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How the reliable A*aka rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala COVID Mursaleen sadism Hamid Nhuan early he was a big Marine, our beloved brother and sister Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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the hamlet of bloglovin appraisement to Allah subhanaw taala and to Allah Allah Allah Allah with a witness and testify that is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala obviously no greetings and salutations. So beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, whose price and pure family whose companions and all those are follows from until the end of time, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, to grant us safety and security and prosperity in this dunya and to be in a companionship with enemies also live in the era. Meanwhile, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah I hope all of you had a blessing eat.

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At Eid, Mubarak belated Eid Mubarak and Spinalonga. It was a difficult eat, of course, because on the one hand, we are celebrating the completion of Ramadan, and our activity by that we ask Allah to accept and to grant us the steadfastness that we continue in the new year in the in the new month of Shawwal. But at the same time, can't have eat when 1 million Muslims are locked up in China. We have million Muslims in Burma, Rohingya being kicked out of the country, millions, not just one millions in Syria, in Yemen, are struggling,

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or being bombed. And then of course, you know, very relevant now, of course, the bombing of our brothers and sisters in Gaza, and much Luxa being under attack. So it was a Ramadan, that was an aid that was not fully celebrated. And we ask Allah to make easy for all those who are going through difficulty, whatever difficulty in the dunya I mean, and it's only fitting that our new series posts Ramadan has to be focused on Palestine and all the oppressed people in the world. And we did a series on the wiggers in China, and we should revise those those lectures, we did a series on Syria, a series on India, what's happening in India, because it's a very similar government, like the

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Israeli government, we have a government in India, which the same sidenote, we are entering a very dangerous time, politically throughout the world.

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The last time we saw these things happening was before World War One, where you have people governments that are racist, supremacist, apartheid, like governments, we have a government like that in Israel. We have a government like that in India, we have governments throughout Europe. And this is when you have that mentality, where you believe you're superior to another race. That's how you can kill 6 million Jews and not feel bad about it. That's how you can bomb children, because these are not human beings that you're killing. These are animals or less than animals. And so throughout the world, we have this thing that is moving very dangerous, in the name of religion or

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whatever it might be. And spine, Allah, we ask Allah for safety and security in these times. And so the state of the Ummah, it is said hon Allah, that we have 57 Muslim countries, we have a UN organization, parallel to the UN, the UN, the United Nations, we have an organization called the IC, O IC, but they don't see anything spine, Allah 57 Muslim countries, 5757 presidents and kings 57 armies, we are the spine, Allah, we are the one point whatever billion Muslims almost 25 one quarter of the world is Muslim. And we are bossed around by a population of a few million people. And wherever it is, from China, as we say to the rest of the world, we can't say anything, we don't even

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see a statement to see anything, let alone you know, a shot being fired. And so that's the sad state of the of the Ummah, where we are, and what can we do we all feel frustrated, we feel angry, and we maybe see a post on Facebook, on social media, we have Palestinian flag and make dua, but what else can we go beyond that? And so Alhamdulillah The first thing is to feel bad, is an indication of iman, if you didn't feel bad, then you should really be worried. Because then a visa Salam, the Hadith as we all know, he said, The likeness, the parable of the believers in the affection and mercy and compassion for each other is that of one body. When one limb, one part of the body is

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injured, the entire body is sleepless, the entire body is not happy. And it suffers from the fever. You know, he could have said, we are one family.

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You could have said one family but he didn't say one family because you can have your brother is starving and you're eating fine. One brother is in hospital but you're healthy. But there's no way that if your finger is broken, that you won't feel overall bad. And so the visa Salam has made it such that we cannot separate ourselves from the Ummah and if you do not feel bad, then you're not part of the body. Spinalonga kind of saying that if you don't feel bad, when you're not part of the body, if you don't feel something inside, then you're a part of this body and our handy life. We felt a little bit of pain and fatigue and anger, frustration, and that is good. But what can we do

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now? What can we do now and always

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When we look for answers before we go to the presidents in Iran you're gonna find much answers the, the word Mr. Or the academics. The first port of call is the Quran and the Sunnah. Go back to the Quran and Sunnah. And does Allah subhanho wa Taala teach us about lessons about the reality that we're living in? And when you look through the Quran and the Sunnah,

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you know, perhaps the most relevant moments and the idea that we will have many of the ideas that you hear while passing will be heavily la Jamia, what are these? What is the context of these if these ideas were revealed? After the second worst day in the life of enemies or Salam, then abbyson Second was the second was why I should also not be so solemn. Was there ever a day more difficult for you than the Battle of order? Is there a reason is it yes, the day that was worse than Oh, it was the day after? If so Tarik was the worst. And we were gonna talk about life. So the second was the was the Battle of Wuhan, the defeat of the Muslims at the Battle of boyhood, and the Muslims,

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they have an abbey they have Sahaba they have the Quran they have sunnah and they lost and the enemies were worshipping other than Allah one. How do we deal with this? And where do we go from the off the being hurts even the resources on being hurts we do we move from the injured Can we move on from the and so it is in that context, we're going to start a series on Palestine but we begin Inshallah, this week and maybe next weekend, a little further talking about the Battle of or hurt and the ayat that were revealed and then inshallah we'll talk more about Palestine and more specific things today. Now it's very interesting also, we mentioned the Battle of buzzer in our series in

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we've mentioned it slightly in our series about Nabi Musa in Ramadan. Why, because the Battle of butter was in Ramadan, and Subhan Allah, there's something special about Ramadan in that's perhaps many of the great victories, the conquest of Spain.

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The conquest of Naka, Battle of butter all happened in Ramadan. So there's a special Baraka in the month of Ramadan, and a year after the Muslims defeated the Qureshi in Ramadan, the year before second Hegira. And so immediately after the defeat, the Qureshi already started planning for round two. And it was a year after Ramadan one year in the month of Shawwal. So we're really at the anniversary of the backlog or heard or heard is the 17th or the 15th of Chawan. So we will actually commemorating the anniversary of the Battle of boyhood in the month of Chawan. So after the Battle of butter, and this is think of it now in the relevance of what we sing in the world. Allah says in

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the Lavina Cafaro, that of the kuffaar of the disbelievers human free Kona and wallah whom Leah Leah should do and Sabina Allah, they spend their wealth and they use all the resources as a means to hinder others or to fight against the path of Allah. Then we see that military deals arms weapons or for the sake of hindering the path of Allah. So what does Allah say about them? As a human Fukunaga, they will continue spending it, they won't spend it so much Hakuna Allah him has written to my loved one, but Allah says it will be a means of regret for them, and they will still be defeated. Allah says all their wealth or their power, or their bombs will have no power in the end. The atomic bombs

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isn't gonna suffice them. Well, Lavina kufra Jana, mule, Sharon, and they will be taken to Jana. So Allah says he's a way of what budgets and weapons and all these things are happening. Allah is fully aware of it. And he says they will spend that and they are better armed than you. But don't lose hope they're going to lose.

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And Allah says Wakayama, Kuru Macron and they plotted and they plan and they schemed, as I'm sure many of you saw Hamdulillah that is a ceasefire. Alright, I'm delighted if you're away, that there is a ceasefire currently, and the bombing is stopped in the past, I haven't changed anything. The reasons for the war hasn't stopped. We can only hope that Alhamdulillah it is the beginning of something new, but at least today, people aren't being bombed. But the many meetings happening right now, what is the next step?

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His we shaytaan the the followers of shaytaan a planning is Allah says we'll call them Makoto that they are devising every plot and scheme. We'll call it a macro macro who are in the Allah He macroom. But Allah is fully aware of the plotting Allah knows what they are planning, where he can encounter macro, let let us zoom in with Japan, that, that in spite of all the planning and scheming not a single one of them, and all they might in power, they couldn't even undo if they work to the mountains, they couldn't do anything to the mountains. So let alone do they think that they can harm Allah Subhan Allah is giving an example. He says there is no power on earth that can get rid of

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Mount Everest, for example. So do they think that they can get rid of Allah subhanaw taala for that asset and Allah luckily for what he so Allah says, so never the stone of us so never think that Allah will fail his promise to the messenger. And by extension, the believers in Allah has even done DICOM and Allah is Most mighty, and he is severe in retribution. When he takes retribution. There is no turning away. And Allah Swaran doesn't do it. He gives them a rope and leeway. And then when he takes

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See, that's it, there's no second chance for this for all of us in our life, we have a moment to get when you cross that line. That's it, there's no coming back. And so Allah says, Do not think that he's his promise, do not give a doubt in his promise. So after the Battle of butter, the plots in the scheme, things that Netanyahu is in the Bidens of that time got together, we need to fight back, we need to go back. And so they plan for the year. And without the Muslims really being away. They heard that a massive army 3000 people of Makkah, were on the way to invade Medina, this was an invasion. This was the purpose of this army was to kill every Muslim, this was the job of the army

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to to wipe Medina off the map. And we will find that the Muslims started off with 1000 men, but actually only 700 of them fought, we'll talk about how, what happened to that 300. So we have 700, again, 3000 plus, right, so the odds are more than four to one. Now, side note here, in the grand scheme of things, these are not big numbers. But 700 Men is really every single able fighting Muslim in the whole world at that time. Because this is an invasion. Now there's no more if you want to fight you can sign up this is we need everyone. And we had many examples of young boys 1112 trying to sneak into the army and then at least we're sending them home. Nope, you're too young, you're too

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young, you can't even older so go and men that were too old, blind to be so you can't fight. So this 700 constitutes the entire Muslim Ummah.

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And they're about to be exterminated. 10 years later, they the superpower of the world,

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700 people 10 years later, is going to be the dominant force on earth. Doesn't matter about numbers, it doesn't matter, we can see we've got the numbers, but nothing. And yet Allah showing, he's going to take this tiny group, throw away in the plan, which he set out, you do your part, you follow the steps, and we'll leave that destination objective is not to be the superpower in the world. But it will be good that we can, we don't get pushed around least that Subhanallah we're going to have the same 700 People who was fighting for survival, they will start a movement that in a few years will end in Spain, and the other side in China. The biggest empire in the world is Panama. And so

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then I recently received the news of this

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army. And he has I'm going to go into all the details here. Matura, as always, he does what should we do? And they agree we should the Sahaba by unanimous can when a person wants to fight in Medina said it's safer. We fight a siege kind of battle. But the Sahaba were very worked up pumped up off the battle. No, no, no, let's not fight behind walls, let's go out and meet them in the field and fight them open battle. That is never a good idea. When you are a small army, it plays into the hands of a bigger army but because the Sahaba felt so strongly about it than me. So Salam said if this is the decision on Sahaba, then we will go and so he went out who said we're going to fight but

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he chose his he's going to choose the strategic point. And then one thing that we don't discuss too much about is his strategic decisions he made this is obviously from Allah's guidance. But there are pieces and I'm chose the most advantageous spot in all of Medina, he knew. Now Medina has a mountain on the one like we have Table Mountain, if you imagine, you know the city bowl. So he chose a spot.

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You know, we can imagine a Table Mountain if he chose a spot at the foot of the mountain mountain of the hood. So your back and your sights are covered. And mixed to this mount next to the big mountain, my job and we had a little hill as well. And so he stationed on that hill arches. And so there was no way in which the Quraysh Could, could basically come around. And so he chose the strategic point. This is where we're going to fight and we would maximize our our numbers. At the morning of the battles panels, 1000 Sahaba sign this is every single man 1000 of them, they get to mount or hold and the battle is about to begin. And then 300 of them on affix, and this is what they

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do. We have a panel on whenever one of the reasons why Allah puts this is one of the Hikmah wisdoms Allah puts us through difficulty so that he can differentiate the full from the good. So we know clearly where people stand. Only when things are tough and odd, to people show the true colors. And here again and in Medina, we had unifix and 300 of them defected on the battlefield, they could have not come which that would have been easier. But imagine it's in view of the enemy. They defected. And so Allah says, why he does, why Allah puts us through hardships, while Yama Lavina nafdac Also he knows that he can be known who are the hypocrites, well, Kedah know Kati, Louisa Villa and when

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he said to them come, and as we say today, there are many we have a panel that we say to them come fight in the path of Allah to defend yourselves. They said, there's not really going to be fighting even if we knew that there was going to be real fighting. We would we would have been

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In the, but we didn't think there was ever going to be fighting how many people are like this today. But even though if we are weaker, that's one thing, but to never pitch up to even side and support the enemy. This is a special level of low. Now we're not going to call anyone when I fix. But one of the true colors of the monastics is when things are tough, they're nowhere to be seen, nowhere to be heard. When the Muslim ummah is in need, you don't hear any from any of them span Allah. So Allah says he does these things to show so that Allah may separate the evil from the good. And he will pile up the Evil Ones altogether, and cost them to jam. So now you know exactly where you stand, you

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know who's on the side, and that side has, this is how Allah subhanaw taala does things. And so we said the prophets of salaam had the strategy. And if you imagine, he put himself in a fortified position so that the Quran could not come from behind him. There's only one side that was exposed. And in this open area, there was a little hill, small hill. And so he put 50 arches on top of that hill. And he said, you make sure the Qureshi does not come from behind us. Because what you back in the day, if you were a small army, the bigger army if they surrounded you how much you lose, because you're fighting the front and the back, you can't do that. So the main objective number one, if

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you're a big army, in circle and come from behind, not going to be so solid and put in a battalion of archers. And he said, you make sure no one comes from behind. And so long as you are there and look at the spatula then at least understood the strategic importance of this. He said to them, and these are the most authentic narrations that we find a better word. He says, please watch this. You stay there no matter what until I give the permission that you come down. Even if you see us winning, you stay there. And even if you see that we lose so much so that our bodies on the floor and the birds are eating, you don't get off that hill. So understood. This was the critical point of

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the of the strategy. So long as the archers were the defending the back they could not be outflanked. And now the archers are stationed 50 of them. He now Subhanallah salatu salam put these Sahaba in rows. And sidenote again, this is the first time battle a battle was the first time the first time that the Arabs fought

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in flanks and with the Rose was by the Nabisco Salam before the Sahaba used to mean the Sahaba the Arabs used to fight like children played rugby. Everyone runs and hits everyone right there is no positions. So then a visa Salam actually put the Sahaba in rows and made battalions groups and made little groups and each one had their own general and overall standard flagbearer. Musab even no matter the Alon, he was the overall fleet kept the flag of the Muslims and you know, before the battle begins, so now the armies are faced, side by side, right they can see one another and other officers giving a talk to inspire the Sahaba telling about Jana and fighting, I was gonna promise

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you victory and as an extra incentive than at least some took out his sword, the sort of ruffles on them. And he said who wants the sword who's going to take it for wants to fight today with my sword? And everyone is me, me me like putting up the hands. And so then he says, who is going to fight it with the heart of the sword? If you take it, there is a price to pay. And so what I also have an upward agenda. His name is Abu Jana. Jana had a very special turbine and the turbine. He would wait for battle. You know, in the battle you want most people want to be avoided. He would wait a special turbine to stand out. That's it. I'm up with the Jana. If you want me come get me. I'm here. I'm not

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hiding, right this and use wingless, like Rambo. You can read bandana he's wearing like that. And it's up with the Janice's services on there also love what is the price of that sword. So there'll be something you fight to that sword until it breaks meaning you fight until the sword breaks or you break. There is no you don't stop until you die. Or you win. And somebody does it. I'll take it with its luck. I'll take and I'll do it for that for that reason. And so the general the alarm, he gets the sword. And as he walks, he walks with, you know, pumped up, kind of chest out, macho kind of walking, and then it sort of says Allah hates anyone to walk like this, except in a situation like

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this. In times like this. Allah says, That's fine when you show him the strength, because this hurts the crush, and you showing your Iza This is fine but outside of battle, you don't walk like that's fine Allah. And of course before the battle begins, we have a duel we always have a duel on the side of the crush something interesting on the side of the Kurdish time is is going in the Battle of butter. There was a special family, a special family that were given and this is what they had in the community. Each family had a special little you in charge of the Kaaba, the key of the Kaaba, you in charge of giving the whole judge food that especial family. Their job was in battles, so they

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would carry the flag in whenever the police were in battle. So in further the year before they did a bad job. The guy who carried the flag died or anyway and when he dropped the flag. The Army basically fell apart so

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The Qureshi to this group of people listen, but not the dark. Listen, yeah, this family, you guys, let us down in. But if you're not manly enough to do to do the flag job today, give it to us and we'll do it for you. So obviously they, they said, no, no, we'll show you our strength today. And we have 11 of us. We both live in our family and so long as one of us is alive, we'll make sure that flag doesn't fall. And as an added show of our courage, we will nominate one of us to begin the first deal. So before the battle, we have to do like, you know, like David and Goliath, you bring your champion, we bring ours and the two of them fight and we see so we'll bring we will do the duel

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so they brought the best fighter. And when an abyss was asked, Who's going to represent the Muslims as invader, the first man to step forward to say Allah, the Alon, always mobile rasa always said that the specialist he comes out first. And, you know, very quickly, this man, this man is armed to the teeth has all the weapons in Alice Vinick. So Young man, you know, he's in his 20s, maybe young young person, and this man gives one shot. So now the Dodgers and with a quick swipe, cuts the guy's legal for the man falls down. And he's begging and pleading, don't kill me to say that he just leaves him like that just leaves him and doesn't finish it off. And subhanAllah the Dual S was in

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butter. So now he won the duel. And of course, this was the the first point to the Muslims. And so then the battle begins. And we don't know exactly the full

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details. We just know that Muslims inflicted massive casualties on the Kurdish so much so that though that eventually the Muslims were able to not only defeat push the courage out and they fled. Remember we said 10 guys who are that family were carrying the flag, all 10 of them were taken out and that flag eventually fell not a single one. There was no one to pick up again, the flag of the Quraysh fell.

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One also harvested I went I watched Abu to Jana sabudana, getting the sahabi with a red bandana and sort of gonna be Salam. I wanted to see what's he going to do. And he looked for every single wherever there was a tough battle going on, he threw himself in it. And he was fighting throughout the battle causing extensive damage to the courage. And he comes to a person who was encouraging the courage to fight. And we was about to strike this man, he found that it was a lady. In fact, this was him the wife of the general kurush. So they brought their wives with that if you went all the way back

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to get to the wife of the General of the Army. So you imagine how protected she was with a Jana got to her. And he was about to hit her with a sword. And he said, I didn't want to dishonor the sword of the visa with a blood of a woman. We don't kill women. But it's part of it just shows you how the Muslims had managed to push the coalition to the point where their own women were exposed. And they it's run like we are today. As far as we are today. Subhanallah we are women and children are not safe. The Kurdish were like that. And so the Kurdish had fled completely off the Battle of the field and the desert and they left the armor and the animals and they just ran for the lives. And so this

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was a great victory at the beginning of the of the battle.

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Now time goes by the archers have done an excellent job at defending the flank every time the coalition went to the flank. The Archers did the job. And they held the position. And now they get to see the battlefield empty. And all this armor and food and gold and stuff is on the floor. And people are picking it up. And so they discussed the archers are talking 50 of them saying, Look guys, the battle is finished. We won the flag has fallen. Let's go and take our share of the spoils of war the booty. And they began to quarrel. The general the head of Archer said nope. Oh come on, wants to stay. And so half an hour 45 An hour goes by quarterly quarterly quarterly look, nothing is

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happening. No one is coming. And eventually 40 of them desert they lift the position to go and collect the booty. But when this happens, a man who's going to become a great Sahabi Nakia thought and really the greatest general in the time of in the history of the ummah. Most of the lands that we have today, the Middle East is by the grace of Allah, this man called money but this time he wasn't a Muslim. And he saw the error. And he was able to launch a counter attack. And so he took out the 10 arches that were on the hill, and he took possession of this hill. And then he was behind the Muslims now that the Muslims obviously picking up put spoils of war, some of them are running

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and charging, others are all putting relaxing. They already almost started writing and hardening Walid mounts a counter attack and deal significant damage to the Muslims, even killing the flagbearer Musa And subhanAllah then abyssal Salam is in a very difficult situation. He is actually surrounded by cards, men and minion Sahaba said look, we need to get you out of here. You are in danger. And there'll be so Salam screams out the Sahaba said, Oh Muslims, we are you come come back the battle isn't finished. But by doing that he gave his position away. And so now that the Kure see Mohammed Salam is alone. They charge off to him and a few defenders and it's a big scuffle between

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None of us are Salem and a few of his defenders and hearts army and even appears that there'll be some he's killed. Someone dies and it looks like it's gonna be so Salem. And then rumor goes out Muhammad has been killed in the middle of the in the midst of the battle. And many of the Sahaba just dropped the swords and they just three that's it, no need to fight anymore. And this moment is one of the most difficult moments in the history of it we'll talk about that's why I should ask Was this the worst day so there'll be some he's injured. We'll talk more about this next week, an entire reversal of victory. Many Muslims are killed, the Sahaba are running, many thought that at least

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some died and they just threw their arms and the fluids of Halex there's no reason to fight. So Allah mentioned this in iron, we end up with this idea. Allah says to all of us, and this is not just for the battle for all the battles Allah said, what are called Asako Mala Hua Allah says, I fulfilled my promise you Allah promised all of us if we do our job will win. Don't worry about what the enemies are doing. You just do your job, and you will win. So Allah says I gave I fulfilled my promise to you is that was so easy. When you were defeating them with my permission. I gave you victory hat until either official tomb when you show your weakness what and as you started arguing

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with one another, and being divided and fighting over this and fighting over that film, what I say to him, and you disobeyed the command the embodiment or Akuma to hipbone when you saw the things that you love, when you saw this dunya and you started fighting amongst yourselves, you lost your courage, mean Kuma you need to dunya some of you want your objective is the dunya and some of you wish they are Farah some Masada COME ON WHOM libertario come Welaka Alpha Anna. So Allah says that this is the reason why we get defeated. You see the dunya you prioritize the dunya you argue and fight with one another. No Muslim countries standing together, no one's supporting each other ever

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thinking for themselves. And so the battle is lost, it is defeated. And so we'll continue tomorrow or next week in sha Allah, how the Muslims would counter and the reversal of the battle of good and they will continue the CDs insha Allah with Nila circular. Allah said Islam was selling from Nairobi Lovato