Salahudeen Frees Palestine

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1137 the decree of Allah as the mighty came to pass in Iraq, a warrior, a commander, a conqueror, a general adjust ruler is born and those who are unaware of who this man is. His name is useful. He is known as Salahuddin. His father's name is much more Dean. His uncle's name is Dean also known as Shinko. The renowned Ward is amuru Dean, this is the lucha de, this is Salahuddin. This is Allahu Allahu Akbar, the king who fought the Franks, the king who fought the Romans, the king who fought the Italian, the king who fought the Germans, the king who fought three monarchs, the king who fought three kings in one sitting the king that was known for his butter, the king, they was known

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for his sieges, the king there is known for his dudes, the king, they was known for his combat Allahu Akbar, he participated in the Battle of a car, he participated in the button of Belvedere Castle, he participated in the Battle of 18. He participated in the Battle of Jaffa, just to mention a few. He was known for his generosity. He was known for his kindness. He was known for his fortitude, he was known for his uprightness Allahu Akbar, he was known for his worship Allah who this is a man who studied Quran he studied Hadith he studied fake Allahu ICWA. He studied lineage. This is the man this is Salahuddin, the warrior of Islam, the soldier of Allah, Allahu ICWA.

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Regarding home generations will stay that this is a man that even the enemies will say to the people to the soldiers that I want you guys to reach a higher state. Then Salahuddin, this is the man that even the enemies will say the Allahu Akbar, that this man is a perfect example of a perfect night. This is a man they made three districts in Jerusalem, one for the Muslims, one for the Christians, one for the Jews, why so they can live in harmony? This is Salah deed. This is Salahuddin. This is Salahuddin, why? Because come the Battle of hating and go for unaware of what this battle is. It's a button that paved the way of opening the gates of Jerusalem and bringing back the joy of the Muslims

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and bring it back to glory of the Muslims. Allahu Akbar, the very place that the nations will stay. There is sal Allahu alayhi wa salam says that he, he sat on a rock and he shot off to the heaven. He went to the first he went to the second he went to the third, he went to the fourth, he went to the fifth, the sixth, the seventh heaven. He spoke to Allah and he came back with a gift of Salah, the very place regarding whom the narrations will stay, they sell Allah Who and he was sending me standing there.

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Ultimately Salam knew Ibrahim is my aim is how solid Lutz yaku Musa you SHA in the earth you lose or you dilute your hair, Raisa all the prophets of day 124,000 prophets more or less are standing there. The more I think gives Athan, who is to be made Imam, the messenger sallallahu alayhi salam, he received his honor, and he's made the Imam upon the Prophet

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and the salah who the conquering city to city village to village he learns outside Jerusalem

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right outside the gates of Jerusalem, the army of Syria, the army of Egypt,

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they are assembled under one power, one mission, one job and that is to bring back the glory of the Muslims.

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He sends a message

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surrender the city

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or prepare for button.

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The era Oculus he says no.

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We are prepared for

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that knights.

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Could you just imagine 30,000 soldiers

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with huge catapults,

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huge rock loaders.

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Huge crossbows with Greek fire.

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Under they landed outside the gate and they Salatin ordered his soldiers his forces to launch an attack.

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The arrows are short, the rock loaders are launched. They stop pelting the ramp pods

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for six days continuous pounding.

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They were not able to mine the walls

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the turn direction and go towards the lead with the trees of olives.

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And Salahuddin wanted another ferocious attack.

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You cut the phone's workload as the walls are mined and the walls collapse the soldiers

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of sallahu de the forces of Salahuddin they make their way through and they start sticking their banners up

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by you in understood that you know what the in the dense forces has come, you know what we will definitely be defeated. So we quickly come up with the envoy.

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He comes down he says to Sarah, who didn't let's negotiate.

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Solo didn't say you want to negotiate.

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My flags are already up.

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Your army has been pushed back. Your walls have collapsed.

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He says let's negotiate. He says I only accept unconditional surrender, surrender the city

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or prepare for battle

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barley and says,

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You know what? You come in by force.

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We're gonna have problems.

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We are 5000 Muslims in captivity. We will butcher them.

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We will kill them. We will not let anyone escape.

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We did harm the north. We will get rid of them. Our women, our children.

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We will kill them.

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We will make sure that you do not take any of us in captivity.

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All the Muslim sites

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we will destroy it.

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We will make sure everything comes to an end. So the whole team looks at him and he says

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surrender the city.

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I'm gonna give you one more chance.

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You surrender the city

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and you pay a little ransom. You and your army you and your people will be free to go and we will escort you to a place of refuge to the place where the Christians are.

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He puts his head down

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and he walks off. He goes to Iraq keyless surrender the city to Salahuddin sallahu. Dean has come he has overpowered us. We either surrender the city or the enemy will come and he will destroy every single one of us.