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A minute which was really to empower.

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Tomorrow, but I really encourage you to chill if you've been benefiting from the sessions that I know today and build on that we should get you really understanding why it's so hard to have the light switch and a couple of the references from our vegan and how power is. So that's really what you're gonna go away with today. So, inshallah Your name is no stranger to the view. It's really hard, but at the honorary faculty that we have here, he's Canadian Viper, and in his upbringing of Egyptian heritage, he's Turkish to marriage and an Australian permanent residence by choice always laugh that you will have plenty to shake back on the left is a registered teacher and qualified

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mediator with classical Islamic theology and a

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couple of decades and as a couple with decades of pastoral care service at the Western Australian community who traveled

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the Western Australia is also an instructor with the Institute mashallah he's that's On