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Episode 20 Surah Al Humaza (The Mocker). The most terrifying place in Hell. This is the final chapter of the Quran which describes Jahannum and the reasons for people entering it. The punishments in this chapter are mentioned in such vivid detail that many mufasireen have said that it is the most terrifying of all.

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We live in a shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi mehreen. My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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hamdulillah Allah has blessed us to reach the 20th night of Ramadan. tonight and tomorrow will be the last of the second third of Ramadan. And from tomorrow evening, our mindsets will have to change a little bit because even abyssal Salaam changed his mindset. When it came to the last 10 nights of Ramadan. He increased on his already extensively by that he made more effort in those 10 nights than any other time in the year. And inshallah We therefore ask Allah to grant us the strength and the ability to get the full benefit of these last 10 nights. We'll talk more about those 10 nights, tomorrow insha Allah. But what I want to do tonight in shallow in out of seed is to bring together

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some of the sutras that we were discussing, because they really from in and from it as well. zillah zillah until the surah. So to whom as a, it's a similar kind of theme. And in fact, this surace with whom as are, many of the scholars say it is of the worst descriptions of Jana, because Allah mentioned certain things in the surah that he doesn't mention any way in the Quran about Jana in the surah.

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That it is and it's also interesting, the last surah of the Quran to speak about gender, all the sort of after this and you can have a look, do not speak about janam. Again. So this is the closing remarks about Johanna.

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The past few surahs was speaking about life, while also your time is running up your whole life is this period, like the acid period your sunset is coming. And no matter how much you try, you're never going to beat the sun, it's going to disappear. That this life is a delusion. It's keeping you distracted that you chasing after something that won't survive, it is going to disappear, that every one of us are going to the ground and that ground is going to shake and throw us out. And we will see inside what was in our hearts and what we did. And when we take an insult to Zan, Allah says you will be taken into groups you'll be put into groups to see your deeds and so to Korea says will

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weigh those deeds and you will see the weight of your deeds, the value of your deeds, if it was heavy, then you will be in a happy carefree life. And if it was light, that scale was empty, your life was meaningless your deeds were meaningless, then you will be in how we are that a burst of fire which will be like your mother pulling in also it could be that if that is the beginning of jahannam that this abyss is the beginning. This is the softest and easiest part like the mother pseudo houmas I will speak about the worst the bottom part of it the worst of it. Allah subhanaw taala begins the surah Ar

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Rahman Rahim way liquidity humanity lumada wailing wailing linguistically was used as a means of saying destruction or ruin like some would say, may you be ruined maybe perish. So Allah says whale destruction is on every humanity lumada whale is a feeling of extreme regret a person who is in so much regret that he says I wish I was just destroyed that is whale. And Allah uses this term 27 times in the Quran 10 in Surah Salat and usually it's about people who disbelieve even in the Kira tonight in it was mentioned that woe to the one who takes his life as a game. He takes his entire life as fun and games and he doesn't realize the outcome of his actions. So we sit in circle assert

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that this person, a good person is the one who he believes meaning he sees beyond this life beyond the illusion and he does good deeds. Now in this surah it will explain to the person who does not follow the advice of sudo Asad. He didn't believe in the hero. He didn't do good deeds, he didn't help each other. Remember, we said the thing that weighs the most on the scales is what? Good Allah is good to people. So to associes he's good to people. And he has patience on that. The surah tells you about the person who is bad to people who was diluted, it's also his whale destruction. And it's also mentioned that whale is the name of the bottomless pit of Jannah a valley in janam. It's called

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whale. So this is a whale this place will be for every humanity lumada for every person who must have came from poking a person who pokes other people by what he means by his speech. He insults them, he belittles them. Huma insults them behind their back. lumada does it openly. He breaks them down humiliates people. he teases people and also he takes his own life and this life as a joke. So So all this is destruction for the one who belittles and looks down on other people and insults them and

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him and Larry Gemma Amano word data whenever speaks about and you'll find this in sort of a column for example, when I was speaks about the Houma magazine, the one who insults other people, Allah speaks about close to them they usually wealthy. The people who have wealth tend to look down and humiliate and belittle others. The link with the other suitors was he spends his life gathering his wealth, hoarding his wealth. Now that he has his wealth, what does he do? He used it to belittle others, elderly Gemma, like Gemma, he tries to gather Milan any wealth, it's Nikita any wealth he can find Hello, and hello Harare. He spends his life gathering, gathering gathering wealth, what

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data and he counts it? Meaning he's obsessed with it, he looks at it, he checks his balance. Every time he logs on. He goes to make sure his causes still in the in the in the garage, he stands and he looks at his house he opens his cupboard wide data is obsessed with his wealth. This person is obsessed with gathering wealth and when he adds it together more and more and more and counts it and he feels himself superior so insulting he belittle others. Yes.

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He assumes Allah says in this ayah he has three assumptions which are incorrect. Number one, he accepted an AMA who he thinks this is his money, when in reality, it's not his money. He's like the guy who's parking the car for the CEO. And he thinks it's his car, and smiling that this is mine is not always that money that you have, you're going to end up in that same cupboard like the man on the street. He thinks it's his money first wrong assumption. And no matter who Allah and his money will last forever, nothing lasts for either forever, and he even thinks it will make him last forever. That even though no one on earth will say I will live forever. Allah saying by his actions

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is as if though he committed Cooper of the year after by him, focusing all his attention on this dunya by action, he chose insight into reality. He has this belief in the era. His deeds are a reflection of him and he doesn't have any man. So he thinks his wealth will make him immortal and he will live forever. callala Allah says analysis. No, no, no. Definitely not. alesi I'm telling you, no, wake up. This is not gonna happen. Like you Madonna Phil Otama. We will throw him in Kusama, you Madonna is to actually mean throw away what you do like with a dirty tissue, you throw it away, something you throw that is worthless. Also, I will take this person who teased and insulted others

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who spent his life gathering money and being obsessed with it. I'll take him and throw him away because He's useless. Phil Otama in a place called huitema the crushing place HIPAA huitema is to crush to trample to squeeze something like basically into powder. I'm gonna throw him in a place called Mama. Mama Dada, come on, Mama. Now when this ayah comes in the Quran and what will make you know what is called karma? Always Why does Ellis asked you that? Because this is a big thing like mama Dada Kumar, later to cover what I want you to really understand a lesson you don't you guys don't understand what it is. I want to explain to you what huhtala is huhtala this crushing place

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this place in Ghana, which offer these kinds of people and others because we have also weighed in with a 15 those who cheat in the business dealings this place what is it that is mixed what will crush them now law Hill mukava This is the only place in the Quran where Allah says it's his fire. Usually this is a fire or a fire. Allah says this is the fire that Allah Himself. Now in Jenna, they will be many there are many, many genette but there's only one gender which Allah Himself planted his own hands he planted the trees of those, this fire Allah himself that Subhanallah so that's why the Allah says this is a different kind of fire. This fire natural law, it is the fire of Allah,

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Allah mukava that is kindled mini by Allah subhanho wa Taala and let the portfolio of EDA, which will arise like Palo Alto, but when it rises up, it climbs up over the person llf EDA to the point of ease of either for admins, the art, but it's also the center of the person. Now to make us understand this, in the Quran, Allah speaks about jahannam a lot. And usually, the extent of how much is burnt Allah will explain the more severe the person is punished. The deeper is in gentlemen, before the Hadith it says the person who is the least punished in janam his shoe laces will be made a fire and he will feel he is punished the most inserted ambia in pseudo ambia iF 46 it's perhaps

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the lightest punishment Allah speaks about Allah sees when the you know when you close the door and some he comes out. So we met a of Jana menoufia, the Natasha that the slight edge of jahannam comes out and it must it just touches the person and he touches the the people of we're about to go to gentlemen not in Ghana that he

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goes out as the door opens and attaches them. What will they say? Yo Ilana they will say we are in whale now already we are in the worst place of janam just by touching that he but now this is really if you are really in whale in the worst part of jahannam that is the fire that climbs on top and consumes and covers this person so completely that it falls his mouth and his stomach even into his heart even into his school. Every part of him is submerged in fire in LA he Masada Masada, Allah says Verily, it will close in on them like solder. Solder is like that cage that they put an animal's in oil lead that they put on a pot. So Allah says this person will be buried in fire and

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will be locked in consumed by the fire Fie mid mud data on top of him of pillars and towers and towers of fire being buried deep within fire, that every part of him is submerged in fire. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us. These are the nights of forgiveness. These are the nights where Allah forgives everything May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant that none of us comes to see these places near to these places. These places are real. These a place like this in janam where people were buried in fire piled on top of them.

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Allah subhanaw taala safeguard us from the smell Allah grant us alone with a carbon almond and not all of save our necks of the necks of our families, our bodies from the fires of your hand them and instead give us a place of genuine high up into fear those which our last panel himself has planted. I mean tomorrow inshallah we will we will revise sooner to cover because the last 10 nights and that night of color could be tomorrow night the 21st night is the first of the odd nights and we said that's that it could be the night of later to other so we will revise that and grant us to grant to to wake up and have a little bit more strength in these last few nights inshallah to make the most

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of it. I mean, for our quiz we said in Surah kalasa Allah swears by What does Allah swaybar he Allah space by the declining day, the day that he's just about to sit is about to end. And in the sort of the question asked, What is the word used in the surah? To describe the crushing thing the thing that crushes that place in jahannam or madaraka? What is it an Obama either al mukalla Allah, what is the answer to the question, inshallah from tomorrow evening, we will also have our extended program we will have additional eight Rockers, not kiambu Laila Tara with patu from hoppers, nine till about 10 o'clock, but inshallah every extra counts and we try to do a little bit more in these

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coming nights. That alone may save us from the fire of jahannam. I mean, what sort of La syndrome hamadryad early also have you said I'm sorry, Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh