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As we learn on the regimes we learn Amanda Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was salam wa surefit, mousseline, syedna Mohammed Ali, he was

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a beloved brothers in Islam. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Alhamdulillah 22nd nights of Ramadan. Think this time next week, Wednesday could be our last therapy, if it is on Friday. So only a few days to go from Allah bless us in that.

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One question that came in with regards to attending the masjid for the ladies. If you know why there's a controversial issue in the media couple of days ago regards to other parts of the country. There are facilities for women and men in the cape we do so what is the ruling the Prophet peace upon him very clearly, in a unambiguously said do not prevent the ladies from attending the masjids he made it a point source a lamp that you do not prevent the women from coming to the masjid. However, he told the sisters that it is better for them. It is more rewarding for them, they will get more reward if they pray at home. So a sister came in Seattle said I'd love to pray with you. So

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he says I know you love to pray with me. But to pray in your room is better than in your courtyard and to pray in your courtyard is better than in your local Masjid. And to pray in your local Masjid is better than praying in my Masjid. But the description is for the sisters they can choose a machete has allowed them that flexibility to choose and smile not everyone needs to make that choice. So sisters usually ask is it better for me to come to a you know camel program to make my own camel at home in this case it would appear that he would would be better for the ladies to make their own pmla program at home so long as they're doing it you know properly and they spending that

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amount of time at home and the end of the day that should not be an issue that we argue about the Sharia has given the flexibility in that world hamdulillah so with the sisters your discretion for the main basis for you to be in the masjid and we don't and we there's no object and even even Juma for the sisters to attend as well permissible. We said this before many times that the reason why we have a member Why do we have a member was because one of the sisters said Yasuda was so solemn as the Germans getting bigger we can't see you anymore. We can't even hear you allow me to build you my slave to build your pulpit so you can stand up so we can see you and the Prophet said yes no

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problem. I agree it's a good idea. So today we all have a member because of the system and a specific day in the week Tuesday was given for the ladies alone ladies only classes so the Prophet peace be upon him made the most accessible but still advise him the best for you is to be at home perform sorta but the decision is yours 100 in that back to circle calf.

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We completed the third story of Sudoku of the story of Musa and Elisa to cinema now we will begin the last story of supercap the story of Luke cordoning remember the rabbis and the priests asked the prophets of Salaam for three questions. One of it was concerning the rule, which was answered in Surah Surah. One of it was concerning the use of the cave. That was the first story. And then they asked tell us about the man who traveled the world. And that is the coordinate system. And if we look again, how do we tie these stories together, we spoke about the youth in the cave, we spoke about the man with two guardians we spoke about Musa and now we'll talk about Luca and what's the

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common theme of sweetened coffee, tastes, tastes by blessings tastes through blessings. So the blessing of youth, the blessing of wealth, the blessing of knowledge, and now the blessing of power, the power that one is distilling. And each one will have its own risks. Each one can be the means of corruption. And so behind Allah, perhaps of all these blessings, the most dangerous one is power.

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The Prophet peace upon him sister Buddha, that power, authority is a means that will cause most of the people that have it as a means of humiliation and regret on the day of karma. Most people that inter spinal this this is so difficult that those of us who will find ourselves in position of authority, and usually what this means your political authority, but obviously it extends to other forms of authority. That is a very big risk. There's a very big risk that one can fall off balance that the Prophet peace be upon him says that we do not give authority to the ones who asked for it. So Harvey asked, Can I have you know, can I be the governor of a certain land properties, we do not

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give authority to the ones who wanted and we're anxious when you ask for it. They are not meant to have that all the authority is given to those who understand the heavy man. It's an honor, it's a burden that the authority comes with the greatest leaders of the soma. They would cry because they understood it's a normal day one was for about a month in depression and meanwhile, you're so depressed. It is do realize that on piano, not only with the people complained to me, about me to Allah, even the animals are going to complain that the roads are not fixed properly because almost didn't fix the roads. Our roofs were harmed and need to be accountable for that. I mean, why did I

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accept this amount of being the halifa understood they understood the Amana

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The authority, the Prophet peace upon him says, Those who who example collect taxes, that and so on in our day and age said, if you take one bit more of what is prescribed or one thing you keep eating, even if it's like a needle, then this will be a means which will into the person in janome. So the serious business the issue of authority and public funds in particular. So Allah subhanho wa Taala, will now speak about a man who was given to the Mendes amount of power and authority and use it critically. And he's how he how Allah blessed him in that the man who Subhan Allah, the person who is given authority and power, and use it correctly, is a great reward. The Prophet says, the

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seven under the throne of Allah, the shade of the throne of Allah, the seven of them, the first one is an Imam who is just the very, very first category that is shaded by the by the shade of a lion that FGM is a ruler or a person of authority, who is just and the Prophet peace reporting says, there are three people that you need to show respect for, as part of our, our Sharia, we show respect to them a person in an old an advanced age our seniors, we show them respect. Number two, the one who is memorize the Quran and excellent alpha, we show them respect. And number three, a just ruler, we show them tremendous amount of respect. These are very, very lofty people. So now we

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into the story of the incarnation. And of all the stories behind was perhaps the most cryptic, it will leave us with a lot more questions as is the case with a surah a lot of questions, and we learn from the previous stories, the fitna of knowledge, we don't ask unnecessary questions we stick to what Allah has said. And we try to understand what is Cydia and we learn from that. So Allah says, are the relationships on the regime? Where's Luna and incarnate? They ask you about Volker name. His name is Abdul Courtney, this is the title rule means the possessor, the one who has put a name to cordons, a cordon is a woman who, literally, so the man was two horns, the man who has two horns.

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Now, what does this mean? It could mean some of the CDs that he literally had a helmet or a headgear, a crown, or something that had two horns on it. Or it could mean corn also means it means an epoch when age a century, a man who had two different ages. And this is a very deep kind of seed, talking about the record nine having the ability with time, it's got something to do with time, and we'll link it up with Juju, Juju appears in his time. And of course, kiama they also at the end of time is also there. But the standing definition here is the man who ruled and traveled to two ends of the earth because he would travel east and west. So the cordons as Allah mentions, the sun rises

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in the horns on the one side and sits in the one on the other side, it's like little coordinate has to reverse the two sides of the globe. This is the front again, a lot of them, but literally, it means the man who has two horns. So unless you ask about this man, cool, it's actually coming across a professor Salim.

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I will recite to you a little bit of his story, only a mention of his story. I'm not going to tell you what I just mentioned you asked about it. So I'll tell you, in McCann, Allah who fill out that surely, Allah says we established him in the earth we made him very strong and powerful in the earth will attain our human cliche inseparable, not only do we give him power, we gave him the means of everything again, what does this mean? We gave him the means or the pathways to access pathways to travel for paths he was able to traverse within he was given some unique kind of technology, whether it was given some kind of shortcuts or low item, you know, sort of marriage losses what he learned

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in marriage to Allah belongs the shortcuts in the summer what they are shortcuts to travel a means by which travel is made sure. So Allah says we gave to coordinate the ability to travel to any place you wanted fact about sebulba so he took one of these ways he took one of these routes that Allah has blessed him with Hector either by shams, until he reached a place where the sun was sitting, meaning he went to the western side of the world. What did that mean? He found the sun it appeared to be sitting in a in a water hammock getting muddy, murky, boiling kind of water, or water in a coma and close to the lake. It was muddy and murky, there was a group of people living there, Khulna

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Allah subhanaw taala asked him, some mentioned because of this, it could appear that he's gonna be even, or it could be inspired to input an ESL coordinate or name him and drag the bar with him. So allow us to do kumain which of them would you punish and which of them do you treat in kindness? Now, what is the justice of the coordinate? coordinate response? cada mmm and balama for so for people who do ihlara before Yakubu Wada nohcra As for the one who is abrasive who is a titan to abuses others who harms others

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We will punish him in this world and then we will return him to Allah to be punished more severely right so we will punish him here and we will punish him even more seriously.

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Mmm Amina sorry for the Buddha.

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But as for the one who believes, and works good deeds, the good person, he shall have the best of rewards and was an akula woman and we shall speak unto him mild words we will give him mild instructions we will be easy with him will be easy with gentle whether there was a good and harsh without doing of evil. So this is local mains policy advisor so he lifts people we need to get another pathway had either better monthly options. So he came to the eastern side of the world a place with a satirises What did I talk to other comin lemenager looming duni hasta la, he found a people that had no protection from the sun meaning a very, very primitive kind of people. They

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didn't have structures, they might not even had completely clothing. They lived a very, very basic, basic kind of existence, Catholic so a lot so it is and so meaning even Zukerman just lifted as that did not interfere with him. He did not take the resources he can colonize them. He came to them very primitive people. He just left them as they were worker they happen to be malady hobo and he left them and Allah says we know all about the codename

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Sumatra Saba. Now this is the third journey of karma, the one that has all the questions he took another journey, had Isabella baneasa Dini, when he reached a place between two huge mountains, what did that mean? dooney Hema Coleman law Academy of Kahuna cola. He found a group of people that was so cut off from civilization. He could not communicate with him at all. It was very difficult that he found to communicate with them, nonetheless called they were able to communicate in a way and they see the yellow coming in in a judo jujitsu in a field

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that will jujin Jewish causing great mischief in the land. Like a halogen Allah and Albanian Arabic webinar on said that, so will you shall we can we give you money can we pay you in order that you might build some barrier between us and the judge, called Mr. McKinney v Robbie. lucanus is that which Allah has given me is better, but far enough we covered in Albania qubino. But give me assistance in manpower, I don't need your money. I don't want your money, but assist me with manpower, so I can build this thing to neoliberal Hadid give me blocks of iron has been a sort of a unicorn for who and when you packed these blocks, and he closed off the remember the mountain at the

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gap. He closed this gap. He said blow on it he blew whistle blow on it had Elijah who narrow and these blocks of iron turned into fire color to overlay color and then he pulled over molten copper First of all, so that they were unable to scale climb over this barrier or muster torula nakaba and was able to break through it.

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So the currency called Mira b this is a mercy from my Rob from my load for either for either geography Jad who Decker but when the promise of my load comes, this barrier will be flattened completely what can be hardcore, and the promise of my load is through to come to pass. What are

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the major feedbacks And on that day when the barrier is completely broken? They usually come out and they will swarm like waves on top of each other or nuclear facility for Gemma, Gemma and soon after that the trumpet the woman will be blown and Allah will gather all of them all of us together mini Kiana, very deep, deep story will go into the analysis of the story tomorrow insha Allah questions

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we asked what hydrolases he built the wall? What we asked what was underneath that wall? The answer of course was the treasure. There was a treasure under the wall which belonged to two orphans. They would get get when the older two exhibition very easy to coordinate translates as the man the he have the two swords, he have the two horns he have the two voices, he have the two horses very easy, and you can answer online as we see them on burano.org today and you can send your questions through twist [email protected] Just a reminder insha Allah avakian malayo program this evening and tomorrow inshallah Cardinal Dean will also be joining us tomorrow.

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And Phaedra hotellin, Vidya, Tinder and 3000 and inshallah for those who would like to sponsor pot for the Maharaja lovely thing to do I need to hate Salaam Alaikum libretto