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AI: Summary © The Battle of butter is a significant event that requires reciting the Quran in the last 10 nights of the year. The sister sister sister sister sister sister sister sister sister sister sister sister sister sister sister sister sister sister sister sister sister sister sister. The man in the room is named Muhammad and his actions are discussed, including breaking hearts and taking out of comfort. The importance of knowing the consequences of actions and free will in achieving success is emphasized.
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shaytaan rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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algebra doing hamdulillah. So night number 17. And we sit Alhamdulillah night number 17 is a very special night or day 17 was the day in which the Battle of butter occurred, and inshallah on Sunday afternoon, we'll be having a lecture on actually the Battle of butter. So we'll be doing the Battle of butter of the year on Sundays for the massaging of the bootcamp program in sha Allah. So very special night, I should have never passed away on the 17th of Ramadan as well. So many scholars have said if labor to Qatar could fall outside of the last 10 nights, look at the 17th night and the fall make tonight. A little bit of extra ibadah I know it's Friday night, a little bit extra ibadah

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inshallah, and before we begin, just a couple of questions that that came up. So question from the sisters, what do you do in the last 10 nights if you have your menses because the best thing to do the best type of divider to do is of course Salah. The best thing you can do during the last 10 nights is to wake up and make tagit recite what you cannot put on hold the Quran recited and in your your sujood make dua that's the kind of thing you can do. But for the sisters when they're in their head, they cannot make sada may recite the Quran. This goes back to an old debate between the scholars whether she can recite the Quran verbally so let me just go into this a little bit of

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detail. The Prophet peace be upon him, he forbid a person in the state of Geneva who needs to hustle from reciting even from memory. Okay, so if a person requires also due to sexual reasons, when he cannot recite from the Quran even from me touching the Quran, we talk about reciting the Quran. So many scholars have said well this lady in a hadith like the one in Java, very similar, they only do so. So there's a group that says she's not allowed to recite inframammary another group of scholars This is the minority but the view which I believe is the strong opinions is my opinion that you cannot make that analogy between the two Why? Because generally you can get rid of hate you can't

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It's not your fault, gentlemen, you can easily get rid of it. So for the lady and hide the scaly opinions, there's a view in the humbling method. This is another opinion. This is not the Shafi opinion though, that she is allowed to recite from memory or without touching the muscle she can recycle in her head without touching the muscles. Now what about screens? Yes No problem you can use your phone so just don't touch the text so we are glove with something you don't touch the text and inshallah It will be fine. But you should never ever feel that she's losing out the Prophet peace upon him just make things to add to this. The Sahaba came from Medina all the way to makan Hajj like

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the Prophet only one hot sauce on them comes all the way with the Sahaba 100,000 and they get to Makkah there any haram they cannot perform hajj, the properties go and make Allah and everyone goes in a coma. He comes to the thing that he finds Ayesha crying. So he says to her Yeah, Hunter like in a sweet way. Rosie, sweetie, why are you crying? So this is I'm in my head. I can't make you not allowed to make the laugh in your head. So he says Don't worry about this. This is allocated the daughters of item to be like this is the nature and you are not deprived of any reward, you're not going to lose out Allah is going to give you the full reward for this. So when you're clean then you

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make up your hatch. So everybody made Amara and he became cleaned in a few days later, he made everybody on the way back to Medina she begins to cry again. She says everyone's gonna go back to Medina with the oma and I only have a hedge I want to make another call. So the purpose is no problem fine guys, that I shall go on and make an oma and that's why we have in Mecca Malaysia. So if you come to those of us who've been to Amara you know you come in with Islam you make Amara if you want to do a second oma when you go you go to Malaysia, yes to put on your head and this is why this image I share because she insisted even after Hajj who makes oma after hatching, but she

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insisted I don't want to go home with just with one woman. And so therefore, so the sisters should not feel out and but they should also try to keep the Knights alive. So they should also wake up and make the Can you do all is fine, make other forms of environmental spandana. grant aid and success. I mean,

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we continue with the last section of this part of social capital we see total calf has an introduction we spoke about you will do a quick summary of sort of an introduction. Then we have the first story of the sleepers of the cave. Then we have another middle section then we have the story of the man with two gardens. Now we in that fifth section, we conclude in the last few is Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned in the section about the day of karma and Allah subhanaw taala spoke about those who were misled by the beliefs. And Allah said that don't think that he believes is so powerful. He wasn't there when we created the heavens and the earth. He wasn't even there when we

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when we when we created him, so don't take him and his offspring as

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Yeah, besides me.

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And we ended yesterday by saying that Allah will tell the people of who committed chick who idolized the desires, the money, the family, idols, they worship other things we don't realize besides Allah, Allah will say to them, and they call those things now to help you call them we are going to help you. And obviously, they will be known to help them and they will be pushed to the edge of jahannam. And that Allah describes that moment where they will perceive they're about to fall into jahannam and they will have none to save them. And then Allah says, the only thing that Allah use the word Mustapha, nothing can make you divert you from jahannam the next ayah Allah says, I've made many

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types of different explanations when I caught a seraphina he had an illness for mankind. I've made many, many different explanations, this could and I've put it forward in many different ways. Joaquin Wakanda in Santa Clara shangela but man is always trying to argue with a lot of the ayah we ended off last night.

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Last the eyes of the section almost a madman and NASA human gentleman who the western

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Illa and are willing to adapt Bakula. So remember, Allah has given us a sign he explained this sort of coffee has given us a miracle. So Allah says, nothing prevents mankind from believing when guidance has come to them. You've got guidance. Now Allah told you about your money about your youth about the life of the dunya I'll explain it to you. Now it's up to you and need to go and live it. So Allah says, but if you don't do that, nothing stops you from accepting the guidance Western Europe and Allah will show you forgiveness. Except if you don't have to assume that we are willing. If you don't do that, then unless is the son of the old nations meaning the punishment that was

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afflicted on the previous nations will be repeated history repeats itself. Oh, yeah. to Cuba, even worse, they will continue in the dunya until the other meaning janome comes to some people. This is a question yeah. Sometimes Allah subhanaw taala sings hardship on this dunya to us, Allah restricts the rain, love brings about some difficulty famine, disease, why to bring us back as a reminder so some people ask how do I know if this difficulty I'm going through a tough time in my life is this reminder from Allah is the discipline Allah is the punishment from Allah. how we respond to that will determine what it is. If this difficulty brings you closer to Allah, then it was a blessing. We

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don't ask Allah inflict calamity on me never ever do that. But if it calamities put in your way, Allah says this is as a reminder, come back. And many of us we know if you ask when are we more closer to Allah? When we are in the hospital sick or when we need a holiday? When we have an exam, we big business decision something difficult in our life, when do we turn to Allah when we're on holiday and having fun this is almost as mankind are nature's viruses are policies in our nature, when things are odd, we turned to him but when things go good, we forget him. And therefore the in in another surah, Allah Subhana Allah says a nation they committed sin. So I seem sorry what? Bara

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I'm a difficulty on them so that they come back. But Salah didn't come back, then Allah says I opened for them all the doors of goodness, I gave them luxuries and all the enjoyment so that they could increase in the sun. And then I took them in that state, I took them meaning Allah took him to kiama on that state, and that's the real punishment. So Allah says, nothing stops you from believing this guidance, and except that you're going to repeat the sins of the previous nations or you will continue on this way until you reach the copper. Remember, Allah says and Haku

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makabe Allah says, the life of this dunya is an illusion, and you will continue to be deceived by it. When will this illusion break had the day you visit the cover meaning the day you into the cupboard? I always visit you only leave for a short period macabre. So when we enter the cupboard, the illusion comes to an over the dream in three wake up. Allah says the rest of our life was a dream, you only wake up in the cupboard. So don't wait for those two things for punishment in the dunya or punishment even worse. So let's this woman, Mussolini 11 machine odd and I have only seen the messengers so many messengers are so many as machine giving you good news that these gentlemen

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are waiting for you on Monday and warning you about this jam. Are you living in a castle will boldly loaded up and they debate with you? They debate with you. Those are the disbelievers ungrateful people. They debate with you without without any clear evidence. We spoke about those of us who enjoy this more often. You saw the way through their own debates with levy Moosa without any clear evidence only to to hinder the truth to it.

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And they take these warnings these ayat and the warnings I've given you as a slight matter, we haven't taken it seriously. Allah says remember the stuff you see this woman of the moment look up, it will be fine.

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And when I see Mr. McDermott, and who is more, who is more unjust than the one who was reminded to Allah has given you and me a reminder, this isn't that this is I don't think this is only for Abu jihad. Allah says, I've given you an idea and you've turned away this for us. Allah says, When who is more oppressive or unjust to himself, when he's been given a good reminder from a lot out of the unhappy when a CMO got dementia but he turns away Allah calls you and you turn away. When I see Mr. Machida, and he does not care what his hands has done. He doesn't care what he sees in Jana and aku beam Akina that we have placed on the hearts a covering AF Kofi Annan, any mokra that stops them

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from truly understanding the Quran and we've closed up the ears or entered our own Buddha, but then you have to do even better. And if you or Mohammed called him to guidance, they wouldn't respond to that. Now Subhan Allah is a very scary thing.

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I was telling us, I'm giving you a lesson of knocking on your door with guidance, all of us is giving us guidance. Although we don't often see the certain consequences. Either punishment comes in the dunya as well wake you up, or Allah will the more you Allah will stop knocking basically, that guidance will stop coming to you, your heart will become hot. So this is a Hadith of the prophets of the seas. Every time we commit sin, a black dot appears on our heart. And the more sin we do and the more times we disobey Allah, more of these black dots form until you get this covering Calderon. Ron khalilabad, Iran Allah glooby haemolysis the is this the last that covers the heart that no more can

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you feel software, you can actually and you can you understand this, that you don't use here the ayat of jahannam it doesn't, it doesn't soften your heart use you You see, you know the Imam talking about charity, but it doesn't motivate you to spend your year but the rewards of that job, but it doesn't make you wake up. Now the ayatollah doesn't move you anymore. And if we've reached that state is really dangerous. I mean, the heart has been closed off. It's like Allah has stopped guidance from going inside. So how do you break a heart that has become like that, when you can't cry anymore, we're allowed to break that. So Allah mentions ways of breaking it. Number one, the

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prophet peace be upon him says, Remember, this hadith says that in the body of the man in the body of a person isn't is an organ. If that organ is safe and sound, the whole body is safe. But if that organ is corrupted, the whole body is corrupted. And that organ is the heart. We can't control the heart today. It's up to date. Now, how do we soften it? How do we open it to guidance, Prophet peace upon him says remind to soften your heart one thing to do remind yourself a lot of Hanuman, let that thing which destroy his enjoyment, meaning this, always think about your death, always. And that's why going to the Buddhist cemetery is a good thing. Going with the maqbara looking at that man being

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buried in the grave, then you realize this is where I'm gonna go might be tomorrow might be 10 years. Think about that. Now that thing brings you back to reality. So remember this. Remember, Allah says we are like a garden. We like the plant, ask yourself, why are you in the state? Are you at the beginning of the plant the blooming or the wilting of the plant, how many years live how many petals you have lived on your plant. Also another thing to really increase you in, in in softening your heart. That human touch spending time with people especially listing new people going through hardships, spending time, like the prophecy, the write up the hate of the orphan, just have a meal

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with a poor person or have a conversation with someone on the street being have a five minute chat, that taking you out of your comfort zone will start to unlock your heart. Also, think about the sins you've done to make a mental note. I mean, let's make a mental note of the sins we've done. The rebar that we've taken the things we've looked at we shouldn't done the things we've listened to the opportunity all the time we've done and we know we have not yet cleared this with a lot and we know we're accountable to Allah for that when you make a stiff arm that will soften your heart and if that if these things still fail, then force yourself to make eba even if I don't feel it force

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yourself I'm gonna make Sala like, like the person who you know, because I said Germany is not my forte as you can see. It's not doesn't come naturally to you, you force yourself eventually it will get the so you force yourself to your heart to be soften the Quran we should also and leading with understanding will soften your heart so everyone needs to check our hearts. We have two weeks to go to get our hearts in the right place.

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This is the challenge to get our hearts to be suffering. So Allah says For those who those who don't listen to the ayat, we have put a covenant on the arts until they will not see they will not hear the word understand and they will not be guided. But then Allah gives us great hope. Allah gives us go to after Allah says that I've covered up the hearts Allah says what bucola foodora Mati that Allah is infinitely merciful fooled with Rama. No matter how much they turn away, stoma is the still, as long as you alive. You can receive My Mercy low you can be my Casa de la de la mirada if I really held them accountable for what they did.

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will make the punishment come very quickly if I gave you what you deserve a lesson Oh insaan you will be punished already bellomo human do any more elaborate I give them respect and they have a timetable and Allah will not go be alone will not bring that moment earlier or later. What till can kurata una Madonna Madonna Maliki Merida analysis and as for those nations that we've destroyed before they had a specific moment and they could not delay it so Allah saying all of us we've got a date we will be held accountable which would be tomorrow could be tonight could be in we need to consider for example is this our last Ramadan? Are we ready? And those those kind of questions bring

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the heart to be softened brings us back to where we should be. So Allah grant us a heart that is fearful of him and his loving of him that he's hopeful of his rewards Allah soften our hearts we completed. So we said we've completed five sections of Sudoku calf.

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The first section about the introduction, the Quran being your compass, the warning against the Christians of the Quran will keep you safe. The second section was on the sleepers of the cave, the young men running into the cave keeping good company the importance of youth the third section was about Allah speaking about the Allah will debate with about silly things where they fall where they find where they seek, what color is the dog all these things unnecessary debates with and not using any knowledge. So unless this is bad this brings about fitness and how to use inshallah, we learned that Allah also spoke about free will that you have the choice to choose the right to choose to

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believe with this belief that's in your hands. When Allah spoke about the corruption of wealth, the pile of wealth the man with two gardens how wealth can corrupt you and how you can use it for good and and we spoke about saying Masha Allah, this last section was quite long, and we spent a number of days discussing it. So just we lose a bit of the section understand the section is about kiama the section was about a law telling us about the life being short like a garden. And the things that are beautiful are your children and your wealth only for the dunya Allah speaking was taking you forward to the day of karma, when we stand before him and we get a book of deeds. And then we will

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we had a choice in the dunya on the piano, we're going to think I had a choice in the dunya how to live my life that they are those will be punished and they'll be those will be rewarded. So Allah is saying this section to q4 to qiyamah. To remind you of the consequences of the decisions we make in the life good the good consequences and bad. That's up to us. The next section will be a nice section on the story of Nabi Musa Musa is the most the most spoken about character in the whole Quran regularly Musa is the most famous personality in the Quran. He stories throughout the Quran, Sufi moves around, but it's a very unique story about NaVi moose and hidden only found in the surah.

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The next section will be the fitna of knowledge and the basic of Allah. And we see the big theme of the surah is knowledge protects you. So now the moose is going to go through a journey with utiliser to sit down and we'll talk about the Quran they offer. So this will be our section for tomorrow in sha Allah. We asked yesterday, which Prophet was called Israel,

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whose nickname is he? And we said nubby Yaqoob nebbia who was the son of his Hawk, he was a strong eel, and in tonight's question, something which might be a bit take note of what number chapter which surah number a certain calf, so the calf, what surah is it which chapter is it? Is it is it chapter 16 1718 or 19. So decaf Jazakallah hade we'll see tomorrow Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh

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