Muhammad West – Shattering the Zionism Myths

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the myths and legends used to justify actions during the COVID-19 pandemic, including the Z Zachary myths and the Bani Israeli. The success of the current COVID-19 pandemic and potential warfare are also mentioned. The history of the Jewish population and the Volkswagenist movement are also discussed, along with the importance of having a land to practice religion and avoiding racist behavior. The segment ends with a discussion of the European power and the potential threat of nuclear war and anti-st elem medication.
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Are we live in a shed on rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala

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Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germain are beloved brothers and sisters Sadam Ali camara de la Barakatuh

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Al Hamdulillah. Bilal Amin always will begin with the praise the thanks of Allah and Allah to Allah Allah Allah Allah will testify that there is none worthy of worship because Allah subhanaw taala and we send our love and our greetings salutations. So beloved and every Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious, this pure family whose companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time, may Allah subhanaw taala blessed us to be amongst them. I mean, we begin by making dua for the people of Palestine and the people of Gaza and all the people that are suffering under oppression, Allah subhanaw taala grant them is a strength, malice Panther remove the tyrants of this

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world, as we said, with what's happening in Palestine and I'm sure it should be on all our minds, we should be making dua daily, the one silver lining, the one silver lining of this is one of the few things that brings the OMA together, doesn't matter which might have you follow where you come from everybody across the Ummah and beyond the OMA. We all feel a sense of of duty, a sense of responsibility, a sense of love, and sadness for the people of Palestine. So Allah subhanaw taala uses this to bring us together, look around the whole Ummah to be united Amin.

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Today inshallah we have a bit of a deep topic. And one of the battlefields of this

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conflict is genocide is of course, the information,

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warfare, and the misinformation and different views. And just something to think about from us. It is quite clear who the good guys are and the bad guys are, there's no debate, there's no, it's not, it's not a complicated thing. Yet, half the world seems to be very clear that the other side are the good guys and the bad guys, and there's so much of misinformation. Today we're going to try and debunk and discuss, analyze some of the myths that is used to justify the genocide that we're seeing and recording these designers. What's over that we're gonna discuss, and you need to arm yourself part if you really want to be serious about this issue. You need to know what's going on, you need

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to know what is being said and have an opinion. So we're gonna talk about the Zinus myths and there's a big difference between what is a Jew? What is the Bani Israeli? What is an Israeli? What's a Zionist? And you've many of you might have You have heard the term, the Zionist entity, Israel, what is Zionism? And what is the difference between Zionism and Judaism?

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Zionism is a movement that began about 130 years ago. It's a movement that began 130 years ago with the concept that the Jews, the Jewish people, should live in one homeland, which is in Palestine, that this is the home at the time. And for most of the history of the Jewish people, they have been in what's called the diaspora. They've been scattered around the world. There's no one country we all the Jews live, they are Jews living in the Middle East, Jews living in Europe, Jews living all over the world. And to be fair, they have the most persecuted people on Earth. And so there was a movement. And even 30 years ago, by not religious Jews, by political Jews, modernists, Jews that

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said, we should collect all our Jewish brothers and sisters around the world, and we should have a country just for Jews. Okay, and this country is going to be wasted this country B. And believe it or not, they looked at different parts of the world, they looked at South America, there was a time when Uganda was considered as perhaps this is where we're going to have our Jewish state in Uganda. There was a time when this was the thinking. But of course, they said, who's going to come to Uganda? If we make it, Palestine, Jerusalem, we have an ancestral link to this land, perhaps then the Jews around the world will leave their communities and they will all migrate to Palestine. And

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so this was the beginning in the concept of the beginning of the movement, and the founder of this movement is known as Theodore Hutsul. And he came up with this the Zionist movement. And so when the Zionist movement began, and they said okay, we have our mind set on Palestine, problem is Palestine, there are people living there and Palestine is being ruled by at that time, the Ottoman Khalifa how do we get this land? How do we get this country and so they made a they put in a

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offered to purchase for Palestine. They offered the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire that was in huge debt at the time the Caliphate was on its last legs, and they said, We'll buy Palestine from you. We don't want to fight for you want to buy it from you, we'll deal with the people but you as the Sultan give it to us. And Al Hamdulillah Sultan, Abdul Hamid the second very famously, he wrote back, I won't sell anything, not even one inch of the security because this country does not belong to me. I'm not I don't own this country as the Khalifa, but it belongs to all the Ottomans and to all the Muslims. My My people won these lands with the blood, we this land is not for sale. Okay, so

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not for sale.

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The Zionist Movement continue to find ways and they were very well organized to influence and obviously, the fact that you can offer the Khalifa a blank check to sell Palestine, you are amassing a lot of resources. And it's in some way to learn about this is a tiny minority movement throughout the world, but they're so well coordinated, so well organized, that they're able to raise funds so you can actually buy a country. Then the World World War One began. And different empires went to war, the Ottoman Empire was on the losing end, they lost the war. And part of losing the war, Britain took control of Palestine. So now Palestine has just transferred ownership from the Ottomans

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to the British, and the Zionists then petitioned the British, let us let us take control of Palestine give it to us. And during the war, while things were going on, they made the offer. Look Britain, if you conquer, we'll help you, we'll support you and they had the resources. And the British were amenable to this, the British made a lot of promises to anyone. They promised the Palestinians, if you support us against the Ottomans, you rise up against the Ottomans who will give you a homeland, they made a deal with the French we will work together and we'll split up the Middle East between us and they made a deal with the same land they set it to three four different people,

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the British, and so they made an agreement with the Zionists, we will give you Palestine, you will get your Jewish homeland on condition you help us and support us during World War One. And designers were very keen. And this is a very famous thing that you all hear about the Balfour Declaration at the end of World War One with Britain now had to decide who does this land go to. They of course, agreed and sided with the Zinus and they made this declaration Balfour

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you know, a member of the British Parliament, he wrote to know the rough Charles Ross. Charles is one of the signers of the big Zionist guys. And this is also a very big, the biggest banking family in the world. And he writes this letter.

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I have much pleasure. So he's studying designers, I'm very glad to convey to you on behalf of His Majesty's government on behalf of the British government. The following declaration of sympathy with Jewish scientists, we sympathize with you and your aspirations, which has been submitted to and approved by the cabinet government has approved your request to take over Palestine, His Majesty's government view will favor the establishment in Palestine interesting, because there's a myth that there's no country called Palestine they've existed. You're in the Balfour Declaration. He says the country of Palestine we got you on our maps, we will give you Palestine, a national homeland for the

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Jewish people. And we will use the best endeavours we as the British will help you to achieve this objective we will support you. They also say it must be clearly understood. Now they said, Listen Zinus it must be clearly understood that you shall not do anything that may prejudice, the civil and religious rights of existing non Jewish communities in Palestine does he hold on guys, we've given you the country. But unfortunately, there's a bunch of people living there already. So take it, but to your best of your abilities don't this, this advant advantage the people living in Palestine or the rights of political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country. And he says I should be

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grateful for you would bring this declaration to the Zionist Federation you tell the rest of your cronies that Britain has agreed. So this is the beginning of Palestine being transferred to the Zionist Federation. Initially when Zionist Zionism came up. And when Balfour Declaration was declared,

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The Jews of New York said why would I go to Palestine? The Jews of Europe's it? Why should I pick up and go to a country just because you say I need this is my home and I do think most of the Jews of the world and in fact the rabbi's say this has nothing to do our religion. For 5000 years we've been living in a diaspora. When the time comes and our homeland is returned. Allah will give it to us we don't need to engineer a homeland. So Zionism was rejected by the Jews. And then someone came along Adolf Hitler. And we completely condemn what he did. And the Holocaust occurred and the Jews realized, look, this is what they're going to do to us. This is what the Germans did to us what they

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did in Poland in Russia. Next, it could be us we should rather pack up and go to a land which we are safe. And because at the end of World War Two of the tremendous evil

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done against the Jews through the Holocaust. Jews around the world decided, look, let's great designers have something, some good ideas. Let's go and we all go to Palestine. So now this is where the beginning of the Zionist starts. So now let's look at some of the myths. Now today we've got, they've got a problem they've got they come to this land, they've relocated the millions of Jews, but they've got millions and millions of Palestinians, how do we now get rid of the local people, you either kill all of them, like the Americans did

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in North America, like they did to the Aborigines. That's one way of getting rid of him. Or you tried to do something like South Africa, where you basically push them out into bun to stance, and you just don't We don't want to see you. That's the other way of doing it. And you have to,

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but you have to legitimize your genocide. And so these are the masks that they use. So one of the myths that you'd find today, they will say, Guys, this land was promised to us not by Belko, or the King of England, it was promised to us by Allah. Even your Quran says we're the people of the land. So this is our right from the Bible. And this is what they use. And we asked him, Is there any other place on earth, you can go to court and say, this land that needs my neighbor's land? My Lord told me it's mine. Can you go to any court on Earth and claim land based on your religious texts, no one will accept this in any part, any place on Earth. And if that was the case, as we said last week,

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when the Khoisan who said this, the Elizabeth River is our ancestral land, we should give it to them, we should give it to every group that says, we have a religious right to this land. And if we were to look at the religious context, both in the Quran and the Bible and the Old Testament, Allah subhanaw taala gave it to them unconditioned of obedience, when they disobeyed Allah forbid, from the land for 40 years. And so Allah says, In the Bible, the righteous shall inherit the land, this land is for the believers. They did not fulfill the covenant with Allah. And so this is the first birth we reject any religious book because then we can use our Quran and say, all of the land Allah

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as promised it to the believers only for us the whole world belongs to us.

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They will also mention number two, but it's our religious duty we need to have a land to practice our religion. We can't be good Jews outside of of Israel, let us live well outside Palestine. Let give us a chance to practice I would like you know if maca was taken away, you can't be Muslims without maca will say if that's the case, why did this only come up 1130 years ago, for the last 500 years, this wasn't even an issue. And the rabbi's didn't agree with us. This is not to do with your religion. And it has nothing to do with a Jewish religion. This is a political racist movement. And that is why the majority of Zionist today are not use. The majority of scientists today are not even

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Jews, they are Christians.

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Why would the Christians want the Jews to be number one because they racist they also don't want them in if you're going to leave our land, that's great, we get rid of you. And number two, there's also this belief that with the Jews coming the Kiama is going to come the coming of Nabhi ISA is one of the signs of the coming of the end of times. So we want there to be a Jewish land.

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So it's got nothing to do with religion. And that's why you find many Orthodox Jews, the most religious Jews in the world have nothing to do with Zionism, and they are the most vocal people against Zionism. It's not part of the religion. They'll say, Fine, let's leave religion out of the equation. For religion, it's historical. If you go into the archives, you go dig all the way back 1000s houses years, we were the as the people the Jewish people with a we say, Yes, you were the archaeologically, you were the says we were the indigenous original people of the land, this should belong to us. We respond to them. Post in the Bible. When the Jews arrived in the fight the people

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who's living the odd, the Canaanites,

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there was the people living there before you. That's what we know historically. So if anybody should get the land, it should be the Canaanites. They were the first people to love the the Philistines, which is who are the descendants of these people, the Arabs.

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We really gotta go down the road, then it should belong to the Arabs from also, again, you don't apply this rule to the aborigine that says, This is my land, I am the original founder of the sand land, give it back to me. So the same people that argue this and many times that group, the people that argue this argument are the ones who displace other indigenous people in the world. So don't you know, we will give it them to the indigenous habit, inhabitants of Palestine. Do the same with a Khoisan with Aborigines, where they are the Native Americans, everyone in the world should go back to where they belong, and we give it to them and you all go back to wherever you come from. No one

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will agree to this.

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They will say that's a sort of sort of the historical account cultural account is completely nonsense also, by the way, there is no genetic link between European Jews that are coming on New York

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Chicago Jews coming to Israel and the Bani Israel of Nabi Musa time. Genetically. You think Nabi Musa looked like this

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face skin blue eyes, that's European then say Nabi Musa the bunnies are Middle Eastern people brown people. If anything the atoms of today have a greater genetic link to the original Bani Sara eel of of Nabi Musa of Nabil that would have been Suleiman is

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one of the most famous slogans the Jews, the Jews, designers, we must make the decision designers who would use handles were like they they their motto.

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Palace This is Israel is a Land without the people it's an empty land. There's no one living the neglected land. For a people who didn't have a land we are a people around the world, we don't have a land or just an announcement. The collection today is going to go to Palestine inshallah. So please contribute generously. And if you don't have cash, the Yocum machine is at the back as well. So all the work will be nice and shallow. It will be for the Palestinian cause, Inshallah, right so this is one of the most famous slogans and it's a land with other people for people to land. When the Zionists eventually got the Balfour Declaration, and they came they they found that 90% of the

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land belonged to Arabs, only about 5% of the people living there were actually Jewish. There was people living there millions of people living there already.

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It was never empty. It's always been people living in Palestine.

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And that is why we think out the Balfour Declaration that even the British government said to them, guys, there is an indigenous people living there. You must be you know, don't don't don't don't exterminate them. So publicly do we search we don't see. They acknowledge that there was an indigenous people. So this is nonsense. There were people living in the land. And today, it's taken them 75 years, the headache of how do I get rid of this, this group of people? This is the challenge. How do I get rid of these Palestinians? They won't die, they won't move, they won't surrender? How do I get rid of these people? This is the the challenge.

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The fifth myth is that look, we, the people of Judaism have suffered so much persecution throughout history, which is true. And the Holocaust was done to us which is true. We need a place to be safe.

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Yes, we you need a place to be safe. And we have a right to live in freedom. And we have a right to practice our religion freely. Yes, you do. And we kind of visit debt owed to us because of of what happened to us. I agree. But then let Berlin give you the land.

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Why should a people who had nothing to do with your persecution have to pay for your suffering? Why should we take the land of someone who had nothing to do with the Holocaust? Nothing to do with persecuting Jews. In fact, it was a safe haven, the Muslim lands was a safe haven from European persecution, anti semitism.

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why should Palestinians pay the price for the claims of the Nazis and the crimes of Europeans? So this is the way and this is part of the the racist, evil mentality of the colonial European power. We've exterminated a people to such an extent that we feel bad for them now, Chairman, we need to do something over these guys. Okay, let's take it from another group of people and just get rid of them. They

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start with evil. This is the same European colonial powers messing up the world.

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The sixth myth that they would say, and you'll hear this a lot. America will say this, we have to support Israel because they are the only democracy in the Middle East. They are aligned to our values, our religion of democracy and secularism in the West. If we look at all the countries in the Middle East, Israel is the closest to us. They are like our family or our cousin, so we need to support them. They're surrounded by these barbarians, these people who is fighting and killing one another these Arab Muslims.

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Firstly, why is the Middle East so messed up? Before you guys came in and drew imaginary lines and gave in Yemen you think Yemen is producing its own weapons, which is getting its weapons from from you guys. So big, if you weren't involved to begin with, they wouldn't be violence in the Middle East. But if you were to compare Israel, just what kind of country is it? It is the foundation of Zionism is that this land is a Jewish land. And it is for the Jewish people. You cannot be a democracy and speak about diversity. If it's only for one group of people. You can't have it both ways. And this is part of the problem that the Jewish themselves internal politics are struggling

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with. How do we have a country that allows Jews to go get certain privileges and non Jews don't get that is a term first of all to protect one group of people based on the color based on the beliefs based on the ethnicity, they get certain privileges, they get to go to certain schools, they get to go to certain beaches and the others don't get it. It's a very simple

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Tim's gonna protect. And that is what is happening in Israel, not not us Muslims saying it, while the people went through South Africa says, Well, this is very similar to what we've seen before, if not worse, but the international community have said the laws. I mean, you can't even get married across the divide. These are Arab Israelis, right, not Palestinians, Arab citizens of Israel have less rights than Jewish citizens. And so this is clearly an apartheid state, nothing to do with Western values. We also know that for the last 75 years, the international community have said that they illegally they are an occupier, an illegal occupiers of land. So even though they gave 50% 55%

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of the land use ins you get this when there wasn't enough, there are still controlling the land of the Palestinians. That was the remainder of the land. So they are an illegal occupier. They are a part of the state, and they commit crimes against humanity war crimes. So there's maybe maybe that is why they're so they resemble the West. Maybe the ways to say yes, because we are also an illegal occupier. We also commit crimes against humanity, we also commit genocide. That is why we see similar similarity in you maybe that's why and that's probably the answer, why they support each other, because they have so much in common. The same way we exterminated our indigenous people we

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see you doing it brings back some good old memories, right?

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The seventh myth, Israel is the victim. If Israel for one minutes, close his eyes, the Mujahideen the Arab world will rise up and push them into the sea. We are the victims and we're just fighting for survival.

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This is the age of danger of deception, where a nuclear superpower

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claims to be victimized by the people that are bombing the people that are controlling, they are the aggressor, yet they are believed to be the victim. The one has a nuclear power, the one has planes that one is supported by the world superpowers. The other one doesn't even have water. And you say that is the aggressor, and that's the victim. Strange world that we live in.

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And if even if we said, okay, true, Israel is under threat. Why are they under threat? Because they the occupier

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is an easy way to solve this don't occupy another person's land. If someone invades your house, they take your family hostage, and you get out and you fight back. This is all you putting me under threat. Now. Obviously, I'm putting on the third cause it's felt self defense. And does that give them the right to commit genocide? The slogan, you can defend yourself Israel. Where does the where do we draw the line? We've seen that defending yourself includes cutting of water to 2 million people, defending yourself includes bombing, you know, they dropped more bombs last week in America dropped the entire year in Afghanistan. 6000 bombs were dropped in one week in Gaza, then America

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dropped the entire one full year in Afghanistan. So defending yourself means you can commit genocide. When will that argument stop when they kill all the Palestinians? He says okay, now that's a bit too far. That defense is too much.

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And then we also ask, What about the rights of the Palestinians to defend themselves against occupation?

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How far can the Palestinians go when you're occupied, but I'll tell you how far they can go because the United Nations said this, the United Nations in resolution 37 slash 43. Listen to what it says. It says we reaffirm the legitimacy of the struggle of peoples for independence, territorial integrity, national unity and liberation from colonial and foreign *. When a foreigner comes to your land, you have the full right to defend yourself and for an occupation by all available, available means including armed struggle, and it goes on and it says we reaffirm the United Nations said this, we reaffirm the right of the Namibian people and the Palestinian people

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and all other similar peoples to oppose the foreign colonization on the land and for self determination. The United Nations at least they recognize that these are people being occupied and the Pharisee has the right to defend. So how far can the Palestinians go?

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Number eight, they said well, he said I will keep saying we want to have peace, but we'd have a partner. If it wasn't for Hamas who hates us, we would have peace. Hamas is only been around for 30 years. The occupation has been around for 75 years. And the Palestinians different political parties like the PLO, Fatah, he should know they're different, have chosen a political strategy and nonviolent strategy to bring about peace. What did they get after 30 years? What did they get after 75 years? Nothing.

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So the only the the obstacle to peace is the aggressor. You cannot make peace with someone who wants to ethnically exterminate you can't do that. There are ways the Nelson Mandela of the Paris

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Kenyans were easy. Well, you first need an apartheid government to have so much pressure that they said, Look, there's no way forward, we have to negotiate, then you'll find a Nelson Mandela amongst the Palestinians. But you can't Nelson Mandela will not be able to negotiate with a group that wants to exterminate them or keep him locked up in jail probably sits with the Israelis.

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Number nine, and it's important for us to understand, they said if you criticize Zionism and you criticize Israel, you are anti semitic, anti semitic means you hate Jews, you always want to kill every Jew who had the opportunity, you would kill every Jew in the world. We say we are completely against anti semitism. We'll be the first and historically we were the people that protected the Jews from anti semitism. Our lands were the most welcoming lens to the Bani Israel to the Jews. Because we recognize this, that Allah subhanaw is in the Lavina Avenue those who believe well, Davina hadou, and those who are Jewish, and those who the soybeans, the Sabians. And those NESARA,

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the Christians, man and a biller, those people who have emailed in Allah, Allah and the Africa and they live a good life. For now hopefully Allah him Allah whom they should have no fear, and they will not be sad. Allah says in the Quran that the annual Kitab you have a special place where the believers, we can eat the food. This isn't Suramar either. The food of Al Kitab is haram for you, or Muslims. And the women of the hunky tab is halal for you and your food is halal for them. It's a very special link between us and our hook it up. There's no way you can claim Muslims for being anti semitic. And in fact, we should read we should reject anti semitism. And you'll find in the midst of

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this, maybe synagogues, get vandalized. Words are being used. Parents will tell the Jewish children don't wear your yarmulke and your your scout. No, no, no, we don't want that. Not in our not anywhere in the world. They should express and practice the religion without fear. And we will be the first to oppose anti semitism as we oppose any kind of racism. The last point and this is not a Dinah's thing. It's more for us as Muslims, people, I've heard this well. Kiama is coming. This is all the signs of Kiama. So we just wait for him on Monday and the Messiah to sort this out is not going to solve itself. And true. It is true and interesting. I think I mentioned this last week that

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the Navy SEAL Salam prophesized

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close to Qiyamah. At the advent of the gel, the wall will be in Palestine, between the Muslims and the Yehuda.

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When he made that prediction that prophecy, they will not a single Muslim in Palestine, not a single Jew in Palestine. There were no Muslims or Jews in Palestine, it was ruled by the Christian Romans. But he prophesized The time will come global conflict will be in this land between Muslims and Jews, and we see it unfolding. But even if that is the that is prophecy, we cannot sit on our hands and let things happen. Allah says to us a lot Allah who live in Amman also promise the people of iman, for those of you who Iman, while I'm inside the heart and you love and you do good deeds, like a stiffly phenom fill out, we will certainly make you successes will give you power in the land as we

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did for those before you and will surely establish for you your faith as he that he has chosen for you. And he will inch Suhana osis I will change your position of fear your position of weakness to a position of security and stability. Why? Yeah, I will do need provided why? Because number one, you worship Me alone. Now you should record to be sure you don't come and check with me. And we'll uncover about it the first sequence whoever does more than that goes beyond that. Then you have transgressed where our team was solid and you establish your Salah who are two Zakka and you give you an idea who it rasool and you obey the messenger Allah Allah come to Harmon. Allah says the

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conditions are clear. You will be successful in the land. If you worship Allah alone don't come a chick, you live a good life you make your Salah you give you Xhaka and your steadfast on the deen you follow the Sunnah I said I will give you success. This is the conditions doesn't matter what they're doing who they are. This is our criteria. And so we make dua ALLAH SubhanA grants us to be people worthy of His mercy and His Rama. Allah grant is distinct and understanding Allah grant safety and security all the peoples of the world quick announcements, our meet and greet is tomorrow the 21st of October, we inviting the last few slots single brothers and sisters. If you're not

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married, please sign up we need the next generation of Mujahideen so please come and next week inshallah. The 29th of October. Some of you are ultra con students I see. This is a wonderful Institute of Teaching I also teach there as well so please, support tickets, take the wife out for breakfast Inshallah, we have to see you the cycle of hate assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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