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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the story of a man who became angry and went to work in a shaytani machine and eventually left the machine and went to a restaurant. Moosa retweeted Elisa Lam's statement about not meeting minimum requirements to join a class and gives her permission to join. Moosa later tells Moosa that she has a caliber and gives her permission to join the class. The transcript also describes the importance of staying in a hotel for two days to avoid hospitality and rebuilding a wall by himself. The segment also discusses the characteristics of the game and its characteristics of the players.
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Are we live in a shaytani rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala COVID mursaleen say Dr. Mohammed no Allah Allah, he was a vegetarian My beloved brothers in Islam Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh

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Alhamdulillah we are on nights number 20 of Ramadan. And if we were consistent throughout the month in that is what 600 Records 400 records of, of tarawih and

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eight 800 suits Pinilla, that's a lot of eBay a lot smarter except from us. And those four days of fasting as well. But we're really entering now we said the business end of the month, the most important part of the month, these last 10 nights, the Prophet peace upon him because he's so now to exert himself even more in these last 10 nights. He would make it decaf, come to the masjid and live basically in the masjid. And he would stay up the entire night and never no other time during the year two, the professor lamb forsake sleeping, you would always sleep every single night he slept, and he made that joke. But in the last 10 nights of Ramadan starting from the 21st night, he would

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he wouldn't sleep, and I shut up the alarm would say that he would tighten the belt, what it could mean become serious meaning more like you know, rolling up your sleeves, meaning becoming serious. Or it could mean he stayed away from conjugal relations, no time for this kind of stuff. And he would we keep his family up as well. And he would spend the whole night up in Nevada, and I shut the alarm off the property. So funny what's the best way I can make for later to cover and we know that which we always recite a lot of inika foun to HIPAA law, our law, you are the old pardoning the laser, you love to erase the sense so it is all our sins, this is the highest form of forgiveness.

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Afu is the highest form of forgiveness. So when in which every free moment we have in traffic sitting at our desk, sitting standing in the queue, whatever it might be, recite this door over and over and over. And if you can, I know we're all working on hamdulillah

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if you can, in the evenings have an extra bit extra half an hour of gadget, and remember the home and you those who have passed away as well. This is very much the job time so make dua for all of us, Allah accept and grant us the strength to achieve it. That night of 1000 months, the next week and a half Allah grants I mean,

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we continue with our journey with NaVi mucilage salaam and Elisa to Salaam. So maybe Musa was told about this man that will teach him knowledge which he did not know, initially. So he retweeted Elisa Lam, he This is now I don't think you are ready for this gloss. You don't have you know you don't meet the minimum requirements to come into this class. And Moosa insists please, please let me come with you in sha Allah, I'll be patient, and I will disobey you. So here's my one rule. Don't ask me questions, no questions until I tell you what, I speak about it first. So musallam says I accept. So the two of them we said they boarded a ship that across the river, and this ship belonged to a poor

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poor group of fishermen, very, very poor people. And out of the kindness they allowed moose and fiddled with strangers to them, shame you need to cross the river come you can get on our ship. We don't charge you anything. And he repays this kindness by damaging the ship. And moose obviously gets so shocked and he says How could you do this? This is something evil. I've you you want that you could cause people to drown. So he did said, basically strike one I told you, you don't have the patience to be with me. So then they got off the boat and this is where we stopped yesterday, and we Mussa and they got off the boat and they're walking along the coast and a young boy napoca Lafayette

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comes close to him and federalized Salaam, basically snaps his neck kills this young boy, Moosa forgot the first time he's promised now he didn't forget. And he challenged his teacher, he said this what you did is shaped a new crowd, this is a monstrosity, how could you have done this? How could you kill an innocent person? And he the Elisa Lam becoming? This is the beginning of the next juice. This is 16 years later, this is called a calaca. Did I not say to you, there's an extra locker, that you won't have patience with me, you're not going to be patient with me. So maybe Moses is fine. If I asked you anything after this, then you have my I give you permission that you can

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separate from me. Right? So I give you permission and the Prophet peace upon him says,

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Well, I have mercy on Moosa. If only he could be a little bit patient, when you would have seen many wondrous things from his lab, and this condition. He didn't say that this is your last strike, but you only have three questions and you're expelled from the school. Moosa put this in on himself Why? Because he felt so embarrassed and clearly both of them are in the show, despite all the ambia they have the personalities, and sometimes the personalities don't always agree. And yeah, you can clearly see there's a clash between student teacher, the styles don't gel, but Moosa says last chance for me. If I do anything, if I cross the line again, then you have my permission. You can

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expel me from the school from Baraka so they continued on either Acharya Correa desta balmaha for about a UD fumar for a fee * Radha new reader for Acoma, Carlos de la jolla.

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I think the slides there might be an issue. But so they come to the city later and musallam they come to a city and Musa Firstly, how long has he been traveling, he's been traveling, searching for his, when he's been traveling with him. Now he's very, very exhausted. He's tired. He's also been, he's on a journey. He's on a mission. So he's also been traveling, he's not from this area. So it's maybe late at night. These two prophets of Allah, they come to a city, and they ask them for something just

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to ambia these are the two holiest people on earth, they knocking on the door sticky brought something Can you give me something to think about? Not one cent in the pockets between the two of them, they don't have a cent, you know, SubhanAllah. And they asked these people, and the town didn't only say no, the town was very rude to them. They didn't give them any kind of hospitality. Even some of them are mentioned, it was the custom that they would be a communal, well, in these kind of towns that the animals the travelers would come through, you could drink from the communal well, even this didn't allow them. They didn't give them anything. So they're tired, they're

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exhausted, they're hungry, and the town treated them terribly. So they leave the only way leaving the town and as they're about to exit the town. Allah says for watching if he had cheated on you would

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they pause they saw a wall that is beautiful in the in the iosys. you redo a young kata, it's it was it felt like collapsing the wall wants to collapse, meaning it's on the verge of collapsing. So he did in easy stop. And he starts unpacking the bricks, and he starts rebuilding this wall brick by brick. You know, obviously I've taken some hours, every Mussa This is really testing his patience. Now, you know, he's really a man that he acknowledged Look, I make the other Allah gives me patience. Maybe that's not my strength, being patient. But now after all this and in this town was so bad to us. And he's watching Peter building this wall up hours and hours go by. And Moosa doesn't

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embrace things. Don't ask me a question. Moosa, almost like basically mumbles we cease coming.

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You could have asked for maybe some money, we could have had something you could have asked me maybe even mumble that he could like, thought out aloud, you could have taken some money for this oven, we could have had something to speak. He This is called a pharaoh Khamenei rabbinic This is the potting place between me and you. So you can be really mad at Sabra. But I will tell you about the things that you did not have the patience to so I will tell you about the things why I did those things. Side note here before we continue. It's it's in our Sharia that if a visitor an outsider comes to our city, I will show here as a communal requirement, we need to provide an a traveler with three

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days hospitality someone else this person doesn't place to stay for three days, the community has to put him up some way put up some way. One of those three days you have to give extra amount of hospitality and for the other two days of the three you give them normal treatment as you treat yourself and if a traveler comes and they don't find any hospitality, then we're all sinners, all of us are sinners. So this is like a photo Keef is a beautiful thing in our Sharia. So, so he did analysis, I will tell you, I will tell you about the why I did those things. Why damage the ship? Why kill the boy Bible this will also there's a beautiful symmetry. Remember

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yuja forgot, he forgot about the fish. So they had to retrace the steps. Moosa forgot about his promises. Now that retrace the steps back go back in the story and tell them each go step by step in the past so we can mention the story. So as Selena Felix is Emma Safina as for the ship, again at Lima Sakina, it belonged to a group of miskeen people. Another side note here, we the one surah calf had no low so far so far, if you follow the pseudocode we said you have no laws in terms of how to make sada how to play soccer, nothing from fake perspective, except the cya. Does anyone know? I must have enough mechanically my second, what in May can we derive is a pfic benefit. This is aka

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benefit taenia.

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Now I want to throw a stab at it. No matter what you're learning pseudogap don't speak without knowledge. So you don't even guess Alhamdulillah that's good. In in Dhaka, right in the lows of Zika. There are eight types of people that can get Zika. The first get the first two categories are Li fukada, when we scheme for the poor and the needy for the fukada, the flaky and the miskeen, the poor and the needy. Now you might ask, what's the difference between the two faqeer and miskeen? What's the difference? Allah puts them as two separate categories.

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The 13 is actually poorer than the miskeen. So the miskeen is a poor person who can't make ends meet the Valkyries even poorer than that, how do we know this? Allah says in the Quran, these fishermen when we scheme, they were poor, but the ownership, the ownership, so they had some kind of assets, and they just barely struggling to live off the assets under some some some beautiful analogy beautiful

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Understanding. So these were a bunch of poor people, but they only ship. So finances. As for the ship, it belonged to a group of poor people, fishermen, Yama, Luna feedbackly, working in the sea, for up to an hour Eva, I wanted to damage it, what kind of medical philosophy

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and I wanted to damage it. Why? Because coming along, there's going to be a king, that he's grabbing all the ships and taking into his fleet. So any ship he comes by, that was seaworthy, he would grab it, he will repossess it, maybe even kill the people. And he would make it part of the fleet. So by further damaging this boat, when the king captures the boat, he will see if this boat is damaged, is not worth me taking and he would leave this boat on its side. Now we'll end up with this with this think about this beautiful thing. How do you think the fishermen felt after they laid these two shakes on the boat for free? And then when the ships get over, they see these guys actually broke

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our boat swannanoa how upset were they they already poor? Now the boat guys doesn't even work, they would have been very upset. And they might even ask you Allah, why, why, why, and then how they felt when the king actually grabbed the boat. And he saw the damage. And he said, let him go, I don't want this book, we would have saved their lives. So we at times we are afflicted with calamity. And we don't know the reason behind it. We don't know why Allah caused us to have this minor accident it could have predicted us or a major accident. We don't know why Allah, you know, I didn't get this promotion, maybe to prepare us for something even better. This is the color of Allah. Also a

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beautiful, beautiful point that I ended for this point, lovely point.

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The poor people were generous with a ship. So I must save the ship. If they were not generous with a ship, he didn't have been on the boat and he wouldn't have damaged it and have lost it. So if you want Baraka in something in your life, you want Baraka in your wealth, Baraka in your call Baraka in your business, make that thing the source of sadaqa you give sadaqa out of that asset, or out of that thing and allows you to put Baraka in that beautiful, beautiful thing, that your assets or your blessings are protected through giving sadaqa or using it for a proper cause. So these poor people were saved through the charity and Allah kept the boat safe, small this small damage but save the

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boat. inshallah tomorrow we'll continue with the other two stories why the boy was killed and why he did both this will share a lot Allah as for this evenings, questions, or yesterday, we asked which color is associated with hidden, we said his name means green, the Green Man basically hidden, so it means green. And we asked to even discuss this who is poorer than the skin or the fakir whisperer, the miskeen or the fatigue, which one of the two is Porter quite easy to discuss. Because aka Lafave Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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