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AI: Summary © The radio show discusses the importance of finding the right person and not just getting one, as well as the struggles of finding knowledge in the public and the importance of effort in achieving success. The story of the man who travels around the world and becomes the biggest oma in history is discussed, along with the importance of knowledge and learning. The group discusses various topics including history, business, and personal experiences, as well as a quiz and prize for young people to receive their work.
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Avila rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala

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Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi mehreen our beloved brothers in Islam salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu.

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And to all the listeners on Radio 76 Assalamualaikum to you as well. Yes, we live, behave, please, guys.

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Alhamdulillah Welcome to brand Islam, Masjid, and

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we are doing a Tafseer of sutra caf. We've been doing this throughout the month. But before we get into the Tafseer of this evenings if we receive questions, and we'd like to answer some of those questions, so today, I received two questions. The first actually came from my wife this evening. Most of the time I study at the masjid, which is wonderful, but 100 on weekends, I get to start with her. So we haven't started together and we're listening to the rain outside. We praise and thank Allah for the rain. And she asked me something which quite moving. She said, her father, my father in law passed away about two and a half months ago, Allah guarantee my place in general. And she

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says, you know, when you think about our qualities, what must it be like in the cupboard? And all of us, we've got other grandparents, you've got parents, grandparents have passed away, relatives, family members, my all of them, all of them have peace and Rama and mercy in the cupboard. But we'll see what would it be like in the cupboard. The one comforting thing that we have that we know the Hadith, that for those of us who possibly the ghosts of our relatives have passed away and the good Eman before they even buried before that with the janazah gets to the cemetery. They already say bury me bury me, they would prefer the copper to the dunya they wouldn't want to come back none of

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our dead relatives would want to come back to this dunya wherever they are in the buzzer, they're in a better place to own that only one to come back to do more either. To do fast another day to make another tattooed solder. To be in this man that's the only thing we want to do is to increase the garden that they currently have. So we ask a lot to bless all those who are in the graves as we are making to offer them if they feel it's vanilla, there's a hadith that says a man will come on kiama and you'll be shocked to see that he would say he has his ally didn't do all of this how do I get these rewards and it will be said it was the deeds your kids your offspring did on your behalf so in

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Ramadan make time as well as we make dua for the oma make dua for those who have passed away they Potter as well. I mean, second question from the old to the young Daddy has concerned for the US if I change the nappy of my my kids does it break my widow obviously some Nigerian would touch my skin and this is the most critical opinion here is that no touching the gesture urine pool will not break you. However if you touch the private parts this would break you do not usually I can gauge when the person likes the answer. They get output you'll be happy. It was good. This didn't look too happy. I think he was using the excuse. I need to go travi I can't change the nappy beagles are gonna break

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my window. Another daddy's must change the nappies as well and hamdulillah getting onto this evening's seed of pseudo calf. If we remember if we begin the suit The suit was revealed Why? Because the rabbi's of Medina asked the prophets of Salaam questions that asked him about the rule. And two stories the story of the people of the cave which we spoke about, and the story of the man who traveled around the world as Luke Courtney will speak about his story inshallah and a few days, but Allah instead of answering the two stories, he gave us four stories and certain calf. One story. one extra story was the man with the two gardens. Now that story was for the machete king who said

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we can't follow this religion. Why? Because there are people like Bilal the slaves, they are the orphans, we couldn't be in the same religion as them. So Allah mentioned the fitna of wealth. That Allah adds another story about Nabil Moosa that the peninsula you didn't know about something about Dana B, they did not know about and what is the link here, that when he saw he always took this position, we can't follow your religion. We are the people of knowledge, we are the people of the book, you don't have knowledge. So Allah will show a story, we move to La, la salud Salaam is basically put into school that way, this new knowledge that even moves I didn't have maybe Moosa

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submits himself to this knowledge, that keytab as Allah says, your knowledge is a blessing. And it's not just a keytab it's really your lemma, the Messiah if and anyone who has knowledge, your knowledge is a blessing, but like wealth, if it makes you haughty, if it makes you arrogant, when it's like that donkey that carries heavy books, then it's a curse, it's actually a curse against you. So Allah is saying that we submit to knowledge wherever it comes from, like in Abu Musa, like this great Navy Navy Masonic to slam, the most mentioned prophet in the Quran, the man who Allah spoke to directly he didn't receive intermediary through God. Allah spoke to him verbally way in a

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way that is befitting all His Majesty. Let me move at this point in time even though he brought me brought him as a high high level that removes as the biggest oma at in his time that he has the most complete Sharia right so we understand who musasa is right we know he's McCollum his position. So before we get into the story is a hadith is many Hadith about the story we find in Mohali, so the Prophet peace upon him tells us so Salaam tells us

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Once Libby Moosa gave a good sermon and the Vanessa l will remove the crying and the hearts were shaking. It gave a very powerful hook. And when the football was done, a man from a nice lady walks up. All right, and you can see this man is asking questions not for the sake of taqwa, he goes to the Messiah. And he says, she have a very important question, which is okay, what question Do you have a look at his question. He says,

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No, I want to know, is there anyone smarter than you? Is there anyone that has more knowledge than you? What kind of question is this vanilla? Obviously, the noise, nobody moves up. And then we move to Sam, he responds and says, There is no one more knowledgeable than me. There is no one more knowledgeable than me, right in the people in the dunya, obviously, and from his perspective, we can understand if you were to ask who's the most knowledgeable person who would have said let me Moosa as well, but this was not be forgotten, but this was not befitting for me have a lot to say. So Allah sends you down immediately, and says to me Moosa, you spoke without knowledge now throughout

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Soraka How many times have we picked up the theme of the reasons of fitna when people have knowledge speaking quickly, when people discuss things without knowledge, this is part of fitna the MBR are not allowed to say anything without checking 100% So Allah says do not be Musa via video you that you have your position yes but the somebody out there that has knowledge that you don't have the someone out there who has knowledge which you don't have. So whenever he moves out he immediately asked Allah give me permission give me leave, so that I may find this man and I may learn from him. Now understand how big a request this is. Maybe muscle if these people only one time to go speak to

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Allah to go and get the Torah on the mountain for 14 days. When he came back What were they doing? They were worshipping an idol right so now the Messiah knows I can't leave these guys with a you know alone I need to be the I need to watch them all the time the minute I'm gone, you know, bad things happen. But now he is the someone out there that has some knowledge I don't have any CCR Allah give me permission to go and find this man give me leave he makes Do I need to learn from this man look at the desire to learn and he speaks to Allah directly. This is the man that speaks to Allah directly says I will leave my position as an AVI basically with my alma to go and be a student

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of this man. So Allah now begins the students will recap. Allah says, Allah musante Fatah who, when Moses said to his servant boy, a boy that was with him his apprentice, basically, the fighter who said I'd be Moosa and he's young apprentice, they are working together.

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Mr. barrini Moosa is frustrated, he sees a lot told him he will not be musasa Allah, we when I find this man that will give me knowledge. Allah says, you will find him at the meeting place of two oceans with two oceans meet. That's where you meet him, you will find him and take with you a fish carry this fish with you. It'll be assigned. So that we Moosa had this young boy with the Moses young boy, does anybody know? Right? Right. So this young person yuja even when Joshua Prophet Joshua is with him, and maybe Musa sister in Abuja is not an Ibiza young young lad. Keep this fish I don't want to burden you just keep this fish you can come with me and he's obviously Yeah, maybe Can

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I go with you? Can I go with you so that you can come with me so that we move on to talk about walking and he's not frustrated? Looking? We is this place? Where is this guy I'm supposed to meet and be Moses's. I will not give up traveling until I reach the place where the two oceans meet, or I will spend years years in traveling I won't stop looking for this knowledge, even if it takes me years decades, my whole life I will keep traveling until I find this person. All right. Also, we find insolence part of the commitment of the knowledge of the of the of the MBA, this is a man shows you that Allah subhanho wa Taala the greatest blessing of the man is knowledge, you will not get to

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get it for free, even musalla to slum he needs to work together to travel in search of knowledge, he needs to go look for it. And that's where Allah subhanaw taala says that he raises up those who have Eman and those who have knowledge that object levels. Everyone is born. As we said so many times you can be born with wealth and power. But you will not be born with knowledge. Knowledge requires effort. You need to search for the cuticle look for it. So I'm gonna come to you even a bit looser. So then Allah says Fatima majima Nima, when the two of them passed the point that they were supposed to meet this teacher next year who dama de Bella who feel Buhari sarada so they got to a point. This

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is the meeting point. They got to the spot, and they fell asleep while they were sleeping. Usually I was awake, the young boy was awake and the fish started to move and the fish jumped into the into the ocean into the sea and it made a tunnel. It would appear that it parted the sea. But I mean Moosa was sleeping and usually Salaam didn't want to wake them up. So we're gonna be moussaka PC comm is continue working and they continue working. And if you forgot to tell maybe Miuccia Prada manager was so after that walk now for another long day, a day and a half walking

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But imagine I was a quarterly innovator and an academic economist

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who says, Come, I'm so tired. I'm so frustrated. Give me our lunch. Now let's sit and eat because they've been working a long time. And only then did you realize that I forgot the fish. Usually I had one job, just keep this fish when something happens, let me know. Now they booked for 24 hours. And he realizes Oh, I forgot to tell nobody Mussa. Right so this is so useless is caught away that Asakura Do you remember when he was sleeping on the rock? for Indian food, I forgot about the fish. warm and sunny lay down on the corner underscore and only shaytaan made me forget Satan's fault. It's not my fault right

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below. And you know what it actually now Come to think of it this fish actually jumped in the ocean. And it made a very strange path in the sea. Right? Side note here.

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We need young people this museum boy, this you shall be known. He had one job. Look at the fish and even though he slipped up sometimes on committees on on organizations, we really lucked into the young people in because you know, we give them one task when we find them chatting on the phone and we finally forget our patients, but who this young man grew up to be, what's he going to do? What's the great thing that you shall do? He would liberate Palestine, right? Maybe Moosa didn't get to into Jerusalem, this young boy will grow up to be nebby Joshua, and he will liberate Palestine. Alright, so this is the title Do we need to be patient with our young people and they will make the

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mistakes they will make the mistakes, but they will grow up following the following the footsteps near again a very good example. Our young people, this man followed the footsteps of the Navy, and he walked any carry the bags, not very glamorous job carrying this fish. But Subhanallah one day he would be then I'd be of Allah so that he moves and says that's what we were supposed to get. So let's go back. karateka couldn't and that was what we were looking for all along for that data. 13 costs are so the retrace the steps foot step by step. They went all the way back. But watch the abdomen a ballerina, Tina Mina who alumna whom in Laguna and the on the place that we Moosa and

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Lucia, they find Allah says a slave from one of my servants, to you, no matter mean that we gave him Rama from us, meaning Deena, lm Nami, Luna. And we also gave him a very, very secret kind of knowledge. So Allah says, I gave him mercy, special mercy and a very, very special knowledge will endure for this

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beautiful Allah says, This man had mercy and knowledge and Allah saying that if you have mercy only without knowledge, you're good person. But if you have knowledge without mercy is of no use. You need to have a combination. So Allah says this man who ever found year he has knowledge and mercy from Allah, and a very very special kind of knowledge. We'll talk tomorrow inshallah further about one study, Musa interacts with us this great man.

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So let's jump quickly to our quiz for the evening. For those of us who are on the radio waves is a Sunni Islam of the every after every lecture, we have a quiz. And you can actually join the quiz now online. If you go to burano.org. Today, we'll have a question and you can answer the question. And on Sundays, we have a prize giving so you can log on online and you can get the quiz as well. And you'll get the audios and the lecture. So tonight so last night's question was what chapter number is

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sort of recap which chapter is it? chapter number 18. And tonight's question, which Navy stop the sun? Now?

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How does this link to our discussion a lot of times there's a hypothesis, then a B, then a B that there was an A B of bunnies or an eel that fought in to conquer Jerusalem, and he had until sunset to win the battle. And as the sun was about to sit this Navy may do it sisters to Allah, Allah pulls the sun that eat this webiste to the sun. You are a servant of Allah and I'm a servant of Allah I have a job to do you have a job to do. So give me one hour I love it the sun stopped one hour and the sun post and this Navy conquered Jerusalem. So we spoke about him Who is he is gonna be Musa is gonna be Lucia is gonna be hidden is gonna be in Malaysia to Salem. Right? So answer the questions

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for those in the budget the cards you have online until tomorrow evening to answer this and then we'll do a prize giving. If you'd like to receive these lectures, you can message us on oh eight four, triple 2138 or wait for triple 2138 and you'll get these lectures updated regularly on email [email protected] also tomorrow insha Allah of the lower we have the Battle of buzzer we're going to do the Battle of the greatest battle in Islam greatest Battle of all time, the Battle of butter. We'll be discussing it here in sha Allah have to do it but on the slot machine. I mean last just a few notices, fit raw footage and video Tigran and in the marathon. Next week, next week, Thursday or

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the day before eight inshallah. We will cooking pots of food for the poor and the needy, and we invite you as a family, not just one person but you as a family contribute to one pot. So 3000 Rand will portion of that.

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As your family you can cook up the food for poor people they have eat, what a wonderful thing to do. And then we'll begin our PML program. Of course nine on Monday evening Sharla we have a few nice coura lined up. So half past nine. Monday evening we'll begin our beginner chemo program sokola Hey, see you tomorrow inshallah Salaam Alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh