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This could be very challenged for many of us can be very very uncomfortable when you're putting up a situation where you gotta shake hands with the opposite gender. In a culture that's very normal. But now, I hope watching this brother here hubby This is what men are made of respect for the woman, respect for his wife respect for the sun. No, the prophet SAW some who never did this notice companions, and then respect for the Creator of the heavens and earth because when we open that door of fitna, when we open that door, it could be something real small, but then at least to the next thing next to you know the brothers going from shake into hugging. And then who knows, Xena can be

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right around the corner. So hopefully this inshallah can motivate us because we're all weak human beings we're all sinners, we make mistakes, but when we see a brother like this, Habib in the spotlight, media attention, you know, and if he can do it, inshallah we can be strong enough to do it and follow the Sunnah of the prophet SAW some