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of the bracing loss of Canada and continuing our journey in a series of photos, looking at good moral values, and characteristics and behavior, and the full embodiment for the best of characteristics and behavior is none other than the Prophet sallallahu sallam, when I described him or mentioned about being

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a hustler, for you indeed, to emulate and to comprehend to look at the characteristics of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam is the best example. For person to follow inside the life that we find externally. And internally you find total perfection in these characteristics, in his behavior, the traits of the prophets of the law of value seldom does he find these, these traits, which are displayed to the public.

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Externally, they show a concept of peacefulness, of contentment, and internally as well. That is the theme of today's quote, about peacefulness, about being in a state of peace oneness with the decree of Allah subhana wa tada with Islam. And as we look at the serum of the population or to set up, we see the embodiment of a total submission to Allah Subhana Allah, or display of this submission, via miracles bestowed upon the prophets of the law.

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What is known as the law Booba signs of evidence of profit or imagined by helping in a famous production, a volumes hand written, for volume printed contemporary at the moment that we find, speaks about four of the miracles that he could collect and find about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam like

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to be

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very because of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, baby cafe, which actually is encompassed in this Encyclopedia of VDI over near the beginning of the end, a book of history of the savage world, or the book of history for the beginning and the end. And then we find a chapter dedicated to the miracles of the prophets of the law and acceptance, these miracles, it becomes incumbent upon us to read about these life, read about the Syrah, to understand how Allah Subhana Allah bestowed so many Locanda followed by

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the virtue of the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah Allah aka a public Nabi sallallahu Sallam virtues upon you, blessings upon you so many downloads, and has delivered and bestowed upon the prophets of the law he sent them amongst his more Jesus that we find, just to get us into the right mindset to understand the concept of the emphasis of the profits of the largest. And then we find amongst these miracles that were given to him, is a splitting of the moon, whereby they're asked to show a sign. And as you find that even inside the financial the farmer begins by speaking about, indeed, ours come close, and the movement has been clipped asunder, totally split in half, that there was a gap

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in between them, and even today, scientifically has been proven it is a crack in the middle of the moon, that we found before the scientific discovery that we find this was the more ideas are given to the profits of the long run he sent them, we find other miracles that are documented, collected, you find that on many occasions, with a lack of preventive medical water, and need a water and expeditions in jihad in Germany that we find that the complaint is complaining of a lack of water, or there wasn't much water, and at times, appropriation would take small trinkets of water pieces, blesses fingers inside it, and begin to rub his fingers and water begin to gush out. These are

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living miracles that will describe a living embodiment of the companions began to see like as we find the weeping of the member that we find the perfect place to sell them. But he used to before the member has been for him before some of the companions suggest that you repeal a member for you who would lean against that palm tree and deliver the daily or the weekly sermon from them. And when the member has built, the palm tree began to read, something like a small child had the inside Bihari would begin to solve and progress I'm climbing down, I went to the tree and confident have the tree. These are all miracles of the probiotics of some food would speak to him how they set up

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the center. If I like like the animal, or a sheep that was poison, that is described mentioned report

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is cheap and important. These are just some of the miracles that we find displaying the miracles are the embodiment of the prophethood of the prophets of the law. Why do you send them like because

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incumbent upon us to begin to study to understand. As for today's heading that we find, and it's happy that we find the perfect

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solution for Elon Medina, in Japan as soon as he, he found a team when he came to Medina, people came around him. And you find when a corporation came in front of these individuals, this individual is seldom here. He said, When I saw him, the prophet Elijah doesn't have to

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be what he had been, when I looked at them, bless his face of the population, and knew that this is not the face of a lion, or shake the canopy. And the first thing that he spoke to the people of Medina, the first address that he gave the people of Medina, au ns, have just said an old mankind spread peace, spread the center, what they will feed the poor individual for someone else or near

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the center, feed the people. When in dire need of the night prayer super rolled up in the night lights, people are sleeping, and you enter into the agenda in a total state of submission and peace, healthy in a sudden of human dignity knock it out of two An hour later, he what he tells me, as soon as this companion saw the prophet Elijah, he recognized, this is not the face of a line individual. Just when we began with the traits of the Prophet Alayhi salaam, salaam and me Masada known as a truthful and honest individual, even before birth, or before Prophet would that we find. And as we find that these other miracles of the Prophet Allah instead of just some external characteristics

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that lead people to recognize the Prophet alayhi salatu salam began to recognize this is an individual who is selected in a special individual that we find everything about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is unique and useful, find his beauty. The beauty of the Prophet Allah is that some that we find, use the ratios that exist speak about companions, looking at the full moon, they're looking at the face of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and then concluding that the face of the population out shines, the moon is more beautiful than the mood that we see in the 13th and the 14th and 15th, every single month. That was the prophet Elijah, some his skin was as soft as deep as soft

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as same as the person we shook his hand for the woundedness of his hand, smell the perfume of his body, the odor that we find a very strange, heady that some of you may have never heard inside Howdy, it's a must read the chapter forgotten what

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the virtue of the prophet Elijah some good you have all of the prophets inside this collection in terms of a Muslim that we find, speaking about the characteristics, the traits of the Prophet alayhi salatu, salam, you find even the sweat, the sweat of the pocket,

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he would go when you rest in the house of counsel, he would go and arrest him, and he would sweat profusely, then we would need to have met some of the information that he found this way. And she began to connect the swim and put it inside a small bottle tidy in such a Muslim. And then swim was the smell of any mask that existed on the face of this fella is taken over as soon as somebody woke up. He said, Yeah, are you doing? She said, I'm gathering your sweat.

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sybian for the children is going to be broken inside. This is the sweat of a normal human being has an Odom has maybe you can use a foul stench that no individual wants the odor to come out of the body. But the older the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was sweet smelling must, nothing ever smells sweeter than them with a swipe of the probiotics. These are all signs of the Prophet and he loves them being a specific individual, that when you meet him, you find that no individual ever met him except for they loved him, they adored him had been added, even the enemies, even the A in their rage in their hatred, they still had this inclination within their own self. When they spoke

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privately they would disclose amongst themselves that he's from amongst us, we know that he's not a liar. But the only reason we don't want to mention this to the public, is people will begin to turn away for what purpose turn away from their commodity turn away from the transaction. deed, religion at time was control of given control of the ideas control to the statues. It was a form of wealth of earning whoever control the camera, control the world. Can people flock 1000s of flock to go and offer their services to these countries that either leave behind the wealth

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or we don't actually worship these items, even wonderful. Even some of them they don't actually worship them, but they are waiting to get to the creator to get to know one Almighty God. But what leaves behind what's remains there when the property the sacrifice, they'll go to juvie goes to

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It goes to the monks, it goes to the priests, it goes to the people who control the environment. So if they begin to speak out about this world speak out, or begin to acknowledge that this is a prophet Elijah, they begin to lose that commodity begin to lose the control of other people. And that we find is partially true, that religion is a concept of controlling people. But Islam is a way of life, of venturing. But that's the difference between Islam and these other ideas that we find the old based upon controlling mankind. And then we find that Christianity is split away, or mainstream people split away from Christianity, because they priests were controlling people holding

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their wealth, holding their mind holding a property. And it's quite sad. They should be highlighting that to certain degree that if I'm even in Islam, then people begin to hoard Islam begin to control Islam think you have a dominant role that Islam is something that belongs to them. Islam is home, is a free way of life. And Islam

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is the way of the Quran is the way they

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belong to any entity, any ideology, any government, any regime, any people, any form of clerics. There's no form of clericalism that we find that exists in other religions, that the clerics control their religion, that they dictate to the people what their religion is, clerics identities, flourish, to people to help them to understand the religion to better them not to manipulate and to control people to become people who control the masses around them. And if people begin to deviate away from the statement, then they become heretics. They become rebels, they've got people who are rebelling against him, there is no rebellion, it is the teachings that encourage the person to

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become obedient to Allah Subhana Allah, and definitely find a un nurse first commandment of the prophets of entry into Medina, and you are nurse, even, he's not even in this handy you can understand don't even speak into the Muslims. And think of the Jimmy in us, everybody around us.

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And we can take it technically,

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by leaving the seller, whoever you mean, suddenly

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instead of the way that you know, or you don't know, you know, many of us we fail to under understand Islam because it's control of manipulation. Islam says give Salaam to maybe you don't know. And you don't know, if somebody will say that you don't know the person or the person doesn't fall into your mindset. Don't get them set up, don't greet them. Islam is generic, gives it up to who you know, you don't know, for the month of minus signs of the day of gentlemen of the salon only to the people that you know, people that you want to know, people you want to associate with these amongst the minus signs and gentlemen, the only give Salaam to the person that you'd like to give to

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every single Muslim by default, is a Muslim, as a non Muslim, every single Muslim is a Muslim, there has to be clear parameters a breach has to be apparent inside society, this individual has left the fall of Islam as the rest of every single individual. Every time you meet them. I'm gonna give this to them. Because this is a formal greeting, letting this individual know that you are at peace, you are rest, I will not harm you and don't expect any harm from you to fool upon me. And that's the other meaning of Saddam that we find to all of humanity around him, spread Islam to the people. We've entered into Medina, our prime role now, after leaving Mecca, performing in Asia coming to

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Medina is comes to center, give greetings to the people called him to Islam and Islam. remind them about Allah Subhana Allah, Allah this world, which is lacking peace at the moment that we find is a very rare virtue. Peace is a very rare virtue that we can seek upon this earth at the moment, we find all sorts of unrest that we find insecurity, violence, oppression, injustice, and we should not hesitate to say was upon the face of this earth, at least.

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A sin, peace, security, total devotion, total commitment. Islam is not perpetual warfare, as some minor element or Muslim may begin to preach, and more openly that the non Muslim begin to teach that Islam is just a religion, away life of jihad, of will have attended me of this, of terrorism, of violence of bloodshed is the biggest fallacy on the face of this earth. Because we use physical data that we find the greatest tyrannical warfare, oppression on the face of terrorism has been committed by non Muslims have been created by Christian Crusaders, known as a few years, centuries, centuries of warfare, of spilling blood, centuries of spilling blood. We through history that we've been up to

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knees before animals could write

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a CV

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to the Muslim and everybody around them, anybody who would never wanted to enter into Christianity, then Christianity

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Was slavery was tortured, was punished, read through the Spanish Inquisition 1492 what do we find there? spinning of blood of humanity. Then they say to us that we Muslim after warfare read through World War One, World War Two noticed a few million 20 to 30 million people beyond that have been killed, have been killed. And today is standard testimony today war after war slave Kilian, looting, plundering, displacement, hardship led by great so called superpowers of the world, led by Muslims and Muslims out there

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on a college of destroying this earth, and Islam is not full of compassion for a Jihad existed for certain moment of time. At certain moments, they find a person needs to go different, their honor, their land, their property, to spread the parameters of Islam, a certain location that we find heading inside body keekaboo, Jihad left under mandalika do we come if the professor was full of rage, full of full of displacing of people, before he met any individual, he conveyed to something around him, Letterman only two people never ever aspired to meet the enemy.

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Don't ever aspire to meet the enemy. Don't ever it's fine to do the inside your life. Because we know the repercussions of warfare, we know what's going to take place. But if you have to have no choice, then remain steadfast and alive for the purpose of is not full of perpetual war is full of perpetual peace. That's always finding ways of finding ways of not trying to displace people come to agreement, to abstain from warfare, try to protect people on the dignity of sharing gifts, sharing presence, sharing all forms of wealth and commodities, to entice people entice the non Muslim, to stay away from warfare to stay away from college and village, this war on Islam is that the people

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that have failed to understand and life will define that wishing and wanting for peace, that we find that some of these individuals they wish they wish for a good life. You know, the strange thing is about these individuals is non Muslim that we find, at the moment the highest standard of living, the best life that we find. They all have it, read through the the Scandinavian countries, read through the historical data that we find. They have the best sniffing life, they are the best omens of the world. But here you find the highest rates of suicide, committed inside the Scandinavian country. Why? The Mega? Why what is missing inside their lives, all forms of worldly possessions,

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old form of worldly beauty, everything given to them. But we find what is lacking is inner peace. The inner peace is lacking inside their lives, because somebody has shut up, no one has made the effort to spread peace to them to spread the teachings of Islam towards them. And likewise, we find that if he's not taking the lives, these people begin to, they begin to drown themselves, whether it be in the world of music, or sports, or movies in front with power positions. They drown themselves inside of the track and find this inner element of peace, that some way in that journey and eventually find contentment inside their life. And the strange thing is, they never find

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contentment. They never find that contentment because until a person doesn't submit to Allah Subhana Allah, there will be no peace, there will be no contentment. Woman out of there and the Greek for

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dunka when

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women turns away from the thicket of a loss of data for an individual will be a restricted life. Duncan described two ways

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that all cars will face restriction inside the brain and may protect all of us and the other linguistic meaning Allah dunia

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will help restrictiveness never ever happy with yourself. never happy with your life. never happy content with the world with a pleasure, never content that is from Allah Subhana Allah.

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Allah Subhana Allah will never find peace, no matter how much they may claim that they possess this and they own that the inner vacuum within themselves is empty. And that can only be filled with the remembrance of Allah somehow that find it with Islam, find it with the Creator, how does one find it with the creator of Sodom? Give spread peace spread Islam, why?

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Islam isn't a personal relationship. Islam lays out certain things we need to do inside our life, to gain the pleasure of Allah Subhana Allah

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for individuals in the Middle

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Ages and when I show Cora it's a sort of incident that we find endomondo

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Wi Fi for the sake for the face of a loss of hamdallah landlines and voila, Shakira, we will know thanks

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No gratitude from you, shakes me Tamia feet have seen how you add your own image about this. If any individual wants some element of praise, or even a sense of Thank you, they have not fulfilled this verse. Real fulfillment, his birth is legendary to make them just total sin. They don't know who you are, they don't know you've given this charity they've given this way. Because some of us by human nature, we like praise like goodwill sent to us. So even if as a gift charity has, once again, remember, this is a person we've done this Well, this is a person who called me told them submission to Allah is that that person, you give them the wealth, and the puppies today don't even know who

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you are. They don't know who you are, and they suffocate for you In absence, that is the best element of Southern charity that no one ever discovers. Who is the person who deliver this child to give this charity to be seeking the reward from Allah Subhana Allah, and likewise, then we find a personal relationship, because we find there are people out there who are generous to people who help people, but maybe some people do it for the sake of mankind, to be known, their placard is display, their name is displayed. So person needs to build a personal relationship with Allah Subhana data. I'm not saying that we should get well, we shouldn't. We shouldn't have this, saying

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at the same time be vigilant was Sundew was certainly one Neptunia. in secrecy, observe obedience to Allah Subhana data.

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Once people are sleeping, when people are resting, have that moment, just a moment inside your life, either during the daytime to remember lots of panels either either before or after, we did some car making, in solitude, in peace on your own remembering

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to strengthen your relationship with Allah Subhana Allah, these are ways there are no magical echoes of sincerity. So because it is it is become doing things for the world, doing things to show to mankind, what to do, and so near that whole janetta reseller, you do the action, you enter in total peace into paradise Willow row in our data center will allow

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you to set up and set up min Esma agenda.

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Peace, cozy contentment, Allah is calling out telling people come this is the path to paradise. These are the actions you need to do. And you enter into paradise woman as the common ally have either woman as the leader, is there anyone more true for them Allah speech and statement allies promise you do this the actions that

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you will enter into paradise in total peace and submission. And this is something we need to encourage inside our live show.

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And I'm not going to remember he wants to stray far then after this continuing this is that sorry. You just mentioned the loving actor who was he

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speaks about gender speaks about promise continues the journey just mentioned the basics, that some

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basic element, I'll go to gender I just pray five times a day that stops me from when I get to gender after I

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read the Quran in detail. The Quran doesn't say just do the basics. Quran says God the extra among

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those who accept a goodness they're actually good goodness in everything inside the life. For these individuals, they will be a Costner was the undertone. There'll be something extra given to these individuals. What is something extra that were given to an individual headed inside a Muslim, as he had written for Sera, another ilaha illa Subhana Allah, the extra being given to these people is like paradise we'll be we'll be seeing the sublime, Facebook loves Pandora kuruman adding a fan on the general digital economy everything will perish and is worth except for a sublime face of Allah Subhana Allah, person will be worshipping Allah Subhana Allah will be given a good ending will be

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given the ending that people will ridicule Islam. What do they say?

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What they say what is this? This worship that you do every single day is bowing down this prostrating five times a day. What do they give you in life? What do they give you inside your life, nothing changes inside your life. You sit down for an interview, you possess nothing, you have nothing inside you. You're wasting your time, that train five times a day. But this person has contentment inside of them inside their life. And likewise knows that Sarah was the undertone that he gave a burden of my worship or my devotion my commitment will be the ultimate success. The ultimate success of one of meeting Allah Subhana

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data, the ultimate success of seeing lots of data would you your mind now there are no zero day on that day Facebook will be raking will be going see lots of data and other faces. There'll be a there'll be a barrier. They're not going to see a lot so Canada, people disobey Allah to Canada and stayed away from Allah Subhana Allah and Allah promised inside this word and in Amman What about

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Allah basic really follow those people who've been in and they find tranquility in the remembrance of Allah. Do hearts find tranquility, related by heart find peace inside that Allah.

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Allah gives peace inside your life. Peace,

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the peace

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of people to the

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You peace gives you contentment. Well I think really

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the greatest thing, the greatest thing to mention is

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the greatest thing is a Salah give the strength to the individual, give them spirituality, awaken the soul brings him contentment brings them peace. Hello is sovereignty the sweetness of a Salah man

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you will never find out face to face. Hello to Salah katiba Finn Jana. Hello to Salah sweetness of prayer was originally was described to discern sweetness of prayer was written in gender. Allah when the professor traveled to Allah Subhana Allah gifted him when he gave him come see someone gave him 50 page report down to five inch by five inch prayer rewards give to the boys on a soccer field general

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purpose why they want to live up to the heavens. Why did he reveal on the earth on the union of the masala established a prayer ritual like the rest of the ritual but to show that the greatest

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The greatest thing between

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the greatest relationship between the servant and that is a Salah Furman taka taka taka whoever needs a Sarah as this

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is funny and Freddie baina

00:27:29--> 00:27:45

the covenant this distinction between you and a non Muslim what is the distinction and links clothing food drink language in all other elements associate a seller is a solid solid distinguishes you

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standing up to let people know

00:27:54--> 00:28:06

you're Muslim you pray five times a day these ritual is a practice that you do don't cave in in your body don't hide your body don't concede your body that this is something which could be something weird something strange

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these individuals they know

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they know the prey they know what the impact the prey is that you find obstacles are placed inside is to take people away from a seller That's the promise I'm telling you the opposite or opposite don't get derailed with the dunya honey such a Muslim whoever needs a lot of sugar

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he's a teacher his children they This is as if they've lost all their children their wealth, their business and everything. Why not? No we should have that handy young

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person is very limited time is a time that many people get so busy inside this dunya we work with families a positive by the end they pray often will give their prayer so that's a stern warning

00:28:56--> 00:29:15

hasn't lost all their wealth lost all the teacher lost only family members. Likewise you find inside the head after if this is a piece that I would give to these individuals. Yeah, you end up in a in a biggie Robbie Maria for the whole eternity wonderfully, fully, fully

00:29:17--> 00:29:18

understood and further refined yet

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also at total peace contentment. This is when the soul is leaving this dunya total contentment oppressed in worship Allah Subhana Allah wants to meet Allah Subhana Allah has no worries inside their life, and no trouble inside their life

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refers to the soul and love to my inner soul and total peace, contentment in the Cree embedded to Allah in Arabic He robbia timberlea return back to your load in a total state of happiness, contentment than a look for the holy feet a bed enter amongst my servants what the Holy Trinity entered into my parents

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Does the paradise of Allah subhana wa, we find that the total source of peace is from Allah Subhana Allah, and he amongst the names of a lot of countries,

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that we find out that we find a lot of people coming

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to the Quran, after making a sale for free time. That means this application allows the seller, the seller, that you are the source of peace, you have peace, and peace. So after completing his prayer, or being in a state of peace and submission, the person is asking a lot of adversity, and each step further any discrepancy, or straying away of the mind, the body in his soul and, and commitment towards a love and deposit and to forgive the individual and then recognize it as a source of peace, in his peace, strength is from Allah Subhana darna. And as we find that we should not get Hold on, about after we find making such application that we find this as we began with, that we find that

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the source of ease, the encouragement of peace, that one reason why we don't find that Islam is not possibly spreading is that a society more than 2,000% that we have inside the United Kingdom at the moment, a great role, there's no doubt that he's missing a play in creating an environment making an environment, wholesome people come and offer their prayers. Something should be beyond that, that we have more than 2000 massage inside this country. What is the impact? Maybe somebody came to this country? May Allah forgive me for using the expression? I'm thinking this was the Medina, this is the Medina This is the old home is our home is our environment, if we do take the understanding that

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if you believe that the note was done in Medina, what was his impact? When he came into Medina? What was his impact with the people around him?

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That you year of delegations entering into Islam, more than 10,000. After being such few individually, you find 10,000 individuals enter into Islam, seeing the beauty of Islam seeing the teaching of Islam, and we are more than 2000. Whatever are we exerting ourselves. Or rather, we find, unfortunately, we find a cultural perception that Islam that we do believe delivered to the masses is a cultural perception and cultural understanding that this is what my teachers do. This is what my elders done. We don't disrespect elders or teachers, we don't disrespect any individual. But as we began with Islam is a global message. Islam is not there, for culture for people, or certain

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to be delivered, the more authenticity of Islam, you see, the more people come attracted towards authenticity, the more that we have these cultural practices, the more time to raise people, keep people content, keeps them happy, that incident may be a cultural practice. What do people do when you deliver authenticity to the people, and that's fine. But there's so many practices that we do, that sometimes we find is a cultural practice, and cultural understanding, we don't want to go against the status quo. That is the ideal role model. He's a role model for everything that we do inside our lives. Nothing is hidden about his life. Even his personal life is documented. There is

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no individual and personal life has been documented to such a close degree. But you find a way to speak about his personal life, his personal engagement, the way you conduct yourself to do what you think is most important. So when we when we pray, we do certain actions that we find we follow the embodiment of the

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morning or Sunday pray, and you see me praying.

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topic is prayer. He made this up because

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we don't find and not to look down upon any individual. We don't find a congregation of supplication made by the books of Hadith.

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You don't find a single,

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you don't want to assume that he gathered the people around us or is he mentioned in general

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is encouraged to do that. But you don't find specifically him saying, or him specifically raising his hand. And the whole congregation behind him is saying me corresponding to that nothing is hidden from us. It's not an exaggeration is books that existed that have read through them, and trying to see and to discover this exploration exists in so many practical population that we don't want to enter into a world of things that we find.

00:34:32--> 00:34:34

Follow up.

00:34:35--> 00:34:53

This speaks about has made a form of stagnation is most important to such a degree, the Islamic empire. Maybe some of us have never come across this historically. You find that around the Kaaba, there's four stages of prayer, not one station of prayer, four stations of prayer in

00:34:54--> 00:34:59

Abu hanifa motto, if you follow the Mumbo hanifa you'd follow that. So when a time of prayer

00:35:00--> 00:35:08

If you follow the man who formed the hand, if you fail, you will follow 70 of men at our company, then you follow your spec and even had

00:35:10--> 00:35:30

a few centuries ago for stations of prayer that every person follow their own prayer game. We've not been told to follow these emails, I'm going to dismantle these emails. Now, the truth lies between the truth. The essence is to find the closest proximity to the life of the Prophet Allah.

00:35:31--> 00:36:11

That's what we told to do. And you all have been moving in May unforeseen him, the progress of invention is closer than our own self. This is what we search for personal trying to dismantle works or works on the day or challenging that we find there's no other Islam is about. It's about flourishing Islam, encouraging people, simple action that we find. We weren't always that way. But the data that we find around your data center that we find people cling on to narration, which are we on ranges in other books, we find submarine Sahaba 70 companions, the raping about the provenance of some

00:36:15--> 00:36:15


00:36:16--> 00:36:21

to fear the honey, what do they say about them that may be an island underneath his armpits?

00:36:23--> 00:36:44

This is a practice that existed before then it was nullified. So the Shanti companion is not saying people should not go and do this, but trying to help people to understand that the mindset of people, the mindset of people has gone into a cultural dimension of not looking at actual evidence is not looking at that healthy, not looking at to say this is what the progress

00:36:45--> 00:37:30

is like, why encourage people to do and like when you find the message of coming over the minds of the true source of peace. And we ask Allah to instill this peace inside our lives that we find that what is the message that we're delivering at the moment of humanity, we should be exerting ourselves. That is 2000 odd for us, that we find a one individual changes their life comes in a state of peace and contentment, one individual among there's at least 2000 people a month. And each ministry focuses upon giving data to a non Muslim, and alkalis 2000 people a month, at least, because our efforts, as we as we bicker amongst ourselves, as is common amongst ourselves, we fail

00:37:30--> 00:38:08

to see the wider message that the wider community around us begins to be do what boxes in more and more praise more hardship and difficulties. Amongst them. The intelligent individual is the one who sees us just said I'm spread these, the profit is almost the most wisest, most intelligent individual face of this earth. And so when he gave that one, he was unique in what he done, because he made from people amongst their own selves. People from within the corporation, who accepted Islam, people within the culture became receptive. People within the coalition became responsive towards Islam, people were encouraged, you became defensive of Islam. That's what Islam is. That's

00:38:08--> 00:38:24

what intelligent individualist, enter the individualism box Islam in the individual one we use the minds of the people, if they don't enter into Islam, then they become individuals who do what they speak for the defense of Islam. They speak about honesty, Islam, they had these.

00:38:25--> 00:38:35

But because we've fallen short inside our own life, some people don't speak up. And they don't hide that this is what Islam is. We begin to display the peace of Islam, we see the strength of that.

00:38:38--> 00:38:39


00:38:41--> 00:39:24

Shake on, enter into Islam in total submission, to the best of your ability, the greatest blessing upon all of us. before everyone in the deen and in the way of life, in front of Allah Subhana, Allah is Islam, there is no mixing of Islam, with modernism with old forms of Islam. With the modern world, though it still needs to be appealing to the modern world. It needs to be presentable to the modern world. There's certain things that Islam may change slightly, and certain things that may change just to help them deepen. Baku element or something don't change. We don't dismantle them. So we live in a 21st century. 20% is no different than the sixth century is no different. People had a

00:39:24--> 00:39:33

mindset, they had a life, their understanding of life, they had their culture and their practices. their profession didn't change that he presented. This is what Islam is.

00:39:34--> 00:39:59

Islam, just because we live in a 21st century, what gives us the right now to say that Islam conforms in the modern world, conformity with some with modernism, that Islam is more than any aspect, Islam is traditional. Islam is orthodox. Islam is spirituality. Islam is a rigid system, which is for the betterment of the individual, for the success that we find alive by the greatest blessing.

00:40:02--> 00:40:06

All of us, that we should rejoice in Alhamdulillah Allah.

00:40:09--> 00:40:44

Allah, Praise be to Allah guided us to this. The ultimate success is an Islam. Praise be to Allah Allah guide us to Islam, and we should be thanking Allah, Allah Allah holding fast to Islam, praising and thanking Allah give us at least a common steadfastness, devotion, commitment, make us live as Muslims die as Muslim, be resurrected as Muslim, be amongst the Muslims, be the leader of the Muslims. That's what we should be rejoicing in. But yet we find that amongst our community, people drifting away, people going away from Islam, or people having their own understanding wisdom, and likewise a wider community as well.