Tom Facchine – Ayah Series #31 – The People of Taqwa

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how Allah's use of "we" to describe people as "we gain," and how this is a key essential ingredient for achieving success. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of learning to embody Allah's teachings and not feeling alone.
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Allah says when he's describing the people of Taqwa and the beginning of sorts of Bukhara he says, I mean, macros are now homeopathy code. And it's really interesting the words that Allah has found out I uses to describe it, those who from out of what We have given them spent, that's the literal translation they spend out of what We have given that allows using the royal we hear, he's not plural, but he's using the royal weed to indicate indicate his greatness. And the way that Allah phrases this teaches us something, he teaches us that, again, what we believe in matters, he specifically is teaching us that believing that all of this isn't yours, that it's all from what

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Allah gave us. That is a key essential ingredient to be able to give it away in the first place. If you are under the delusion, you think that it's yours, you think, Oh, I earned it. And I worked so hard, and me and this and that. And the third, how are you going to be able to part with it? When it's against you? When it's hard? It's something you really like or when you're in a tough situation? How are you going to be able to part with it, you're not what you believe in matters. And so Allah phrases it to say it's from what we gave you. And he puts that first you don't feel alone is the last word of the sentence. That means it's like from what we gave you you spent. So he wants

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you to understand that first you have to understand and realize and embody the fact that this is not yours, we gave it to you. Once you actually register that fact, then you're going to be able to spend it on other people. You're going to be able to protect the vulnerable you're going to be able to treat other people well with everything that Allah has given you. Your money, your time, your health and beyond.

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