Muhammad West – The First Jumuah of the Prophet Muhammad

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The first known sermon on Islam is the first ever sermon by the Prophet peace be upon him, which is a series of small talk and advice. The importance of praising and thanking Islamists is emphasized, along with the importance of having a strong relationship with one's partner and avoiding distraction. The importance of achieving success in public life is also emphasized, along with the need to be prepared for upcoming conflict and not missing a step. The importance of reading the Quran and being sincere is emphasized, along with the need to be strong in one's language to avoid confusion and failure.
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Reliability Don rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam when it should have been more serene signum hominoid early he or Sophia Germain and beloved brothers and sisters in Islam in Santa Monica Mora with the law here or when it came to

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Alhamdulillah without a mean or praise me unto Allah subhana wa tada and Allah who the witness that man has the right to worship besides our last panel data. We thank him and we praise Him and we plead to Him for His forgiveness and his mercy. My Lord grant us to begin this new year on goodness Rolla grant this year to be better than the previous year. Allah forgive us for the sins of the mistakes of last year mala make it easy, all the people that are suffering throughout the world Lagonda this world become a better place. I mean, losing our love our greetings and salutations, beloved NaVi Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, to his five simple family to his companions and all those

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followers soon until the end of time, Allah granted steadfastness and the son of Nabi Muhammad, Salzman them this life and his companionship in the life after this meeting on hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. As I mentioned, a las panatela has blessed us to see a new the new year. And this being the first humour of 2020. Usually I do a recap. And we can still do that, that he kept off 2019 what's happening in the wall that's important to know what's going on. Because we get so engrossed in the rat race of our life that we forget about what's happening out there, and to plan to plan the way forward, the Muslim is always planning. And he's always renewing, updating his near the knee or

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something that changes back and forth. And so therefore, it's important to remind ourselves about the near and so I was thinking about what to discuss for first Juma and as I was doing my research, I came across the first sermon, the first jumar of levy Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. Now, many of you must have heard the final sermon, the sermon at at arafa. And the last advice that I recently gave before he passed away, but few of us have actually heard the first Juma of nebuta salaam. And it's an interesting sermon. I imagine what within a measles alum discuss on his very first advice. Now remember, the prophet SAW Selim was in Makkah, for 13 years before he made hegira and there was no

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Joomla in Mecca. Muslims couldn't before Would you mind it was illegal. And the people of Medina In fact, they had already began performing Joomla before that, because it's amazing. The problems are unable to form Joomla because of the persecution, and then the Prophet peace be upon him makes the hegira and we know it was in the in Iraq Monday, similar to the day he was born similar to that he died yet either Monday at the 12th of Rovio. Oh well, and he spent a few days in this sequence in the past, today, Medina is so big that he invented scuba scuba district inside Medina, but back in the day hooba was outside of Medina, kind of like belval outside of Medina proper. So there are

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people Salam arrived to this little village of Cuba, and they he establishes the first Masjid, Masjid, and he says the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, he leaves he leaves before Juba to Medina proper to Central Medina. And on the way to Medina, the warmth of humor comes in, in a valley, the Valley of Balu Salim right, so he arrives in this valley, sallAllahu sallam, and now on the road, it's Yuma and the province of solemn decides, before we get to Medina, we will we will stop and we will make Jamal right here. And this is the first first Juma the first Umar in Islam by the prophet sallallahu sallam. And I asked what advices within a reason were given these oma and

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there were many big issues. The issues were huge. The visas I'm just

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barely surviving. We know that.

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We know that now. We have a whole community of refugees. We know that Medina is a new city. They don't know anything about Islam. There's so many problems that he has to fix. So what advice would he give, as final other advice is very, very simple. It is advice that we all hear of but it's the most profound advice. The Prophet peace be upon him, he begins. That's why the foot was we always begin. In Alhamdulillah Amadou Stein who was not through the promises Allah begins by praising Allah, and this is the introduction. If ever you're asked to give a sermon or a talk,

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or something, always begin with the praise of Allah. The net result so love lost everything. He loves his wife, he loves his family. He just made hegira leaving his old family behind, not anything besides the clothing on his back. And the first words he says Alhamdulillah All Praise be to Allah, all the things is for Allah, what he has given us. And he says the province is aluminum, quote, The province also quotes All praise is due to Allah I praise Him. And I say, you know, I asked him only for help. And I asked him for his guidance, and I asked him for his mercy. I have faith in Allah completely. The Prophet says, I believe in Allah completely and Absolutely. And I do not commit

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Cooper meaning I don't this believe another form of another word for proof.

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is being ungrateful another word of Kufa is being ungrateful. So probably could mean you're saying, and I am never ungrateful to Allah, now that the visa refugee is left his own, and he begins by praising and thanking Allah. And he says, and we oppose anyone who denies him, anyone who's in opposition to Allah, then we oppose them. And then he begins the slogan of Islam. And he says, I shadow Allah Illa Illa Allah, when Allah, Allah luxury, that Allah subhanho wa Taala I bear witness that none has the right of worship besides Allah, this is the Kalima, this is the thing that Islam is all about, that the reason our religion is based on is that Allah alone deserves to be

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worshipped. And then he says, Allah, He is one unique, your Lord is one luxury, he has no partner, and he has no equal. So this is the introduction. So I divide this, he begins by praising Allah subhanho wa Taala, glorifying him and asserting the oneness of Allah, then the prophets of Salaam and he was very good at this. He was able to build a sense of anticipation. And now he begins his talk. And he says,

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and I bear witness that Muhammad is the slave is a slave of Allah, and His Messenger and His Prophet, the prophet of Allah, remember, we affirm novena, Solomon all the ambia, of servants and certain slave of the Creator, there is no fishy nothing in the divinity of Allah. They see nothing in the power of Allah, Islam, Allah is the Creator, and the rest were all servants and servants and slaves of Allah, and the beasts of us are those who are perfect servants of Allah. And so he says, I am a servant, basically, like you, I am a slave, like you, I worship like you. But I'm also a prophet of Allah. And he sees who sees me unclear guidance that Allah has given me guidance. And

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he's given me the true Dean. And he has given me a light and a wisdom. And I give you sincere advice, at a time when the line of prophets has come to an end. So the result is telling the people that this is the last of that line. This is the last message you're going to get from Allah. I come at a time when the message when the line of prophets have ceased, and knowledge has disappeared. And the majority of humanity is in darkness and deviation. And it's straight from the right path. I come at a time he says I'm giving you this advice at a time when the world is close to coming to the end. And kiama is closer. And so he sets the scene I am giving you I'm the last message just before the

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advent of piano as Viola that was 1400 years ago, then I mean, he was he says in a heartbeat. It was as if though piano was going to overtake me. That's how close we came. I just managed to come before kiama so how close are we to camels pantalla. Grant the safety and security I mean,

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so he builds the scene. And then he says,

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Those who follow Allah and His place of prophets have found the truth. That if you want success in his life, and the life after then listen to what I'm saying, and follow what Allah has given you and what I have come with my guidance, and you'll be successful. And those who disobey Allah and His Prophet sallallahu sallam, they have strayed in three spots, the boundaries, and they will fall into an abyss of deviation. This is the difference between life and death. That's what I'm bringing you is the difference between success and failure.

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So now everyone is listening. You see what I'm telling you is what's going to give you life. It's going to save you from this. So the first advice he says sallallahu sallam,

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and these many of us will harbor especially those of Medina. It's the first time they meeting him the first time they sitting in a lecture with him. And so he says, I advise you to hold firm on to taqwa of Allah, the first advice and really, the advice we hear all the time in law, you hear it at the janazah you hear it at the Nika you hear it all the time. And this really is the ultimate advice that one can give. And the properties versus the base advice one Muslim can give another is that me encourages him towards the end the whole family. The best advice that I can give you is to have a relationship with Allah. Duckworth, as we said, has many components. Part of it is to fear Allah, to

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fear the majesty and the grand jury of Allah to feared disobeying Allah to fear his punishment. Another part is to love him to fear being away from His love and His mercy. But ultimately what taqwa is, is to make a large part of your life. But every decision that you make every choice, some of you now are busy discussing in your mind, some business transaction, some of you have come to the masjid, just in the middle of an argument with a with a relative with your wife. Some of you are going through some happiness, whatever it might be. taqwa is

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To ask what would allow me to do in this situation that is taqwa that everything I do every relationship every choice is about Allah subhana wa Tada. So that is the best advice any Muslim can give another Muslim is to hold firmly unto the taqwa relationship with Allah, and to be cautious of Allah, the way he demands that you be cautious of him, to respect him, to have his ever have conscious of him, as he deserves, as Allah deserves, because the best way the province is to attain things you desire in the akhira is through the conscience of Allah, the only way of success

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is through consciousness, will Allah it will not be our deeds, he will not be our solder, it will not be the good that we do, but rather it is the relationship that we do. And this life Subhan Allah, then he'll objective of this life is for all of us to build a relationship with Allah said when we meet him on kiama, we are excited to meet Allah subhanaw taala it is a long distance relationship, that hopefully on the day of kiama is one with two lovers meet each other, Allah loves us, and we love Allah subhanaw taala that be the case with afpm.

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And he continues the processes, also glimpses and also ever perfects his relationship with Allah, both in his public life and private life. We are different people in public and private. So he says, Whoever is aware of Allah, when you are in public, and when you are alone, and that's all only to please Allah, He will also be remembered and honored in this life. So not only will you achieve success in the akhira, Allah is gonna grant you success in your business, in your family, in your health, whoever makes a life priority, that Allah will give him the dunya and you'll give him the era. This is the ultimate advice, make Allah the center of focus in the focal point of every

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decision. And then everything will fall in line with that. The prophet SAW Selim says it will help him and it will be an investment for him after he's

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ever stuck. He says, on the day when you will be most in need of good deeds. On the day, when we will meet a lot and will be desperate for something good. The greatest investment will be that relationship with Allah, the deeds that he seen before him, and on the day when you'll wish everything else that he had done will be as far away from him as possible, meaning everything else that we spend our life that wasn't focused in on law, even if it wasn't sinful. So there are things that we do that are sinful melaku give us the things that we do that are just a waste of time, no benefits. And then there are things which we do which are good. The Prophet also says everything

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besides taqwa, everything besides our relationship with Allah, we will wish and regret Why did we do it? Why did I waste my time in that manner? And why did I commit those sins, love will give us the love forgive us for our sins, and that we spend so little of our time focused on him. And so much of our time is focused on others besides Him. mela grant us that this year if we can achieve one thing, but it's the taqwa of Allah, that our relationship with Allah and thesis, and then it may be the success in the dunya in the afternoon, and the Prophet continues. And now he recites from the Quran when he says, Allah says, Allah tells you to fear Him,

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and to have mercy and that He is merciful upon the servants, that Allah Subhana Allah says to us, that you fear Allah, and also know that he's most merciful. And this is really the emotion of the believer. When the when the scholars describe what is my relationship with Allah, it is one between hope and mercy, and fear and caution. On the one side, we hear the verses of mercy. We learn about the habito Allah infinite mercy, and we feel excited and encouraged with all of us. We'll get to Jana, that man who killed 100 people, he will get to Jenna surely I'm better than him, that man who had not a single good deed, besides he did not come at you. He will intergender for Ya Allah surely

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I'm better than that. At the same time, we have the severe punishment that even the smallest mistake Allah will hold us to account. So we constantly between that hope and fear, hope for Allah's mercy, but fear to disobey Him and fear is retribution. The prophet in continued solos, Allah menaces, Allah is the Creator who spoke the truth, and he fulfills his promise, and you will never break it. And when he says, Allah says, nothing can be changed before me, and I am not unjust when he says, the Lamb in the lobby. And I'm not unjust to anyone that this life is a test and an exam. You can't take this exam. You can't avoid it. You can't defer it. You have to live in it. And the only way to

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pass this exam is through the taqwa of Allah. And in return, what do you get? Now the problem is Allah advised us, number one, have a relationship with Allah. He didn't say how many Raka Salah you must make how much logic you must give how much Zakah and charity you must give. He just did have a sincere relationship with Allah in every unit should you make a law your priority, then the prophets of Allah now tell

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And in return what do you get?

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Have a relationship and conscious of a law in your near and distant future and in your private and public life, he says, Have be constant Allah in everything that you do, and whomsoever does so, we'll have all number one, all your sins will be forgiven. Allah will for you. Every single thing that you have on the left Yama, Allah will pardon everything. I mean my Lagonda swats and you will have a great reward and the ultimate success meaning Jenna, you will get a love Jenna and Subhana Allah no agenda is a good thing to think about now. Some of you are here in Cape Town on holiday some of you have come back from holiday and you've seen the beauty of the world. For those of us who

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haven't gone on holiday, at least in your mind you wish you on holiday. Nothing imagined the feeling of including Janna a holiday that never ends. A holiday that will be eternal, a place where they will only be your deepest, whatever you want, it will be given day in and day out. There will be nothing that your heart does not desire exceed what you have, and more. And as I mentioned final of the beauty of Jenna is that it never ceases to get better that as you eat today, that same thing you eat tomorrow will actually taste better and better and better. And for all eternity. It's increasing enjoy. The thing that stands out for me now different people read about Jana, and different things

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inspired in some of you like the palaces of Jana. Many of you like the full lines I know of Jenna, some of you like the food of Jana. But for me it's Pinilla what stands out the most often the meeting of a lot of who that's the ultimate success is that in Jenna, there is no sleep. Now Subhan Allah, for those of us who are working sleep is one of the greatest holidays that you can have. Now, you know, if you're having a good time you're not holiday, sleep becomes an interference. You don't have time to seek what you want to see all the attractions. I only have three days in Cape Town, I need to go to Table Mountain I need to do all of this sleep now becomes a burden. And you're only

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sleep because you're forced to you don't have enough time. Now Jana is so fun. Even though you have eternal eternity. There's no end of time. You still don't have time for sleep. That's how fun Jenna is. That's how amazing gender is. But if you wanted to sleep, you're good. But no one would choose sleep, even though you have infinite time. And that just shows you how fun gender is. So Allah is saying to us have Taqwa in him in a small life so you can have an ultimate reward of eternity. And the Prophet continues.

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This taqwa if you have.

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If you have this relationship with Allah, it will be a preventative measure to save you from this feeling of love. It will be the thing that stops you from displeasing Allah and including his anger. The taqwa of Allah will brighten your face, you will have mood on your face, and you please your load and you'll get the pleasure of Allah. And who raised you in the Raja, not only in the akhira Not only that,

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it will raise you up in the dunya amongst your friends, your colleagues in your work, you'll get promotions in class, you'll succeed at school University, you'll have success, your money will go further your relationships will go further, this new relationship will Allah fix that and Allah will fix everything else. Also, it will fix the properties whosoever fixes what is between him and Allah, that Allah will be sufficient for him in what is between him and everything else that you don't have to worry about the rest of your music will be put out for you, your job will become fine. The criminals out there you should take your precautions. But now you sleep at ease. Because I have a

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law on my side. Fix What is with Allah and everything else will be fixed. So now we ask you out a little lie. One more thing. How do I get it? When I go to buy the stock? How do I drive the stock? But what do I get? So the province is now now go and seize your portion of the stock? Why don't we now Don't delay immediately after the sermon go and enhance your taqwa. But don't go extremes also with regards to Allah. So how do we get the zero sudo Allah the prophet SAW some names is Verily Allah has taught you his book, and laid out a path for you, meaning the greatest way, the greatest way we can achieve that work is to be connected to the Quran. This is the message that if I speak to

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myself first, we should be when signal was asked, how often what is the minimum, a person should recite the Quran, and he said the minimum is really, really bad. So the minimum is that you should finish the Quran once a month, meaning Jews a day. That's what is required of a believer. Now Subhan Allah besides for Ramadan, and I speak for myself, we don't achieve this except the very special view. And this is the thing that resources will give you that relationship with Allah to read and reflect in the eyes of Allah. This is the thing that will build the taqwa and automatically the things will go right in our lives. So in order to sit one objective for the year is to read spend

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maybe half an hour a day on the dissertation of the Quran, maybe after one walk, we decide something we can one Jews a day and hamdulillah This is what is the minimum according to say, no matter the alarm, and whatever. Let's

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We'll be doing with an increase from last year, then it's new and I know what it is beneficial. So that a lot of the problems with this is

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that Allah has taught you the book, and you're showing you the way that allow me know who has been truthful and who has been false. So strive the next advices is now so strive for excellence as Allah has been with you. And, and so do your best to make equity for Allah. The Prophet is saying, inconvenience yourself a little bit for the sake of Allah, make time in your life, do that thing which is easy to to lay on the couch, just to live your life, but make an effort for the sake of Allah and oppose those who oppose Allah. We live in a time we'll talk more about this in chalan coming weeks, what's happening in the world. We live in a time when this oma is undergoing

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living in a time when things are very difficult, and each and every one of us must rise up to the occasion. He spoke to the Sahaba at a time when they were at war. When the people of Medina This is the only city in the world of Islam surrounded by enemies. And so he says it is time for us to rise up as the people it is time for us to be more vicious Muhammad, we need to think more than ourselves. So strive for the sake of Allah as he deserves to be striven for, give a lunch hockey's you.

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And then with another narration even claim ads this the prophets have also said as what follows Oh, people do good simple good deeds, sin foot for yourself, you know for sure is telling you surely you know that by Allah, a person among you will be struck down unconscious, meaning all of us will die. You know, this is a reality. You know, each of us knows we're going to die, and you will leave behind the sheep without a shepherd, you will leave behind everything of this dunya. While we focus on the so much when we know it's going to be taken away, either tomorrow, or a few days from tomorrow's panela. What's the purpose of this, and then you will return to Allah and your Lord will

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see to him. And there'll be neither an intermediate newer screen between the provinces will speak to Allah directly. And Allah will say to us, my love granted steadfastness did not my messenger come to you, and communicate the message. And they are not giving you wealth and failure cannot give you the opportunities in this life? And what do you seen food for yourself? So what do you do with what I gave you? What do you do during your time in the dunya? So the problem is doesn't answer the question. He says, All of us are gonna have to answer this question, are we prepared to answer that,

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and the proper thing says this man video he will look on the on the right and the left, and you will see nothing, this man came with nothing, then you will look in front of him and all you will see, you'll see nothing. And just in the distance, you will see the fire Jana. So whoever the properties is able to shield his face to put a barrier between him and the fire, let him do so.

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Let him do so if only by giving a piece of data in charity, it every little thing you do for the sake of Allah, it will be counted. And it will be your safe God against the punishment and the fire of janam. Even though even if the dates vanilla, I've never seen someone for the date in the towel. But even if you did that, you put a date in that towel, it will be a means of prediction. And you will value that more than the whole dunya you and I will value that five grand in the towel more than the dunya and everything it contains of the APM. So and the prophecies and whoever is not even able to do that. You can't even put a date when making shield himself by saying a good word. greet

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your brother, smile at your brother, that will be your prediction on the day of gender.

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For the reward of a good deed, the property is the reward of one good deed is multiplied at least 10 Times up to 700 times so even more. The problem was is there is no limit to what Allah can give you You gave a date but I work with give you a date plantation as a reward in terms of what you are given you give Allah five Rand and Allah can count for you 5 million Rand if it is done sincerely. The province is used as as you require. This is your barrier between the punishment of Allah and on the death, the death Yama, what you need

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the Providence behind the promises on the fences. Allah has chosen you and he has named you Muslims. Remember at the time, Islam was something new, there was no such thing as Muslims before. And we're in the minds of the atoms. And so you are a new people, irrespective of your color, irrespective of where you come from some from some from Medina, some from ever senior. Wherever you are, you are now Muslim, you are one family, and Allah has named you as Muslims. And he has been good to us. He's chosen his handler at a time similar to us. They were a drop of purity. They were a beam of light in an ocean of darkness. We are the same Subhanallah the lucky 1% 2% that Allah is chosen with Eamon

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but few handful hundreds, maybe 1000 a few 1000 Muslims that are emerging today. Whereas the millions are out there doing Allah knows best what they're doing. Allah has been good to you and me by blessing us with the man giving us for free that which will end

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To us the dose of Jana Amin. So he says some of them be sincere to Allah. In the righteous word you speak and love one another with Allah spirit between you, then Allah has similarly just as Allah Fie with you with the man, the man next to you. Allah chose him amongst all the millions of people, billions of people you chose that person next to you with Eamonn Allah is lightened this heart with Eamon, Allah has honored this person. So if this person is so honorable in the eyes of Allah, then you should respect that person. So the problem is, not only should you look after yourself and your well being and your safety, but do good with each other, the spirit of Eman the spirit of

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brotherhood, and in the prophets of Salaam, when he summarizes now three advice you may have a relationship with Allah, do small deeds that will prevent the fires of the prevent the punishment of Jannah be sincere to Allah love one another v good Muslims, have any recites

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leaky leaky Allah mankind and

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Leah dickerman halakhah. And we are here we are here and manhyia and Vina kin, so Allah subhanaw taala dances so that those who committed sin, those who did wrong, they will be punished upon evidence, they will perish upon evidence, and those who live in faith will live in evidence meaning only those, those who you will reap what you sow, basically, the problem is all the same, Allah so unfair to anyone, whatever happens on kiama will be will happen with evidence. Those who succeed will have succeeded legitimately and those who failed this exam, they would have failed legitimately, there will be no one that is wrong. The chance is in your hands, the Providence thing

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You and I, it's in our hands to determine which way we are going. Our agenda is so in the A we decide by the grace of Allah which way we are going, and every step we take, every moment that we have is either going to take us closer to Jenna, or further away from Jana. And it's up to us. And then he concludes

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so make lots of the console remember Allah much whenever you forget, remind yourself Viola. of this, hopefully I hope it's the case when you leave Joomla you feel more inspired to be with the person because we add nothing new. The hotkeys seldomly you learn something new in Joomla it is just a reminder of what you also what you already know, for us part of being inside. In fact, one of the meanings of inside the car, we forget frequently we forget. We know what we should do. And then we get sidetracked like their child, we go in one place and we see something nice and we get lost. And this is this is our life. And before we need to force ourselves back to the path of what it should

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be. That's why the Quran is so important. And Victor is a panelist panelist. It's about contemplation about Allah to focus Allah in your life. So the prophets Allah says, remember Allah a lot. There is no la hawla wala quwata illa Villa that there is no change will happen and there is no power except Allah. Allah is the one who decrees upon the people. Allah makes decrees and he sits out of this city and no one Dickies for Allah, Allah decides, and none of us can decide except for Allah. And Allah is the one he says, Who owns people and everything. Allah owns you and the things that you own. And nothing's owned, except by Allah subhana wa Tada, well, Allahu Akbar, and he says,

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Allah is the Greatest, and He is the Most High, and then he gets a Solomonic library. This is the first sermon, very simple, not a lot in terms of do this, don't do that. Not many rules, simply puts out the purpose of life is to be sincere to Allah, to be a good person, with Allah, to obey Him as best as you can, and will be faulted to make you stick far, to be a good human being to each other, to live in this life, knowing that it's only temporary, and to prepare for the naval inevitability of the era. When we break this down and we conclude on the summary points. Always remember we begin with a place of Allah. Whenever you give a talk, as I said, begin by hands, always begin with hands

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in with hand and always praise the promise of a lamp if you make a dua, for example, so don't start Allah I want I want this and I want that, no, that's not the adapt of when you address Allah. When you begin first, praise him for what he has given you. Even if you're dying inside, he was vanilla to your cancer is eating your way. You're asking for Shiva, you begin by giving me so many good years of health. I never thanked you for the days that I was healthy. But I begin by praising you. Then you say yeah, Allah helped me now. I put my faith in you and always mentioned your subservience to Allah the promises, Adam says, I am your servant, Allah, I've come to you as a servant. Allah

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loves to hear our servitude to him. Then it's what's interesting is this.

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In fact,

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most of the time is very, very short, and he saw was longer than the football. So the sooner is that the Salah should be longer than the football and the Salah.

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Usually sort of sub hikma and so as soon as they're very short, but I know many of you want that sooner, with a few more 10 minutes, and then we go back, but Subhanallah it's agreed by basically, that we keep the whole proceedings, but now we're at least one hour a week we get some kind of attachment to a last minute data. But then the result is Juma sermon was maybe 510 minutes and he sorta was longer than that. That was a very simple but concise in his words. He mentioned the important message of taqwa and the relationship with Allah, He reminded you and me that Allah has favored us We are the lucky few, like being blessed with a man without fighting point without

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searching for it. Most of us here were born Muslims. Most of us here are born Muslims, Allah has given us one foot into Jannah, we just have to have is the karma and maintain on that. And the best way to increase our taqwa the prophet who says is to go back to the Quran, recite as much as you can with the Quran was thinking, yes, reciting Arabic is very good. But understanding the words understanding the message is so much more powerful. And then to be consistent of Allah. in public places. It's also to be a good person publicly and privately, with your friends, with your boss, with your colleagues, with your wife. When you order those from Allah protect us from the order low,

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no one sees us and Allah protect us to be sincere to him in those times as well. To put forward as much good deed as you can put their pm to prepare you investment in the akhira prepare the investment in the era, and that the reality of life is short. It's a test and ultimately it will come to an end when he obviously said, Allah loves us, and he's merciful. Never is he unjust to his creations, especially to the believers, Allah once was to succeed in this exam. Allah wants us to pass this exam and he's given us all the tools to pass some Allah grant that this year, be a better year, mouse relationship with Allah increase our love for him increase, Mao said, Foster's on the

00:31:52 --> 00:31:58

deen increase. I mean, just a few announcements. The we remind you of the book,

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Expo from the cradle to the grave if you are new to Cape Town we haven't been to around the corner. We have an exhibition, an exhibit about Islam here in South Africa, in Cape Town in particular, from birth until this so it's all about Islam and the culture in Cape Town. We're very unique story of how we got here. It's all up it's just around the corner. So we asked you to attend any proceeds of course of that comes to the benefit of the masjid and the and the and our nursery school in the city scheme. Insha Allah also our hate belong to the hammam, his mother in law passed away We ask Allah to grant the high place in Jana. mala make it easy for the family, the janaza Salah is of the Jamaat

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at the mercy Jaffe, Mr. Jaffe, so we'll conclude early inshallah Salaam Alaikum.


  • Setting the scene
  • Introductory words of praise to Allah
  • Importance of the message and the messenger
  • Best advice
  • Advice from Allah
  • What we will get in return from Allah
  • Implement this advice
  • How to attain it
  • The next advice
  • Ibn Qayyam’s narration
  • The blessings of Islam
  • The reality of life
  • Concluding words of praise of Allah
  • Summary
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