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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu lillahi

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Ala Wai shadow

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in in lava, the hula Sherry killer, where I showed you an AMA hamedan rasuluh about lufa in local dc keytab law or higher Alhaji had you Muhammad in sallallahu alayhi wa early he was seldom was Cheryl more emotional to her wakulla Desert in bedarra what could be the art in Bala Latin wakulla dollar Latin

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of the praising Allah Subhana Allah, sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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in the journey through the Quran that we find certain elements that exist inside the Quran, between the two opposites

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with at times you find discussion of a man of belief, you find the discussion of kufr disbelief.

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Like what you find at times of Quran is baignoire level worried is between giving the promise and the severe ending or the punishment that person can be facing the Quran at times Bane al Bashir, when a deal is between giving a glad tidings and giving the warnings the Quran at times has been a trophy butterhead for at times in between encouraging us to do certain actions and telling us to stay away from certain unit actions. So this concept of zodia of things which exist in pairs, is not just inside the Quran. It's even around us that they are opposites that we can visualize and opposites that we cannot visualize warming cliche in Calacanis Oh, Jane and Nikita the crew in

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everything we have created pairs, you may ponder and you may reflect about it.

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So, it appears that we want to discuss that we want to talk about is the opposite of the underworld,

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the unseen world of agenda one

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of Paradise and of the hellfire. So before we entered a discussion about paradise, because many times we focus upon the fearful issues of scaring people, etc, we want to focus upon the good things, what is the final end of the Muslim? And what is the path to paradise? What are the actions that we can begin to do to help us to come closer to paradise and eventually inshallah swiftly and quickly enter into paradise? this methodology is also the methodology of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem that he's been sent to mankind, between giving them glad tidings and to warn them yeah, you know, bu in our center, Kesha hidden on bashira, one of the era of Prophet we have sent you as one

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who is a witness upon mankind or towards mankind, one to give the glad tidings and to warn the people. Likewise, you find Seneca in

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Tallinn, se Bashir on Juana de la, mala can axon se la la moon. Indeed, we did send you to the whole of mankind, to warn them and to give them the glad tidings. So this is the methodology that the Muslim follows. At times you find what the kid who can be a millionaire, remind them about the days of Allah Subhana Allah. At times what Taku Yeoman told their owner fee in a law firm to have Kowloon of sin Casa but welcome Mila Utila moon final if the Quran inside SoTL Bukhara that we find as imamo suti mentioned Saudis works at confy lwml. Quran said that day, some verse 283 assorted Baccarat fare that day whereby you return back to Allah Subhana Allah, and you will not be oppressed for what

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you've done upon this earth and you'll be given your full recompense on that day. So that is giving the faithful issues and likewise then giving people the Bushra giving people the glad tidings, those people who follow the correct path for them, they will be the following righteous for the goodness that will be delivered to them.

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They lead Xena escena Costner was here that when those individuals who done good for them they will be allowed SNA will be some goodness that we've given to them was here the tune in something extra will be given to them. And obviously we know that year the tune the extra hair inside this is as for a unit that we find with the field

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I am based upon the sale of a Muslim that we find that year the tune the extra thing that will be given to the Muslim the believer will be to see the sublime face of Allah subhanho wa Taala will do yoga in lira in RMB. And now Veera, on that day, some faces will be radiant, it will be glowing, shining, visualizing the Lord Allah subhanaw taala. So that is one of the ultimate blessings inside paradise, that a person needs to tread that path to gain that ultimate blessing. And that's if you read the Gita about a man in your female Muslim that we find the beginning and you read the end of Kitab Jana was safer to marry me Hahaha, the book on paradise and the descriptions of the people of

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Paradise and the bliss and the bounties and the rewards that will be given to the people of paradise. So as I mentioned, we need to have the balance. Okay, delicate yes or no, come on, man, what's up, ah, we made you, the middle nation, know about those things, which could be detrimental to us. And likewise, also know about the good things, the blessings that were given to us if we remain steadfastly committed on the path of Allah Subhana Allah. So at times, a person may study the evil of studying the bad things or the bad ending, to stay away from it. As the Arab poet you mentioned, out of the shower, Alicia, while I can litella fee I studied even not for the sake of

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evil, but to be able to stay away from it. Whoever doesn't know the difference between good and evil, God and your coffee, he will eventually possibly fall into the evil. So there is a reason why a person studies that which is incorrect to be able to stay away from it. So as most of obviously we study, the concept of, of the punishment of the Hellfire to be able to keep ourselves away from disobeying Allah Subhana Allah. So today, we don't want to focus too much upon that one to focus upon any the good things. As we know all of this is classified as a world of a moral high be at the affairs of the unseen. That's the Quran when it begins, it begins in a strange manner, by mentioning

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that this is the book any guidance for those individuals who are the pious individuals, and then the characteristic of these individuals. And Medina, you may know Nabila, Hyeme those are the believers who believe in the unseen because the whole of the journey of the Quran, whatever comes afterwards is what is the unseen, we cannot actually see it. So we begin by reading the Quran by believing in the unseen. So we know agenda to have one now. We know according to the prophetic tradition, the prophet Mohammed says I'm that Paradise is a reality and Hellfire is a reality. For whatever we we discussed. The when person needs to have that your team needs to have that certainty what Rebecca

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had to call in worship your Lord until eliakim comes to you and you're gonna be mana a note. So the believer continuously worships Allah and Allah until death comes to that individual. Unlike the deviant individuals who believe in

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cash or in ham, or any some superior knowledge or understanding the person give up the Sherry, there is a deviant view, we find that the movement is the one who continues to worship the last panda Allah until the person leaves and it is Tonya is always in state of Nevada. It is any individual who's able to abandon uni, the river that that worship, it would have been the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem, but we find from his methodology amongst his fine and few words in the Final Four or five days of his life, sell aloha sell them, a solar a solar warmer Melaka, a manucho, the prayer, the prayer, whatever your right hand possesses. So there was an individual that none of us Muslims

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would say it's possible to abandon the Sherry or to give it give it up or not to be asked about it would have been specifically to the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salim. But we see that he continues to remain observant until any the final breath of his life until he left you need dystonia. So this is introduction to set us the mindset about that journey towards paradise, whereby last panda Allah He has prepared you miss things for for the believers, that is going to be blessing for the believers, especially that we find that living upon this earth at the moment, we find that some concept of justice is not given. A Fernanda Muslim unikl moochie mean Malcolm k Fatah comun? Are we going to

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make the Muslims like the criminals? How do you judge how many times Muslims begin to pose this question that what do we have inside this dunya? What are the good things that were given to the believers? You can't judge that in this dunya inside the IRA. The affair is a total different world. That's why as I mentioned, we read GitHub agenda, the book agenda in such a Muslim you find many beautiful ahaadeeth mentioned inside there, that the character, a disbeliever, who's lived any 5060 years of what they

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claim to be a good life and you will be once any dipped inside jahannam any help any? Did you see any goodness inside your life? And the person will say no. And did you ever enjoy any of the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah the person say no. And likewise the believer the opposite, one small dip inside paradise. In el mar Rebecca she caught on right boats and caught the genie any difficulties come upon you. Did you ever see any hardships adversities aside your life? One small dip in Paradise, the believer will say what No.

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So this dunya as we know, in the hadith of Sahih, Muslim and dunya siege, no movement within

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this world is a prison for the believer and a paradise with a disbeliever, meaning the disbelievers do whatever they want to do. Whereas the believer is codified. Whether he possesses the dunya he doesn't possess the dunya he is still restricted by the judiciary or by the limitations by the parameters of the law, the last Panda and the person needs to stay within that law. So the believer, even when he becomes dominant upon this earth, his vision is still the Hara. That's the last thing that I mentioned inside. So the law after you find in the order delay, you read through her miniature miniature body while battling with a cane. So indeed, this earth belongs to Allah Subhana

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Allah gives inheritance, dominance, dominance to whomever he wants to pander to Allah. So even Muslim becomes dominant, becomes powerful, controlled, whatever it may be. Look at the final end of the ayah it's still Sending out a message for the believer, while Kiba to live in the real abode for the believer for the pious individual is the era that is a real essence of the believer. So the Muslim never falls into the trap that even if he does have the dunya he is still working towards Acura will attend Santa ceiba camino dunya Don't forget your share of the dunya doesn't mean a person gets so engrossed in inside the dunya that person is as you find many earlimart the fasciae

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dimension the person is using the dunya to get the Akira is the dunya Sara using this dunya what it meaning this ayah one minute if you're using the dunya to get what you can to get towards her and get that immense reward you need inside the surah. Likewise, you find in other kurata, La Jolla one low can we Allah moon, the real place of living, of life of eternity is what is the killer? No can we are the moon if they only had knowledge regarding this. So the real home the real final abode or loja de la rissanen? Allah Subhana Allah you need guides to the home of peace. What is the home of peace of Allah? Allah, the home of peace is paradise. Yeah, a year to Hanif sama in Algeria in

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Arabic He rabita Maria for the holy theory birdie, what the holy trinity of the soul in contentment and peace, in return back to your Lord in the state of happiness of contentment, enter amongst my servants, and enter into my paradise. So this is the return of the believer that the believer wants to find his or her return back into paradise. Because obviously initially we've been expelled from Paradise. Because of that initial mistake of Adam and a cylinder we've been taken out of Paradise, and we've been placed on this earth. Welcome Phil out of the masakazu Mataram Illa hain. We only been here for a short while upon this earth and then we have to make that return journey back to Las

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pantalla. Inside any thira like was any we find what the hero to Pharaoh led in a takuna fella tequila on any sodaro era is any better for the people who are pious individuals in Why don't you fly at the archelon Why don't you comprehend any and understand this. So once again, a double Earth era, the final abode the last abode, the eternal abode any for the for the believer is indeed Earth era. So for many of us, we take it for granted any with false hopes and assumptions that we're just going to go to Paradise. As we know in this world, whatever a person strives for, is eventually what they will gain while they sell insane indem Sara Nazario so for Euro man will only have that which

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he strives for. So people striving off the dunya unless they are in general sooner or later or sooner from that point upon the earth in general, is to give the person whatever they strive for, and thus any we find woman or other hirota was the aha

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moment for hula aka kanessa mascara. Those individuals who strive for the hero and they exert the efforts were willing

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movement and that individual is a believer, that individual for hula aka kanessa makura, then they, they sorry they striving and struggling is one which is a grateful struggling that we find and they will be equally rewarded, that you find is our sort of natural that the believer for no fee and no higher than for yoga with will give the believer a good life, a good life inside his dunya and even more so inside the camera. What is a good life for the believer inside this world? Those who believe and their hearts are full of tranquility in the dhikr of Allah. Allah Allah, Allah He taught me Hello, indeed, they could have lost bandanna, two hearts find tranquility, any and peace. So

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obviously, the the striving the struggling is going to be difficult when people think it's very easy to enter into paradise. It is a commodity, which is very expensive, just like in the dunya need to save up your wealth, your time your efforts to go and purchase something and to gain it. Likewise, the Acura is something very very expensive. person shouldn't think that they are Sara is something cheap. Paradise is something cheap that a person can do a few miserly actions and somehow get a lofty place you need inside paradise. It is something expensive. So the person has to make the most expensive of their time, the most value of their time and their efforts to gain a lofty place or

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rank any in paradise. That's as I mentioned, once again, going back to you need a Muslim that we find we find that when last panduranga created paradise, and zebra Ella and a salon went to see paradise. And so the beauty saw the blessings and he wanted anybody who sees paradise we want to dive straight into paradise. And anybody who saw jahannam the punishment etc what to do what to stay away from it. So look under under any mention or totally made the statement or said that it should be any hoffart agenda to be mcherry dinero Misha word, or huji. But cover up any any paradise with obstacles and cover up the Hellfire with desires with temptations. So paradise before it's very

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easy, whoever sees paradise just want to go into it. But we find the code this hadith in Sahih Muslim, that paradise has been surrounded by obstacles. What are the obstacles that trap you or you have to overcome to come into paradise? If you read the shadow of a Muslim by Imam and knowing some 18 odd volumes that you find, he highlights that they are in general for obstacles you need to overcome to get into paradise. Remember this is written centuries ago and it still concerns us today. He says the first obstacle that you find is he has a bed that is to strike hammock allies to strive inside your a bed to remain preserving and committed towards the fundamental principles of a

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Muslim of the belief that we find the actions is any any preserving one's prayer, halfway through la sala wati wa Salatu lusco wakulla he carnitine God your prayers, and specifically the middle prayer and stand in front of Allah Subhana Allah in a state of observance. So this is at least he heard from everybody that we know now in the summer days, the prayer is very long, meaning prayer will go all the way up to maybe some massage at 11 o'clock 1115 1130 slot and it will be three o'clock etc inside the morning, the fasting in the month of Ramadan, all of these, these are all obstacles. So the person needs to overcome these obstacles, persevere, was 00 that is patience and resolution

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commitment. Carry on, persevering, as you mentioned until the person overcome these obstacles. The second thing that he mentioned is khazamula hive, which literally means to swallow one's anger. So many people when they are the young etc or even our elderly individuals when they get angry then everything is goes out the window if you want a path to paradise swallow your anger that's a sign of a poverty pilot person swallows their saliva swallow the light you swallow your spirit you're fasting cetera. You have to do that. are you treating somebody Don't spit it out, you swallow it. So part of the parent is the person needs to swallow their anger. So in mama know we mentioned

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centuries ago. A third thing that he said is an awful is to be able to forgive and to pardon people. And that's another obstacle. Some people, they may pray. They may swallow their anger but they don't forgive somebody else. They're not able to forgive anybody else. But a Muslim. The chest of a Muslim is wide, expansive chest, that a person is one who is able to forgive to pardon to overlook. So a person needs to overcome that obstacle. And for free we find we find is a sober and showered word, to have patience to stay away from desires and temptations. This is written centuries ago. A mama no is written two centuries ago to a patient

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To stay away from the temptation of desires, because we know that all around especially living inside the West, there are many temptations and desires to take a person away from Deen of Allah Subhana Allah. does the law say that this earth is divided into two types of fit and either fitna to shubho hurt the fitna of doubts in one's accorded one's belief taking person away from the sun, creating Chabot hurt creating thoughts incorrect thoughts you find attacks have an Moshi, Dune of atheists or whatever Sure, the communists all these isms that we find lineal idea and other ways of life all trying to attack Islam are all trying to create doubts is Islam. Can it be dominant today

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in the 21st century? Does it really apply? Does the hijab Apply today does a Muslim does applied does that apply? Does that apply these old shoe has the continuous begin to take place. But obviously some of the young individuals did not really too worried about this. So that's the point. The second element is a shower what is desired is temptations that you find continuously bombarding me that the world the whole globe, the Muslim Ummah, would enter them into what into a world of temptations, whether it be the use of the media, the satellite, the internet, television, whatever it may be, and the general atmosphere is another way of distracting people away from the deen of

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Allah. And these are the two attacks any the attacks of Shabbat was showered attacks of any corruption have occurred, or the attack of the corruption of the natural feature of the human being to keep people away from the deen of Allah Subhana Allah. So these are showered that a person that young Muslim is the face of the Muslim face in general inside the West, the person needs to overcome that to be able to become a successful Indian individual trading or coming any upon any the path for paradise. And we know the slogans around us a three do an ultimate karate come in unison Yeah, takaharu get rid of the people loot. They want to be people who purified very rarely do you find a

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person upon what any upon unique righteousness upon goodness. That's all you find in a Hadith, or Java is now the chief nursing Alberni in the La Liga Jabu minchah been less obatala who, indeed a lot of counter Marvels at an individual, any loss of both Allahu Bhima and Allah Mila in and our young boy, a young man who isn't inclined towards any temptation, because any a mammal Minogue so I will fade will call the mentions for in there. This is very, very rare. Young people in general are not able to stay away from temptation desires. That's what lust bandana is praising Marblehead meaning His praises individually that allows bandana marbles at this type of individual who does not

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go towards any path any of temptations. So we know that this is very, very rare. But this is what we want to instill within our Muslim youth. That this is the path that we need to be following. as Muslims need to be falling. They need that is the path you need towards any paradise. Like as we know in alladhina, Hepburn and Tashi and furniture to fill Nadine Amano, loving other elements a new era those people love to spread voice, evil conduct misconduct, bad behavior amongst those who believe for them inside this world and inside there will be a severe chastisement any, for the needles, any individuals. So, obviously, and I'm sure most of us are thinking now. Well, actions are

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not important. That's right. Actually, to slight degree may not be important, but a lot pandaren wants to see who is trying and who is making that effort ever Muslim falls into the trap that there emerges becomes a life of

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a life of just love. Or a limb of Akita mentioned by the Sahaba was indeed, this person is a heretic because that's where you find it. The Sufi is the mystical individuals, their life is all about and home. Allah Subhana Allah, Allah pardons Allah will forgive, do whatever you want to do. That is a hairy heresy. Likewise, you find if your life just becomes alhough that's the wisdom of God. That always need punishment punishment. So aqeedah of an Asana is been an Obi Wan Raja will hope is between love, hope and faith all of it comes together because it doesn't go to one inclination doesn't go to the other inclination doesn't go to a third inclination tries to find the balance. So

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we know that our actions are less prone to Allah does not necessarily have to weigh up any actions that you the Hulu ad admin Come on, man. Oh, Jenna, none of you you actually we'll get you into paradise. That's true. But unless panda Allah wants to see what see the person who's trying Fatah Cola, Mr. Tom, a lot pantalla as much as you can. So is it not safer, that a person comes in front of a lost pantalla and they tried to do some actions. Europe I tried to offer my prayers. I tried to force a done this I stayed away from this for your sake only. This was my intention and this was one

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doing a lot of coffee. A lot of fun is not unaware with a person who just comes with nothing and just says I, I believe that's it. That's a claim, which is false. A person who say says I believe this and is improved a belief that's questionable. Because a man has done the best you mentioned eliminates a big company. Imagine isn't bitter many but false aspiration just hopes just to say I believe so in Islam, we know that if you believe you show your belief, and that is the state of Arizona that we find is just the built in is needed to sneak the internal Guinea

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apprehension or conviction inside the heart will not be listened to after your Shahada tend to utter your belief will am will be jewelry and to carry out the action with your limbs while Eman easy to be we Uncasville Mercia Eman goes up with obedience and it goes down by a discipline disobedience that in a nutshell is actually the Asana symbol. So when people say that you need Islam or my Eman is just inside my heart. No. If it's inside your heart, it should be manifest in your life should be manifest in showing that you really any believe call it the Arab woman call them to Mineola in Oulu Islam, the Bedouin Arabs are that we believe what strong faith but what does the Quran rebukes them?

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Don't say you've believed say you've submitted. So Eman is a deeper any deeper penetration? Yes, so all of us are hamdulillah Muslims. But we want to travel into the deepest circle of deep Eman of implementation, and then eventually find becoming a moccasin. And you find the hardest algebra in Islam. These are the three stages that a Muslim tries to penetrate, to eventually come to amongst those believers who are mostly known, indeed the Wrath of Allah subhanaw taala is close to the believers of masino with a description of a moccasin and taboo de la Katara who fell into contura who

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worship Allah and Allah though you see lust panda Allah, even though you do not see a lot of panda inside this dunya a lot panda sees you. So that is a pinnacle point of order of worship, that a person is focusing towards Allah subhanho wa Taala so we find that the correct belief of fear and hope and mercy creates what actions you find quite clearly inside the Quran was a landmark 30 Mira mikuma Jonathan Abu has somewhere to learn it that

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rah, rah he will kill the mean Aloha, he will afina and the nurse will Long You have been listening. They've been going steady I in great detail you find the answers there whatever we mentioned before. Those are individuals with real dilemma 30 mirabito or sorry, Rooney race.

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run towards seeking forgiveness of your Lord a loss bandana and gaining that paradise whose width is like the size of the heavens and the earth or it that will move Taki which has been prepared for the believers. Now comes the criteria. What is the criteria of the believers? Is it just as what many of us think that we are we are moutoku requires individuals the criteria is now mentioned alladhina Hakuna fussa, Roy Wonderbra, those who spend their wealth in a time of happiness, time of ease with the raw and a time of adversity of difficulty that you find the Quran lantana lucara mimma to hibou you're never going to attain piety until you don't spend of the things that you love. Likewise, you

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find woman you push your hand up sefa Ola eco humann muffler hoon. We will remove the greed from within yourself, the covetous, the love for well from themselves. that individual is a successful individual. So if a man is just as we think is just inside the heart, why is the last panda Allah sending out such messages? Those are the moutoku those are the pious individuals who spend their wealth in times of goodness and at times of hardship. Likewise, you find as we mentioned, will tell the mean aloha is those who are able to swallow any the anger while our feanor and in nurse those who pardon mankind will lower your mercy mean, Allah Subhana Allah loves that duty of good. This is

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the criteria for the believers. Likewise, when not a similar versified said before LML karate mirrabooka magenta in Abu Bakar December you will read that in that in

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any race with one another challenge with one another in gaining the forgiveness of the Lord and gaining that paradise whose whipped is that the heavens and the earth are in the lead in a man who believed he was holy, which is once again has been prepared for those pious individuals who believe in Allah and His messenger. belief in Allah and His Messenger leads to what leads to action. That's if you look at the opposite. If you read through the Quran, masala comfy soccer. What made you go end up being inside soccer or soccer ministry

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jahannam columna camino mousseline.

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They said that we never used to offer the prayers. While I'm not going to mo miskeen were couldn't, who do Malka irine acuna naka de bo bo Midian had to attend and Yaki we never used to bother to offer the prayers. We never used to feed the pole sign of a man feeding the poor. Likewise, you find we used to be busy wasting our time with those individ squandering their time had no care about their time and they and their life, while couldn't look at the below, median wish to reject the Day of Judgment. So every time your belief in the earth as we began with is weak, then you will become weak. The more stronger your conviction, inside, the clearer, the more that you find that your

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action becomes strengthening your conviction inside the mirror. And we find that these people who couldn't do beyond me didn't have autonomy again, until once again, the certainty came to us but what death came to them. So this is the opposite. Once again, life of action, if you stayed away from action, then the end could be dangerous. And likewise if you believe have that belief to the Lord and Allah and the Prophet Mohammed ism, you find that that will strengthen that journey to the hero the person begins to try to follow in either coffee or paradise that we're trying to highlight. And that's you find are added to leerburg de Sala he, mala? mala Odin Samir Katara Allah call me

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Basha, I prepared for my servants, my pious servants what No, I have seen, what no ear has heard and the feeling the perception has not come upon uni, the heart or the mind of any individual fella, talamona Sumo fellow homie, karate Jessa and Bhima Keanu? Yeah, I'm alone. No soul knows any what has been hidden from amongst the coolness, the tenderness of the eyes, for those individuals that you find jezza and Bhima can reward or recompense because of what Bhima can do. Yeah, I'm alone, because of what they used to do inside this dunya strange, isn't it once again, that this is the recompense this reward for the believers reward recompense they jezza because of what they used to

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do inside this dunya This is the reality that the person will have any they reward inside this dunya whatever they do, inside this dunya they reward Allah we store it and give it to them in the inside the camera. And as we find what is the gesture of a sun, inland sun, the reward of goodness is what except for only any goodness will be given any to any that individual. So we find that this, what does one have to do to gain this preparation, this preparation inside the mirror. Remember, we don't have to do much. But the last time the other multiplies our actions as small life as small action alerts and multiplies it to such a degree to 10 times to 700 times too many, too many times as much

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as I lost count, the other ones can multiply. So as small actions, a left hander gives us so much reward. Likewise, you find that even a small place in Paradise, you know, a whiplash in that you flog an animal with a riding beast. one strand of that one thread of that Cairo minute Junior mafia, if you have that much place inside the Paradise is better than the dunya whatever it contains,

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is something to think about better than the dunya whatever it contains that one small any whiplash. Even though you asked for paradise, you should ask for what you should ask for those who are Allah should also the upper part of paradise. So we find that What is this place of Paradise that we find the lush gardens that you find, which we mentioned, the rivers inside paradise that you find rivers, of honey, of milk, of water of pure wine, the palaces, the gardens, the clothing, the ornaments, that the mask of the smell of the human being the digestive system, there'll be no urine there will be no bone, there will be no there will be no no digestive system, or the whole concept of human

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being will be changed. So what do we have to do to gain that eternal bliss? The life of eternity, the real home as we mentioned, a person have lived there for eternity as we find it, the Cubs, the round will come and the people of gender will know it. And the people of uni Hellfire will know it. Because this is going to be the law that the ram of death. And as we said to the people of Paradise, Kowloon remote, live for eternity now inside paradise there's going to be no death. And likewise the people of the Hellfire who don't fall out for them as well live for eternity inside the Hellfire, there will be no need definitely upon you. So these pledges of Allah and Allah we find what is the

00:34:47--> 00:34:59

person what does the person need to do? If you go back and you study any in general most if not all of the ahaadeeth talking about paradise, you find something very, very strange and in great detail

00:35:00--> 00:35:05

You find such word wordings as docile agenda filled Jenna Jenna

00:35:06--> 00:35:35

Jenna Jenna vorticella Jelena the person will be entered into paradise will be given this in paradise. This we planted inside paradise, I promise this for the person in paradise I guarantee this for the person in paradise gone read all those ahaadeeth and you know what you find in all those ahaadeeth that the person who enters into paradise, the person have disempowered us will be granted disempowered us with this tree we given to the person the person will be rewarded with this what you find in all those ahadeeth nothing but actions

00:35:36--> 00:36:14

going steady windows ahaadeeth in detail person who says this will have this plant in paradise for the person. Whoever does this will have disempowered us whoever prays to record so now slotted fudger inside the morning, it is better. Pyromania wala Fie her inside the psyche of Mr. Muslim to record to the sooner that you find before solid to fudge it better than Pyromania. One Murphy is better than the dunya on whatever the dunya contains, study all those a hadith person says this person god this person stays away from this person is guaranteed this inside paradise. So why all these wordings been mentioned and had these wording just been mentioned for the sake of just

00:36:14--> 00:36:50

mentioning them or they show an intent that if you want disempowered us you want to gain this in paradise. This is going to be given to you in paradise. This is going to be planted for you in paradise. This is your home inside paradise. Whoever prays the 12 record the Sunnah in a day praise the 12 will have a garden or home inside paradise. So what is that proved? Does that mean now just say I want to pray 12 record and you get that level? Right in fact Jenna doesn't have a house in paradise who believes that is any Muslim who believes that if they do this a deviant belief so what do you have to do? You don't know if you're definitely going to get it but you're going to do what

00:36:50--> 00:37:36

you're going to try to do what you're going to try to offer those 12 records to before further refine for before you need bajada you find two after about two after module two after he does the 12 that we find that an original mentioned 10 but 12 isn't anymore you need stronger etc. So what does a person have to do? has to do that? Man yet man lima bean Allahumma bainer ridgeley admin Lou Jenna okama call whoever guarantees me whatever is in between his two Jaws, what is in between these two legs? When you guard your tongue? Any stay away from a shutdown we'll learn well Reba for lying, any abuse, swearing backbiting about people control this tongue. So once again, you finally we look at

00:37:36--> 00:38:14

again the Muslim Ummah, some of us we can't control their tongues, like whoever controls the private parts. Now binaries lady controls that what the prophet Muhammad mentioned that individual, Allah who I guarantee for that person a place where in paradise. So how are you going to guarantee yourself a place in paradise? Are you just going to say I believe in this Hadith, or do you have to physically practically implement this hadith to gain any inshallah any that reward? So the realm I mentioned, two positives, and two negatives, to positives, two good things, and two wrong things that we can stay away from which helps us to concentrate upon focusing upon the power from Paradise.

00:38:14--> 00:38:42

Some of them we already mentioned already, but just you need to quickly you need to conclude you find the two positives are faith and you need righteous deeds. The two any negatives are obviously the opposite. Now, check that we find incorrect belief. And we find you need disobedience, you need our sins. So the first two positives that we find that every single Muslim is incumbent upon every single Muslim, the two positives is firstly, that we find to study the correct belief

00:38:43--> 00:39:27

to find the right email for in ermine will be missing and to be here for the shadow. If they believe as they believe, meaning the companions, then they become rightly guided. So that's the first point that a Muslim needs to find is the correct Eman al Qaeda, Al Qaeda salema the pure pristine orthodox belief because everything else that you do, it rests upon your belief. Because if your belief is first, if you believe is corrupt, then May Allah forbid, then your actions will be corrupt or your actions can become null and void if you don't try to find the right belief. So that's the first thing the first positive that the Muslim is focusing upon. So that's why you find that when the

00:39:27--> 00:39:59

teachers are telling you and toorak is acquired to focus upon tawheed upon uni as soon upon any an EMA and focus upon these points why the main key element is to find the pristine orthodox belief and then everything else becomes simple. So that's why the moment the believer is always reading works on belief, whether it be a Kodama whether it be the the previous element, the right things that they wrote about about a man about tauheed various kutub that you find with a be the books of chef some you Tamia that you find Okay, that's in wassup to you

00:40:00--> 00:40:36

Alabama we're keytab. In Chapter II find where we are created by how we are that we find a shooter head with a different shooter hurt the element you find contemporary works as well, who's written a new form, that sometimes you find that a previous form of writing or element with something which is the language of difficult. So now today you find modern day writing which simplified it made it easy for a person to study what they believe is. So the believer is always refining their belief meanings, always trying to understand their faith correctly. That is the key element of the believer. And then we find that also we find any studying the articles of faith etc, you find that

00:40:36--> 00:41:15

the righteous deeds. So a person doesn't study any al Qaeda to study the belief and doesn't have any actions. As the Quran is telling us where x income is, and a lo la show goodness, like a lifetime data has shown goodness to you. So after studying the appropriate belief, the Muslim then begins to carry out the righteous actions as we touched upon, whenever the actions of zerker of fasting, the performance of hides that we find beruwala day, meaning being good to one's parents, many parents come into complain. Look at these people. They're studying the Quran, they're studying a Hadith, but they don't know how to behave towards their parents. Any valuable or on any student of Quran knows

00:41:15--> 00:41:56

what Waka darbuka Allah, Buddha, Illa, Yahoo or bill Valley they need Santa. You're memorizing this on a daily basis Don't you think about this local darbuka Allah Buddha in the year who your Lord is decreed you should worship only Allah. Allah What does it mentioned straight after that? Does it say believe in the messenger? Does it say do this action does it say offer five daily prayers they do this? No. It says what? What bilberry Dany Sunnah. Shall goodness to your parents. were moved to La Jolla to Shinjuku BTC will Valley they need Santa in Sarasota Nisa worshiped only to Allah and then what straight after does it tell you you're supposed to be student the Quran will rarely Dini

00:41:56--> 00:42:14

center, show goodness to your parents. So this is common. Phil acceder this misunderstanding of your belief, Colonel inside you earn a discrepancy inside your actions. Because you find so I have an Akita. So I will look, person have a car, a good belief is a person what

00:42:15--> 00:42:50

you cannot separate the two, you can't say that I have a good character. But you have a corrupt belief, no problem. Or say I have a good belief but you know, no problem. My actions are corrupt let the person understands aqeedah properly, understands the proper belief understands how to engage with people and focus upon that. And the most primary role that we find is the parents. So this is a sign of righteous deeds, a path towards paradise. And you know, I'm sure you're familiar with the numerous a Hadith, which talks about the rights of parents and people of serving their parents or the reward that was given to them. It's all day it's all documented. Like always find towards one's

00:42:50--> 00:43:34

relatives, that you find any Silla to rhyme that you find keeping the ties in your family members is all righteous deeds, the rights of neighbors that you find in a find the person any man can you know, be lazy. Well, Yeoman for local hire, and only a smart woman can you know build a Yeoman for Ukraine JIRA, who woman can build a well Yeoman? for Ukraine diver who is happy that you find basic elementary ahaadeeth whoever believes in last Panda and last day, did that person speak when or do what remains silent? Yes, could remain silent. We believed in Santa Ana last day, look at a key link again believes in Allah and the Last Day. So you believe in Allah last day, God just say I believe

00:43:34--> 00:44:09

in Allah and the Last Day fell, you Kareem Jara, who let the person show goodness to his neighbor. What does it mean it Cromwell jr? What does it mean to show goodness to your neighbor? What does that mean? We through the shadow head of various earlimart whether it be the writings or even gradual Hambali explaining any Jeremy aluma heck of explaining him know with any 40 ad, or other relevant chakotay means short defined check Salesforce zanjan explanation that you find find any many different elements? What do they highlight about the rights of one's neighbor? Based on a hadith of Buddha that when you when you're cooking your food and what should you do add more water

00:44:09--> 00:44:11

for who? For your neighbor?

00:44:12--> 00:44:47

Where are we from these actions today? Some of the folk are mentioned algebra, your neighbor is 40 doors to your right. And 40 doors to your left. Obviously today that's a shock that's difficult, that difficult to adopt that today. But obviously at that time when it was a small village 40 doors wasn't much but today living in the modern living in the cities is difficult to say the 40 doors to your right and 40 doors to your left. But at least a couple of doors to your right a couple of doors to your left. And as you find basis point some narration in the narrations a week you find your job, your neighbor next to you. We're in Canada Catherine can Allahu hawkwatch if he's a disbeliever he

00:44:47--> 00:44:52

has what one right over you. What right does he have over you? Can you now say for worker?

00:44:53--> 00:44:58

Can you say he's a disbeliever? No, there's one right he has over you the right he has over you that he is

00:44:59--> 00:44:59

he is your

00:45:00--> 00:45:40

Your neighbor, why in Ghana uni, you find that this person is Muslim? Can Allah who have gone he has two rights over you the rights of being a Muslim and selling the rights of being what being your neighbor, why in Cana uni main, acrobatic, if he happens to be from your family members he has he or she has many rights over you has three rights over you. Being a family member, being a Muslim and being your neighbor. This is something for us to begin to think about. You believe in Allah grant our last day then the person show goodness towards the neighbors. Whoever believes in Allah grant and last day should show any goodness towards any they guess a kuramoto is in the way of the Prophet

00:45:40--> 00:46:26

Ibrahim Ali Salaam and likewise the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, likewise we find the righteous deeds of the Muslim is in speech in a Muslim mini wakulla Nancy Hausner say to people you need good things you learn in a minute Takuma wakulla Colin sadita say the correct words appropriate words is another concept of righteous deeds of the believer. Likewise, we find reviving and practicing the Sunnah at Thomas Edison encouraging people to come to the sunlight also a righteous need at first needs to do and likewise a person is vigilant in their life. Attack moron so be very with and so on. And fusa Kumar luenell kita filata Caillou. Do you all the people who do something

00:46:26--> 00:47:05

you don't do it yourself? So Muslim tries to do righteous deeds to strengthen their own Eman to lift up their own email? Because we find the Quran very harsh. Yeah you will Edina mn Lima Hakuna Matata falloon Guevara maakten en de la Renta kolomela falloon are on says that oh you believe Why do you say that what you don't do grave it is in front of a lot of severe it is in front of a lot and you tell people to do something you don't do it yourself. So the Muslim isn't is worried about carrying out these righteous deeds upon themselves. And then if a lot kind of given tofik inability then spread that towards any other individuals as for the two negatives, and that we find is obviously

00:47:05--> 00:47:40

naturally the opposite of the two positives. So if you don't have the right belief, you'll be falling apart from what I've shared check of incorrect you need belief and we know that * is a dangerous concept. Because we find inside the Quran inside so to Nyssa any two two verses identical verse in the beginning the ending is slightly different that you find in the lower layer and you sure a copy while you're doing adeleke elimination wherever you need from dies upon committing a ship last time that will not forgive ship but will forgive any other sin other than that. So sometimes we find in our community that people have a corrupt belief our target actually should we

00:47:40--> 00:48:13

should be worried about this We Don't Die upon shoot. The Quran mentions that those individuals in nobleman usually below he forgot her drama low early gender woman woman a Bali minimum saw those people can be shared with Allah Subhana Allah faqad haram Allahu Allah agenda Allah contact made it haram for that person to ever go away into paradise. So one should be worried that this is the opposite. This will take you away from the path of Paradise that you find that ship destroys your actions. la cadena Illa monument emmalin Jana who have been

00:48:14--> 00:48:52

the action these people they've done, we made them into scattered dust having no value at all. Obviously no this is talking about the mushy liquid but that rebreather lesson is there, that if a Muslim falls into severe shape, then they actions can become null and void. Even the Quran mentioned towards the end of surah use of the 12th Chapter The Quran What are you mean with a pharaoh and belay in LA whom? mushy raccoon most people believe in Allah Subhana Allah but they commit what they commit ship. They have a corrupt belief. Instantly boo sub l movie caught, stay away from the seven deadly sins. What is the most deadly sin that we find? Alicia could be lei Subhana Allah committing

00:48:52--> 00:49:30

cheekwood Allah Subhana Allah. Likewise Setsuna Lockman that we find in a ship, full moon or when the ship is the greatest oppression. So this is a distraction. This is one of the main negatives that will distract you away from the path of almost Pantheon away from the path of paradise. And likewise the second negative that we that we find any is the path of purpose person, any falling into mercy into the noob into disobedience, persons not safeguarding their mind. They is their eyes, their heart, everything about them, their tongues, their stomachs, because not worried about it. Whatever they're eating, whatever they drinking, whatever they're seeing, whatever they're

00:49:30--> 00:50:00

visualizing whatever they say. So a life of the loop. A life a murase is also a negative. May Allah forbid it takes you away from the powerful paradigm doesn't mean you may not go to Paradise. Yes, you will eventually go to Paradise. But you may have to face some suffering, some torture, some unique recompense for the actions that you've done and then eventually going to paradise. So one, you need to maybe think I have the right belief but that begins to fall into, into disobedience of Allah Subhana Allah so that we find a person who needs safeguards ever

00:50:00--> 00:50:38

briefing safeguards they all the weaknesses, the testimonies, safeguards in either wealth their family the children everything. Yeah you will Edina ermanno coo coo Sakuma Holly coonara are you believe Save yourselves and your family members from the fire. So that is a path in you trying to safeguard oneself to stay away from the loop and nasty. So, this journey in a nutshell that we want to encourage all of us brothers and sisters, to find any Swift is and the quickest path to paradise, there is a quick path, but naturally the path is going to be difficult, but as long as the person is trying to observe it and trying their best, then the rewards will be many for that individual 100

00:50:38--> 00:51:16

surety must document for tiberiu This is a long path of a lost parent and I follow that path, do not deviate, do not go away from the path do not follow a path of deviation of corruption, of innovations of mercy of the new disobedience, try to find that accurate path. Yes, that path will be difficult the path from the long struggle. But if a person has we began with has that certainty has that yaqeen has that image and then that person begins to know that every single step of my life, and it's not much of a long life, it's 50 odd years 60 years, the age of this Muslim or remain a 16 was submarine. That's how long the life will be. We take away the young days 20 years a young days

00:51:16--> 00:51:50

take away 10 years of sleeping 510 years of being inside a toilet 510 years of eating and drinking What are you left with not many years is it only 1015 years of your life you're going to enjoy it and that's it then you make that return you may even go before that. So we ask a lot of activists all the swiftest and the quickest any return back last time to strengthen uni emerged and our actions however long we have to remain upon this earth makers among those individuals. alladhina esta mujer una cola forget to be Runa Santa who those who hear the words of Allah and Darla ponder over them and here we don't just find see Mary finally steamer, any clothes, pondering clothes,

00:51:50--> 00:52:05

clothes thinking application and trying to comprehend and understand it and follow it to the best and you have the ability. Those are the individuals that we hope to be well who luckily had our stock for lolly welcome, polygamy muslimeen of a stock that we know will go for Rahim subhanak and will become a

00:52:07--> 00:52:09

stockbroker Furukawa to Blue Lake Park.