Murtaza Khan – Morals Series – Episode 11 – Politeness

Murtaza Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of being polite and avoiding false accusations is emphasized in Islam. mockery towards Islam is a common behavior, and individuals try to avoid physical harm by making mockery and trying to be polite. The use of negative language and the portrayal of non-M pizzas in religion is also discussed. Consent on the actions of individuals involved in the media's actions is emphasized, and caution is needed when discussing them. The importance of regular prayer and fostering regular prayer is emphasized, as well as the use of restrictions on behavior and language to achieve goals.
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After praising Allah Subhana Allah and sending him in screeching and salutations on the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam continuing our journey and looking at various ahaadeeth about characteristics or moral value. The previous had these look at looked at the concept of moderation. Okay, they are liquid under cometan was SATA, we made you the mid the nation, we concluded that in all affairs, the Muslim is always in the middle path, never going to extremities, whether it be towards the enemies, towards their friends, and as we find a person,

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even towards the enemies should be full of a key element of politeness, goodness, to the people around him. That is the theme of today's hotline Sharla between later and being polite to the individuals around us. Based upon this Hadith of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam,

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the tongue or the speech of the individual is early enough to scare mentioned is a reflection of the heart,

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it reflects the heart. On rare occasions, the tongue may slip of the individual, and they may say certain words out of context or out of speech. So, person not held accountable for that. But if the tongue becomes habitual,

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that continuous words, or speech, or evil speech, or bad words or derogatory words or remarks are used, and what can be safely concluded that this is only a reflection of the heart of the individual,

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that the heart is corrupt,

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because the tongue only reflects the heart. So, this am rod and rod will follow sicknesses within the heart. Then those sickness sicknesses begin to prevail, expose or be become exposed on the tongue.

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This highest element, sicknesses inside the heart is an Cofer belay. Subhana Allah

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to reject Allah Subhana Allah, I sure could be late Subhana Allah,

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and likewise, to show hatred towards Islam, or towards the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And that Allah Subhana Allah exposes individuals by a day speech brings the inner Ranko the inner in feelings, brings it out of the chest, brings it on the tip of the tongues or exposes it in front of humanity. And that's what I'm most proud of. I mentioned about speech, you're letting me know that the tuxedo be tornato men do Nicole.

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Oh you believe don't take comrades of friends or advisors or consultants?

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from people outside

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outside of your, your community.

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Don't take other individuals or Hey, the non Muslims.

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Don't let them become before and before the means specific advisors, consultants in affairs that concern you regarding your deen your private affair? Don't go outside your community and ask them to advise you. What is Islam? What is Islam teach us? What should we do here?

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Because these individuals like Luna Kabbalah, what do I need?

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These people only seek to lead you astray. What do I need to mean you find that the harm that they want to do or we find they want to just corrupt you the hatred they have within themselves. They just want to misguide you, deviate, deviate away from the path. So does Allah mentioned Alberta Tilburg Parliament for him when he saw the room Akbar? You find that Baba hatred ranco ill feeling comes out of their mouth.

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They can't conceal it anymore rage. They find it comes it becomes apparent that they hate Islam. They hate Muslims. They don't like Muslims. For some of us It may sound strange, but this is the Quran. The Quran is speaking Quran speaks the truth. That in January find this these people that they have regarding towards Muslims, woman tofi so Dora whom Akbar but what that still exists is it is far greater. They want to bring out far more greater things. But they have to control themselves control the speech cut by a yachtie in quantum alone. we've explained these signs to you

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If only you could not reflect here alone, if you have the comprehension, the ability, the rationale, the intellect to understand that certain individuals will never be a piece with you. One on top, the uncle Yehuda nesara had tatata burmilla to home.

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The Jews and the Christians will never be content with you until you don't begin to follow their milda begin to follow their way of life. Then the last contact continues until later Hey boo No. Well, are you a buena come with me? noona will kita Becca Lee? Are you the individuals who show love and affection towards these individuals?

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You show love and affection towards these individuals. But they don't love you. And then Allah mentioned what took me noona will Keita be equally that you believe in all of the book? We as Muslims don't reject any of the Scriptures. The only thing that we reject is that we should have made the Hadith that we should change from the scriptures that we have rejected from scriptures. As for the Muslims they believe in so the original version scriptures that are given to the previous messengers. Why the lacunae

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Why is it there? Hello Abdallah como, Mina Mina hi Ed. When they come to you, they say that we believe that we do when they leave you, they begin to bite at the tips of their fingers. At a rage of anger. They don't want to be with the most who don't want to be around them. As I mentioned, we'll move to behind the comb, go and die in your age in Nevada Alameda De Soto. Allah knows what's hidden inside the chest of these individuals that go and die in your rage. So Allah is exposing these individuals that their rage that they have within themselves, eventually become apparent the words in the speech that they conduct themselves in now the passages inside the Quran also speaking

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about these nasty * these hypocrites and disbelieving individuals or the context so to hazard, the 33rd chapter are all speaking in general, about the enemies and they're plotting in their planning and the corruption and the deviancy until I mentioned selaku can be I'll say that in he dead in, they begin to smite you with sharp tongues. Very quick, to make comments, very quick to say things.

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These comments and the statements of their of this are from the ill feeling inside their hearts. They never want to see Islam to be prosperous, Islam to be dominant, people coming towards Islam, people responded towards Islam. So they begin to smite strike

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with the sharpness of the tongues of insulting speaking against Islam. And this man had carries on throughout the Quran.

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Even the beginning of Quran they find that sort of Baccarat speaks a lot about these individuals. As the Quran is mentioned in the Quran, yakusoku Allah Bani Israel, actor Allah DMP telefoon in the Quran, Moses Quran yaku Allah Bani Israel speaks about Bani Israel that's what Moses Quran is speak about. That's why so to baugher is replete with are yet to speak about Bani Israel, commandments, injunctions prohibitions given to them, until eventually Allah mentioned. He said to these individuals that enter into Korea, enter into His into the city into this environment, eat and drink and rejoice from the food and drink that's their what hold Babbitt's agenda, and enter in a state of

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frustration into the doors and waku Hepburn and the state of Allah we're seeking forgiveness from you. That may be you may pardon our sins and forgive us. But these individually change your statement from that which Allah has given to them. Hey, would you focus upon kalama hit button? If we see inside the Quran, they began to make a mockery. When Allah said what

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to look for nakum coppia come when Allah certain communist state to such them and seeking forgiveness of Allah, Allah, you find they began to come not in a state of humidity by dragging their feet or walking crawling on the ground and change the word hipper to hindpaw

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Oh, we find other kalama overcapacity mentioned nicotine to have been have dementia era

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making a mockery of the word that changing the word habit by just a small seed of grain. So we decree Allah Subhana Allah with their words with their statements.

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This shows that they deviation their corruption. They're always making fun of the Taliban making joke of the words of Allah Subhana Allah in Nicosia discussing this these passages from

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Quran explains the difference between these individuals, and the sun and the life of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, when the prophet Isaiah was given victory, and dominance and power, or before this, we find a school that can curiata enter this village realm I mentioned is really just referring back to Philistine bait, we'll knock this because you find that there will be expelled from the land for our ballerina center. So that'll be told to come back to Philistine in a Victoria state, show obedience to Allah and Allah come in a state of sujood in a state of forgiveness, and a show of showing your belief

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of placing yourself at the exposure of Allah Subhana Allah, but these individuals were arrogant. Compare that to the prophet Elijah, Elijah Muhammad had mentioned that he said,

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either Jay and I will win victory is given to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, read how he he entered into Makkah.

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in a state of humiliation, debasing himself olema sera dimensioned, riding his beast with his neck touching the neck of the beast, total humility, he would get it enter democ in a state of pride and arrogance even though you have every right to do that, you enter the state of humility and a state of forgiveness asking for the forgiveness of Allah and unlike these individuals, they entered into the land, in a state of arrogance in a state of pride and a state of we deserve Allah has no right to tell us to do these actions or carry out these actions. Because he even goes a step further he mentioned that when appropriate Sami entity became victorious. He even had a look at some elements

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go to the view that this he prayed similar to Buddha is one view. Other enema go to the view that needs a eight look at we do need to sleep without any Salaam Vidya eight of them continuously as a sign of Amara. What the leaders people in power should do Muslim leader they come into power, they take over lands and conquer lands with eight recurrent units of prayer to show devotion to Allah Subhana Allah and further mean Allah Subhana Allah conquering and ruling and exposure is from Allah Subhana Allah. This is just to help us to understand the psyche of these individuals, how Allah has bestowed all these Baraka all these blessings upon these individuals, but yet you find that they

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begin to ridicule Allah Subhana Allah, they change a word from his meaning to another word. The Quran in the same surah continues in sub verse 104 or so. Yeah, you let me know that akula Inna rahula buena was Maru Are you believe, don't say rah

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rah in inside the Hebrew language, inside their language was an insult.

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It normally carries a normal meaning it's not the Arabic language but look at the Quran is deep, because they want you to make a mockery. They want you to insult the Prophet alayhi salatu salam. So they went to insult him so the Quran comes down to reveal, don't use this kalama because these individuals they have another intent of this word. They want to ridicule, belittle the prophet Elijah is an insult inside their language, but rather say on Buddha was Maru. It looked towards us, give us attention and make help us to understand and pay attention towards us. This is the man had flew out the Koran, of how they make the hurry for climate, change the climate, change the wording,

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change it for their own interest, even until today that we find the same element is there that you find every single word it's always twisted, that it was person makes a statement that twist it to the opposite. In a political climate, we can see somebody just makes a general statement about something, they'll twist it and say this person is anti semitic. They'll twist it totally. They'll twist the whole world upside down. And so we are oppressed individually. We are tortured individuals. We are wronged individuals, or just changing of kalimat playing with semantics playing with words, to fool the world, that we are the ones that have been oppressed. Were the ones that

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look at this individual. This person was shot and this person was killed. This person was tortured. Philistine has been bleeding for 60 years. When applied of another individual highlighted, they said No, that can't be true. This is just media exposure. This is made up myths. But if somebody is touched a hair strand is touched one a day individuals you find in the whole media outlets will break loose, all * will break loose to highlight their plight. And if a person questions, the Holocaust, no one question if somebody does that, look at the responses that begin to come out inside society. And many times we've mentioned this, when we don't have any blood in our hands. We

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never killed 6 million Jews. We never punished them. We never tortured them. We never gassed them. It's got nothing to do with Muslims for nothing, even Muslims.

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The punishment of torture that they were facing that they want to play with words and twist it around and say that for some reason, if a Muslim says something, then maybe these people are anti semitic, they have a hatred towards Jewish people or towards their beliefs. Why do you find that the most closest of belief towards Islam is from amongst these people, but because of the the hatred towards the Prophet alayhi salatu salam between, towards Arab people, because that revelation came to these individual come the likes of them, you find that their hatred becomes manifest, your hatred becomes manifest inside society, they can no longer conceal it or begin to reject it. And as a

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response to all it basically is howdy look at the politeness of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam how he dealt with the people around him. We find the Narayan Allah Rasool Allah He Salah most and a man sought permission to enter upon the Prophet alayhi salatu salam for color. Then hula who pizza hula Shira, are women.

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Let this person come in, even though what a wretched individually is what a Richard, member of his tribe he is. What a wretched son of his tribe. He is for Lambada Allah, Allah Allah will Callen when he entered. The prophet Isaiah was lenient towards him, spoke well to him. He mentioned to Yasser Allah, Allah The

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Kalam, you said this about this individual before we entered, and then he began to speak to him in a very good manner called Asia in the shadow nursey mentor akuna su over there. And so it Takahashi, the most evil and wicked of people is one that people leave

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because of the evil characteristics and behavior, or people abandoned because of the wicked speech or the wicked conduct that we find. Here understand this hadith as we began with continuous language and etiquettes

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that if a person is always vile in their language, always vulgar in this speech, had the element of escape Benson had the real muslimeen nilka. Farah even become violent vulgar towards non Muslims, that this is something repulsive is not the etiquette of a Muslim, to revile and to curse non Muslims, Li Meza. Why? Because if you become habitual in cursing and reviling and blaming and saying things, it will only be a matter of time you use this Nussle, kalimat and Al muslimeen. Use the same words upon Muslims, upon the brothers around you around the people around you know how Islam is accurate. We know what non Muslims what their beliefs are, what their insults are, as we as we

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began, but a Muslim doesn't play tit for tat, this will respond in the vulgar language that they use, begin to express that inside society will begin to respond to those individuals. Likewise, you find relevant mentioned a rightful comment on the prophet Elijah because he knows that this individual has got bad traits, bad characteristics, bad conduct.

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But appropriately, some just want to expose that in front of this individualistic kind of disgust when this when is a Riba, when there's what we can call backbiting, or making statements of full warning about people become justified, no, we begin to describe or begins to dissect, when does it become permissible to speak about another individual in terms of a nuclear marriage, somebody comes once interested in marrying another individual, then the person shouldn't then then say, I'm not going to conceal, I'm not going to reveal the faults of this individual made to conceal the false individual. That's the progress I mean, it's sooner that we find that Eric said about one of the one

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of them is continuously doesn't drop the stick. And the other one is is is, is always traveling is behaves miserly. They stay away from the both of these individually marry another individual. So this whereby a person needs to mention something and he's polite, and he's just unfair. Secondly, find pujara business transactions. A person is known to be corrupt, known to be not to be truthful, to squander wealth to lose wealth, whatever it may be, it's not haram then, to avoid another interview said be careful about this individual business transactions.

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But here comes the main point about remaining balance. No getting to an extreme about that individual or that that person. Another element a person can highlight about a person's about what the person may be, is about a deviation or corruption that we find whereby a person has deviant or corrupt beliefs. But hey again we find that some people begin to go to extremities, that because this person is a deviant individual, so then you can make fun of the whole op. Phillips he told me, you can insult the way they dress, the way they speak the way that they are. Upon your coup. De the blame

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The rebuttal is in the belief is in the corruption is not personal that we find that some Shabaab young individually when they if they try to refute someone they become emotional they begin to revive they begin to curse the individual This is no exaggeration I've heard this with my own with my own is performing booboo how the shacman can tell us the shortcut estima maybe three months to become a Muslim according to their own words. Performing model is busy reviling the Imam of the masjid and no balloon and no jehlen and no more

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freedom three months you've been a Muslim, you're reviling an Imam reviling somebody that you may differ upon Sufi one cursing and reviling them. He's ignorant. He's stupid. He doesn't know anything. That may akula don't lie ahead. This isn't refuting any individual. Liana liberato Snoop when you speak about another person or Snoop in addressing when they reject another individual, now you can collusion, collusion, they don't reject everything about the individual that exists about the individual that reject that which a person is deviating away from the truth. One agreeable muscle to show the extremity of their fate help us to understand. And Hawaii ma I had no individual

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Defense Secretary Hillary Clinton

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and how are we find out one of the most extreme elements of deviation Saudis Muslim Omar, Omar, as we find that even today, you find that theme you find that they've used still exists. Unfortunately, this community need to be uprooted amongst the Muslims

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as to be uprooted because these individuals breed a person who carries a major sin but one more 100 fitna than this person remains for eternity inside the fire. That's the one of the police views are many views that they have amongst their beliefs just to help us to understand a nutshell

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the other view that we find extremely dangerous Muslim amaze.

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The more that Eman it remains constant. you disobey a lot you sin does schaible Hummer, drink alcohol tesni do heroin it has no impact on your image you find Muslims is going unfortunate becoming rampant and Muslim community commit sins it does affect my Eman is no relationship to Eman. These are the two concepts of deviation that are beginning to spread once again inside is Muslim online fortunately, but to be just unfair and to be polite. Read about an average how an AMA even took the narrations of Hadith nimasa How could have had these take the narrations of Hadith when they're supposed to be a deviated Group, a deviated set? How did they accept the generation? You

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know why? Because al Khatib endoluminal cupbearer, because to lie is amongst a major sins. And according to belief, as you mentioned, concluded, a major sin makes you reside for eternity in the Hellfire, so LMR Hadith, except that narrations based upon their own principles, that they will never lie within every Hadith. This shows us the concept help us to understand about our current belief, because people are always excited about saying things about other individuals. And they don't want to be polite about it, they lose interest about politeness, and rectifying people, and trying to rectify the affairs around them that we find. And then we find this concept of politeness

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is a science the sooner that we need to learn and we begin need to implement inside our lives. The profit ally system we find is not a manifestation of weakness, that when he shows kindness or goodness, it's a sign of maturity, a sign of strength of dealing with fellow human beings. So that's when he said in the Shabbat, nursey mentor, a co nurse calmness. The most wicked of people is one that the people that begin to avoid people get to avoid the individual Oh, whether or not it took off pushy, or people leave the individual because of the evil speech of the individual. And thus we find that a Muslim is polite to every single individual in the way that they're conducted. So to the

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people around them. It becomes incumbent for Muslim to be polite towards non Muslims. The Quran mentions What are two Jeju Island kitabi illegibility here, Essen in Allah de Nova Moomin home, don't debate with the People of the Book except we would goodness

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in other places the Quran Allah subhanaw taala bakeable Hekmati. Well mo editing has an ability he Asad who will alter the wave of laws and our fair preaching admonition and debate with him in a good manner. So imagine this is speaking about non Muslims. How about towards the Muslims around us? In fact, bility acid is a lady beynac obey no adalberto

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No one knew you'd have been repel badness. Bad characteristics bad behavior with goodness would have center because perhaps the individual shows hatred towards you get a no Walia. Amin becomes a close comrade, a good friend. And thus we find that a person needs to learn to be polite, learn to walk away from certain things, based upon the Sunnah of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, to see the greater good, refined a hadith in Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, that we find. I'm a guarantor of a house in paradise on the outskirts of paradise. For a person who refrains from opinion based arguing, even if he or she is in the correct. Sometimes a person needs just walk away from something out of

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politeness. person doesn't have to respond to every single thing, or to get involved into debate with a person or to prove that I'm right in everything that I believe in everything that I say, a house in the outskirts of Paris, the person knows that this person is too tight. There's no point in continuously debating continue speaking with this individual, just wasting my time wasting my effort just to walk away from the individual. For the individual find that there will be a house on the outskirts of paradise for that individual Lacuna Coil. He had the worst offer lolly welcome, Jimmy and Muslim enough istockphoto in order for him

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad, Allah Allah he was actually he woman Temasek Episode nitida Yomi Deen, I'm about another Hadith that we find. And it's certainly among Timothy speak about certain individuals indeed in paradise. They are chambers whose outside can be seen from the inside, and the inside can be seen from the outside, a bedroom individual stood up and said, Who are they for Yasuda, la Sol de la Sol who these dwellings belong to? Who will these dwellings be given to these individuals, these individuals. Then he mentioned the characteristics of these individuals. The first characteristic these individuals for those who speak well, for well

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mannered individuals, secondly, feed others. Third, we find those who foster on a regular basis and fulfill those individual perform prayer during the night while the people are asleep. We study these four characteristics that we find what is the conclusion about the link between all these four individuals, people who speak well people who feed others people who fall on a regular basis people who perform their prayers while others are sleeping. The key word here is constraint.

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restricting, restraining one's tongue, restraining one's limbs, that was Other people may not be fasting person controls the limit goes and force offering the prayers while other people restraining the desires, that whims the last while other people might be enjoying themselves the person is obedient towards Allah, restraining their wealth, the wealth that Allah has bestowed upon the individual restricting that in spending by feeding other individuals. And thus you find that life is a suburb.

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In number, your facade Kiruna and your own behavior basically he said Allah will recompense a sabi rune. Without without it, there's no number that's already been described. When Allah speaks about Subbu. There it is in a codification. That one time reward over 10 times reward over many times over.

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Allah just multiplies many times over. People are patient individuals, and a key meaning of Subbu is his hubs. His restraint is controlled. So a person who speaks well to people is strange to some that person may may insert the individual may speak bad to them, may use certain callamard. But a person restraints the tongue restraints themselves. And then we find that the path the power of the tongue, as they say, of politeness, has a great big impact. The prophet Elijah, throughout Islam, they find many occasions, the Sierra testified that many young people they reviled him, they cursed him, they abused him, but he his tongue remain pure. His tongue remains sublime and the impact of his tongue

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he had a great impact everybody around him that's the realm of say that mentioned no individual ever mixed with a prophet Elijah Islam, except what they develop some form of love towards him some form of affection, because they you know, old lady, new column, sweet in his speech, sweet in his conduct, beautiful speech, his conduct a find that even though they were mesmerized, they were mesmerized every time we say this, we do this, we harm him. Every time the appropriation becomes beyond that, raises above that that's what we as a Muslim should be. There every time a person becomes beyond that silica or when they

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Keeping of Tides what is the appetizer menu most of the complain about that parents don't speak to the tuna tuna speak to the parents or siblings of brothers, sisters, whatever it may be maybe loss of wealth, property, whatever it may be. People come and they complain to the mom say that I'm not gonna keep ties with this individual. What is a handy state? Keeping ties is not just about being kind to the people, your brothers and sisters and your parents that people, your uncles and aunts around you does not keep in ties. The best level of keeping ties is when you keep ties with the individual they break ties with you. And what you do, you try to keep ties with him again, they

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break ties with you again, you keep ties with him again, that is what silicon Adham is that's what keeping ties is keeping ties isn't that person stays away from you and you stay away from them. That's not keeping ties is keeping ties that they break away from you. You make that extra effort to keep ties with them. Always been mentors with them. That's when a person when they go to perform hedges menu, concrete instead of person goes, takes everything out there just goes and speaks to individuals they may have harmed or something they may owe to them or whatever it may be. And rectifies the affair because a Muslim is not allowed to abandon another Muslim above three days

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is not befitting if we keep

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the book of manners and etiquette wet inside Bukhari, such a Muslim by numerous Hadith about etiquette of behavior to how person a Muslim should conduct themselves towards Muslims around them. May Allah argue with all this the topic and ability to be polite inside our conduct inside our behavior. The ultimate level of politeness is Allah subhanaw taala in being grateful, full of gratitude, in academia in our words, that the blessing of Allah panda person enumerates them speaks about them, expresses them speaks well about the blessing of Allah Subhana Allah doesn't doesn't complain. Doesn't curse doesn't revile not to sue Buddha, don't blame time, don't blame, don't blame

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your life. And these could see for Ana de la is time, we might not create the time created the earth, created space, created opportunities. So when you begin to reviled and curse, you're being ungrateful to Allah Allah. No, no Amina Cofer, don't curse your writing bees, don't curse your property. Don't curse your children, is all forms of impoliteness of discontent. And as we began with this is all a reflection of the heart. When the heart is content and peace, then you find that nothing but good words will come out the mouth of the individual. People may encourage you individually but this happened this happened of a person rises above that brings that good fruitful

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words. Bless it words, for what purpose? For the reward with Allah Subhana Allah because fruitful words as you find inside surah Ibrahim, where Allah kinda describes the a good word is the Sheraton Jeeva is like a good tree. A slew has between 140 happy summer and good individuals strong roots in the ground. Focus about the life gives out fruits, every so often by the mission. Allah Subhana Allah, by the speech by the good word, Allah, Allah give us all the tofik and ability to make our final word to be the best and the purest of words of cannula in a de la Mancha natural killer de la la la la de la voz final words la de la la la la la will enter into Jenna

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