Muhammad West – The Psychology of Sin 12 June

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and context of Islam, including its use of " pestilous" in the context of racism and the importance of avoiding speaking too much from an Islamic. They also touch on the negative impact of actions and words on one's health and well-being, including the negative impact of sin and the potential consequences of sin. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding sin and learning about one's ability to control behavior to avoid sin. They also provide advice on avoiding certain areas of publicity and avoiding certain behavior.
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We live in Chicago rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim and from the layer below alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Ashraf in one sitting inside now Mohammed Marta le he also rbh Marian and beloved brothers and sisters in Islam so now it can work with Allah He will but I go to Al Hamdulillah bilad amin or placement to Allah subhanho wa Taala We will begin with the thanks and the glorification of Allah subhanaw taala shadow Allah Allah, Allah we will witness that man has the right of worship besides Allah subhanho wa Taala and we send our dissertations and blessings upon our beloved me Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam upon his pious and your family and upon his companions and all those who

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follow his soon until the end of time, most prominent Allah bless us to be said for the tsunami, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and in his companionship in the earth era. I mean, while hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah I pray that Allah Subhana Allah has blessed you and your family with goodness and this past week. And if you are safe from the disease from the virus and that was fine with Allah keep us all safe and blesses us what would you want? I mean, inshallah, today we will talk about something about different philosophy we spoke about the issue of racism, and the disease of racism. Today, inshallah I'll talk about the topic is called the psychology of sin. And usually

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when we talk about sin or or Jana more punishment, or anything negative, we should always qualify, why are we talking about it, because people are not keen on hearing these kind of topics. Now as panela, as Ramadan has come to an end, it's been three weeks. And as lockdown is slowly, also being rolled back, we are slowly you know, going back to our normal lives, and that is good or hamdulillah is good that we can go back to our normal lives and go to work. Certain, you know, restaurants or places are open, but with with the lockdown evening, and Ramadan, also running over for three weeks now, what happens is some of the old habits of our lives that we didn't like so much, might be

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coming back. And perhaps some of us are falling back into old sins, old habits, those things which we tried not to do during Ramadan are those things which we didn't do during lockdown, maybe those things we are once again, experiencing them. And so it's important to understand why is it that we repeat those sins that we know we shouldn't be doing that we don't want to do, but we sort of find ourselves doing it all the time. Also, last week, part of the topic of racism, we spoke about the first story of the Quran medicine, one of you know, very important story, the story of Adam is the story of Adam and Eve, if you will. And we learn this the stories as children, while Granny's nanny

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thought as those stories. And as we become an adult, we understand there's so much more of lessons that we take from it. And the are certain principles from that story that we learn, we learn about our nature, as human beings, we learn from it the purpose of life, we learn about the concept of sun. So on the one side, we learned about the sun from the perspective of a release, you made a scent and how he responded to it. And then we saw element Hawaii, they made a scent, and we saw how they responded to it. And really this, this is a lesson for all of us. Over the past past few weeks, I've been engaging someone from the Christian faith. And one thing that came up is that we don't

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speak too much from an Islamic perspective about sin or either from the nature of man, you know, are we are we sinful by nature? Are we what are we made of, and how how has almost one over created us, because of the view islamically of people is that one which is intuitive, that they are good people and that there are people that are more good than not, they're people that are worse than then than good, and everyone has within them a capacity of good and evil. And there is no one that is completely evil. And there's no one that is purely good, most people are in between. Now, this is of course, what we see out the we know from psychology and Islam as well, a confirms, if you find other

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religions are ever the is a lot more discussion around this. And the concept is a little different. For example, in Christianity, because of the mistakes, as you should know, because according to Christian beliefs, because of the mistake of Hawa Adam and Eve the h1, the apple, they they became cursed and that the soul became sinful, and that they are by nature, evil, and that they DNA is is corrupt. And because of this, they cannot escape sin. And so this has a profound impact in the way in which they view sin from a Christian perspective and the way they view themselves. And so no matter how good you are as a person, you will always be sinful and corrupt by your nature, your DNA

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is one that is evil, and therefore you need a sacrifice, you need a savior, and the concept of Jesus and the crucifixion, all of that plays into that. So when you look at the different philosophies around why we sin and who we are and our nature, you find a very different take on some from an Islamic perspective. We as we agree that we are not perfect, and this was confirmed again, as we said from that very first beginning that first interaction that Allah subhanaw taala tells us even before we're created when Allah subhanho says to the angels that InDesign will only halifa I intend placing on the earth as a representative or

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succession Allah basically says to the angels, I plan on creating inside and the angel sets about how like I Allah, why would you do so? Why will you place upon the earth, and one who will cause corruption? Will you've seen Sophia who is wicked demon and they will shed blood, and we are perfect meaning we are perfect in our worship with you, we worship You, we don't commit sin. So why will you do this? Yeah, Allah. So the angels also knew. And they understood that this creature, this insan, me and you, we will have in our capacity to cook who was evil, and even shed blood kill one another. So they knew that there is something wrong with something lesser than them in immigration of insert.

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And also response to them wasn't, I wouldn't say no, that's not the case. And let's see in the Arlo magatama mon Allah says, I know that what you don't know. So meaning Allah is not denying that this is the nature of man and he was in man is this corruption that can cause blood and bloodshed that he calls the most horrible of crimes, I was basically saying, while that might be through our angels, there is another aspect of them that I know of that you don't know there's more to them than just that. And so, in another IoT, Allah says we're fully convinced another idea that Allah says, I have great insight by each week. I'm prone to flows prone to commit sin. So on the one aspect on one

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side, yes, we all created, imperfect, and we are susceptible to committing sin. On the other side, Allah subhanaw taala mentions that he has created us on the fitrah, Allah created us on this natural inclination of good. So Allah says, In surah, rune, verse number 22, so direct your face toward the religion inclining to the truth, and adhere to the natural way of Allah upon which he has created or people upon so Allah mentions and all people has been created upon the natural fitrah the natural goodness inclining towards the truth, this innate feeling within you that you can recognize what is good and evil, even if you hadn't been able to study you know, yours in adresa or you don't know you

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don't have to be a Muslim to recognize what is good in model and what is immoral. And so Allah says net Eman has been created on this on this feed in so you see within us we have this duality we have this weak side and this is exactly what psychology psychology tells us we've got a lower self and the ego or the animal brain and we've got a higher consciousness this ability to to make proper judgment was ability to choose what is right from wrong. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala further confirms this in sort of a sham sort of Haha, our shoe Haha, well Allah juxtaposes one extreme to the other, almost is where shamcey will come or the sun and the moon when when the hottie will lay

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the night and the day was somehow well out of the heavens and the earth. So Allah speaks about two extremes night and the sun and light and the sun and darkness, sun in the moon and so Allah says when I've seen when I saw her and also the nafs you and me this inside of us our loves for Alabama halfway when I've seen a woman Sawa and enough's and he who made enough so proportionately for Allahu Allahu wa and Allah inspired in it. It's your it's wickedness. It's evilness. What, and it's taqwa and righteousness for

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Allahu Judah

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locka afla Hammonds aka, we're gonna Hopman the Sangha. So whoever causes it to be purified so the knifes, Allah says has within it it's wickedness and it has righteousness in it, it has both every single person has the potential of good and evil and so successful is the one who allows is enough to purify these nerves and the one who has failed is the one who leaves it to become corrupted, meaning every single one of us can become the base of people and every one of us can become the worst of people and that is how Allah intended us to to live that every single person will have this constant battle between himself between his his his his purified knifes and his lower knifes between

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the high intellect from a psychology if you want to say from the higher consciousness and with a lower animalistic self, and this is this is this is the test of life that when we will be will have impulses that will pull us to a certain action, which we know is not good for us. And then we need us we will use our intellect our uncle in fact the word uncle, Arabic uncle means your intellect, it is that which is restrains you that alcohol is the thing which restrains you, it restrains you from doing that, which is impulsive and which you want to do of evil and of course, going further if you cannot restrain yourself and you fall into the mistake, that Allah has also allowed for repentance

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to come back after mistake as of course, another very powerful message that we have from from from the story of Vienna. So so this is around the nature of insomnia understand what what we are made of that we what is very important for us to say yes, we are susceptible

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To send we can fall into sin, we are attracted by sin, but sin does not control us and we are not created sinful we are created on the fifth row is very, very different to the Christian philosophy. Now, let's talk a little bit about sin what is sin? We all understand sin is something which is bad, something which you know is like displeases to Allah. If you look at the Quran, there are almost a dozen words for sin. And they all point to the same thing. But if you look at the words one by one, you can get an understanding of what they offer and how I love use them. So one of the words for sin is hottie, which means to do something wrong or mistake. it many times the hottie has maybe a lesson

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I say, when Allah speaks about sins that we do unintentionally, or those things that are forgiven, and hotteok could refer to those things. It's mistakes matsuya with a with a with an aim, it is to be disobedience, Allah told you to do one thing, and then you did something contrary to that. So it is going against it is going against the obedience of Allah. And Islam is something which is harmful. So if you look at the iron our speaks about Homer, Allah says that in the Homer in alcohol, there is good, I'll actually says I am the Quran, Allah says in alcohol, there is goodness in it. But if more but the sin of the harm is more is so great, and therefore it is haram, the harm of

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alcohol is even worse. And so spamela we see it with a lockdown. Yes, on the one angle, we know that these benefits to it and there are people that depend on us for their livelihood, but the harms that we see that comes with the consumption of alcohol outweighs the pros. So an FM assume that you do is something which causes harm either to yourself or to someone else, it is harmful for your, for your father, it comes from like in the morning it is something which breaks like the break of dawn or the gushing of a river a river gushes forward. So for you is where something breaks or something is let go and it gushes, meaning nothing holds it back, you just give into your desires and your

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temptations for June you break the laws of Allah or you just give in and you go forward as you wish, as you please, without any hold holding back at them. But the Uber of Amazon Uber, these are them is the consequence of what you do meaning a bad consequence. So a them is a action that you do that will have an ultimately the inverse The net result of that action is something which is bad and evil. facha when Allah speaks with fascia, usually this is some of a sensual nature a sexual nature. When you all speak about fracture of Arusha, it is something which is immoral, it is shameful. It is a sin of a sexual nature, Xena, for example, it would also be for Xena, it is about he mentioned his

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fascia volume, will is obviously actually the worst kind of an infection is called volume. It's called operation. His operation when you've taken the rights of someone, this is called a volume and it also comes from darkness, it will be a means that those who committed operation either between each other on the dunya it will be a darkness on the day of karma upon you. And in fact many ayat osis they made upon themselves they they have oppressed themselves, as one scholar says, unlike fascia unlike for Georgia, we you give into your inclination to a certain somebody you know, we are inclined to commit Zina, we want to do these things, when we come at a volume, there is no

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inclination to do it. Nothing inside of you, calls you to come a chick or racism for example is one is, is a very good example of boom, when you approach someone you want to program with Allah did not put that inside of you or other you have programmed yourself to do that. And therefore it is something which has no benefit to you. And it causes a lot of harm to someone else. One of the final one of the most common in fact, the most common word in which our users sin in the Quran is is a C or a su and the the meaning of it is that which will distresses you or makes you sad meaning the ultimate effect of this action will bring you sadness. So all of these words if you don't you put

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them together. It's really beautiful when you look at how Allah subhanaw taala uses these different words to say look, these actions are disobedient to Allah, they are wrong, that they are a given in of your laughs It is shameful, it will the ultimate consequences it will cause harm, it will bring you misery and sadness if you persist on them. And so,

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of course it is to transgress we as Muslims, our morality, our right and wrong is is defined by what Allah and His prophets Allah has taught us is a classical question in philosophy, philosophy, lectures will ask you, many of them as part of a lot of the philosophy liqueurs Of course, do not believe in a creator. They will

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Save is sin bad because God pray with it because he made it her arm is it bad? Or is it made her arm because it is bad. So is there something inherently evil in sin and therefore Allah has made it harder, or the Allah just make it haram for the sake of being Haram. And of course we believe our con our belief is that everything that Allah has made Haram is made haram for the reason there's not all but the other doesn't do things without any hikmah everything he does is with hikmah and whenever he has made harm, there is a reason for it and it is for our benefit and remember the sin does not harm Allah subhanaw taala if we come with a sin, He does not harm Allah in the least if all

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of us you know committed sin, it will not diminish a line of all of us who are righteous, he does not increase Allah. So he had only said these boundaries and these parameters for our own benefit. Sometimes we can't understand those those those those reasons, some sins are very clear we know what Allah has meant and how long we know what Allah is made drugs hard on while killing is how long those things are very clear, we know but it might be wild Allah you know, define a certain risk code for for our sisters, why Allah subhanaw taala make certain certain things that you eat Haram. So these spam laws, we look at the Coronavirus, you know, would have you know, could we have imagined

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that this is we were so strict on eating that this is could be the result if we eat things which are which are not appropriate, which are haram to eat. This is what could happen to the world. So sometimes we we don't know the consequences, a lot of calls or knows the consequences. And therefore he sets these limits. So a set is when we transgress those limits those boundaries that are set by a lot. And these limits, as we said are there to protect us and to protect everyone is to protect the society. And therefore when we transgress those limits, we infringe on the rights of somebody, it could be infringing the rights of a lot. So when we come a chick for example, we're not harming

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anyone directly when we when we come in shape. But of course, Allah says she is a woman, it's an operation. You've taken the rights of someone now who has rights and protecting the rights of Allah subhanho wa Taala you've actually oppressed Allah by committing to that which was deserving to Allah, we do someone besides Allah. When we commit other kinds of sins, we steal we you know, really clearly we harm the rights of others all. Many times our sins are that we harm ourselves as we said in the Quran, Allah describes it as a volume of lafc that he has harmed in his own self and some ensigns infringe on your own rights. And it could be that when you come at once, and it actually

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infringes on the rights of Allah, the community, your family and your own rights, that you are doing harm to everyone, including yourself.

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In the Sharia, we also know that Allah subhanaw taala has, if we look at the types of sense of this lecture, we tried to you know, and license one by one in the Sharia, Allah subhana wa Taala has in the Quran, Allah has described two types of sons, he says, I was is interchangeable if you avoid kabaah, the big the major sins which we have done on which we are forbidding you from doing we will remove from you your sins and admit you to a noble incidence meaning to gin up so Allah as defined in the Quran that they have, cover a major sins, and that they are doing a relic meaning lesser sense. And now there's no clear list of of major since this is a beautiful idea. Allah is saying

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that we know Allah is you know, confirming that there is no single person who will come to along with FGM besides the prophets of Allah, they will not come to Allah sinless, everyone will come with some kind of sense some a lot, some with my innocence, but everyone will be sinful and

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and everyone will be accountable for every sin that he has done with a bigger smile. So Allah has given us a great hope when he says that if you avoid the big ones, then all the minor ones will be will be forgiven. Now if if they were a list of major sins, they would be easy are these 10 things or 20 things or 50 things stay away from these 50 things and you're guaranteed that anything besides for be forgiven. Now there is no clear list of major sins. There are some definitions of the scholars for example, waiver Allah says I said his career sometimes Allah mentions that this is a career so obviously it's a major sin. Or Allah says that whoever commits it, then the anger of Allah

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or the punishment of Allah or the because of Allah is upon them, or if Allah has specified a punishment in the dunya so for example, murder, Xena, Hummer all these things have punishments in the dunya when Allah in the provinces or in the provinces, that these are the occupational kabyle the major sins like an EVA is one of the seven major major sins so we know that our major sins we don't know the like, you know if someone asks is, is, is is telling a lie a smaller Is this a son obese and we don't know in which category obviously the extent of the life. So there's no clear list, but we do know that there is there is an implication. So the major sins, if you come to

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ultimate FGM of any of us has committed a major sin and we come to Allah on the left kiama without having repented for it, then you are liable for the punishment in general.

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So, in the previous IR, Allah basically says that the minor ones, the believers, Allah will forego them, you will not punish on account of those sons of the FPR. But if you have major sins, then the is a penalty that we are liable for in in kiama. Allah can either forgive them, or Allah can send that person to January so worlds and we know this is a serious issue because then abyssal Salah mentions in a hadith that he shafa his intercession will be the most important people will receive if scheffau before everyone, even the one who says will benefit from it. But the people who will need it the most of his oma are those who committed the major sins, they are the ones that are

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really in trouble of his oma, but he's going to be concerned about any shefa will be for them. And so therefore, to remove a major sin that requires specific kind of Toba, that you repeat specifically for it, and you, you know, do some good deeds to exonerate you from that the minor sins we said that, that they are also sons which habitually get removed, when you do many good deeds, every good deed Alhamdulillah the beauty of Allah subhanaw taala and his religion is that whenever you do a good deed, it not only gives you a reward, but it also has a cleansing effect when you make Salah it washes away minuses retake will do it washes away the minus and so the innocence gets

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removed even without making Toba is defined just by doing good deeds. So now that we've sort of understood what a sin is, we understood our,

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our nature, we understood where it comes from, we still haven't asked ourselves, why do we sin? And how do we sin. And when you look at how and why. And there's many, many books on that

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many times, and the scholars try to look at the reasons that people come at some, because if we understand the why we sent and how we send, and when we send, then it's a good way in which we can plan how to avoid it. So for example, you know, if a thought has been around from the beginning, and every single person, he has a plan, how he's going to mislead us, he will either mislead us through our, our desires will mislead us through our, our families, our friends, even eat our righteousnesses quite a lot, he releases a plan for every single person, how he's going to, he's going to make sense appealing to you and make you make you make us fall into it. And so he's easily

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he's got a strategy. And the strategy repeats itself. Finally we read the Quran. And Allah speaks for the previous nations, this strategy repeats itself over and over and over again is a tried and tested approach, but because there is a method in it, we can defend ourselves from it. So let us look at some of the reasons why we can see the one of the big reasons is that we lack knowledge. So Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, that really, they committed sin BJ Allah, they committed those a lot of likes, if only Allah accepts repentance of those who do evil in ignorance and foolishness and repent soon afterwards. Yeah, this, of course, means all any any sin that you do,

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there's an element of jail, you did not understand the consequences of what you've done. When you commit to the sun, you were at that moment in time, Jay Hill. And so the reason why people come at Sun is that they lack they haven't been educated properly, they haven't had, we haven't reflected on the on the enormity of this and we haven't reflected on Allah subhanaw taala on who will be harmed by this. And so these reason, there is a powerful link that we know that between education and those who commit crimes, the less education you have, the more susceptible you are to commit a crime. And so lack of knowledge is a very big reason why we commit sin. And this makes sense because our actual

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our mind, our intellect is that thing which holds us back from sin. And therefore what gives them intellect, strength is knowledge, the more you know, that's how you exercise and feed the mind. By learning and educating, even reading, not only Islamic sciences, you'll find people that are highly educated, naturally, they will also become model you don't have to be a Muslim to recognize what is right and wrong. But if your intellect has been been been developed, you will automatically inclined to that which is morally correct. And so there's a powerful link between education and learning and knowledge and avoiding some one of the reasons of course, and perhaps the most common reason why is

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the power of the nafs over our human nature, we know the Hadeeth processes, the agenda is surrounded by hardship by things which are difficult things which we don't want to do. And janome is surrounded by temptations, those things which are are things we want to do our knifes will inclined to it. So the reasons why some people come and send these babies is or overpower them, that they whenever they want something, they want to do something they just do it whenever they desire it they fall into it and Subhanallah we live in a society where our desires have so much access whatever you want to do whatever you buy click of a button you can see it you can order it you can buy it,

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you can see it, no one can stop you another another usually when we talk about knifes and desire people wasting sexual but because beyond this

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sexual desires anger for example, whenever you you get in the situation you lose your temper you become frustrated, you shout and you scream. So you give into that enough's whenever it wants its way it's like a it's like a child that is a toddler throws a tantrum and every time it does that, instead of controlling it, you give into it and that could one is the reason why we we come at son and why go through this lecture inshallah, even you want to think about as, as we'll say, your favorites and all the sudden let's finalize is with you, and all of us we all have a specific weakness, a specific sin that we do, think about why I do that send when do I do it? And what is the

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cause behind it and what I can do to prevent it. Another reason why people come in since out of love, Allah Spanner says that you will Amina Am I not in them in as Vijay Kumar, Allah lucam I don't want to become that of your wives and your children or enemies to you, for her also be we so we we have them that, that you can commit a sin out of love people, they are pious people, but when it comes to the children and the wives or the husbands, the family members out of love for them, they do that which they know is not correct when it comes to themselves, they are safe, but they have not. Maybe the children they want to give their children a better life and so they will take that

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extra bond with anybody that is not permissible because they want to give a be a playground a nicer house for the kids. And so then they transgress what they know is to be haram and they are overpowered with the love for the children shavon he comes to you and he says Don't you want to give you know, Ramadan and Fatima a nice life Don't you want to you know, Spanglish is going you're doing it for good reason, you're not doing it for for for to be arrogant in the show Have you want to give your children a better life. And so you do something which is haram out of love for your loved ones or for a relationship, you know that you want to impress this person. You want you want that

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person's affection, but but because you know it's Haram, you still do it because the love of that person or that thing is more than the love of Allah. Another reason why we commit sin is fear. Allah says that shaitan promise you with poverty and orders you to do immorality. Many times we fear that if I don't do this, I will lose out. But if I don't take this job, even I know it's hard on where am I gonna find another job. Even though I know that this, this deal is not a good deal. If I don't, if I don't cut corners here, I'm not gonna make a profit. And so I do that which has come out of fear of poverty, it might be that you fear being ostracized, being rejected that if I don't do this,

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people are gonna, you know, not not accept me, if I don't dress in a certain way, I won't have my friends anymore. And so out of fear, we commit sin and make again, you might look at why you commit yourself and all these motivations. shaitaan will use every impulse to get you to commit commit a sin, many times it is finding a good intention that we do so in a very famous saying is that the road to * is paved with good intentions. That's exactly the case. So you will use people's good intentions. And they will you will use it for the end. To end them up in jahannam. By doing the wrong things. The company we keep maybe the reason why we come at since maybe officers are Why do I

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come with the sun, perhaps it's not because of something internal to you. Perhaps it is when I'm around a certain group of people. That's when I come with the sun and me so someone says a man is upon the religion of his best friend. So let him look at whom his friends are, look at who your friends are, that you if you are in a group of a company, maybe you don't speak a certain way or don't do a certain sun. But the minute you're with that group of people, now you start talking nonsense or fit now are you now one of them, you know is the one that encourages everyone else, and they all share in that sun. And so maybe it's the company that you have, that is the problem. Maybe

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it's not that when we when we in public, it's good when we are working with our family we find but the minute we alone, and then our son overpowers us and so when we are alone, there is we we we sort of forget about the laws of our lives very ski hardy Hardy, which all of us must be worried about the promises and says, I certainly know people of my own man will come on the day of karma with good deeds like the mountains, but of the hammam is a place that like the mountains, but Allah will make the rim the good day versus the mountains of good deeds, like scattered dust. And so so bad are the alarms. Have you asked yourself a lot? Tell us what explained them to us so we know who they are.

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And then absences, they are your brothers and from your race worshipping at night as you do meaning a lot of these are Muslims. These are good people. And they worship by night. You know, we don't even do that most of us don't even come attached. But why? What's the Why? Why are they Why is the good deeds being educated about a lot of promises? But they are people who when they are alone, they transgress the sacred limits of Allah when they are alone. They have no care for Allah limits anymore. They don't worry about halal and haram the minute they're out of sight of people when they have no fear of Allah subhanaw taala anymore. Now all of us now side note here, when you commit a

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certain part of of your morality is to keep it hidden that you know a sundown privately is is better than a Sunday and publicly universally in public.

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You've exposed yourself and of course, involves more people. But what does he do? He is telling you all of us, in private this panel and none of us is 100% perfect, but it means that the person has no key, no concern when is when it comes to when he's out of the eyesight of people. He's completely different. And that is one of the reasons What are you saying? It could even be that your righteousness leads you astray Subhana Allah Buhari to the first group in Islam. It was not that any shower or desire they were not committing Zina. It was the excessive piety that caused them to commit some Emily's use the taqwa the Eman to become the worst sect in Islam to kill other Muslims.

00:30:40 --> 00:31:17

How so? Because they became so ultra pious, they became extreme and that extremism led to pride and they started looking down on other Muslims that you people are in you people are sinners, you people are horrible people. You don't have Eman and taqwa and that leads them to harming and killing. So even the island the Imam, the shaytaan will use his knowledge against him the shaytaan will use his position as the Imam to cook cocoa to Johannes Pinilla, the man whose charitable he's giving charity, you started off sincere. And soon shaitaan will use that same charity as a means to enter into Janna. So she is constantly working. And the scary thing is sometimes most of us when we look

00:31:17 --> 00:31:54

at our sons, we will realize and this is the scary thing, that we commit sin, because it's habitual, we do it simply because it has become our nature. And it's almost part of our lifestyle, lifestyle. So it almost cannot protect us. We make excuses. When we come out some of the excuses that we make is, you know, at least I'm not doing something worse. I you know, I'm just, I'm just looking at this, I could be doing something I'm not I'm just looking, I'm not actually doing and SubhanAllah. If we if we constantly make those excuses, we will end up doing the worst sin and we will be little our sins because every with every sin that we do is obviously a sin greater than that sin. But we

00:31:54 --> 00:32:28

shouldn't be looking at those people that are better than us. When it comes to piety, we look at those who are more pious than us. And when we look at wealth, we look at those who are lesser than us. And that is the way in which we we should we should live our life. One of the reasons one of the excuses we hear when people come attend they said, you know well all I really send me to Jana, because of the small sun. I mean, am I going to be burning for for millions of years in China just because of this Really? Now, that is a very Oh, people ask, you get this question very often. Is this thing haram? And if it is haram, How bad is it now? Asking if something is haram and why it's

00:32:28 --> 00:33:04

haram? That's fine. We can do that. But it's a very disrespectful thing to ask, How serious is this? How much punishment is going to be? Because you have disrespected in that question Allah and you have disrespected the Sharia and gentlemen, it's for example, your your dad telling you, your mom telling you you know what, don't eat this. You know, this, this cookie with our child, you know, don't eat your dessert, don't eat a result until supper time. And when the child if the child ate that dessert, okay, you'll get a hiding. But if the child says, Well, if I eat it, what are you going to do? How bad Are you going to punish me? Now that act of disobedience is even worse than the

00:33:04 --> 00:33:35

sun? You have been lifted Allah subhanho wa Taala in that and you have basically said to Allah, well, how much janome do you have for me? So I'm not even one moment in janome is too much. So don't even ask how serious is the sin? How big is it? And you know, the consequences of it is we can't deal with it. And when we talk about consequences now isn't only janome there are many other consequences that we do. Many people say, Well, I'm a good person on the inside, and therefore my son's on doesn't make me a bad person. Ultimately, what is on the inside belongs to Allah. But we know that everything on the inside

00:33:36 --> 00:34:14

is what happens on the outside is a reflection on the inside, where if you are one that does not make Salah, or you commit sin habitually, that speaks to a disease on the inside that as we know, every time you commit a sin, it is a stain on your heart. And the more sin you do, the more your heart becomes hardened until the entire hog mela particulars becomes becomes a corrupted and someone mentioned in a previous lecture mention this, I find it quite funny, when in reality is the truth is someone that says, You know, I, you know, I don't brush my teeth, that's fine, but my breath doesn't stink Subhanallah this is the thing that if you don't do it, if you I mean, if you do this and you

00:34:14 --> 00:34:51

commit the sin, then there is something wrong with us, all of us are all commit sin. And this is not for us to judge that for me as someone to judge someone else. Allah is the judge. But when we commit sin, especially if we don't look at it as a big deal, then that in itself is a problem. Many of us For example, we have this notion that I can come up soon, and I can continue as I am, and I can always make Toba. And it's true that Allah Subhana will forgive if you make Toba. But we don't have a guarantee when Allah subhanaw taala will call us to return to Him, and therefore, Toba and repentance must be part of our life all the time. And it's not about so much of the sun. It's about

00:34:52 --> 00:34:59

what is bad is when we stop fighting letson so this battle is a daily battle, they struggle to be better and the one that struggles

00:35:00 --> 00:35:36

To be better, even if he's drowning in Sun Alhamdulillah he is better than the one who is committing small sins, but he doesn't struggle against it, he feels himself okay? This person is more dangerous now than the one who struggles with the sun's light and they sometimes you win, sometimes he loses, at least he's fighting at least is struggling, at least he's trying to be better. And this is the sincerity that Allah wants from us. If we look at the consequences of sin, so many times we just think about sin, I'm gonna be punished janam the other consequences one of the even creme de la he wrote a, you know many, many about, you know, a dozen consequences of sin, one of the consequences

00:35:36 --> 00:36:15

is that it deprives your heart of guidance. So in a beautiful story. Emma Malik, he was the teacher of lamb Shafi, and even Shafi was so knowledgeable that even Malik said to him, I think that Allah has caused the light to enter your heart. So do not extinguish that light with darkness of sun. But the minute we commit sin, a lot turns us away from his guidance and his light, then we can no longer recognize the truth. And the more soon we do, the more misguided we become, it becomes easier for us to fall into the wrong way as if you turn away from some Allah will enlighten your heart, Allah will show you the way. Another reason why is pantalon the profits of this his eye man is deprived of his

00:36:15 --> 00:36:51

risk His provision because of the sun, he commits so much it is an opportunity a job offer, and why am I in my business not succeeding, why I'm not moving forward in my career, it could be because of a son that is being persistent, that that is the reason why we are being deprived of success in our life, we will feel a sense of alienation between us and other people, you know, our relationships will become bad that one of the scholars, the seller for the party says when I disobey Allah, if I committed a sin, I will notice that my, my, my children, my wife, even my animal becomes you know, we have problems we have issues even my animal become stubborn with me because I disobeyed Allah

00:36:51 --> 00:37:30

subhanaw taala. So now all of the creation around me, distance itself from me, that my life one of the things in kamesh mentions that your life becomes difficult they weren't what should be easy, you know becomes a hard everything you go every step of the way, is a problem is a struggle. This is because of persistent sins in our life. Depression, one of the big reasons why the negative impact of sin, sin causes depression in the heart, it causes the heart to fall with darkness and misery and sadness, that the more that you look at the people with a glaucoma thing, the most simple, and even though lesson is enjoyable for a moment, they deep down are very, very miserable and unhappy,

00:37:30 --> 00:38:11

because they've been cut off from from Allah subhanaw taala. And even Abbas For example, He says, Good Deeds make the face light and bad deeds. This is a darkness in your heart. And it brings about a physical, it makes you physically weak, and it takes away your rescue provision. And it causes your face to be dark, and it causes people to turn away from you. So this is the consequence of sin that will bring you sadness and it will put a darkness a physical darkness on you on your face and a depression in your heart. That one of the biggest negative consequences of sin is that it deprives you of Ebola, it makes it very difficult for you to worship Allah, you will struggle to perform

00:38:11 --> 00:38:45

Ebola. And the scholar said, if this was the only consequence it would be the worst consequence when he turns you away from obedience and the worship of Allah. That son breeds motion, the motion you do, it makes it easier for you to become to do more and more difficult for you to stop. it weakens your willpower the thing which uses to fight your nerves becomes diminished to the point where your son overpowers your uncle, and you basically become habitual sinner, it becomes part of your nature and you can no longer stop it desensitizes you to the point where you don't care anymore, as you come with us and you don't feel bad anymore. That guilty feeling is gone. And it might even reach

00:38:45 --> 00:38:56

that point where your son publicly openly and it doesn't bother you anymore. You put it on Facebook, you don't care who sees it before you used to be shy about it. Now you publicize it, and it doesn't bother you anymore. And when

00:38:57 --> 00:39:34

and we as the prophets, Allah mentioned that when you come Allah says that Bella Rhonda and Aqua Ruby and when you commit sin so much, your heart becomes covered in this, in this arrest in this darkness, that you become so you become completely cut off from Allah subhanho wa Taala you become, you become deprived of any guidance, any connection with Allah. And of course, then of course of the other penalties of sin the consequence, ultimately, that there is a physical punishment in the dunya, or in the arcade or in the cobbler, if Allah subhanaw taala hold us to account or to protect us equal obviously punished in the in the in the next life. And the worst thing of sin is that every

00:39:34 --> 00:39:52

time we come with a sin, it puts us puts a barrier between us and Allah and the more sins we do, the more we are distanced from Allah. And this is the this is ultimately what leads to failure. So how do we stop committing sin how, what is the guidelines and how can we avoid sin so that we don't fall into it and have these consequences?

00:39:54 --> 00:39:59

The first thing is to understand your sin, maybe even sit down and we don't have this concept of convictions.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:33

You don't find that your mom and tell him about the son Yes, you can seek counseling and help, especially if it's an addiction or something that really overpowers you, then of course, it is something to look to. But for most of times son is a personal thing is between you and Allah that is how Sharia has made it the only the only one that is free of sin is Allah subhanaw taala. And you have the control and the willpower against it. But it's good to sit down and look at the sun that I do constantly, or the worsen that I'm doing. Why am I doing it? Why often during Ramadan? I could stay away from it? Why do I go back to it? When do I come at the sun? Is it when I do it? Do I do it

00:40:33 --> 00:41:03

in public or privately? Where my wife is a certain purpose person or group of people? Wait, do I do it? And so plan how can you put barriers to stop it have a plan to control it because you can control it. And that is one of the big things to to go into this discussion. Believing that you have the ability Allah has given us the tools to overpower even the most powerful of since the people's panel was struggling with addiction was struggling with sons that they do all the time. They can't understate they know they're not supposed to do it. But they fall into it.

00:41:05 --> 00:41:43

Our belief is that Allah subhanaw taala is greater he's Akbar. And yes, he will forgive but not only will you forgive the sins, He will give you have the ability and the strength to avoid it. The Sahaba committed the worst of sins, they kill their own children, none of us on that level, none of us on that level, we kill our own children Sahaba before Islam, that's what they did. And Allah had transformed them to becoming the most pious of generations. So everyone has the ability to reform himself. One of the powerful ways in which we prevent a sense of loss part is connecting to a lot that if we love Allah, deeply enough, then this is the most powerful vaccine against sin. But if we

00:41:43 --> 00:41:48

know that our relationship with Allah is primarily we wouldn't want anything to harm his relationship. So Allah says,

00:41:49 --> 00:42:27

that became a group of people after them after the pious people successes were neglected Sala and they pursue their desires. So when they stopped performing Salah when they specifically want to connect to Allah, we specifically mean performance solitude, really someone that is struggling with sin. The first advice we can give him or her is perform your Salas be strict on your Salah, some will say how is you know, me doing a certain sin late at night? How does that link up with your Salah, just perform your Salah on time in his work, you will find that those sons will become easier for you to deal with. So Allah says that they came with people who neglected the Salah, and before

00:42:27 --> 00:43:02

they began pursuing the the desires they fell into the desires that another I Allah sponses in the surah Tana and fascia that Salah will prevent you from committing immorality and the wrongdoings of Salah will strengthen you. So when you perform your Salah, and when you connect to Allah through Oscar and Vicar, this will prevent you from falling into sin it is your spiritual immune system. And so strengthen yourself through ibadah and one so somebody says there's a negative cycle you commit sin, and sin makes it more difficult to make Salah makes it more difficult to do good deeds, and so you do less good deeds and therefore you're weaker and you can make even more sense and the opposite

00:43:02 --> 00:43:38

is true. The more good deeds you do, it strengthens you against sense for you to listen and therefore you do even more good deeds and so you in this positive loop and do of course whatever power you need, whatever systems you need, do are is that thing which the prophets Allah may do for himself even though Allah put my heart sabich call me a koombana Allah ta take on your obedience to Allah helped me to be obedient to your learning, as we said before knowledge, there is a link between the more you learn the less crime and send you new Allah says in the Quran, in the Maya, Shalom and obedient Allah, that it is of the people have knowledge and really, the more knowledge

00:43:38 --> 00:44:12

you have is the more conscious you are of Allah. So for our youngsters, for example, they go through the adolescent age is when the hormones are aging is when the nafs is at its full power. This is when the intellect is not functioning as it should. This is when they should be learning more, we shouldn't be taking kids out of madrasa, when they hit mukalla This is the time they should be more in madrasa. They should be learning more they should be reading because they need to supplement the knowledge. The the thing that prevents them from committing sin, we need to supplement it. And so when you look at all these, these things, really are the times when we commit the most sense. And

00:44:12 --> 00:44:47

most of us maybe it was our high school years, early last years. Those are the times when we were the most distant from a lot we weren't performing I'll shut up when we were had no Islamic learning anymore when our enough's was raging. So all these things go hand in hand and that is when we make our biggest mistakes of our life. And sometimes the sons that persist throughout our life are those ones that we do in our our young days. And that is the that is why it's so important that if we have young kids teenagers, that we make sure that they in a routine of learning a routine of they must have a mentor an Islamic mentor someone they can talk to about the feelings about the the sense that

00:44:47 --> 00:44:49

they do how they get closer to Allah.

00:44:51 --> 00:44:59

One of the ways than before how do you fight your son? decrease the power of the nurse take away the enough's the strength of the NASA enough says how do you do that? The knifes

00:45:00 --> 00:45:38

You saw this in the Ramadan, that if you're fasting that diminishes the knifes not giving into it slowly, you know, educates the nerves, it puts the nerves in line, we said enough is like this, this naughty animal that the more you control it, the more you say no to it, the more it becomes submissive. And so we saw when we fasted during the month of Ramadan, it was easy for us to avoid other sins, and it was easy to do more ibadah. And so avoid those things that will cause the knifes excitement if there are certain places, you know, you walk in a spa, for us working at work, we all know all of us, you know, we know this is where the pretty people this is with a hot guy walks in

00:45:38 --> 00:46:12

with a pretty woman where she sits, avoid those areas, you know, if you walk past her, you're gonna see something and something into your heart. So avoid the things that will excite you enough and train your nerves. Every time you want something, don't give into this Harbor, what they did was they would deprive themselves, even the visible things, and so that when it came to the impermissible, they were able to avoid it. Be aware of the company and the environment we keep we are a product of our environment, we are a product of the things that we have the social circles, that we go to the work environment that we in, running club, whatever it might be, it will have an

00:46:12 --> 00:46:48

impact on us. So if you are in a bad environment or an environment that speaks about negative things, speaks about evil, it will brush off on you. And so think about your friends very deeply. Think about the various way you will be affected by your environment. And so think very carefully about that. And number six, beware of the minuses, many times we commit sins, and we think it's only minor that I've used. So let me give you an analogy. He says about people who went out and collected a wood for a fire and each one came with a few tweaks or peace of grace. Not much everyone came thinking that my twig my piece of grass won't be sufficient. But when they collected it together, it

00:46:48 --> 00:47:24

caused a mess of fire. So when we have a lot of a lot of small sons and habitually committing sins, we took a look at how long we speak, how I'm listening to her, it becomes so consistently how long then it can cause us to be destroyed we can be ruined by them. So be wary of the little things that you do the corners that we can realize that we make those things when they accumulate, they can become disasters. Another thing that is very important, especially for example, money areas, avoid gray areas, many times people ask the question, is this permissible impermissible Is there a second opinion where the profitsystem says that there are clear things which are halal and haram, in

00:47:24 --> 00:48:00

between there are gray areas. So if you want to be safe, avoid the gray areas like you avoid the sun. But if you constantly do that, which is gray, constantly do that which is unknown. You constantly fall into those those those doubtful areas, you will eventually fall into some. So avoid the gray areas and as it becomes very relevant. We'll talk about cinema financial nature, many times you will use the existing housing law there's pros there's cons, if you're uncertain about it, avoid it. And then of course, lastly, the best advice we can do is repentance. There'll be some tells us that all of the children of Adam, awesome as all of us are sinners, but the best of the sinner is

00:48:00 --> 00:48:36

the one who repent so constantly repentance or habit of repentance daily making this default part of our daily routine and abuse of some at least 70 times a day he made his default is to reflect on your sons. Yes, the forgiveness is the Allah will forgive the consequences and the punishment but more than just forgiving the punishment how to stop this and hear repeating it sitting down reflecting I said this to this person. I looked at something which is haram. I harmed someone in this I cheated someone they Allah forgive me and called me not to repeat it but Allah forgive all our sins. Allah subhanaw taala forgive us all our shortcomings and mistakes and when we meet Allah

00:48:36 --> 00:48:44

subhanho wa Taala free of sin on the day of karma, and we entered into Jana was like a hide or Salah Salem Hamadan adios adios alumna, serene hamdulillah


  • The nature of man
  • Every person has potential to be the best and the worst
  • What it means to be human
  • What is sin?
  • Types of sin
  • How and why do we sin
  • Cycle of sin
  • Consequences of sin
  • Advice to stop sinning
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