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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The importance of fasting during holidays, reciting the Prophet's words, and showing proper behavior is emphasized. The need to remember every moment counts is also emphasized. The importance of protecting children from evil behavior and being patient during difficult times is emphasized, along with the need for proper behavior to avoid evil behavior. The importance of being a good pious men and a law should lead to success in life. The transcript also touches on the importance of color and being strong in protecting the future.
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Villa rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam O Allah Shafi mursaleen sabena Mohammed. He was a big Marine, a beloved brother sister Nisha Amsterdam, Mali, Morocco to La Habra, cattle.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. When the sun sits now, Margaret today, a new chapter of this Ramadan opened up and hamdulillah has blessed us with 20 days of fasting 20 days of abiding Allah except from us. But now as we see, like the real serious part of Ramadan comes, the basis of Ramadan is now with us, and all the gifts and all the mercies that Allah has bestowed upon us. What happens in these 10 days, you can't compare to any other time of the year. We are now in the holiest nights of the year from now until next week. jumar. Basically, these are the holiest nights of the year, in these nights more forgiveness than any other nights of the year. More mercy more blessings. And we

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need to always consider that this could be our last 10 nights that we ever experience. And we think about vandalia where we are with our scales of goodness, we think of as sort of calf mentioned we will be given a record. How is our record setting with Allah How many years have gone by we have never made camera lane. We have never fasted we haven't done enough charity, how many sins have we done a lifetime of mistakes, these 10 days can fix all of that. These 10 days these 10 nights, if we do it properly, we can have all our sins forgiven, and we can have a lifetime of good deeds given to us. This is the opportunity think of we know of Jenna, the rewards of Jana the pleasures of Jana, we

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now have jahannam and the evils and the dangers of Jana and between us are these 10 nights, these 10 nights can determine our destination with the agenda agenda. So Allah grant us the strength to appreciate every moment every second in these last 10 nights, in particular the odd nights. Like we said this tonight is an odd night one of the 21st and 21st nights of Ramadan. It could be that night as we said later to Qatar we spoke about many times, what is light blue color. In this tin nights there is going to be a nice way Allah subhana wa tada will decree whether we are successful, whether we are healthy, with our money has Baraka with our kids are successful with a will live. This will

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be decreed in one of these nights and I will do an awesome job. Allah subhanho wa Taala can decree goodness for us. In one of these nights. God is the Salam who never who does not visit the dunya anymore. Why His job is to sit down the revelation since the death of the Prophet Sonam. She believes job is done. But he comes down one night in the year later to quarter one of these nights is coming down. And it was the customer of the people of the past that they would we find clothing and they would you know beautify themselves in the last 10 nights because they said who knows gibreel might enter upon us to give Salaam to those who are doing good deeds. Now granted, the video

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comes to our gathering in Nevada, and of course this is nights worth 1000 months worth 8384 years of fasting 84 years of evader 84 years of charity. Just one of those nights. It's coming up now could be tonight could be one of these thin nights. So every moment counts. And how do we get this night? The Prophet peace of running says who ever stands in solder on the night of lead recorded with a man with sincerity? And in his mind or her mind? He's contemplating that he would feeling the punishment, love for a licensee or any sort of whether it's five minutes whether it's five hours, a lot doesn't say how long it must be. But you just stand in solid sincerely in one in the night of

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lead recorded. all your sins are forgiven. All our sins are forgiven. So the opportunity is there for us. I mean, what should we do so we know what's at stake? What did the prophets of Salaam do? The prophet Isaiah tells us the Prophet peace be upon him. When the last 10 nights of Ramadan came, he would, he would now increase in Kibera he tied his pants, it could mean that he became serious or it could mean that he avoided sexual relations with his wives. Number two, he went into Africa. If those of us are able to do so this is the best thing we could do. But he would spend the entire 10 nights in the masjid and he stayed the entire night up in play in sada and he woke his family up and

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encourage them as well.

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The best deed you could do during the last 10 nights is how many records how many hours minutes you can put mileage on your masala that's the best thing you can do spend as much time in Sala reciting of the Quran. If you haven't memorized much of the Quran, you can take a look around and you can stand with it and recite from the most of you can stand within recite no problem and make a point in your sujood when you record prolong it and make dua to Allah. thank Allah for the blessings He's given us, asking for forgiveness for the sins that we have done. ask Allah to bless us with a good life. A good data and grant is gentle for those. As we said before, each one must think about what

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inspires you what motivates you think about some examples.

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But it's the fear of the unknown for some people is that entering the general Philadelphia on Fridays, when you get to speak to Allah, that's what I can, you know, we can get in these 10 days. I mean, and then just a question. So what about our sisters that are in the hate? If the best thing to do in the last 10 nights is to make Salah, then what about the sisters in law? He can perform some sada so for her, she should also continue to wake up in the evenings and she do other forms of evaluation. So McVicker, she's so make dua and it's controversial, but inshallah it's fine. She can even recite the Quran, so long as she doesn't touch the Muslim. She doesn't touch it, touch the

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screen, which is a glove this is fine, but you should continue in Nevada. And las panatela, of course will never ever, you know, shorten the reward for someone you know, because it's not in the ability. And then lastly, remember the do I show off the promises on them? What do I should I make a nice little card, so make as much as you can allow them in regards to hibbeler 451. Allah Allah arrays, our sins because you're the one who loves to erase, erase our sins, and imagine your records, our records of sin being cleaned, our book being given clean at the end of Ramadan, melograno all of our records to be clean at the end of Ramadan.

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We continue and we end the story now with moussaka is the slum.

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So yesterday,

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basically expelled Moosa from his school, he said, Okay, this is the place where we separate three times three strikes you out, he asked him about the boat, he asked him why you killed the boy, he asked him, Why are you building this wall? So he said, Now we're going to separate from each other you don't have you can't have patience with me. You're not a student that is patient with this teacher.

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But I will explain to you why I did the things that I did. As for the ship, we said that yesterday, we did see that this boat belonged to a group of poor people and a good people. They allowed us to come on this boat for free. So I damaged it because further down the river on the ocean, there is going to be a king who's going to capture the boat. And this king when he speaks the boat that he sees is a damaging, he will leave it and they will keep the boat today both will be saved because of the charity they both will save. Now the second thing what is the second thing he did? He killed the boy. So he loves his mama hula. As for the boy for can Abba, meaning his two parents were believers

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that were good pious people for hoshina and we feared and Yuriko Houma to piano whoo for that he should oppress them and in rebellion and disbelief for Aradhna and Yuba de la Kumara bukhoma. So we intended that the load should change him hydro music and rock obama should substitute him for one who is better in righteousness and nearer to mercy. So this shows you this is the evidence of who that is. And Avi, Allah subhana wa tada inform me that this boy would grow up to become rebellious to become evil to become bad and so bad that he will force his own parents into for his own parents would be misguided through him. So Allah subhana wa tada

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wanted this boy to be removed and replaced him with a better son. Now, pause here for a minute. Imagine how those parents would felt when a young boy went out to play and some stranger just came and snapped and killed his son. Imagine and they were good people meaning pious people. How do you think they felt? How do you think despondent and despair and Subhanallah we cannot make light about losing a child because and just on that note, it's a beautiful Hadith. Allah says, this Hadith, the prophecies when the Angel of Death takes the soul of a child, then Allah asks the angel of death and Allah knows obviously the answer Los Angeles, what did you do? So the initial visit I took the the

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soul of the child

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and then Allah will say, that you take the soul of the apple of his eye, the thing that he loves so much, and then you have this will say yes. And then Allah asks the angel of death, and how did my my my slave respond? So the angel of death when he says, he said in LA, we're in a little June that really from Allah, we come into him we ultimately turn and he gave him he praised you. And Allah says, Now you Angel of Death be witness that I've built for him a palace in Ghana. And this palace is going to be called the Palace of heaven of praise is pleased with he's going to get a high, high place in gender. prophets of Salaam sees a parent who loses a child, we can be no substitution for

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that kind of harsh and ebz. patiently, they can be no substitution except gender. Only gender is the only word Allah can give you. And a lady whose son had passed away or childhood passed away, the prophet had said, You have now been predicted with a very, very thick layer of protection from the fires of Ghana.

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losing a child as we see is difficult. And it's perhaps one of the most difficult things that we had to go through. But worse than that, worse than losing a child is for to know a child growing up and growing up in disbelief, that becomes a disappointment. That becomes that becomes that becomes bad or becomes evil. This vanilla is is even more difficult. So Allah subhana wa Tada. Save this child from being

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Becoming a disbeliever. And Allah replace this child with another one that would be better. So these pious people now also look at the analogy, this and in the next story, Allah save the children through the piety of the parents, Allah save the children because the parents will pious, Allah made sure that the one child passed away. And he's going to join now because as a child, and Allah gave a better child in return, also it shows us when Allah takes something from us. And if we have sovereign patience, Allah will give something in return. So Allah took the one child, but because they were patient, Allah gave them a better one in return. And this is the rule with a lot of the

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The last one was the wall. They went in the city and built up the wall. So he does his job as for the wall, for Canada, for Canada live will Armenia to remain in Medina to work and a doctor who can do Lama McCann, Abu Masada, for our other aboukir, a ha, should we still carry Jenkins, Omar Arabic mFl to anomaly. So this is an S for the wall. It belonged to too often boys in the town, and they was underneath a treasure belonging to them. So under this rule, there was a treasure which belong to two orphaned children in the city, you lose a teacher hidden under the wall. And the father was a righteous man again, the father was a good man, a solid family pious men and a law one two that they

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should grow up,

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become strong. And when they got when they were at the right age, they will take the teacher out as a mercy from Allah. So he says, and I did not have my own accord, I didn't do any of this or my own world, my own desire, this is the this is the reason that it really millimetre study Allah he saw that that is the reason why I did and that is from which you could not hold patience about this is the reason the explanation of it. Once again, we see a loss of 100,000 in the third story, protect the financial well being of the kids in the future, through the piety of a father, father had died many years ago. And those kids went through difficulty, and they must have made to protect my kids

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protect my kids to do but a lot already accepted that. But the timing was coming when it was the right time, that if they got the wealth early, they would wasted it. So Allah keep that door, he accepted it. And he predicted the kids but at the right time at the right place when they grew up, then they would have taken from the wealth. So a lot, this whole journey. Allah allows the user to look into this issue of color and color. When Allah sees the past, the present and the future. Allah knows best. Allah knows when he's the right time for us to liberate Palestine mama grant that to happen in our time. I mean, Allah knows based when we should get the music when we should get the

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route. If we just maintain and we do our part, then whatever decisions happen and this is the way of the believer, the prophet peace be upon him says and indeed for this Hadith, the Prophet says, How amazing is the effect of the believer what afflictive is good, when he gets blessings, he Thanks a lot and he uses blessings to further his goodness. And when he is afflicted with Mercy by he understands, maybe Allah is giving me this now so that he can give me something better around the corner. So this is also good he pleases Allah He thanks Allah so whatever happens to him is always in the sugar and hamdulillah mela Grant has to be steadfast and Allah goddess to praise him and

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listen and all the best inshallah with the remainder of this month we continue to model the story of Luke coordinate inshallah. I mean, Zack later said, I want to come

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as well quiz.

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Last night's question we asked.

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We should last night we supported the miskeen of the puppy that which one is Porter

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forget the faqeer is poorer because the miskeen had the boat. And that's what tonight's question. Why did they rebuild the wall that was about to collapse a to make sure no one is injured, or under the wall was a grave? See, there was a treasure buried under the wall or the the wall was on a sacred spot. So why did Peter rebuild the wall? easy answer. So like I say the Santa Monica hurricanes.

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