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The speakers discuss the use of human hair for musical instruments and the potential risks of incest, as well as the benefits of sharing rewards and combining o'clock o'clock and o'clock at night for a better experience. They also touch on the importance of praying for a kind hearted person and following proper medical treatment. The speakers emphasize the need to teach children everything to make them aware of the moral debate between religion and religion, and encourage attendees to visit the website for a student retreat.

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As salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh everyone, welcome back to our weekly q&a with Jeff welcome that we every Thursday at 6pm. UK time.

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Thank you for joining us. I know we already have some questions. Anyone who's new, please ask your questions in the comment of the live stream below inshallah and we will try our best to go in order.

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Whoever asks first inshallah so without any further ado, let's start with

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Sister Amina, I think her question was asked last week as well and it's a two part question. So, I will read it out and put it on the screen.

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I am a GP and I have a Muslim female patient with severe frontal hair loss that affects her marriage and mental health there is a treatment to give her a semi semi permanent solution but it involves human hair, she wants to know is this allowed?

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Can you you know just

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Yeah, I've seen my Raheem

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know if you know you know there is something for the women for the beautification

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you know, so, you know, not to change you know, the way they look like that allowed to for example, like you know, the hair

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you know, sometimes there are extra here sometime, you know, there are people you know, the hair falls from the from the head. So, like that they're allowed to get artificially or maybe human here, you know, if it is possible without harming anybody, because there are some parts of the body we don't allow people to plant to eat other people, you know, take from someone else. Because, you know, that means really that you know, the sun, the one who is donating, he is going to miss it. But here's like that they grow and they keep coming and going, they like a blood. So transport of the hair like like, like like the blood. So this like verta is allowed inshallah.

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Okay, Inshallah, let's take a question from Rayas. And his question is, how can we understand the Hadith in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, the people of my own my will will legalize the illegal musical instruments.

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You know, that hadith is a weak Hadith. So, there's not you know, right argument though. There have been some other arguments, you know, taking from the Quranic verses or from the other Hadith, which seems that you know, musical instruments should not be allowed in this religion. So far, for that reason, there are many oedema who will say major consumers are Makuta hurry mio haram. But there are also some people like Marvin Hanalei, Harry and some others, they think there is no strong evidence, or too far a bit. Music in Islam. So it allowed by I personally feel really at least it should be disallowed, because when people develop these desires, they waste so much of their time. On the

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time, they're very, very precious. So for Muslims to be busy with something, we can occupy their time and distract them from their normal business is not easily struggling to correct. So anyway, consider three our opinions one is, is the Makoto Romeo haram. One is a it is allowed and one is in middle that you know should be discouraged at least you know any people do. We don't think that they're committing sin, but litho wasting their time.

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Okay, insha Allah just talking to Harsha. Let's take the next question from mine Odin. And his question is Can zakat be given towards projects like building a mosque or is it only for the poor needy? And can it be done? Can it be donated before Ramadan?

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Yonder for the mosque, we don't allow it because the most should be built from the pure money of the believers without any zakat. Because building the mosque is not obligatory is a car that goes to the obligatory you know, news, especially the poor people, needy people. In students, you can give her a scholarship, but not for the mosque. You know, there are

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Some people love also to build hospitals and buildings shelter you know for the needy people something like that you can do but Joe in general in Hanafi madhhab the path only should be given to the people who can own them not for a building

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mesh and I mentioned that in some some period allowed this thing so, you know Benny summary thing summary of the whole matter is you can give to the needy people you can give to the students you can develop in a built some hospitals, but not towards the mosque. And it should be you know, given at the end of every Islamic year to eat people gives a cart in Ramadan or before Ramadan to every year they should give their time. And what is the Carthage do it before Ramadan, then it should be given before Ramadan if you delay it, you don't get reward, you get less reward is a catabolic Jianjun Chawan and you pay Ramadan, you don't get more reward, you get less reward, because you have been

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delaying to people have to understand that delaying the first two Ramadan does not add the value. Reward. Yeah, if you give sadaqa Ramadan Yeah, then more more reward for that. But like for the qualify, ideally, our miser pair throughout the year and pay them in Ramadan, I'm not going to get more reward or get sin because I delayed it. If it was a katsu, obligatory, before Ramadan, and direct to Ramadan, you don't get reward if you get a feeling maybe some sin because you are deferring it and delaying it unnecessarily. But many people do this mistake, the delay they're attached to Ramadan thinking that Ramadan, they'll get more reward No, you don't get more reward for

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obligatory things. If it is due before Ramadan. But for sadaqa, you can give you a few more seconds on whether you can get more rewards.

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Just the follow up question shift. I remember probably a few months back when you were answering one of our questions on ticket, you were mentioning that you can pay it in you don't have to pay it all in one go. You can pay it, for example, if you want to give you a ticket to different

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various different things, you can do so and if that's spread out throughout a few months. So how would that work then? Because when you're answering it sounds like you're saying it's June like at one time but what if someone is spread out the payments? Yeah, you're allowed to spread out payment but you know, if lucky, no, some some data to be going to poor people, some poor students, some suffer something else. Yeah, you're allowed to do this. But when DealerSocket unnecessarily you won't get more reward. If something could be getting sin in a fire just get Dillinger's the cart in order to pay Ramadan, you know that no rewarding data. But if you did as a card, because you want to

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money to reach to India to some new, more needy people, and you delay for the interests of the people, then that's fine, don't get any sin. Maybe you've gotten more reward. But those people who delay unnecessarily just because of Ramadan or something like that. They don't get any reward, extra reward. Or maybe they get something if it is delayed from the new people do people may be needing before that? Is it clear? Yes, that's courageous.

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Okay, we have a question from John Cox. And his question is on the screen, so I can can you confirm whether the Hadith regarding the virtue of walking to Juma prayer is authentic? And he proceeds to narrate the Hadith for us here

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you know, this a particular Timothy, I'm not sure but certainly you know, there are Hadith, in Sahih Muslim and also in other books of Hadith, that those people who leave their house and go to the mosque very early, you know, if they're very early, the good the reward of sacrificing a camel. So, a people who come little later they get you know, a reward of giving a cow in the path of Allah subhanaw taala some people get a reward of giving

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you know, a sheep in the path of Allah. Some people get reward of leopard chicken, oh, could it be a go something smaller in the path of life depends how early you go to the mosque. So there are also you know, general Hadith, when people do and they walk to the masjid, then their sins are forgiven and good deeds are added to their book of the Deity. These are these are there. So you know, certainly you know, walking to mosque especially for the Friday prayer has a lot of reward. But that particular Hadith, I'm not sure whether how authentic it is. In because

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distract me there are Hadith which are sorry, there are with some weaker Hadith as well.

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Okay, Inshallah, let's take a question from NASA

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which is can we combine prayers when traveling for example or NASA during Laura time according to the Hanafi madhhab?

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Yeah, just to go over every written articles you know, in so many time timeouts. So this question do initially in Hanafi mother, they did not allow combining between Zohar also a motivation our traveling, but there have been, you know, some Hanafi scholars in all the centuries who allowed the combining and many in our time the Akasha called tabula rasa Allah Tala great Hanafi scholars and some other people I know in India, you know, they're allowed, combining between the rasa and Melody Nisha, while traveling and I myself actually give fatwa that we're traveling people can combine between the rasa and also Nora Venetia in the time of resort also you can combine between time or

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water time, anytime. Similarly, when I say you can combine after sunset, unto the Father Time, anytime.

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Exactly. Let's take we have another second question, which is I have a friend who is in severe debt and it will take him many years to repay it. Is it permissible for his friends and family to give him Zika to help repay his debts? Yeah, so, good. paying the debt of the believer is one of the important you know, thing where you can pay your zakat. Certainly, you know, you should give you know, zero Sakata to your friend who is indebted, you like freeing him. So you'll get these other things where should we spend rather than the mosque because building the mosque not obligatory on the videos. Prayer is obligatory you can pray with all the mosque but you know, poor people needy

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people, paying the car to them is very important obligatory Muslim must, must actually make effort to do this. Sometimes we spend our the cart in those money in those places, withdraw agreement reward. If you spent years apart to, you know, pay the debt of your friend, you get more reward than paying as a cost to build a mosque. But many people don't realize these things.

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Okay, we have a quite an interesting question from Sonova. Can we pray for a kind hearted person who died as a non Muslim

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thing is your DUA or for another Muslim will not benefit anyway?

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Because Allah subhanaw taala made very clear he will not forgive anybody who's an unbeliever Oh, Mushrik you know forgiven so and also carry has far beyond the proper Salah lesson of from praying for nemesis, if you know, certainly he died at the Muslim Muslim, then you should not pay. But if you don't know and you think maybe that the Muslim, his heart was better, then yeah, if you're not sure you can make the job. But you know, certainly maybe you make Do I like that instant mention name well as the Hautala you know, forgive all the Muslims who died or forgive the people who died on Islam, or something like that, that will include him as in.

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Okay, let's take another question from Ahmed. Is it okay to have him to have female friends, I don't do anything haram but we just talk and study together

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basically, you know, it's things like that we don't say to haram.

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But, you know, shaitan is all the time there. And some time, you know, what you think it's just simple friendship. It could be you know, shaitan can come and can could develop in a desire to advise you will be very, very careful about these matters. You know, and if you have to meet or revise something, then do in public with other people out there.

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Because we cannot, you know, don't trust yourself. Even the prophets did not like to trust themselves in these matters. To Who are we so be very, very careful. Otherwise, you know, you find a male friend and your female friend finds her own female friends does a much better for the hearts of both of you. But being together, unnecessarily, can harm both of you.

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Okay, it is okay.

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And we have another question from Feriha. At what age should I start teaching my kids have gotten

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older and actually, you know, in this matter, very

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Islamic tradition has been that when the children are reached there for age of four, they start them teaching.

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You know, from age four, abortive

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Whatever you think there are many, many people in Islam they memorize the Quran by the time when they were seven

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so after you but don't know push so much because children need to grow mentally and all this even if a deliberative it is still fine. But you can start anytime you know after for Michelle.

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Chef, just another question following up on this. Of course when when children are children as parents, you send them to Koran classes or madrasa whatever you call it. But once they're at an age, like they're in secondary school, they're maybe 1415 And they kind of thinking for themselves and they start to see these fine clauses as more of a they find it boring or they feel like they're forced to go what do you advise parents to do in this in this position

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my fingers

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are able to type in my own syllabus for the children maybe I can give to you and then you can follow it to the people who are interested in that the region is really understanding so if people study Salam I don't understand it it just a culture it does not benefit them much So then why you know your children grow they don't find any any meaningful to go to the mosque God did nothing. No, you know, they don't understand anything. So you have to make effort from very beginning to teach children everything explained to them well, so they understand you know, whatever they have learned from Islamic base on top sound, not just the culture send the Moschino the way education has been

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the most should be changed

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in a way that you know, people think that demand is growing

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when religion is not understood the culture and the cultures have no value it's like a dead thing. You know, but when the region understood then it has power. There were even Islam is I don't agree with any religious education where people don't make effort to understand.

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Okay, just refresher.

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We have a question from SN, which position position do you personally follow Dasha regarding Allah's attributes and his abilities to see and hear? And the question whether a man can increase or not.

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You know, the thing in my thinking this mortal sin is that nobody can talk about Allah and nobody can explain his attributes better than the Quran unbuttered the professor less human language are unable to define a lot to describe as a Hautala so the way is reading the Quran, and go deeper and deeper, you will find early Alassane Ouattara who suffered reveals to you you understanding more and more so you know, these were math we do share their moral debate away when you want to debate people. If you want to understand law yourself, you don't need any of the way that I personally i peripherally all Muslims should learn about a lot of masala from the Quran. And Francis, another

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person, Dallas alum, without making any approach coming between them and the Lhasa hotel and you will see, you will learn about a lot more and more. Somebody asked the master Fiano Narottama loudhailer that what does the mean? Is Talal Arshad Liza and Arash Oh hundreds of Allah He said leave the people that read Quran they will know to leave the people in the prophesy. Latham did not explain these things. The companies did not ask the person to listen, because they they understood this human language. You know, you understand by your worship and Alibaba, to all of this team together help you to understand a smoothie or Alibaba. You're thinking you're understanding you're

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reading the Quran, your prayers,

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I will not advise you to go either way much. We do assure you any other way. I'd advise you just be simple groups in Procoder way of the companions that apostle Allison, read the Quran, level one, Allah, OBEY HIM worship him, Allah will reveal Himself to you inshallah.

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Okay, just Dr. Hersha. We have another question. How do we treat Hadith about the Sahaba having dreams of the dead, such as the Hadith where Ebola hubs, Ebola hub comes in a dream and says his punishment in the afterlife is lifted a little for freeing a slave

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the thing really easy no, dreams are very complicated matters. First in dreams don't have you know what you will see. Even the dreams of the prophets, prophets like in a universe now so in the dream that is in a stars 11 Stars sun and moon they are bowing to him by does not mean that it meant something else. The professor Sun dream that you're drinking milk might not milk it milk knowledge to people seen that dream something better than other means even the proper messenger. Our dreams really are in something you know, most times

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They're not true. Sometimes they're true. But then we have to know the meaning we don't know the meaning. So what we know from the Quran is that unbelievers, those who enter to hellfire, Allah said the punishment will never decrease. Quran said punishment will never decrease punishment it will keep growing all the time. So if in a dream says the punishment is decreasing, then dream is not right. It has another meaning because only believers when they enter to her for their punishment is not going to decrease, increase, except somebody who dies as a believer. And then he is in the in the Hellfire for a punishment of the since some minor major since, yeah, they will be lighter

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punishment or they can come out but unbelievers you know, the punishment and never can be lightened. So don't, you know, judge on the basis of any dream, and nothing really that will have died? You know, law? No, we are not judge. I don't really think why people should worry about Ebola and other people, we should worry about ourselves, you know, what will happen to us? You know, when we die, how are we going to die the believers or not, this should be more worrying than Ebola. Our smallest sin sin for us should be more worrying than the biggest sin done by Abu Lahab. So don't worry, water will hover first Allah knows the best.

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Okay, let's take the next question. Again, this question is quite interesting. How do we explain Hadith or Anneke verses on Shiva with various things such as honey black seed Rokia within 30 hands so on, when it doesn't work in every condition or illness?

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First thing really no treatment can work for in every condition all the time anyway. No, no treatment, the worry like that. So even if it comes down to Hadith, it will be the same thing I think can work for every treatment. The prophets Allah nucynta is a medical doctor or something like that he the messenger he has to guide people the path which can lead them to paradise and save the from hellfire that what he came, but you know, when he was in his time, he did their best to follow the best way like eating drinking medical treatment of their people. So whatever medical treatment Professor Latham has used it or of that what ours had been using, same his food, halal food is a

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revelation for us. But you know, the, the way they cooked our culture, if you cook differently, they're fine to Biloxi honey, they were used, you know, in those days so much. And some of these still have, you know, benefits. But I advise people that you can use this thing, but if you have got any severe illness, then go to your doctor, your time, your space, you know, and they will you know, listen to them, that will deliver should do but something small, maybe you can follow some of these things, they can be helpful, but something bigger, you should go to Doc proper doctor of your time, and that what a prophet would have done if they have been our time. The professor Lala, people ask I

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shed a lot on her. How do you know so much about the medical treatments that she said the professors used to fall ill and the doctors are of doctors used to come from everywhere and prescribe for him that how I learned to see the powers I used to consult the specialists of his time. Same thing we should do don't make medical treatment. You know the way the profit either religion, treatment is a religion, people should treat themselves but not the same one can afford the product I used to eat a theory then our foods now viewed differently by to Harar either you Talal is to follow the Sonata proselytism.

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So Jeff, would you say this still benefit in in still doing things listed in this question as well as

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I think this would be benefit coalminer because people have different nature different ways even indoors, it is not every medical treatment will be good for every single person. It for some people like honey, some people cannot digest it, it is not good for them. So it depends how people are you know, they should concert by

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like reward.

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No, there's been no reward in following the process and it will start you know, having the food or the proper studies or something like that. You get rewarded because you follow hallelujah. But not because you need three except if it is because you love the Prophet sallallahu Sallam yeah then you got to vote for the for the love not for ETS read. Oh, oh, this medical treatment because you love the love of the professor Latham is Alibaba that does different matter. But I advise you the love the prophets Allah Allah Silla in the big thing like his character see the miners not hurting anybody not harming anybody. Don't you know you don't need to do that of course a dig these people

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used to follow him into Alibaba you know, for the purpose that He came now people want to follow the profit in *

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seafood and honey and distinct that nothing in anybody can do these things. But to have a character like that control your anger to your temper in don't hurt anybody don't hurt, don't harm anybody. These are the big things you get so much reward for that

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apologies Yeah. Hi, I was muted at exactly. Inshallah we'll try and take one or two more questions. Let's take this question from Southern club.

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What's fatwa would you give to those in professions where they may have to do things which are against Islam, for example, doctors and psychiatrist that have to deal with patient want to do out on things

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you know, you know,

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when are employed by someone, you do what what requirement is there you don't impose your religion on the people you are not doing what you want you know, haram, somebody was haram, you know, like you can see, you know, the Muslims used to work for the Jews in Medina, and many business of that use used to be haram, they don't get seen for that even now, you know, what am I doing fatwa in India,

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that Muslims can work in the banks. And you know, and one of the big thing in the banks is, you know, projects on on the usury interest

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that allowed so when you work for someone you are not responsible for you know, everything that they do, if you have choices don't do if you don't have choice and part of your job, you know, you can do sublet, for example, you know, somebody hires your taxi and he takes a wine or haram thing on the taxi to his place you he pays your

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you know, fair, that's fine you know up to him what you do you do not ask him to table wine or something like that you are not responsible. Same with teachers or doctors, any people sometimes they are required to teach or some or involve stunting, which is not allowed in Islam. To me, they don't do with their own choice, it is just because of the job, then they will be allowed Inshallah, I hope Allah will forgive them and they should ask Allah to forgive, we should ask Allah to forgive us all the time anyway.

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He's aka chef, I think we will end it there and shall lessons is nearly 613 We just have a quick announcement. But she's Aquila home everyone for joining us and share for joining us again and giving us your time. Just quickly if you give me one moment we are very excited to announce something new that we haven't done for quite a while now. So for those of you that are tired of joining us on Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and zoom, tired of all these online platforms and kind of want to miss having an on site atmosphere, seeing your teachers seeing your classmates

00:27:52--> 00:28:38

inshallah we are holding a student retreat next month in December inshallah this will be with Jeff icon this will be with our with our teachers at SLM Institute, and SLM students, anyone who's familiar with us is more than welcome to join us. The date will be from the 16th of December to the 19th of December, and it will be held in Leicestershire. So anyone who is interested, please do head I will put the URL on the screen and shall lights forward slash students retreat and you can find out more we're already practically booking out of booking our dorms. So assisters dorms are now fully booked. We still have other dorms for the brothers. And we also have external

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accommodation available and registration will close in five days in sha Allah so please go on to our social media see our recent posts and head on to the URL that I will put on the screen now. And we will see you next week Inshallah, same day, same time. I said I want to come everyone