

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And we see that when a person has yaqeen in the Hereafter, then what will that make him careful about your karma, the solid and also either

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he will be careful about giving the rights of Allah and also giving the rights of people, he'll be careful about both of them. Because sometimes what happens, people are only careful about the rights of Allah, they neglect the rights of people or vice versa. But when a person believes in the Hereafter, then you'll be careful about both because he knows you'll be held accountable for both of them.

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Now, what do we see in this ayah? We see in this ayah that a comma to solid,

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establishing the solid is of the most beloved leads to a loss of time.

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How can we learn that from desire?

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It's mentioned first,

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your son number one thing and your son is what you call a disorder.

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And terrible the law. Right? It's mentioned first before is a cat and before you have been

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before giving the cat and also before your team comes. So as mentioned first. What else does this I show to us? The importance of giving the cat the excellence of giving the cat the great virtue of giving the cat as that is also part of our son. Now remember that this is a monkey Sora

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correct. And what do we learn? That's a cat. It was made obligatory were in Medina, but we see that many of our key sources What do they mention? The cat, this risotto room, so it will be known. So many times we have learned about giving the cat in murky sores. So some scholars have said that the command of giving charity

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it was given in Makkah.

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However it was entirely and officially implemented were

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in Medina, just as we learned that river, it was condemned earlier, even in Makkah, and later on in Medina What happened? It was completely forbidden. It was officially

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Made forbidden. Correct. Same thing with the God. It was encouraged. The command had come, which is why repeatedly it's been mentioned again and again in maquiladoras. But later on in Medina, it was officially implemented.

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And there are that many times occurred. Alternatives meaning of sadaqa

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right? So over here, yes, God has mentioned, but it gives the meaning of Sadako giving in charity. And Makkah, the believers were still commanded to give in charity, because that is one of the best forms of doing your son to people

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spending on them. Why? Because people love wealth.

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People love money. We're in the holy herbal Heidi lasha do people love money parting with your wealth is extremely difficult and receiving wealth.

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What is that? Very easy, right? very beloved. So this is why the cat is mentioned over here. So who is Emerson and Medina yo Te Moana salata, tuna sakata wahome bill karate, whom you know if you think about it, Oracle Baccarat is very similar to the beginning of the sword as well. Isn't it? Both begin with Alif Lammy in throttle Bukhara what has been said rally colicky tabula rasa Buffy over here tilka tokita will Hakeem over there It has been said who then will move over here who done warahmatullah mercy Nene. And then the characteristics of the motorcade were mentioned over there. And over here the characteristics of Marcin are mentioned over here.

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So what do we see that in order to get benefit from this book of Allah? What do we need to do?

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What do we need to do? Develop your son, and also the court both go hand in hand.

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Allah acre, those people who the merci Nene, those who have these qualities, they are either who don't live up to him, they are upon guidance from their Lord.

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What does it mean by this Allah who then Mira being

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that they are upon guidance that their Lord has sent? How through His Messenger through revelation,

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and also Allah who then mil a billion men gives a meaning up from the field of their Lord. So it's a great favor of Allah on these people that they are on the right guidance. It's no one's personal achievement. You understand? It's only by the trophy of Allah, that a person can do this. hula, aka Allah, who then Mira be him. What would that equal homophone and it is those people, only them for the successful ones in Estonia, and

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what do we see in this ayah? that the person who has the above mentioned characteristics of your son, your comment to say that either you're clean in the Hereafter, such a person is on right guidance

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and the one who does not have these characteristics? Is he on the right guidance? No.

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So if a person does not pray properly,

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if a person does not give support, to the right guidance, no.

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To be on guidance, all of these characteristics are essentially all of them. And if a person does, contrary to them, opposite to them,

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then obviously he's not on guidance.

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Also, we see that there is no way to success

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except how,

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by developing these characteristics,

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a person cannot attain success unless and until he becomes a person.

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A person cannot become a muffler, until and unless he perfected Sala, he improves this letter, he gives sadaqa he has seen in the hereafter. He can not become successful. What do we think? If we want to become successful? Do this do that study this study that we wandering from here to there. But what is the last parameter to say that we're all eager?

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It is only these people who are successful.

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When you have these things, then you will be successful otherwise impossible.

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to look at the

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methylene Mussolini muine Levine IoT Muna small

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