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The history and importance of Islam are discussed in a series of segments covering the importance of learning from experiences and lessons learned in one's life. The Hara and salps are also highlighted as important factors in the Islam world. The importance of educating people about the "veril path" and sharing knowledge to avoid suffering from evil is emphasized. The Hara is seen as a symbol of Islam's power, and the importance of practicing it is emphasized.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam. And welcome back to the fifth episode of the seer of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. We left last time as the people were trying to rebuild the Kaaba, but they were afraid to destroy it because of what happened to us. As we recall, that what happened to that allows the pilot to highlight destroyed the army because he was trying to destroy the Kaaba. And that is our belief that allows the panel to protect his Deen and Aqaba being the lateral behind it. And now we know the story of it is that when he did the movie,

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he started to have the strength to dig first. So the people around them did not want to join him what they were looking for, they were waiting for what he didn't mohila to see what happens the immunity after so he started digging, and the waited if something happened to him that he after we will not touch it. But if he came out, he was used as a guinea pig. But if he was safe and sound the following day that they were actually going to help him in digging. So hamdulillah nothing happened to him, but they will still be afraid. So they were digging cautiously and they were calling and saying out Aloma in lm has a lahoma email a message Oh Allah, we have not been led astray, we have

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not been led astray, we want to do the right thing. So now the started to dig till the reach a green stone. It is narrated that somebody was trying to actually dig beneath those great sharp stones, except that a great light illuminating light came beneath it. And the man was almost blinded, and that there was this

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that steel hammer almost flew out. So they knew that this was the foundation, and they left it there. And as you recall, we mentioned that there was a Coptic slave sold, that he was professional in doing the building with that wood, something that was new to them because they used to use mud and clay in order for them to do the building of the Kaaba. And now we said again, that it was a ship just taken out or it had ditched and they use that wood for it. And Allah Subhana Allah made it easy for them. And as you recall, again, they made sure that the money for the club came in from the pure lawful sources. As we grind ourselves again, please make sure our lawful sources are there,

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because again, Prophet Mohammed was nothing. I mean, it is that is that the LGBTI ceram told him that allows the power to Allah will not take the soul of anyone till they fulfill the sustenance but it certainly will make sure that the sustenance are kept as is. So as you

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seek the sustenance from the water sources, and the beautiful story of it even now be thought about the law and welcome. Well, it says one day he was taking a journey.

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And he had his horse with him. And he wanted to pray and he left his horse outside with the reins, and he gave it to a man to look after it. The man liked the reins of the horse. So he took it off, and he sold it in the marketplace. So when I leave narikala de la, he came out of the masjid found out the horse without the rain. So you went to the marketplace to buy a ring. And when he was looking he found his own. So he asked the man he says somebody sold you this is yes, this is definitely for Kabila. I asked you for the sake of Allah. How much did you give him for this? He says to denounce

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HIS WILL law he I was going to give him those two dinar for looking after my horse. Well I can understand, but he was in a rush to look for his sustenance. If he was patient, he wouldn't have gotten it the lawful sources. A beautiful story for us brothers and sisters to be patient and seek the lawful sources may Allah subhanaw taala purify the wealth from the filth in sha Allah mean please. And we mentioned before that that as Kava had different the hedges May was in it and had the two doors and when Prophet Mohammed Salim said to Aisha, will la he because of people who are new to Islam, I would have rebuilt the Kaaba included Julius Malema and the two doors that come in one from

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n and l the door they will leave but they are new to Islam. He did not want to have any fitna for them. And it started with Kala Ibrahim again allows of Herod Allah to Allah as we established that beautiful Kava to be again the source but it came down to a special place that they had differ different upon, which is a little sweet.

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Now we know that we don't worship stone,

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la Nova taken to the specifically the hospital as what and it will not lie in the air level in the hospital let and farewell of the Lord. By Allah. I know that you are

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merely a stone. You don't harm or benefit, but I kiss you because I only saw a prophet Mohammed Salah Lavalle OPC so what do we learn from that? We learned that the Omaha pa wanted to follow the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam holding on to the teaching of Prophet Mohammed Salah Salah. Yes, sometimes we are commanded to do certain things with a law with a reason. And sometimes the laws of hand with Allah does not give us the ADA, do things and he doesn't give you the reason we cannot comprehend and contemplate or understand it for now. But we do things for two reasons, the laws of hydrodynamic vatika, because of this, and so on. For that reason, we've done this, and for

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the purpose of that we do this, and you do this for that reason, and the laws of how it's added sometimes that is let's call us and we do it for two reasons. One, we know the logic and reason behind it for our own benefit. And sometimes we do it because Allah Subhana Allah to Allah says, do it. We don't question it leaves

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us alone. Allah subhanaw taala does not get question what he does, but we get questions what we do, in essence of speaking of the stone, we know we roam around the stone wiki system, we take a stone and throw it to another stone, do we worship a stone level? It is that Misha This is establishing this woman establishing the way of worship. So anybody from outside tells you that you know the reason but the I'm speaking to you and I'm speaking to you, I want you to understand what we just said. You go around the stone you kiss a stone you take a stone a pebble and throw another stone shaytaan of course our it's not a ton. And when other people will go to Hajj what they do, they take

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their slippers, and they start hitting the shape. God I hope you like it's just a fad. You made me divorce my wife You made me do this was not him. It's you, Allah help you. So now we know this is a machete. This is what we do. But does it make sense? It doesn't. However we're told to do it. We do it by Why do we apply the same logic? When Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and sort of more verse 31. So there's that verse 59 says her job, her job and hijab public saffioti wear the hijab before the reckoning of the it is the uniform of gender and sha Allah. And now you say no, I'm not convinced it and this The reasons are too many it's not our topic but it's just a reminder inshallah

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is because of this one, I'm waiting for somebody to get married. I have to show them I now have to like get old. How do you know that of the How do you know that you will get there Allahu Allah. How do you know that the man that is marrying you because you know when hijab is the right man for you. There is another man that is looking for sisters with hijab but his wrist of T d do please Allah.

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So imagine yourself now going to the doctor, it says you have breast cancer and you you will we'll have to give you chemotherapy and your hair will fall off. How do you feel of the What will you say to Allah? I repent, I see the light am healed. I really have no idea you to do it before you have to do it. And the rest of inshallah, same thing as the brothers if you drink alcohol and so on will edible or do drugs and you go to a doctor and says if you take one more sip of alcohol, you're gonna die. What do you do? So to be like the same Allah help you align. So do things before you have to do with the heat so become sincere for the sake of Allah. We're not going to close the gates of mercy

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upon the love and light. The gates the mercy of the laws have had algebra here as always open. Never despair of Allah's mercy but it's a quick reminder for us to come back and make sure that we understand the reasons and the lessons learned for us to understand the Syrah properly inshallah and implemented in our life to be the best life possible, the best Muslim possible inshallah it's a reminder for us to come back on track Willemstad, these started to fight about the black stone, and of course a man came, he says, we will take the first man comes through the gate, He will judge and He will give us He will guide us to how to do it was only to be prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam.

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And everybody agreed that he says that I mean, his sad little words, he is the honest one. And Prophet Mohammed Salim came in, because every tribe came in and wanted to do what to put the house back in the corner. However, this is like an honor of the doubt of the whole the year their lifetime. So every tribe wanted to have the honor of placing the hunter as wood back in the Kaaba. So every tribe came in with nominate them It came in with a pot full of their blood, meaning what declare war you will only do this on my dead body. So everybody was going to kill each other to put that back in place. And now the wise man says he will decide what to do. So Prophet Mohammed Salim

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took his book, and please sit down, please the digital expert on it and made every one of the honorable Society of the tribes have a side from his own cloak with him. Did they have an island in the US

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Prophet Mohammed Salim to raise it up. And Prophet Mohammed says a lamb with his own hand sallallahu alayhi wa sallam pleased it is pleased to be that honor and glory, Allahu Akbar, how Allah subhanho wa Taala raised his name there either Illallah Muhammad Rasulullah or a frenetic rock, we have raised your name and the glory in the remembrance of Allah subhana wa Jalla Viola in so many other ways in sha Allah.

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But after this, we know that Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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when he pleased it,

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it was a special place. It is narrated, as we mentioned before that it could have been 100 from Jenna Allah who knows best. But that hazard there was a kilometer from another country, maybe Buffalo and then they wanted to build that cabin on their own. So the human being wanted to steal that hazardous wood for 60 or so years were low and until that the Muslims got their strength back and regained it. However, it was not in full it was in pieces. And now the time of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam before the battle before the revolution. Because some of the scholars, it's not befitting for us to say he was some of them says that he was a prophet. Anyway, so we saved

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the data before the revolution. It was la vida, olanzapine Allah to Allah is the act of worship, more beloved to his heart. So in the month of Ramadan, he used to have a seclusion and go to her Hara feature to note, the same mountain that you see that Hara is narrated is only like for arm's length, in in height and about an arm's length and three quarters or so in with very small but also power to Allah please that beloved to Prophet Mohammed Salah his heart to go and worship Allah and go there alone in the month of Ramadan because he wanted to stay away from shift. He did not believe in what that other people believe. He did not know what it is yet but he we used to go there and

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ponder reflect about the creation of Allah. He looks to look at the horizon. Look at the glory of this. We didn't know not what he had, but he did not agree to this. And he was seeking knowledge he was seeking the guidance, and you will see accordingly the Koran that Allah subhanaw taala acknowledges the fact that is narrated. And now

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he used to hear things used to say, a set out more aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato Rasul Allah, and he used to hear it to where he was walking. So he asked you Bri later on he says, I used to hear things saying Assam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Yes, Lola, the greeting and sufficient, he says heaven hotjar

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ngvla ceram told them this was their stones or the pebbles or the trees you pass by the new that you are the Messenger of Allah, and they used to greet you Salaam Alaikum jasola How could we not send Selamat Prophet Mohammed Salim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Salalah le Yosef because with that ah me. So lots of hassle at the end of the when you say sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when you hear his name say Salah how to sell them. Do not be a miser Do not be stingy at the draw nominal but please Do you know who is a stingy or the miser is the one that he is my name and he doesn't say subtle aloha to sell them. It is hazy on the scale on Judgement Day. It is a vitarka you will get that on judgment

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day when you need the hasard most reward most when Prophet Mohammed Al Salam places that the Taka to heavier the scale on Judgement Day and you will ask what it is, is heavy. Salatu. crassly this one used to say subtler level, it was lm and if you do a loss of Han Allah to Allah will have mercy upon you 10 times, so don't be don't deprive yourself of it from this beautiful reward when you hear the name of Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem, at least it's a little harder, it's a little

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long. But after this prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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Mashallah very good. He for six months prior to the bathroom before the revelation, he used to see a vision this had if you say, and again and it's like Muslim or Muslim men will be happy and so on. They waited and it Chateau de la Anna used to say that he used to for six months prior to that he used to see a vision in his dream at night. In the morning, you see it felt as if it's there it happens. It is

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paving the path in order for him to receive the revolution. The scholars say that his his bathroom was for 23 years. And since he saw the vision and it came through for six months, so they divided the six months into that 23 years. So they say men so far the number one among the characteristics of the prophethood or the message it it says that that at least one over 46 of that number. What is your sada Look, this is what you see in a vision and you see it coming through one of the 46 parts of the prophethood Allahu Allah. And inshallah Allah Allah said that in the Hadith

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difference of opinions among the scholars if you read the book again or you say it says that the seventh day or the 17th day or the 28th day or the 21st day and he says at belgische is the 21st day because it happened on a Monday because Prophet Mohammed Salim says, the young Wolfie has a worth and I received the revelation on Monday and the Monday of that month it had to be either seventh, or the 14th on the 25th or the 28th. And since we know it is this, the laylat Condor in the Angela who feel a little mubaraka in Angela,

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and so on. Yes, there we have revealed it in layer two, and layer three. In the strongest Hadith there is an odd number and the odd number. He goes, the majority of the opinions of the scholars is the 21st again

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and again prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam received the revelation as he was going to worship Allah in the best form of the way deserving in that prior to receive the revelation and God Hara till he saw Do you believe that

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he came to him in a form of a man

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he had a bag of the badge how to use and in it, there was a book of course Prophet Mohammed Salim was a fruit in out of nowhere, and all of a sudden a man comes we're pleased that no one knows about that he's known to be his own seclusion place and suddenly appears and that man comes toward Prophet Mohammed sanlam with that bag in the book and it is and this is all for them money and he held them tight, he hugged him tight. So this is my another card in one division is manner the correct meaning I do not know how to read

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through marcellin he then he let me go. Then again for one many say again, he held me tight is accurate. He says recite or read in that another one deviation. Again, he says, I don't know how to eat. Or he says what would you like me to read? Because the third time after that, he says okay, he's not gonna let me go till I read something. And what do I read and the third time, same thing he says, if this mirror become Larry hallak read in the name of your Lord that created my brothers and sisters little stop here for one thing, I want to take you through a quick journey in sha Allah. When Allah Subhana Allah to Allah revealed according to the opinions of majority scholars that the

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first word is as we

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recite read, so what we acquire knowledge

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How could you not acquire knowledge not going to go into entertainment earn the dean, you know that the knowledge of the dystonia or the knowledge of the dean I understand we can get the best of both insha Allah

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Prophet Mohammed Salim Allah subhana wa tada is taking him through stages. So let us learn from that beautiful stages of acquiring knowledge from Prophet Mohammed Salim and implemented on us. So number one is Accra. So what do you do if you want to get into our and if you want to teach and by the way, our scholars teachers if you want to learn teach, because you will acquire knowledge in order for you to teach and that's how you learn. So let us do so call me my dad who is better than the one who works with our and teaches others who the the best of you who mentor Allah Allah, the best of you will also learn the piano teachers who haven't had a goal in your life, have a purpose in your life.

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Do something for the sake of Allah, whatever it is, if you have the knowledge, share the knowledge if you have the wealth, share the wealth if you have the position, share the position but at least do something with it. I remember when she

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suffered as

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I remember once going to a convention

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and I remember he saying one thing that I never forgot does Alana Fado Rahim Allah, He says when you wake up in the morning say Allah who Mr. Binney view plotnick Oh Allah use me in your obedience. Use me in your dalla Lila harijan Allah subhana wa tada has men working on his behalf method to

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show the people that will open the gates of good close the gates of evil v among them as you see and don't be the other way around. Recite, read, acquire knowledge so my brothers and sisters, if you don't know see Allahu Allah, Allah, Allah Allah. If you don't know say Allahu Allah God knows best Allah will teach you Moncada because after If you say no, I don't know, you even go back to Malik Rama to lay among the greatest scholars. He says to joab I don't know what the answer people came from 1000s of miles away. Is that gonna go up? I don't have a good answer for you. And he was not afraid. So don't everybody if you read a book or hear a little CD or something Mashallah.

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50 now, good man, I'll take you on you asked me a question. Of course I know Allah help you because there's too much man used to run away from football. So first acquire knowledge inshallah at least about the topic that you're you're talking about that the whole thing. There's a path to do it. But now he says, read recite

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the Quran in Arabic Allah the number one acquiring knowledge. Then the scholars say in another narration, he says

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human Laila in La kalila

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Europe at night to do what implement the knowledge into actions, less than a yalom camella alum. They're not the same those who know and those who don't know, in Fujitsu, luckily, this knowledge that you have a plea for you or against you. So let it be a plea for you, not against you the job. So now Prophet Mohammed Salam was given Aquila. So we have to acquire the knowledge then Allah Subhana Allah to Allah stone, corn mill de la ilaha illa Europe at night and pray to implement the knowledge that you have into actions, meaning walk the talk, he we cannot be hypocrites.

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And then that mean that the Russians are there and this may Allah Subhana Allah protect us from that. Kabbalah maakten and Allah and kolomela alone, it is grave in the sight of Allah, that you do what you want to say don't be among those who say Do as I say and don't do as I do and so on to help us like walk the talk and lead by example, inshallah, after Allah subhana wa jal, some of the opinions is what calling for and this acquiring knowledge, implementing the knowledge into actions now you're really just calling for and this in the book he says in a way he into revelations one his own implementations of the way and then warning others. So first, he had to lead by example.

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If you don't have it, you can give it So again, we saw equal sight acquiring knowledge, implementing the knowledge and when you walk the talk now you're ready for envy. And this is a command verb kung fu and the European one. And then of course, this is asherah karate kung fu and we recite implement will warn people after this What happened? What did he say? Well, he Rob deca, Panama panela. And be patience. portfolio Lord, why on Monday you're going to carry this message. It's a heavy burden. It's not going to be easy. You know why? Because people don't want this straight path. They won't they will fight you for it. You have a wound so don't answer below.

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They will start from the street Path of Allah they wanted to cook it otherwise their business is not going to flourish and so on we're not going to go there but you understand now you know that even the same formula was even on that and the tons of look man Yeah, when he after the solar roof one hand and woke up what spirit Allah sabak all my child is

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established prayer but again established ready to establish properly not just pre established a good karma to properly the way that the law will accept inshallah one

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enjoying good forbid evil. It's gonna say all of this is good or bad, they're all good. But why did they say was parama asaba Be patient what you're going to be plagued with same thing. So at the end of the day, if you come in this part of the hour, and the new Muslim brothers and sisters will come in Sharla but rest assured that you will be tested this path is not that easy, but you will be tested but the reward is abundant, be holding on inshallah. So how do you deal with this? Remember in the pain from Elif Elif Elif leucite reconcile the hearts out of raise awareness and educate after that obligate, that's the best way to do it with a smiling face in Java. We ask Allah Subhana

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Allah Allah to guide us all to the straight path and give us that knowledge that we can share with sha Allah except from all of us. Meanwhile, after that woman hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salam Al Hamdulillah today, I asked Allah subhanaw taala to make us among those who follow the speech and listen to speech and follow the rest of it was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.