Muhammad West – The Most Painful Jumuah

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The current crisis has caused difficulties for many, including restrictions on work, schools, and media, and the need for precautions to prevent future pandemics. The importance of protecting life and avoiding touching individuals is emphasized, as well as the need for a natural habit to avoid complications and avoid close contact with others. The conversation also touches on the negative impact of recent events and the importance of giving thanks and sugar to people lost their faith in Islam. The segment emphasizes the need to increase one's behavior to avoid becoming infected and to stay true to Islam.
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All right, even if you don't know James Villa,

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amin or salatu salam ala

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Sayyidina Muhammad Ali he also his main, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam of Santa Monica Monica de la he over the cattle,

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from the la mina from the la mina and hamdulillah. I mean, all praise, gratitude and thanks for you and Allah subhanaw taala in all circumstances, in all situations in the good and the bad, we thank Allah subhanaw taala and we praise Him and we plead to him, and we beat we witness a shadow Allah, Allah with none has the right of worship besides Allah subhana wa Tada, our Lord, our sustainer our Savior and our protector and the sinner greetings are not with me, Mohammed sola, they will send them to his companions and his family and all those who follow me soon until the end of time, we beseech Allah subhanaw taala and his walk of Jeremiah, Allah, please yeah, Allah by your mercy and

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your grace, bring us through this calamity avert from us this this disease grant us to return to, to the way things were in a better way we turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala in goodness, Allah. Today Subhana Allah, as many of you wherever you are, perhaps you're listening to this lecture, at home, or in your places of work. This is perhaps the most difficult and the saddest Friday talk, I don't even call it the Friday the most difficult Friday talk I ever had to prepay. Because I'm standing here it's Friday, Friday morning. And I'm sending an image that is completely empty. Subhan Allah Who could have thought that this would be possible. This is unprecedented and Subhan Allah how

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difficult this is for us, as a Muslim mother. For most of us, every single week, every single Friday is part of our life part of who we are, who would come to the masjid, we'd see one another, we would connect to Allah subhanaw taala and and how difficult this must be must people for all of us panela This is a life changing event. This is a moment that we will remember for the rest of our days, molars, pantalla protectors, who could have thought how quickly our circumstances have changed. Who could have thought that a few days ago, that entire countries the entire planet Subhan Allah would come to a halt all of mankind who would be affected by this crisis, that the most powerful

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governments in the world would be in a state of panic would be will not be able to have an answer that plains, you know, would be grounded, that economies would tumble, businesses would collapse biggest of companies losing billions, the smartest of scientists not being able to provide a solution to us and humanity. By and large is in a state of panic, day and day we find the numbers they are scary. They are terrifying malice behind Allah protect us. We are living in a moment that some of our scholars and our alumni have said this is the defining taste of our time, the defining taste of our generation, the defining fitna of our generation. And that's behind Allah, how we

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respond to this will really determine, you know, the outcome of all mothers the outcome of this generation, who we are and how we respond to the smallest planet, the protectors. Allah subhanaw taala says that's the most difficult of these changes that we have seen. And all of our lives have been affected in one way or another year in South Africa's run a lot. The past week, we've had some restrictions put on us. Schools have been closed, we've been advised not to go into work some parts of the world. They've been under more severe restrictions. But perhaps the most difficult distinction that we are experiencing today. And this is the first time unprecedented in our history

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as South Africans at least. And for many parts of the world, even even the humaines analog today are being close to the public. Having the mosques the massages close to the public is something which is unprecedented on the scale. That Yes, indeed, is indeed that there are times in our history that that due to plague in particular due to war, that mosques were closed down in certain areas of certain cities, but never on the scale with 1000s hundreds of 1000s of massage today are standing empty alarm, Stan, this is something that is so difficult for us to accept mela make it easy for us it is difficult for me it is difficult for you. We also remember though, as difficult and as hard as

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the seas. We are doing this not because of a lack of wanting to be in the machines. All of us want to be there today. All of us would love to be in the mothership today. But we know that Islam prioritizes life, Islam makes it that you know the sanctity of life must be preserved. And if this is best to preserve a life then Allah Allah subhanaw taala insists on us to do these measures to protect life. And as you are sitting in your homes or sitting wherever it might be practicing the precautions to prevent the spread of this disease. Remember, Allah says to you and me or whoever saves a life that can never hear Nasser jamea when it is even though you have saved all of humanity,

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you are saving a life as you are practicing these precautions as you avoid going outside as you avoid enjoying the freedoms that you enjoyed a few days ago. While you're doing this. It's an act of evader, you are saving life you're protecting someone, someone old someone, someone's immune system is compromised by your actions. You're saving someone's life and what greater what greater deed can they be with to save the life of another human being in particular I see in South Africa. We are particularly vulnerable. We have millions and millions

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People whose immune systems are compromised they suffering from HIV mala Grantham Shiva is suffering from TB. We have, you know, 10% of our population or in a dangerous area. They have senior people, mela protectors we have Grampians. I have two grandparents mala take care of them. We have people who suffer from cancer. And so many of us so many of us, every single person I know these are household that has not does not have someone that has been a sufferer of cancer and cancers panela you know daily damages the immune system. So we need to take these precautions for the people that we love and for the sake and this is fine Allah Allah once we also see in this in this moment, how

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accommodating and how perfect and how complete our Sharia is. Allah subhanho wa Taala has pre prepared the Sharia for eventualities like this He has given us guidance for moments like this. And just for us to remember that if it is permissible for one to mazuma because he's traveling for whatever reason, or for the sister was in a hay that she's allowed to she's exempt from forming sada She doesn't even have to make that follow up or fasting she may delay for something as simple and easy as the monthly cycle. Then what about matters of life and death? Surely in these extraordinary times, Allah subhanho wa Taala wants us to take the rules or wants us to take the allowances

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provided for us. So do not think for a moment yet one, my brothers and my sisters, that if you're not in the masjid today that you are doing anything sinful or that you are losing the reward, no in fact no in fact, you are not missing a Juma Some have said what if this continues for three weeks, three weeks I haven't missed three June was I've missed them I get to be, you know, in trouble in that way. You are not missing a Juma you are fulfilling the obligations of Allah subhanaw taala remember that the resource on them when Salah came down on the astronomia Raj, so that we can follow the Juma became followed. He was not able to perform GMR for three years, three years until he

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migrated to Medina, the people of Medina were performing Juma, but he himself in the Sahaba and mcca. were not able to perform so because of the situation that they're in the Sharia allows us this and the Sharia prioritize the sanctity, the sanctity of life, and

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and therefore we should not think that Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhana wa Taala is, is going to deprive us of any reward in this manner. The prophets of Salaam says that whoever performs a good deed and is prevented from doing this good deed due to illness or traveling and so easy regular routine was to do something good and he couldn't and he's unable to continue doing this because of some, you know, situation out of his control, then he should know that the deed is written for him but he has the word already. So every single one of us that made the Nia we would have been in the masjid if it wasn't for the situation, then the fully award in fact perhaps even a bitter Juma a

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complete Juma is written for us. It is also the but also having said that it is only natural that we may feel distant from Allah subhana wa Tada. We will ask the question, yeah, Allah is it that because of our sins, because of our mistakes, that you have closed your home, that you have not invited anyone to attend, to come to your house, your houses on your massage, and then we realize that we need the massage, it's more than a massage it need us that it is we that we are honored to come to the massage and of Allah subhanho wa Taala and if we it is a natural, a natural feeling that perhaps you are Allah, you have turned away from us because of what we have done. And Allah says in

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the Quran

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at NUS, that corruption facade evil as before, on the land and on the sea, because of what mankind has done, the consequences of our actions. This is what we are seeing Leo, Leo the cohoon amilo, Allah who May or June so that Allah says that he sins these calamities upon us, not to punish, but for us to taste, a part A portion, a small tasting, of the real consequences of our deeds, so that we may come back to him so that we may we may wake up and return to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Yes, indeed, Subhana Allah, it is difficult not to be in the masjid. And we must ask ourselves and all of us we look at ourselves on a global perspective. We have failed in many ways as human beings, the way in the life that we live, though police people of the world we've spent so we realize today spamela we have spent so much more in technology in destroying and killing one another in armies and militaries, and not including disease or helping the poor. We see how our hospitals are falling apart. Yet we have spent so much in destroying each other. We ask ourselves is this baps the consequence for forgetting the plight of our brothers and sisters in Syria? Little hinga in Burma,

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the wiggers in China, 1 million of them being locked up. We asked Subhan Allah is this not the consequences of keeping an entire population confined in isolation in Gaza? Is this not Allah subhanaw taala teaching all of humanity that we should be better and all of us living our lives, devoid of Allah subhanho wa Taala This is a reminder without

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Doubt is a reminder for us to come back. And it is an evidence of your emotion. But if you feel bad that he is as bad as we were as bad as we, our lives might have been the fact that you feel bad you feel sad, the fact that you feel that something is lost and empty by not being in the masjid. Then this is an evidence of your Eman And Allah subhanho wa Taala wants to awaken this email in us so that we may be better that we may be better.

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Allah subhanaw taala reminds us that in times of crisis like this, and he speaks about three Sahaba in sort of the Toba there were three Sahaba that they made a major mistake, you know, they committed a major sin. And you know, Allah subhana wa they will basically very interesting, the punishment that they were given to them by that we saw that they were isolated, completely boycotted, no one spoke to them, no one interacted with them, and they were completely isolated from all of humanity. There was no you know, beating or any physical harm, it was purely psychological. And Allah describes them in this scenario that they will cut off from the navy seals are cut off from the

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masjid because of a sin that they had done, that Allah says about them that

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the situation became so extreme, that barkatullah human that the earth felt like it closed upon them the earth felt restricted by Mr. Robot in spite of it being wide and vast or darker under him. And the old snaps inside of him they felt they felt constricted, they felt confined as we feel while they're new, and they realized another MLG Amina la isla LA and this is the answer Allah says, and they realize at that point, that there is no refuge there is no escaping from Allah, except to Allah. But the only way to run and flee from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And the anger of Allah is to return back to Allah subhanho wa Taala for Matata and they have to and then Allah says and then he

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returned to them so that they could repeat the law came back to them when they came in this situation. So we are feeling the same kind of this constriction in us, this kind of isolation, this kind of, you know, difficulty, this fear that we end up in the panic that we feel now Allah is the only measure, the only refuge is back to Allah is to return back to him. So our connection with Allah is not confined to the massage if you're not in the masjid today It doesn't mean that you're cut off from Allah subhanaw taala remember that resource on the slide in the marriage he felt in a very similar way when life before they signed the marriage in fact, he felt that that he's he

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situation was so difficult, not being able to to succeed with maca being cast out in pa and between Makkah and PA he said the nacdl Allah Is it because of my weakness, my mistakes, my fault that I have this this deenis of moving forward and that you are Allah bats you are angry with me. And then Allah responded to him and Allah responds to all of us with us yet one, beside this is beside this I ma what dakara buka wa pada Europe has not made without of you he has not said goodbye to you. He has not forsaken you woman, and he does not hate you when

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Allah and the end will be better than the beginning in the end for the believer is always the best. these difficult times is the last cut. But rather it's an opportunity for us to turn back. So we are feeling really scared. We have been gripped by fear and vulnerability. We understand now. We understand how fragile life is how would we were concerned about yesterday worried about maybe buying a new car by going on a holiday our concerns were purely materialistic. Now our concerns are far more far more serious. Will we be cool, we get sick, we're worried Are we going to get sick, we're worried Will we be able to return to work that some people's panela that might lose the jobs

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might lose the income How will they make ends meet to handle they are poor people or all the people that are wanting will I die will this will this be the disease that that you know causes my me to die Subhana Allah, many, many fears are being spread. And we realize the vulnerability and how easily how quickly situation changes. But also in that fear in that vulnerability understand nothing has changed. We are still in the key. We are still in the hands of Allah subhanho wa Taala and that's our responsibility was never to worry about what's going to happen tomorrow away my risk is going to come the responsibility of you and I was to worship Allah to be the best people that we can

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be and then to put over our trust in His hands that we are in his key that if we do our part then Allah subhana wa tada will surely do his part. Allah says in these difficult times, now you can live long enough levels. Allah says I do not burden a lot does not burden a person beyond what he can be. Whatever Allah sings to us is a Rama in some way. It is a mercy there is wisdom in it and it is not it is not beyond our ability to be but rather it is an opportunity for us to move forward. So these tips are from Allah. And we cannot This is a taste from a lot from Allah we are being tested in so many ways today. And there is no way that you and I can differ the taste of Allah we cannot sit this

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out, we cannot say yeah Allah not me, Alma, why have you put me in this? Allah has seen this to us. Sometimes it is us, as we said, with things that are good and comfortable and ease. Sometimes it takes us with blessings. Sometimes it hits us with difficulty. And sometimes it takes us with a disease. It's small little particle, not even something with some sciences the stage when he was alive, it is it has caused all of us it is the foremost on all of our minds. For us, the the only the only response is how do we respond to this test? We all know good taste, or bad is it's a taste? And the answer is how do you respond? How do you face this test? And how do you how do you answer it

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when you when you're confronted with it. And in these moments, we take great comfort in the words of Navy SEALs alum cuz he says amazing is the fate or the situation of the believer, the Robert says, he's amazed at the believer, the believer will be all of these situations are good. And this is only in the case of someone who believes in Allah, that no matter what life throws at you, good or bad happiness or sadness, joy or sorrow, whatever comes your way, it is a goodness from Allah subhanaw taala how so if something good the provinces before him, he's grateful when Allah gives you, you are grateful, and that is good for you, then you are even you draw closer to Allah through that nana,

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And if something harm befalls him something bad, some sickness, some disease, some loss of wealth, some days before him, that he is patient, and that is even better for him when the patients was a blessing limors this disease is a blessing if we are patient. So our sinner our only, you know guide our guidance, the thing we need to do is to face this as believers, that we are patient in times of hardship, and we are grateful in times of goodness, and this is good for us. This is a it is a blessing for us.

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In every tile, Jamaica muslimeen. This is an opportunity. If we look at the best of the best, the greatest of the great in terms of the Sahaba and the earlier and the allameh the best of them are those that will pay me in a time of hardship. And it is a time of hardship that one can truly attain the ranks the highest ranks of China, this is an opportunity for you and for me to really draw closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala and secure our place in general, the prophets of Salaam says that your greatest reward comes with a greatest tile. The bigger the test, the bigger the bonus, the bigger the opportunity. For us. The great success is not having a comfortable life, the great

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success is entering the highest levels of genital philaretos. The problems of Solomon says when Allah loves the people, he keeps them except that wins His pleasure. But whoever is discontented, was unhappy with it when he earns Allah, this pleasure. So now Gemma muslimeen Allah has presented the test before you presented the test before me, some of us have been tested more than others. Some of us are going through a lot more difficulties than some of us all we are feeling is fear and some kind of restrictions of movement. Others are feeling a loss of wealth, someone feeling the loss of life, whatever it may be my law make it easy for you and alleviate this, this we don't make the

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offer this ask Allah to remove this from us. But if we're confronted with it, then we accept it and we are patient and this brings about the pleasure of Allah. This brings about success. This is what's going to get you and me in *.

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I mean we've Nila, in every child is an opportunity, the

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father limits and one of the great tabea and he says there is a blessing in a calamity. This Greece calamities they make the wise man should not ignore and it erases your sins. And it gives you the opportunity to attain the reward of patients you wouldn't have been able to attain the great reward of patience patience that he would have patience is Allah says there is no limit to it that there is no limit except the highest levels of gender. And it allows you to dispel your negligence we were negligent. We know that Subhan Allah, some of us, we hardly attended the masjid. Or even for the walk of Juma we would come with the late we would try and Miss as much as we could have the English

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lecture and come just to catch the solder. We guarantee now that even the weakest amongst us would have now if the massages will open we've been in perhaps even in the first half. So it's an opportunity for us to remove our negligence. And it also reminds us of the blessings at the time of health we now remember the good days we didn't appreciate them. And it's it is a call for us to repent and encourage us to give charity it encouraged us to draw closer to Allah. The prophets of Salaam also tells us and listen to this, Heidi, some of us were going through a lot and some of you are going through so much and I'll make it easy for you promises on the Day of Resurrection. The

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people will wish that the skins had been kept on him as dounia when they see the reward of those who stuck with calamity. When we see the reward and the pleasure and the mercy Allah gives to those who suffered

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The dunya for people who suffer the entire lives, not just in this moment the entire life is a suffer when they get to qiyamah, Allah subhana wa tada is going to compensate them with so much that those of us who lived easy, comfortable lives, we would have envied them so much in Cydia, Allah If only we could go back and to be tortured in the dunya. So that when we receive this outcome we don't never ever make to our full hardship in the dunya. But know that if you're going through some form of calamity, then Allah subhana wa Taala is really raising up your rank. If you're patient in mathematics pan Grant has the ability to draw near to him to pass this exam. When Allah was good for

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his slave, the properties he hastens the punishment for him in this world, so all of us are sinful, and all of us are accountable for actions. The Prophet says if Allah loves you, when he brings about some hardship in the dunya, and when Allah wolves, he will flee slave, he withholds that punishment for his sins from him until he comes with all he says that they are resurrection. So Allah subhanaw taala, out of His love, he causes us that as we grow older, we become weak, we become sick, we become frail, these diseases, these, this, this physical hardship, is a purification, so that when we pass away, we are pure and clean, and we meet a lot without any sun. So it's only Jenna after

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that, Allah subhanaw taala corrects us in the dunya, so that we don't have to be punished in the archaea. For surely the punishment of the archaea is something which we cannot be, we can be the trials of the dunya. But we cannot be the trials of the public and the arcanum Allah subhanaw taala make it make that this be a purification for us. May Allah forgive us without punishing us when we return to Allah without without having to go through these tests.

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And yeah, honestly mean, many of you would have lost not just your feeling of security, you might have lost something of finances. There are people and I make to offer you, but you've apps work on a weekly basis and your company is closing. You might even have been retrenched for something not in your control for something that you haven't done anything wrong. Yeah, Allah How is this possible? The promises allowances to you to ask that if you lost anything, if anyone has lost anything with a big or small with someone that you love, a living person you've lost, or a few rants that you've lost? The Prophet says there is no Muslim who started with a calamity who is afflicted with a

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calamity. And he says what Allah is enjoying meaning he says what Allah has commanded by saying inadi Allah you are in that you lay here as your own. And you say Allahumma along with your ni fi musi Betty, lovely, Amina Allah reward me in my in my invisible siba Allah reward me for my patience in this calamity and replace what I have lost with something better replace it with something better, except that Allah subhanho wa Taala will replace it with something better. This is the promise of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. On Sunday, my husband had died and the person told her this too. And she cited this to her. And after the death of asmin she was completely

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devastated, but already placed her husband with none other than Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a better husband. So make dua Allah, Allah, Allah in na da God, Allah from you, we come into unto us our return Allah, you know, reward us for patience during this calamity and replace what we have lost with something better. In this calamity. There is also an opportunity for us to give sugar and gratitude to Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala promises those who are checking in those who are grateful that they will be the ones who are successful, that

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as as the eyes are theory and the hearts feel sorrow, that the profitsystem tells you the promises, that in times even in times of sorrow, when the eyes are tearing when you're crying out of your sorrow, and the heart feels so sad, that even if your roof is being pulled, I mean your calamity so much that you are dying and you feel you're dying. In those moments, the tongue only says words of praise, no matter how bad our situation is. Always say is that hamdulillah we will not be we are not like we either believe it or not like any other group of people, no matter how difficult the situation is, we will always say How are you doing? Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah we praise Allah We

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thank him whatever he has given us, we trust in him that this is something good for me even though it is difficult for me to be and that Allah subhana wa Tada. And this is a beautiful Iam, this is to the bunnies right up to us as well after they had been saved from from Allah brought them across the Red Sea, and Allah cause the pharaoh to be destroyed. And when they are sitting in the desert, the bunnies are Isla Sufi. Now in the desert, they have no homes, they have no food, they have no water, they have no shelter. And so they begin to ask musar in some ways, Allah How is Allah putting it? What's he going to do? And so the Nabi Musa gives him a short sermon and he says to them, he says to

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them, remember that how Allah had saved you from an impossible situation? He saved you from so many tiles with Iran? Do you really think Allah is going to leave you in this scenario, Allah is going to leave you like this. After all that he's done for you. You really think you forget about you. And then Allah says

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that Allah made us and he declared he proclaimed that in Chicago, as he

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Then now, that if you are just a little bit grateful for what he gives you, that he will give you English He will make as he will increase without any limit. But if we are grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala then he will give us and He will give us more and more of whatever good it is that we need. Now, many of us myself first, we will not grateful for the good days, I don't think ever in my life that I say Allah Alhamdulillah I was able to attend the masjid for Juma never said that today I say out loud, that you have granted me many many years of humans years decades of performing Juma Salah in the congregation what hamdulillah sometimes only when a lot takes away a blessing, do we fully

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appreciate it and then we give sugar. Yes, it is best to give sugar when you have that blessing. But it is in the nature of concern that we only appreciate something when it's lost. So whatever you have lost, make sure to Allah that at least you gave it to us for some time. And in that sugar. Perhaps Allah will return it or eternal something even better than that, that if we give Allah says in the in Shackleton, if you give sugar, for your health, for your wealth, for your Eman for all the goodness at your head, then Allah will give you more vanilla Gemma from slimming as difficult as it is. Many people perhaps they feel, you know, they can't just sit by like this. Some of them even

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felt we need to go out and perform a Juma and you know, contravene and break the regulations that are put upon us understand that this is the type of jihad are very different. So sometimes it's a jihad in which you go out and you fight, and you go out and you're active. Another type of jihad is patience. In fact, patience is one of the hardest and the most difficult forms of gi to actually sit down and to be patient with the trials. Nothing you and I can do about this. All we can do is sit in our homes, take the pre preventative measures, and try our best to continue with our lives not to be caught up in the hysteria. This is a type of jihad. In particular with regards to a plague. We know

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the Beatles and I'm sick of the types of Shahada, those who are martyrs and the martyrs. They are the highest caliber of person. And then the bean was it was Sidney Payne who had the prophets of the highest caliber of people of the Avi ambia the prophets none of us can become ambia. The next highest level is the sidiki Abubakar Allah. This is the people of the highest level of Eman, and then level off to them of the Shahada. A form of Shaheed is the one who dies as a result of plague. So they might spawn on all the Muslims. This plague does not discriminate between Muslim and non Muslim rich or poor, black or white. It affects and infects everyone we might be from our community

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or from the minds of Africa, no one has passed away as of as of giving this lecture on Friday, the 20th of March, no one has passed away in South Africa. But in countries like Iran, countries like the middle in the Middle East, in the UK, Muslims have died. And then what you know janazah was able to be performed on them because the measures are close. take comfort in that who dies because of this disease, they are dying a death of a Shaheed and he is free of orphans which I eat as a one way ticket agenda. But it is such a great honor. It's such a great privilege today, I Shahid so while you are at home, preventing this disease you are in a type of form of jihad, a type of jihad, and

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why you are those who are infected, you are fighting a type of jihad and if this disease is the Indian, nothing, no life in this manner of Allah, when you have died, a death of a martyr, mela grant us all a high place in general. So it is a time to really earn our Jana. This is a golden opportunity for us to earn agenda that we could not have attained, attained through this, the promises allowances will ever worships Allah in the time of turmoil, whoever, you know, increasingly divided, he does more good and in friends from sin, he changes his life in times of hardship and calamity is as if though he has made a hedgerow to me to the enemies also learn many, many things

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here, the hegira we know the one who emigrates all his sins are forgiven number one, number two hegira is a way of saving yourself from calamity. So there'll be some insane that the safest you can meet that today span a lot. Think about this, even a visa Salam was in some city in the world today, all of us would pack up our bags and like he drove towards him, because that is where we are safe. And so the main reason someone says if you were to make hegira to safety, to save yourself in this calamity, the answer is increasing in divider. This is an opportunity for each and every one of us to increase in our ibadah so now jabatan swimming,

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continue to do the good that you have done. So whatever good you were doing before this virus stuck, continue to if you were a person who used to for example, you know, wake up early on on a Friday, but also yourself, put on your your good clothing and come to the masjid and continue doing that except you can't come to the masjid but come to the walk of Juma and sit down and spend the time in Africa and spend that hour that you would have spent from outpost 12 to two or whatever it might have been one o'clock to two o'clock spend that time, purely ibadah

00:30:00 --> 00:30:35

Blah, blah, you're either going to today, what do you do in this walk Either you are going to perform the word you have the rasa, you have the allowance you should perform the word assala because there is no Juma Salah in congregation. Unfortunately, if you find yourself alone or with your family perform with the word Salah, if you wish, so also you can perform a Juma amongst a small group of people remember, there is no point in US suspending Juma Masjid only for you to have 2030 people in your in your garage having a Giamatti was defeats the purpose and this puts many lives in danger. But if you and your family you have four males or more biological males and you wish to

00:30:35 --> 00:31:12

perform a Juma in performance small and poor and perform to rockers Neela is your Juma but for everyone that rewards resonate with you mainly what would you say continue doing the good for example if you will have the habit to put that two three and five grand in the magic towel on the Juma continue donating in fact now you should donate even more. Make an EFT somehow give you a charity of sadaqa to the masjid even though the Jannati you're showing Allah even though I am not in the masjid, my earbud has not changed the Allah no matter what the situation is, no matter what the weather is like outside my connection and my commitment to you does not change. This is the

00:31:12 --> 00:31:53

fundamental forces believe everything comes and goes money comes in goes health comes and goes family comes and goes but your relationship with Allah this does not change versus this is the constant in your life. So and your your relationship with Allah is your ibadah so continue doing the good that you are doing. And in fact increase it was also unfortunately a time with Sun is increasing. We are on our phones and devices following things spreading rumors, creating hysteria and panic. This is not the time to engage in Sun and idle wasting of time rather use this time for good. And it is also one of the great great films of Ebola now is for us to see our humanity to let

00:31:53 --> 00:32:32

the goodness as human beings come out. Our Deen is always two parts one of it is the worship of Allah the Creator, and then to worship Allah through the help of the creation to assist the creation. Is he better to be a good human being is evader. We know that abusers insists that the mightiest deed on the scale of the believer is the HELOC the way you teach your fellow human beings in times of crisis begin to see our true colors. We see the kind of person we are we can be you know it's easy to be a good person when things are good. But really in times of difficulty This is where the to measure of a man or a woman is is determined. Are you going to be someone who every man for

00:32:32 --> 00:33:06

himself you know the law of the jungle first come first serve if this is your mentality, this is the kind of person you are then Shame on you. Subhan Allah our Deen our Deen says you're not a believer, unless you love for your brother, what you love yourself. Understand that every human being on earth is feeling the fear that you are feeling. And some even more than that. Your neighbor is worried your neighbor has grandparents as children that might be ill, that might have a disease in the family, every single one of us will handle we have someone that is vulnerable in our family, no community Now is not the time to be selfish. Now is not the time to go to the shop and buy all the

00:33:06 --> 00:33:44

goods that they are putting yourself in the river on your credit card. Subhan Allah in this calamity, the promises is no one who holds no one meaning no one buys more than he needs to such an extent that he causes shortages for others and inconvenience for others except a sinful person except the center. Only if center hoards only a person does not have your cleaning Allah subhanaw taala does this any brings even more harm to the community? Also, you understand now we are one community what happens to a person in China can affect me in South Africa, where it is of no consequence that I have, you know, me and my family are safe. When the world around me is burning.

00:33:44 --> 00:33:55

Eventually that fire will reach you. The only way to survive is to survive together. Only together will we beat this thing. And so Allah the Prophet Solomon says to you and me,

00:33:56 --> 00:34:34

the Merciful will be shown mercy the merciful people will be shown mercy by Rahmani r Rahim, the Most Merciful, meaning Allah will show mercy to the people of mercy. So be merciful to those on the earth. So that the one who is in the heavens meaning Allah will show mercy on you. This is an opportunity to attain Allah, Allah, Allah, and perhaps perhaps from Han Allah, yes, we have to look for a cure and never take the preventive measures. But perhaps when we return to our collective humanity, when our governments stop spending on ways of killing one another, but thrice to spend on helping its people, when the strong look after the weak, when the healthy looks off to the poor,

00:34:34 --> 00:35:00

when the young looks after the old, perhaps if that changes, then automatically this disease will disappear. This was a wake up call that our lives cannot continue as it is, you're harming the planet, we are harming each other, that we have lost our way as humanity that we are led by terrible people. And if we as a collective people as we know Muslims and non Muslims alike, we wake up and become bitter. The basic versions of ourselves in this these calamities

00:35:00 --> 00:35:04

will also disappear Bismillah ultimately Jamaat honestly mean we end up with us.

00:35:06 --> 00:35:08

That's what scene

00:35:09 --> 00:35:44

is, it's a shock. And it's a surprise and no one expected this, again, how quickly you can change the situation, how quickly Allah can change for good for bad, but also how quickly Allah can change for good, do not be surprised it's final on next week, everything is back to normal in terms of, you know, our lives of three again, that this disease has been overcome Allah when he opens away, he opens away without, from a place you could not have, could not have thought, and when Allah constricts and he holds, that he does so from a way that you would never have predicted, and no one should feel secure from Allah subhanaw taala. But ultimately, no matter how hard we run and hide and

00:35:44 --> 00:36:15

fight, this dunya is temporary, but that which we love is temporary. As we enter this dunya from the wombs of our mother, naked, alone, owning nothing will enter the womb of the earth naked, alone, owning nothing, this is, this is the nature of the promise of Allah, He promised us this and Allah promise will, will always come to pass, it was never meant for us to remain on this earth permanently, but rather this is purely an exam and how we, how we respond to this exam is the real question. Lina I believe,

00:36:17 --> 00:36:57

that Allah says, I can teach two of you are based in your actions, that is what it is. And so Allah has promised us this already, all of us should know Allah says, What another one a condition in which he will test you. And listen to this, this ayah now heard it so many times, we never so happy this I listen to it. And you'll find that in each one of these categories, you find yourself in all this is I will tease you with something of fear with panic, why do you have concern many of us, in fact, most of us, were being tested with fear and some will, will do or not simulate and what some always * you with fear plus hunger and the loss of wealth will unfold and the loss of life

00:36:57 --> 00:37:12

meaning your health people might die, what some tomorrow, meaning your children, your offspring, even some of you are being tested on different scales, some of us are being tested in different ways. So Allah says, This is what He has promised from the beginning, all of us are going to be tested in some way or another.

00:37:13 --> 00:37:15

Baba she sabreen. But

00:37:16 --> 00:37:56

in spite of the test, good news, glad tidings to the one who is patient the answer to these exactly the question of the exam. The answer is patients are living either a Sabra Tomasi button or Lou when they are afflicted with any kind of calamity as we are now. We say in early Lahore in Isla urology, when our colleagues at work when people ask us, how are we finding ourselves in the scenario, we said hamdulillah Praise be to Allah in that in that video from Allah we come in to him is our return, that this was merely a temporary, passing through, we are going we are going we're all going back to Allah and we will we are contented with what Allah has sent to us. And if you do that, then

00:37:56 --> 00:38:37

what does Allah give you in return Allah, Allah, Allah him Salawat mirabai him what Allah says, then you will receive Salawat like Mohammed Salah from them. Salutations, Allah says, they received Salawat Salutations, praise from Allah Himself. Allah mentions your name with praise me Rob be more and he sins His mercy upon you what will occur, they are the ones who are guided, they'll be the ones who are successful Allah grant us to be of those who are successful. Allah subhanho wa Taala assistance in this time of difficulty and hardship. Now Allah grant us that this be a test of goodness mala granted RPM RPM meaning Allah avert from us this calamity. And if we cannot avert this

00:38:37 --> 00:39:16

calamity from us, Allah grant us the subset of the patients that we return to Him that we that we pass this exam as he wishes to posit the problem Solomon says that he saved the day off particularly from plagues we'll make this one all of us should, should try and memorize all oma India obika middleboro ce O Allah protect me from leprosy, while junoon and mental deficiency will do damage and a disease of the skin was seen and any any bad severe illness now Allah protect us from these illnesses molecule those who are sick mela ganda Rama and maka for those who have passed away now Allah protect those of us who have lost our life might Allah protect us those who lost our loved

00:39:16 --> 00:39:44

ones our livelihood smaller protect us mala you know keep our risk secure and safe return things to us to be bitter and remove alleviate these these difficult times and then we see good times often this will be a bit of a mark of this movie be a bit of people off, but we returned to the massages next week. Yeah, this this be a temporary pausing so that when we return back to your house to worship you and mainly be grateful Yeah, a lot of the bounties that you have seen to us to tackle the hype was all of

00:39:48 --> 00:39:50

a sudden Wally Kumar from colonial America wabarakatuh

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