Tayammum On The Moon

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari


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Somebody wants emails me

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when I go to the moon if someone goes to the moon, how will we perform? We'll do like if we don't have water can we do to the moon? Somebody really asked me this question

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that is it permissible to perform to the moon on the moon because the Quran says

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from so and so Quran says but am Hmong side and by yerba like make the moon through pure land

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and this is why earth you know in the books of thy womb has been has to be done with earthly objects like sand and brick and

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dust etc.

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so the person said moon is not earth so basically is trying to ask question if I go to the moon

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can I do the person has actually comes along Salon de la vaca to grada Sharma when you reach the moon then just email me from there.

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When it comes and Allah knows best, just wait when you get to the moon then just email me if I'm alive. Now if I'm not alive, then just email someone else from that.

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Earth Moon calling hamdulillah