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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the importance of learning and practicing in learning, as well as the universal greeting of Islam. The speakers emphasize the need for people to respect rules and time. They also mention a surah where a man had to sit behind and say the beginning of peace is a higher grade class. The segment ends with a discussion of the rise of Islam in America and a social media post about a man named Moosa. The segment ends with a discussion of a competition and a prize for the evening.
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shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi, my beloved brothers Mr. Mr Mr. de como de la vida katsu.

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Hamdulillah, we are on the 19th night of Ramadan, and very close enough that last 10 days is a day or two, and then our last 10 nights will begin. And we say these are the holiest 10 nights of the year. I know I can feel it all of us we are getting tired now it's Ramadan is taking its toll on us. But that's when allies put that best of it at the end, so that we have to push ourselves to get the best we said one accepted later the other is enough for a lifetime, a large enough rewards for a lifetime. So whatever you have left in the tank, let Allah We ask Allah to grant us the strength to be consistent in this anybody that we spend every moment that we can in these last last week and a

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half of Ramadan for Allah's pleasure, I mean, we spoke about the story of NaVi Mousavi salon we began and we Moosa finds himself on a journey along with his apprentice, usually I've known and they are searching for this man who Allah seed has knowledge that you don't have. And Musa alayhis salam is getting frustrated, it's not easy. He's fatigued, researching and is going walking along the coast looking for this man. And it makes us think I was reminded that our, our youngsters are busy with exams right now. It's not easy. Pursuing knowledge is never ever going to be easy. We said that yesterday, we repeated it so many times. Knowledge is the one blessing Allah does not give away for

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free. You can never ever get knowledge for free, there's never going to be a time where you can just put a USB in your head and download the information. It's not going to happen. Because Allah Subhana Allah has made it such that if you want to get knowledge, you have to sacrifice something, there's a trade off. You can get anything else for free power, wealth, beauty, you can get it for free but not knowledge. So you need to work hard, even the ambia when they receive the revelation from Allah, they have to sacrifice something. So Moosa is looking for knowledge. And therefore he has to go through this long journey to find this teacher to find a teacher who's going to teach him we

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mentioned also along with him, he had this boy you shall be known. All he had to do was keep this fish and what you know informatively moves on once this fish came alive, and even that he forgot, and it's a message to our youngsters. You're busy learning knowledge in school varsity, you might not see the end objective it might seem like irrelevant information. But we said this young boy will grow up to liberate Palestine one day, so every class that you take, it might feel like what am I doing carrying the bags the luggage? What am I doing carrying the smelly old baitfish but this is your therapy. This is your steps you learning until you get to the level of one day made May Allah

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bless the new generation our generation we get to liberate Palestine. So once once the mousseline Salam asks you shall we is our lunch and Lucia tells him you know Oh yeah, I forgot the fish woke up you know a lot yesterday already. I completely forgot shaytaan made me forget. And that's not a proper excuse. And in your exam you can't write that as well. She thought made me forget, but you share is a young boy young man he says shaytan made me forget but the fish was all the way back the reposted long time ago. So Allah says for

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him kasasa kasasa Casa means to it means two things Casa means steps literally. And this was a story of stories. So, realizing they had to retrace the step by step. Another thing Why did musar Why did Allah allow them to pass the point that they had to reduce

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the teacher they got to the spot, they went further and then they had to re come back shows you again knowledge, you have to do revision all the time, that you will go over that information, but you need to come back a second time and only once you go through the second, third, fourth time, when you finally reach the the objective. So one of the things about learning, so these three steps all the way back, but what did they have them in a value analysis and they they found a slave from amongst my slaves Athena Rama we gave him a special kind of mercy mean Indira or alumna who mean LaDonna and we also gave him a very special kind of knowledge. This man of course, we know from the

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was this man his name is mentioned in the Quran. But there's a hadith about him. The Prophet peace be upon him said is called a leader his name isn't hidden. A leader comes from Hydra

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means green color. Green is either and either it could be because he was a green cloak. Or some scholars have even said wherever he went to the ground, the vegetation would grow. And there are many, many stories about hidden most of it are exaggerations. I mentioned some of them. For example, there are two schools of thought here this one school of thought. And this is usually pretty dominant one that they put they say Fiddler is a valley of the Holy of Allah. And he was given some kind of mystical hidden knowledge and a lot of things in IB to learn from this what he another group and this is the actual

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The scholars the scholarly opinion is that he was an Abbe of Allah. And it's also strange because Allah subhana wa talismans many ambia look in the terminal be Moosa, you had Musa and Harun you had different prophets all over the world. And Allah subhana wa tada when he sees them now we gave him in Laguna Alma, we gave him a special kind of knowledge and Allah spoke to him. This means that he's gonna be the fact that Allah gave him why he is a prophet of Allah. And some people have exaggerated. I mean, Subhanallah one of the strangest things I've heard is that one person told me, you know, Moosa was told to meet at the place where the two seas meet. That is here in Cape Town,

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Cape Point, and that's why we shake hands in Cape Town is this funny kind of handshake, you know? And laughing You know what I mean? They say, because Hillary's around here some way he lives forever and he's a he's some bone is not there so you'll feel it. And is it true that people had this with us a lot that discovered this wife self was not part of our journey. It's a it's a you know, it's beyond that. Just listen to this hadith the Prophet peace upon him said, If Moosa was alive today, he would come to me now because you'd have to follow the script. And so meaning if he did was alive in the time of the Prophet Allah, he would have come and he would have submitted to the Quran, also

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the Prophet peace upon one say to those who have a look at the moon. And he said, you know, if I tell you within 100 years from now, none of us, no one on earth today will be alive in 100 years from now, meaning all everyone within 100 years, every single person will die. So his role is to sell them the most. You know, the most clear understanding is that he was an AVI of Allah. And the fact that Allah says that it's the place where two oceans meet. So yes, there was a physical spot, but it's also the meeting of an ocean Moosa and another heavy hitter. These are two oceans meeting one another. That's actually what what we're talking about here, these two great oceans. So one of

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the Moosa finds this man dressed in a green cloak sitting on the on the bank of the sea, So Moses is caught up to him. First, Moses said to him, Assalamu alaikum peace. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. And this man gets a shock. And he says, and how do you know about Santa Monica? This area is no Muslims living here, who told you about Assalamualaikum so Moosa says, I am Musa, the son of a moron. And he This is Moosa of bunnies are you that Moosa, the famous loser so he didn't knew about Moosa, but moose anabolism didn't know. And this shows you that Moosa in reality we know is of is the father Islam Musa is of the Quran Allah mentions the five greatest ambia never moves as one

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of the five hindrances are one of those five yes he that has some special knowledge Musa does not add that Musa doesn't have without a doubt musala Islam is of a higher have a higher level. So he didn't know who he is. And he did wasn't our did not tell him. Musa is gonna meet you. So he was quite surprised. What are you doing you? also beautiful it shows that Assalamualaikum this greeting is something universal, the Jews even today, Shannon Shannon was Salam Alaikum that's from Wally this greeting stopped when Adam alayhis salaam was created in Jannah. N equals created the first thing he saw a group of angels know who they were what they were. So Allah says, go and speak to

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them. Tell them I said I'm wanting to be added the first thing to say to them peace and the mercy of Allah be upon you. And when an item said that to the angels, they responded walaikum salam wa rahmatullah wa barakato. So Allah says, this will be the greeting for you and your offspring until the day of the AMA, this greeting of Peace be upon you. Even the only thing these things called movies which I know none of you watch, but these these things will movies and even in these movies when they meet Angel, aliens, they will say, becoming peace, right Peace be peace be with you. That this is the universal greeting that Allah subhanho wa Taala had given us all the ambia use that so

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Moosa now introduces himself so Musa says to him,

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Allah and to eliminate Mima Linda Lusaka, my I basically please follow you can I just spend time with you so that so that you can teach me something of that knowledge which you have been taught by Allah? Look at the humility of nebby musala that this man without a doubt, you know, Nabi Musa overall is a great Navy, but he's saying, Please give me an opportunity to follow you so I can learn from you.

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See, this is the response either in Atlanta city maiasaura. I don't think so. No, you're not going to have patience with me. You will not have patience with me. Now.

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He doesn't know the unseen but needless to say, lamb can already tell and we know from the Moses character that we Moosa doesn't have patience with injustice. And he's very quick to respond to, to do justice. We know from as a young man when he when he saw do something wrong, he gets involved. He's not someone that can sit on the sidelines, he must get involved. So he says, Look, I don't think you have the ability to be patient with me. Right? I don't think this you can follow me and have patience with me. It also shows us here it is also testing of emotions resolve How serious are you? And he goes on Okay, photography lm lm to hit v. houbara. And how can you have patience about a

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In which you do not know that studying and learning going into the unknown is very, very difficult. Allah is already telling you even for a newbie of Allah and the greatness of the Gambia, learning is not easy. It is not easy. So when you're sitting now studying with these new exams in primary school, high school, this journey of learning will always be difficult. It's always going to be hard. And even Moosa, saying I don't think you ready for this kind of learning. So Moses is

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called a surgery insha Allah subhanho wa Taala camera, Musa says that insha Allah you'll find the patient. He's not saying I'm going to be patient. He says, I make dua Allah will make me patient I know and meaning Moosa also identifies Look, I can also be someone that loses my patience very quickly. In sha Allah, I'll be patient, what are our Salah camera but I promise you, I will not disobey you. So I will try my best with the permission of Allah and the help of Allah I will be patient, but I will not disobey you. Also in the sudo remember Allah told the Prophet peace be upon him, say insha Allah do not say I'm going to do something in the future. And Allah says, look, even

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Moosa spoke like this. This is another universal phrase that everyone said from the beginning of time when MBs spoke they sit in sha Allah so Allah will make me patient but I promise you I will not disobey you.

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So the hidden says, Okay, this is for in for any attorney, if you want to follow me, for that is me and Shay in Hector odd. Like I mean, I mean, who the CRO, but if you want to follow me, do not ask me a single thing. Until I tell you have it myself. Until I speak of it mentioned it to you, myself one rule. Don't ask me anything as a very difficult rule that Fidel is putting on Naboo salads. And again, if we go back to the theme of the surah, how did the sutra come down? the peninsula, he lost the proposal. I'm not beneficial questions, questions to judge questions to taste. And throughout the surah, Allah says they they debate and argue without knowledge. So Allah is teaching the Prophet

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peace be upon him, that even Moosa had to go through this where he was still don't ask questions, they are time for questions and their time to just sit and learn to sit and learn. So we ask this thing, when should we ask questions and when should we not ask questions, we ask questions when it will benefit us. We need something of benefit not just to ask for the sake of asking. So when Allah says they they debate with each other, who was the dog? How many were they in his cave? Does it make a difference? If they 4567 does that make a difference? Why are you over there? What if you want to ask of benefit when it's worth asking a question? So now hamdulillah moussaka is okay, I'm not going

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to ask you anything. I will follow you and I won't I will question you. I will wait till you speak to me from Balakot so the two of them moved on what happened to you shall he stayed behind basically saying this is a higher grade class now, this is a Ph. D. class you can't come with a shaved head all the way he's also excited to meet this man. And he had to sit behind and say look, this is not for you. This is now a a senior class between two ambia you need to wait here for musala Islam so he had to sit and wait for the two of the moose and hidden when Hector either rocky Buffy Safina t Ha ha ha. So they're on the coast remember, and they need to cross over the coast. And a little boat

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comes by little boat comes by ship comes by and they apparently the United States. This is a pious man. So they said look, if you can come come come on the boat. And we'll give you a free free ride. So they should be on the boat. And this is in the hurry. And while they're sitting on the boat boat Musashi slam, a bird flies to the you know on the on the side of the boat, it dips his beak into the water the river and it pulls his beak out and it's a drop of water on his beak and see the system Islam. Look at that bird. You have knowledge which I don't have an I have knowledge that you don't have, but my knowledge and your knowledge together is less than that drop of water taken out of the

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server compared to the knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala the knowledge which Allah has that allows knowledge, our knowledge to give this list, you know how much that bird diminished from this, this whatever. So, they sitting there and then he goes downstairs the bottom level, Moosa follows him and he says so they when they got on the boat, the feeder began to break the boat he began to cut a hole. Pull out the planks of the boat and water started to gush into the boat. Carla Moosa analysis of shock to cricket HA HA, HA and Emma, have you you know, Have you broken Have you skyview damage the boat in order to drown its people, you have committed a sin you've done something evil. And

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again, Moosa doesn't say look, as we say Bruce's character is so quick to jump into the systems of people. He doesn't say, Man, what's wrong with you? We're gonna die. We own the boat. Also. He says the people there was so nice to us. You've damaged the boat, they get down what's wrong with you? How could you do this? Right? How could you do this? So the boat is not being damaged. Color. Nikita says color acqualina current. Mrs. Obama did not say you won't be able to have patience with me when I tell you that. So muscala to have his knee okay.

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Math Math. Don't don't don't hold me to account Don't blame me behind it too. I forgot. So he made the same sin like you should I also forgot what he can do and be not hard upon me for my feet don't make it even more difficult for me look this thing is a bit difficult thing. It's a case my I'm gonna be it's my job when I see people doing wrong. I need to stop them. So I completely forgot. You know, my second it's second nature of me. I made a mistake. Sorry, Ma Ma for that. So this is

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what strike one from tala Casa now they disembark from the boat had either lucky or who lemon so now they're on the coast again on the other side and a bunch of boys are playing and they meet and a little boy, not even teenager Coachella is maybe five six years old boy comes to what Phillip Coleman for katella. So he then snaps his neck he did kill this little boy. Now Moosa didn't forget his promise now Moosa can't hold back, Musa Scarlet enough sends a key mbdnf seen the shape a nuclear, have you killed a innocent pure person that has not done anything wrong? Lakota shape, the shape and nuclear, you have caused a huge a monstrous thing. You've done something really, really

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evil. How could you do this Muslim knew his promise. As a side note here? Yes. When we sign up to learn, we follow the rules of our teachers. But this does not mean we take our brains and throw it out the window. When our teachers tell us something, they do something which seems out of odds, we need to step in and say and this is not only for Islamic knowledge, mostly Islamic knowledge, importantly, Islamic knowledge, but even your secular knowledge with respect you need to say look, that doesn't make sense. I don't I can't agree with you on this. Respectfully. So now fetus is God Allah calaca in Atlanta steamer sobre there's an extra lakiya fetuses do not say to you, you that

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you can't be patient with me. So Fiddler is the actually when I look at this dialog looks like he is the one that has a problem with patience, right? is very, very harsh with Navy musallam. So did not tell you that you will not be patient with me. Or maybe Moses is insulted by the half. So how many Cordova laughter Mila Guney Audra tsunami nahi moussaka feels pressure now it's like feeling under stress okay. He says okay, fine. If I ask you anything else? If I break the rules any I broke the rule twice now if I break it again after that, when you don't have to accompany me You don't have to be my companion. Portable after midnight Do you have you have an excuse for me now you've got my

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permission that you can separate from me. So inshallah we continue the story of Phaedra and Musa tomorrow. inshallah

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we remind tonight that hamdulillah is of course our our quiz results when we first go through our question of yesterday we said which nebby stopped the sun which now equals the sun to stop maybe you shot this young boy that's following Abu Musa that was holding the fish that got pork the other two big shifts went on, he would one day grow up to stop the sun and liberate Palestine and hamdulillah question this evening like number 19 was like number 19. Which color is associated with his name comes from a certain color What color is it white, blue, green or yellow? is the one which color is

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associated with this question is on our website today, and we will do a prize giving each other this evening. We also last this afternoon did our battle of butter

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lecture that will be these being distributed inshallah and you can find it online. You're going to join the mailing list or wait for triple to 13083 terracotta and Vidya tyndrum and we so hamdulillah we've got these bags who's cooler back last time now to actual nice nice have a sec with the word FBI on it.

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Not Federal Bureau of Investigation from Burano Islam Mashallah from Burano Islam lovely lovely FBI from Islam. I think that's what it also means in America right from Quran Islam No.

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Monday tomorrow evening even though the officially the last night starts for the 21st night which is Tuesday night we will just to get us in the mode of things we're going to start inshallah tomorrow evening without Pamela from her post nine to about 10 o'clock. So please join us so let's do our first we're going to do for those who are Yeah. Okay, I'm going to pull up the boxes again. One male one female, two women, two men and online one separate Okay, so we are ending at six prizes. All right, the first one, Siraj Sally Mashallah hamdulillah Okay, so, anyhow, so two men two women.

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Families is taking over no favoritism. nepotism where the hammer is Yeah, okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Now what Yeah, okay. Yeah, he's okay. Oh,

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yeah. Okay, good. Okay, it's good to more. Ill hum. Ilham, how fun. I'm not here. Okay. Smiley. vinnytsia. Not yet. Oh, are you ending in Hassan asthma?

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Okay, smile. A smile. You Israeli one. Israeli one. hamdulillah. Smiley one. Okay, selfie.

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Okay, so price was

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Sr wahida Friedrichs. Yeah, no. Oh, no problem now. Oh wahida phaedrus again, oh, change the lock to peanut. Oh, okay, if we can't find anything What do we do? Keep going until we get to someone. Fatima 15 Please, she want to really show us if you want to really say no. Okay, no siracha login. Accra, Accra Why? Sir? It's for ladies only assist. I wasn't sure because a man's name where lady's name. muffled No. We saw the sisters. I think we need to put a box with the sisters next week now fuckery you know, you moron.

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Know the sisters. I don't know you anything? Was that the I really am Look, I really am looking at me. I'm looking. We're gonna leave. This is gonna be a long night. Nasreen Busey please

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Rukia Hamilton natya who is here like it again

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Yeah, Mashallah, we've done it. Alright, so we've got a thing now for the online we're gonna check from the online from our lucky let's see, and the winner is

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Amina in one

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I mean, I don't know Amina ended online. She's one I think

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she's one as well. So I'm Lila Alright, that's that hamdulillah so that's our prizes. We will continue inshallah tomorrow. So don't worry

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