Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan 2018 – Nightly Reminder – May 30

Nouman Ali Khan
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all the window ministry Team

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otava sam Alba he come in Cali havoc on our journey and ash Khurana meta keleti. anon Tata yada, yada yada and mela Swanee Tombow

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were editing me Mila Mati coffee Iboga de casa de he.

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Officially suddenly we're Cindy Emily want to lock that Emily Sania Coco de la salatu salam ala alihi wa sahbihi edgebanding I'm about today I am in salt animal. This is the 27th salt of the Quran and this is item number 19 it's part of the story of Solomon Allah He said, um, I made brief reference to Solomon alayhis salam yesterday when I talked about how Allah azza wa jal in another place in the Quran mentions him and right after he mentioned a few bodies that we talked about yesterday. Today, we're looking at the opposite end of the spectrum, the incredible kingdom and the incredible power that was given to Solomon Ali Salam is described in the ayah before the one I

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talked to you about tonight, had

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the nemacolin latonia, you had never would have Luma Sakina comme la semana con soleimani was you know, do hula, hula Sharon, when his armies would move, even the ants will talk to each other the army of Solomon is approaching Alaska, which had given an Allah had given him the ability to even understand the communication of the insects. And he heard this and a lot and you know, other places we learn birds, Jin, the winds, you know, all kinds of control was handed to Solomon Islands swam, essentially a kind of power that was never given to another human being physically before this kind of ability had never been handed to any other human being in the past. And thus he had a kingdom

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that cannot be compared. This is really the the unique place of Solomon at a Salaam among prophets. And so he sees this another expression of his power. And, of course, what are ants compared to him, and it made him laugh at about some of logic. And he thought it was funny, but it's more than that. It's actually, you know, when things everything is going right, and everything is under your control. And for example, for one of you, there's a business and you started it and you were struggling in the beginning, and everything is taking off. And you put in a little bit of money and everything you touch turns to gold, like you put in 1000, you got 100,000 back, you put in a little

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you took another risk and that worked out to you took another and it worked out to victory after victory after victory. When you hear good news again, you're like, Yeah, that one too. You kind of get used to victories, and you get used to things coming into play and falling into place as you expect them. Sometimes Allah azza wa jal tests us with difficulty. Other times he tests us with continuous success. Things just keep falling into place and everything lines up exactly as you would like it to. And it makes you happy. Obviously, when things go exactly as you were expecting that it is cause to be happy. It's human nature. And so it's after that happiness, how can how can that

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happiness turn into poison? And how do you keep that happiness from not letting it cross the line that Allah doesn't want it to cross? You see, being overjoyed or being happy over any form of success or any expression of success is okay. But it's actually what's going on inside the heart that electrics not what's what's happening outside, you know, even even qarun in the next surah after this one is called who has a lot of power in this surah so they might add insulin has power and control. And the next one, Harun has a lot of power and control. And he also he was happy to he was actually you know, happy over his wealth and allies origin describes that the people advise him

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Latifah Don't be overjoyed Don't be so happy. But here so they might say Salaam is happy. But so there's actually a contrast be made. There's a kind of happiness that's okay. And there's a kind of happiness that's not okay. And so the kind that's okay, how do you balance that happiness and not let it become somewhat something that Allah isn't pleased with? Is is balanced by the words of Solomon Ali Salaam, Fatah Ba da, ba ba ba ba he can only have a call or be azione and asuran aromatic ality and Antalya Rhonda oualidia, the first part of his daughter now he says my master, empower empower me. And I'll spend a little bit of time describing oza. But for now, I'm just saying

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empower me to be grateful for your favor that you've done to me. That's what he's saying first. And then he says, then empower me to be grateful to the favor you've done also to both of my parents. Okay, so firstly, I make me grateful to you, and then make me grateful to you for the favor unit to me and for the favorite unit to both of my parents. Let's talk a little bit about the word oza. In the Arabic language is actually used originally for when you know, there's someone in charge in any military to make sure the lines are all straight for the soldiers and the ranks are very clear, and anybody who's falling or from

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Off is pushed to the front, and they're disciplined. So the one who's in charge of the roof, and the dust, we have the sort of the lining up of the so forth. He's actually called a wizard, the one who makes sure that things are aligned and gathered together from it, you get the meaning of the word. It's used for a group that's always together and nobody of that group ever leaves. They're called ozar. In Arabic, this is the word used to describe how, you know, you know, on judgment day, human beings are going to be gathered, huge massive gathering. And when a huge massive gathering happens, one of the people might think, you know, there's too big of a crowd, maybe I can escape, nobody will

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notice. But Allah says for home use our own, he uses the word the edge Maroon, he also is used to use the passive form, use our own multiple times in the Quran to describe they will be gathered and no one of them can actually fall back. And there'll be gathered in perfect discipline softened later kalamoon. The short of that is also for home use our own. This is also the word that's used for Suleiman and Islam, when he used to call for an assembly of all of his armies, all the birds, or the animals, or the jinn, or the human soldiers, all of them, they were also used their own, they were also gathered in perfect discipline. So that's the first meaning of it, to gather all of your forces

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together, everything that you have, in one in perfect order, every every soldier stands exactly where they're supposed to stand. Everyone knows their place, who's supposed to be in front of me, who's supposed to be behind me, when things are organized perfectly with no fault. That's one of the first meanings of the word was from it also, from interesting implications from the word whether there's a, there's two other things, it's the push someone forward.

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Again, it goes back to that discipline, somebody falling back, you push them forward, okay. And then finally, from its meaning is Allahu Allah IV, is to actually make someone love something, and make someone passionate about something, and make someone obsessed with something. So these are the some of the meanings of the word Ozon. Now, I translated as it has empowered me to be grateful. But what it actually means is gather every ounce of strength that I have out of every bit of focus that I have every talent that you've given me, turn all of it into a means of being grateful to you. I was there any coronary attack, no matter what I do in life, whether it's professional, in terms of my

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education, in terms of my personal life, in terms of my eating, in terms of my sleeping, whatever I do, make me someone who can focus all of my activities in some way or the other to become a reason for you, for me to be grateful to you. Don't let me ever forget that whatever is happening is happening because of your gift. This is a neon Ashkelon, aromatic. And it was important because, you know, for an important man like Solomon, and Islam was not just a prophet, he's also a king. He's also a general, he's also in charge of so many. And he's got the language that nobody else understands. So, you know, it's not like the birds. Later on in the story, we learned that birds

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report to him. It's not like they can report to someone else. And then he gets he gets a summary of the report. He's the only one who can speak to them. Right? So he's in charge of a lot. And when there's a lot on your mind, then Allah can be forgotten easily. Because you're doing so many things. You're busy with so many tasks. And he's asking a lot of all the powers that you've given me, all the things that you've gathered for me, the thing that I need gathered is my focus, my focus to remember you for every single favor, and that's why the singular is used that unknown, or near near metric allottee and Antalya for your favor that you favorite me with meaning every single favor, I

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consider a special favor. And I don't want to overlook any one of those favors when it comes to you. No matter how busy or how successful I become. It's very easy for successful people, powerful people, busy people, when victories come that they can forget who the victory is coming from. They start if not verbally, subconsciously start attributing the victory to themselves. And so he first reminds himself as soon as he smiled at the army at the ends that are even afraid of his army that he said this is not my power. This is your luck being grateful for what you've honored me with. You know, compare this to the the gardener in similar to the gaff who thought Allah is really happy with

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me. That's why I'm so successful next year. You know, the entire garden is gone. Everything's taken away. So he says it'll be Oh, zero Nia and Kalani, Amati allottee and nanometric ality and Antalya. Then he adds after saying that this is a favorite unit for me. He adds what other oualidia this is really important to you see, a Lando Quran says an equally valid valid aka be grateful to me and be grateful to both of your parents.

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Meaning How do you know if you're truly grateful to Allah? You will one of the basic litmus tests if you can ask yourself, Am I truly grateful to Allah is to ask yourself of any good that your parents have done. Forget the bed mean some people have abusive parents some people have you know, parents that have done volunteer them even Ibrahim Ali Salaam his father kicked him out of the house for an hour was basically a stepfather to Musan Islam right. And he did a lot of volume but at least the things he did right you don't forget. At least those you acknowledge. So he says what till

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Can you imagine tomorrow Allah? Yeah. So in terms of those of us that have been blessed with good parents, that to remember the good that our parents have done for us, our mother especially has done for us. This is actually a core part of being grateful to Allah Himself. And then for us to recognize that no matter what I am, he could be the king of the world. And literally he was right. It was that he was the king of the world, to remember that he was nothing when his parents were raising him. He was nothing when he was being fed. He was nothing when he was being cared for and taken care of. Because at that time, he wasn't he wasn't a king. Our parents they took

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responsibility for us little bit Homer Kumara biani Sahara. Actually, the more successful you become what happens to people, they become professionally successful, financially successful, politically successful, and their parents have retired. And when the father is retired, the mother has retired, they're not socially as important as you are now. You're the breadwinner for the house, you're the one bringing the paycheck, you're the one paying for their medical bills, you're the one taking care of everything. And at that moment, you start thinking they should be grateful to me for everything I'm doing for them. And here you are turning to Allah, and saying, y'all law, you did me a favor.

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But that favor was impossible. If you didn't do my parents a favor. If you didn't favor my parents, they wouldn't have been brought, they wouldn't have brought me up in Islam. If you didn't give me my parents give my parents that favor, I wouldn't have been provided the risk of dunya, which is food, shelter, clothing and all of these things, or that is called the dean Dr. Hara. I wouldn't have gotten it if it if it wasn't for my parents, and those of you that are blessed with Muslim parents even think of that some of you have non Muslim parents, some of your parents that haven't accepted Islam, some of you are parents that hate your Islam, that happens too. But even in those cases, if

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there's one thing even if you have no relationship with your parents, if there's something good that they did, at some point, just to even acknowledge that much, much as a slave of Allah is incumbent on you. Yeah, you have to think of that. And you know, so oseni Quran erotica, Latina Antalya, Lydia and then he says, what an AMA lasallian. And that I do good deeds. And Solomon early Islam, of course, he's going to do good deeds. If his armies are gonna fight, they're gonna fight for the sake of Allah. If he's going to conquer it's going to be for the sake of a life. He's going to judge. It's going to be judging with justice. He's doing good deeds, but he adds a qualification. empower

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me, give me focus that I do good things are Bahu two things I want to highlight here. One, when you become successful, it's easy to start doing bad things. Because nobody can question you.

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Right? No, nobody can ask you know, they say power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely. Right. So it's easy for a police officer to become corrupt. Who's gonna stop me when I cut a red light, who's gonna stop me when I speed? Right? So they can they can exercise that power. So the same way when you have some power in your world, maybe you're just a manager, that's a power to in a store, you're just a manager, you can become federal and just in the little shoe store, you can do that. Why not? So when he recognizes that I have been given this ability, Yala, make sure I use this ability to do good slowly and to fix things to make things right. This is why you have gifted me

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this ability when Allah has given you power, authority, control, influence over others, use it for something good, put it to work, the things Allah has given you are not a fitna, they are actually powers Allah gave you so that he could see Leah blue Acoma, Yoko masama. So you can test you who does better, who does better and what you've been given? Nobody else has been given. So he says, My lasallian that I can do good. But he adds something he adds thought law who that you are happy with. Give me the ability to do good that you are happy with now what's the what what does that mean? Obviously good deeds is something allies happy with. So why even add turbo turbo, who here suggests

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there are some times we do good things, everybody else appreciates them.

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Everybody else acknowledges them. A king is just everybody praises the king. A king is a conqueror, everybody praises the king, he conquered, he brought more victory to our lands. But even if everybody else is appreciating it, but in my heart, I'm not attributing that, those opportunities to do good deeds as a gift from Allah, I start thinking I've done this much good. I've accomplished this much. I've done so much. For others, I have done these amahl highly, you know, hydrea always good deeds Alhamdulillah Wait, that's not a really Alhamdulillah that actually means that somehow people acknowledging me and people praising me and all of that stuff has gotten to my head, and I

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start thinking I'm something i'm not i those do those good deeds mean nothing if they weren't done to make you happy.

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And the only way if I do them to make you happy, then I know you'll be happy with me and you'll be happy with my good deeds. It's well the Allahu taala are the one who is both ways. So just to remember all the time, why you're doing what you're doing. And that that short reminder is a very scary one. Because there are two things that happen when we do good deeds. Like for example, if you started volunteering your time, maybe you're volunteering to help children maybe you're volunteering at a Masjid, you're volunteering at some humanitarian cause whatever you want.

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tearing it. Either people really appreciate you. Thank you so much for doing this. We really appreciate you, we pray for you. And they're praising your work and all of that, that can get to your head. Now you start doing it because of the acknowledgement. And then the other happens, nobody appreciates you. I did all these hours of voluntary work. And nobody even came up and said, Thank you. I cleaned up all this place. And I did all of this after the start. And I took care of all the kids messes and all of that and not one person even said Salaam to me. Nobody even acknowledged it. Forget it. I'm never volunteering here again. In both cases, you are looking for acknowledgement

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from somewhere else. You were looking for someone else to be happy with you. Not that people shouldn't be grateful. But you and I should be clear why we're doing what we're doing. The criticism of people or the lack of appreciation of people should not demotivate us and their appreciation shouldn't unnecessarily encouraged us because we're clear we're doing this because otherwise happy why not my lasagna Hunter.

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And so after that, he makes that final bit of da which is a piece of humility. And I want to include that in this in this in these few minutes that we have together. Well as a levy Rama tea coffee botica Salim beautiful words. Enter me, especially from your mercy the Arabic students here that are graduating North America here's my condom, it's earlier than expected. I believe everybody Casali Hey milotic. But it's a thinly bureaucratic female body, Casali hain that deem that poor pushing of that prepositional phrase earlier, what does it suggest, especially by your mercy, I'm of all the things I want. There's one thing I want more than everything else, especially by your mercy, allow

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me to enter into the company of your good servants, robotic assaulted your righteous slaves. What does he ask you to put this in perspective? You know, he's probably the biggest VIP alive at the time. Right, everybody else will have an opportunity to meet with him like I can't wait if I if I ever got to meet him. What how amazing would that be? And in his mind, the VIPs or someone else? In his mind your life, you could give me the special you who would the king of the world want to meet?

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Like people want to meet him? What does he want to meet, nobody's more important than him. And he turns to a lion says, your goods slaves, basically the good slaves that have already been entered into agenda and the good slaves that are in this world right now, it could be a farmer, it could be a it could be someone on the street, it can be someone who sells, you know, fruit. It can be someone who has no money, but there are righteous people, you're like, give me the special mercy of yours, that you surround me with those people and to allow me the privilege of being around good people. And this is what he understands is the real VIPs the really important people in life. This is a true

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it is and why is that important? Because this part of the draw is twofold. Yeah, like give me the company of such good people in this world, regardless of their status. If they're millionaires or billionaires or not, if their political leaders or not, that doesn't matter. If they're good people and they're your servants, I want to be around them. And in the era, that's gonna be even more important. None of the status that we have in this world. The Millionaire will not wake up on Judgement Day a millionaire, the President will not wake up a president, the beggar will not wake up a beggar. When we wake up on judgment day, those roles that we had in this life are all gone. The

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only thing that matters, Calvin Saleem, everybody casalini righteous slaves, that's all that matters, where we won't be righteous slaves of Allah, good slaves of Allah that did good deeds. So he asks Allah, that VIP gathering, I want to be part of that gathering in the asset. And so from that, what we learned is that, you know, in the beginning how he said, make sure that I remain grateful, essentially, and I don't lose focus on being grateful. At the end, he's actually asking a lot, the key to that. He recognizes the key to that is to be around people that are grateful around people that are good, your company matters. Even if it's a company of one person, maybe you don't

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have a company of 1000 people, maybe the only company you have is just one or two people in your life. And now that company is even become easier. Maybe you know, there's it's very easy to find Bad Company online. It's extremely easy. But it's also possible to find good company, you're living somewhere in the outskirts somewhere, you're the only Muslim there, you can connect to other Muslims online, you can do that. Now. There are other ways to connect to people that Allah did not make available to people before us. He didn't. So now there's no excuse to find good people that you can truly be connected with and remain connected with and how will you know that they're good people,

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the more you're with them, you become grateful for everything else in life. Like you know, their friends, your wave, you talk to them and you guys just sit there complaining about everything. You complain about work, you complain about family, you complain about issues, you complain about your feelings, you complain about the weather, complain, complain, complain, complain, complain, I talk to you later.

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Right? That's your friendship. But if you are among friends, that when you're with them, that they remind you what they should be grateful for, and you remind them what they should be grateful for. And even when you're discussing your problems, you remind each other even through these problems, there are things we need to be grateful for. It could have been so much more

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What are we learning from this? What guidance is Allah giving us from this when you have friends like that they are robotic asahina because they're empowering you. They're enabling you to be grateful for what you have. And they're the ones that will enable you What's another litmus test? According to the ayah? Those are the kinds of friends that remind you Hey, did you call your mom? You call your dad? How'd you do today? We're going to fight with them. Did you let go apologize. That's a real friend. These are robotic asylum, because our goodness to Allah and our gratitude is to Allah, and also to our parents. If we're asking a lot to reward our parents for the favor of law

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has done to them then clearly we have a soft heart towards our parents also, may Allah azzawajal enable us to be good to everyone around us and actually help us to find righteous company within our family within our friends within our society and enter us into the company of the righteous in this world, and in the next world. barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

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