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AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of staying home to avoid losing momentum and managing the gap between food and distribution. They emphasize the need for guidance and understanding of the process of learning, avoiding fear and focusing on learning in general to be patient. The importance of surrounding oneself with good companies and being a reflection of one's own success is emphasized. The need for guidance and understanding of the process of learning is emphasized, and a quiz and prize meeting for the evening is mentioned.
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Brothers and sisters,

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ninth of Ramadan. And as we said, it's very important that we end up on a high return etc. The most

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recent was yesterday, we really see the atmosphere that we eat is not yet is coming. And in fact, it's probably going to be a shorter Ramadan. So let's wait to eat counting before we before we sort of take our foot off the accelerator. We don't want to lose the momentum in this last day to live tonight, tomorrow night. Before we know tonight it would be like, tomorrow it would be like it shouldn't, you know, lose focus in these last few moments. And I see a lot of promises and 1000s a lovely wood out on the lawn and also on the lake indeed. So please, continue pushing yourself. You don't want to, you know lose out on the last leg, the last you know, few moments. And that's what we

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use. So many of us want

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to be consistent game of Allah subhanho wa Taala loves consistency more than quantity. We're always happy that the deeds that are consistently updated to Allah even in the field, or on the personal level up today, nothing tomorrow. And again, the one who's consistent This is what allows them to be consistent questions that came up before we get into it. The

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first question we currently have, we will be having our very first eat gap shala in the blue cabinets in historical for a place that has read and massage India for over 200 years. The first cookbook was in the car, the first person community was currently in this area. Of course it can It's been a long time coming. And

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the good news, like the permission from the Civic or permission from the council to have the chemistry, the only thing that was left in the hands of a lot if the rain. We want the rain between the

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greenery, but

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we haven't.

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But if the weather holds in

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India, in university, and somebody had just mentioned here, this is the sooner This is the sooner the problem solve

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the problem.

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He would waste most of the novelty the second holiest place on Earth would be closed on the day rate and everybody would come outside to an open area. And even the professor would say call the women. Now remember we said this before when the sisters come to the ministry part of the tarraleah program. We say the sisters you're welcome to come but the word is beta if you stay at home, the opposite is true for the prophecy call the ladies even the women in the heads come to the India just before the Salah would come the each of the sisters and this is you decide you wanted to come to the masjid and we said it's better to stay home and you can even come to the library that Allah now each

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morning we very personal things now is this to come out now is the beauty and the love

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of the women, the children everyone came out and this is the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So we hope to have a great turnout. And also for those who are listening, we invite the other people to come as well because this is not just the government who cup the cup is symbolic of the Muslim community but also Africa and they failed to come out. But be in mind instead of working day. They still traffic in town. I made that mistake a few years ago. It takes me 15 minutes to get to the machine from home on a normal time. And I took on the lap I'm going to take seven o'clock on equal possible meaning well before eight Of course I got the nine o'clock with a traffic so be mine

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about that. So each hour that you get

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to have the labor questions are calculated, what is the capital because

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if the person in your household if you're the head of the household, you're the provider, everyone that you that is dependent on you, your kids, your spouse, your parents, they live with you, you need to pay

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for them. The problem is that capitalism is a it wipes out the mistakes we've made the idle time to finally wasted the shameful things we need to have all the capital fitted wipes that out so think about if you think about Ramadan wasn't perfect gifts, might have some mistakes, we still have time.

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For the red wipes, we can have a perfectly spotless and I'm alive, but this must be given before that he sought out. And in fact, even before that, now we only wish that people give this

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as part of the beauty of pots of food. So it's gonna happen and we have to manage it as well.

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What happens is, of course, many places looking for food and distributing food usually off the eat Sala. And these are the four complication that this might not be

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counted as a capital, because the capital must be distributed to the poor before the salami eat, and it should only be distributed to the rules of the shediac. So in reality to be safe. So definitely claim should be kind of separated from those things even off the Ebola. And what should be given is two kilos of rice, basically, two kilos of body plus minus this is what's the density so that everybody has something to eat? Okay.

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equations on the gap or any?

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Well, no.

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Yes, yes.

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Yes, we just did one. So that was like the rain for the two days.

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Yeah, so not much time I'll cut off is basically tomorrow. Tomorrow is the deadline, because it's not going to be losing the ability. You can't say yes, my 14 years of work wasn't a full here, you must be food, you must be a staple of food. So someone has to go and buy the rice, who's has to go buy that. So what would be the Sahaba would go back the proxies for them, they will take two handfuls for the sock, it's like two kilos of dates or raisins or something. And they will give this to someone who's poor need to give food substance not money, so that we can give that money. Five minutes before the

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shop to buy rice. So tomato with a tactical, basically optimally pasta with tomato.

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Okay, once

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J. So we continue with su replika. We completed the surah yesterday. And I know we rushed to get over the last thing if you just repeat the summarize that last section we said to recover six sections. And it was all about it began by saying we have feasts. Allah has created us to teach us this dunya all of these are these the good or the bad things that we're going to go through good times, bad times, all of it is a taste. And a lot of in showed us different kinds of tastes, different people how they responded from leadership to youth, to whatever to scholars to ambia to rich people, poor people, all different kinds of tastes. The last thing is basically the conclusion.

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So Allah is not saying you have you and I have been given a reminder, we've been given guidance, Allah subhanaw taala, as revealed the surah. And in and we are instructed to recite the surah every single week to reflect on it. That will be this this and this is the answer to these tests that like ultimately comes down to how we follow this reminder, like comes down to this is data from a lot of data. So a lot of it tells us on piano, there will be those people who will be the most

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they will basically misguidance didn't even know that. They basically have the answers to the exam in their hands. But they didn't look at it. They didn't study, they didn't reflect on it. So they come to piano with nothing ridiculous from that. And then on the other hand, there are those people who will be successful, and they will intergender forever ever. That's generally the dose as the I say they will never even want to leave it. They will never be bought from it. What did they do the simple. They believe that a lot and they did good deeds. They were sincere to Allah they made

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for the Amazon sorry, that they did good deeds, they follow the Sunnah.

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And they did not commit ship, that they worship Allah alone. They know anything about the loss of data, that is the recipe for success, all this all the difficulties with it from the government to the youth. Ultimately, it comes down to that one simple thing, worship Allah alone, and follow the student of the prophets of Allah, then you can teach and who knows the conclusion of the surah. So if we were to just have some final thoughts and themes that are true, what we've learned, I mean, we think a lot for granted as we go through the surah. It's the sooner that I hope you've learned I've learned that it's benefited us and it's something that we can decide weekly, let's talk about

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something or go through all of them this evening. But just to summarize, you've gone through the whole second half a surah as we see is a prediction for the gel, there must be something special in the surah it is it is a guidance which we are reminded every week. So now we're going to look at the themes of the surah number one we see that life Allah mentioned in the beginning of the surah life is a tease as I was a baby we have made that the earth as beautiful. We've made things nice in the dunya enjoyment as we are going to be the best of you who have you are you going to get wealth and use it properly, you will be blessed with children and you will use it in the correct way you will

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have knowledge to abstain, who was going to use it for the sake of

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Allah Subhana Allah mentions that this dunya

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The things we enjoy in our wealth and our children are only temporary. And this dunya is only temporary, that ultimately,

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as we began, we get in. So always telling us we only have these 5060 years.

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This is the trial period, this is this period, and it will ultimately determine our appeal. Allah says Your life is like a clock. It starts off small and it grows and then everyone's gonna go through this, no one is exempt. So enormous ask me am I on my in my on my garden, which stage of my life and how am I using these, these, these blessings that Allah subhanaw taala down into specific kind of this, the piece of knowledge throughout the Quran

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surah and in fact, the beginning of the Quran, the revelation is all about Eco, there is nothing you know, scientists have studied the universe, and they studied deep into the ground. And there's nothing more complex, nothing more advanced in this thing, you know, it's our brain, this muscle that Allah has given us, nothing in the universe is like that. And a lot swatara has given us this intelligence, with guidance so that we may come to him on the screen. We should be the first people that does things with knowledge, the surah is mentioning that guidance comes from not following knowledge. You have as Allah says, Those who mentioned a lesson they have no one each one they are

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saying the idols of their worshiping name to themselves and invented. How can people talk, talk without knowledge, and they debate without knowledge and they ask questions of knowledge. We know that the Panama Canal in the Muslim community, there are a few big debates happening and everyone is involved in commenting without knowledge. Now this is that and this it says Does anyone want to get involved unless and who is the

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guy to talk about a lot without knowledge? So Allah subhanaw taala is

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knowledge don't speak without knowledge. This is the reason why we speak now why this this this unity? Why this confusion in the oma because we developed in our view of a city things without knowledge. When Allah subhanaw taala speaks of specific specific to the man

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that whenever you are you are the custodians of knowledge and guidance in the oma if you understand that you must guide 1000s millions of people and has the properties on the coast the title pm acoustically coming up, they will be people that will look mean they will look like us they will look like Mashallah pious Rama, big beards, turbans, they will look like big ships, but they will be dragged to Jana, they will be on the doors of Janda misleading millions of people to believe.

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We have an issue right now in the community massaging arguing with each other one organization.

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What is going on misguidance people have knowledge to the community.

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This is the danger that we living with a piece of knowledge.

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He brings the security well protect us.

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All reminds us about the police. He was given knowledge and really believe this. He's more learned the E myth a lot. He spoke to the angels he was there he still only ambia he knows better than us. But his knowledge can benefit in anything. It may be arrogant, and maybe the worst of the worse. When you have the example of musasa to Sarah, who speaks to Allah directly, but the minute it comes to the new knowledge, he submits. And he humbles himself. And he goes in like a small child at the hands of

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the listen for us. The title of knowledge, the only way to win without knowledge is to run towards it to humble yourself before you have patience with the to give everything to learn. And maybe

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he didn't even get much back from him. But he had to go through that process. This is the lesson for all of us. The minute we're not learning the minute you stop learning as a woman, this is the minute that woman goes backwards. The minute you stop, the clock will come. We live in a time when our kids are exposed to all kinds of ideas and ideologies quadron from anymore, you can't hide from it. There's no claim anymore. The only way is to confront it with knowledge she has

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theism, the only way to confront it is through learning and knowledge to be patient to be to take the time to learn. And we need to be honest, and I made this relevant to us. When we stopped

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primary school. You wouldn't employ someone to fix your car. It only has a primary school volunteers. You wouldn't employ somebody to

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fix your toilet if they have a primary school college, but that's the level of knowledge we give our kids about the dean and we expected him to confirm the big challenges are facing big challenges.

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We need to be serious about learning, we need to be serious about learning learning in general is learning in general to simply our Dean, we are not ready, our level of knowledge on the ground is not ready to face the challenges. And that is the couple of feet now. But Allah began the sooner by saying the theme that in particular from fitness to school is pure knowledge when you have pure knowledge that nothing can blow you over this thing that will be bending like a tree in the wind will stand on to it. But if you don't have this life graph, which is your knowledge, you'll be blown away to make a point to learn more about your deen and implemented in the life of young kids that

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they need to learn more and more. So the only cure, and the only way of beating that piece of knowledge is to learn from it and to be humbled and to be able to submit yourself to that, specifically, we learned something new about insha Allah, we will learn something new and inshallah we can save. And bla bla bla bla bla, if you say that one of the one of the phrases from the phrases of gentlemen.

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Last week to this evening, we learned about youth. And he said the surah. Allah had mentioned twice already mentioned young people twice. First, the people that came in was the other youth in the Surah yuja Levy, Joshua to group some young people alive into little PTSD case, moves us into this fight with young boy, right? So Allah shows his love and mercy on the other people. And the bulk of it comes from from them.

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Even India, I'm sure there'll be many scholars and orama. And leaders that are full to this, you know, unified and he never succeeded. But when our young people seem to be coming together, or something, when things work in the activities with the fun capitalise on diamonds, so what's behind that guy loves the young person who makes the right choices in his youth level bleaching and dyeing his way. Yes, they will make mistakes, you still keep a fish and all you have to do is watch the fish. But don't forget about that. But then they have the potential in these young people of ours, they might be a diva you.

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Young people have potential. And that's why the sort of shows that young people and if they use the use of the company of good friends, and they have mean to us and they follow the footsteps of learning, the net potential can come out and swallow the womb of the birth, it will have the better tomorrow than they have. When we have today. We also found here a very side theme about how parents save the kids who remembers will come up with good parents, the good deeds, the deep blue Baraka in the life of the kids who remembers

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if either and the one pay the one Father was pious. And because I mean these kids, they fish under the wall was predicted. The other case the child was bad, but the parents were good. So I replaced this bad child with someone bitter. We see here that Allah subhanho wa Taala, who Baraka in the life of our youth, may be the reason why our youth are not wanting to be because we as parents are not where we should be that we are a reflection, reflection of the leadership that we have. So we begin with us as parents as teachers, as leaders, and chala.

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become bigger.

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From the issue of the youth, and from the different stories, we see the theme. One thing that will protect you a lot of knowledge is to surround yourself with good company. Ask yourself in your mind, will you be screens, ask yourself who are the people that you congregate with who will be on your image and as far

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as the boxes are that don't even look at those who spend the time following the desires don't even look at

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but spend your time with napalm law, keep with a stick with him and this will be a reason for your success. We saw from the use of the cane they had good friendship. We saw from Moosa and

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people coming together on goodness, Musashi, the one person helping guide the other. Even the man with the toolboxes. Remember, he had a friend who was pious, he had a friend who gave Dawa and mentioned he was so he is he's God was taken away from me. But he was taken away by instead of it meaning he had a chance to recover. So even though he was bad, he had saved he wasn't a good thing. The thing that keeps you on the right path was a good faith. And suddenly

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he could have had the highest place in gender. The thing that was lacking was he had a thing called Abuja on

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Austin, we leave the religion on co founders and we die of flavors. Our friends will be with us. The company we keep is a reflection of women being in gender or well, gender. So this is one of the messages the surah will take you

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Through the company that you keep, we continue tomorrow with the last five sixteenths of the surah.

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Any questions?

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So we have a few questions. So we have quizzes for the quiz, we might have a last prize meeting tomorrow.

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And it was only two days later this evening and tomorrow. These these questions have two answers, basically. So the first one we see is the rescue mission which two elements are needed for automation to which two elements are needed for you to be quick two things you need to do. It must always be for the sake of the love, the fear the hope.

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So that's your that's your that's your criteria. You hear about a specific divided like this.

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Ask yourself is a formula in this formula? It says yes, yes. Then you're saying today's question

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which two animals mentioned came up in which two animals a fish a dog a capital account, two of the two of these four animals

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you can call 918. And you can email me with any questions as a reminder, we will continue with

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of course nine and the Tomorrow's the capital

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as well as the extinction

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and then

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we will move

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on shine.

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Shine the Maharaja will be acting so please contribute

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