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Hola Mina shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala should have been sitting in CD now Muhammad not early he also has remained beloved brothers and sisters salam Wa aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Alhamdulillah. It's the 20th night of Ramadan. Subhan Allah how quickly the month has gone next week, Friday will most likely be the last day of Ramadan. If Allah so permits, and we really have these 10 days to go, and especially from tomorrow evening, the last 10 Nights begin. And then a resource alum would mention as the last 10 Nights began, he would say to the Sahaba, that now we really need to become serious that whatever we're doing before the Hamdi Lama likes him but whatever you have left, push yourself as much as you can. Because in these last 10 Nights, there is a night that is greater than a lifetime of good deeds. And whoever captures that night insincere Salah all

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his sins are forgiven. And we speak about these events of piano, can we imagine standing And subhanAllah one little quarter, one little cutter can save you from eternity, you know and into you to Jana for eternity by the Grace of Allah subhanho wa taala. Not only that, we make dua that we want goodness in this dunya we want our risk to be increased. We want health, we want a long life. All those decrees will be determined in these 10 nights. The budget of our lives are being determined in these 10 nights, and we have the opportunity to make Toba to make ECFR to make dua and to ask whatever it is that we want. Allah subhanaw taala will decree as he wishes in these next 10

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nights to Allah grant us the best and the ability and grant us the strength I mean, to get the best of it and to achieve later to cover. I mean when hamdulillah the few questions that came up, so one person asked, just what is this the reason why we are so pedantic about making the SuFu straight in Salah and standing shoulder to shoulder while this is part of the Sunnah. And then the salah mentioned that that the standing of together is part of Salah it is part of the Salah, and until it is done correctly, the Sufis are standing properly, shoulder to shoulder, not one in front of the other, then the salah will not begin. And we know that there'll be some some said that one of the

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reasons why the hearts are disunited, and these disunity is that the SuFu are not on the right. And also imagine we speak about standing before Allah in rows on the day of karma. And really Salah is symbolic of that, how we would stand before Allah subhanaw taala. And that's what we need every time we stand for Salah. We imagined that moment we would stand before Allah subhanaw taala on the day of piano and other person asked, So we mentioned that Allah in his infinite mercy, when it comes to deeds, we we miss Deeds Against him, between us and him, Allah subhanaw taala is really kind and forgiving, but when it comes to between us and other people, when Allah does not intervene, and

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every man for himself, and so the person was, what do we mean by to harming the rights of someone else? Well, there are many aspects of the rights of somebody. There is as the Hadith mentions, the very first thing that Allah will be well will will will will question between people will be the matter of blood, meaning the murder as the killers, anyone who physically harmed another person that will be determined and that will be sorted out and the retribution will be done right at the beginning in Tiana, then of course, less than killing someone or physically abusing and harming someone. There are other ways you can insult somebody, you can harm the honor, you can hurt the

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feelings, all of these things, how many people's feelings have we hurt, how many people's feelings have we hurt, and all these things will be accounted for Subhanallah it will be taken into account. Then of course, there's the issue of of money and of worthy positions. How many P armature brands have we taken that was unjust. If we took the end of that didn't belong to us, it belongs to someone else. If we took someone's opportunity, we took someone's business unjustly. In all these things behind the law, it is the heart of someone else. And that will be accounted for in the FTM one of the Sahaba he slaves we serve and stole from him. So he punished them. And then he came to there'll

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be some See ya rasool Allah they stole from me. So I punished him what's going to happen. So then absences, if, on the day of karma, I was going to judge if your punishment was less than they stealing, and they owe you something. But if your punishment was excessive, more than what they deserved, then you're going to owe them and they're going to take from you and he said what are they going to take from me your good deeds or you're going to take bad deeds, there's no money in the FBI. So the man became this have become so scared and he said, Look, just I said you guys free. I don't want to because we don't know Subhanallah we don't know what is that balance on the Deaf piano

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and on that point, so Subhanallah on the Deaf TM or after the reckoning. So as we said, you get the scrolls or you get your deeds in front of you. Then Allah subhanaw taala will now interrogate those deeds and it will be a court case where you will have to we have to defend ourselves. For some it will be easy Allah subhanho wa Taala will even pass them without even questioning without behind the hisab Allah grant is to be amongst them and they

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For others, it will just be a review Allah subhanaw taala won't question you, Allah will just say, look at these deeds. Is there anything that you deny in them? Was there any mistakes or errors, you have anything to say, and the person will feel, yeah, Allah, I'm going to fail, that also, don't worry, I will cover up whatever you did this private between you and I forgive you and go, then there will be others who of course Allah, well, you will not fish you will, you will not which means he will dispute with him and Allah will debate with him and Allah will challenge him on every single thing. And Allah will make his mouth, you know, his mouth to be quiet, and his hands would speak

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against him. And Allah will call witnesses against him. Subhanallah and so it will be a court case, unlike any other one and the person who then Subhanallah the humiliation in front of all of mankind. And this will be the difficult the difficult judgement, after the judgment and after the questioning is done the reckoning? Now comes the issue of the visa and the visa and is the scale the weighing. And what does this mean weighing. So imagine Allah subhanaw taala on your account this transaction, you spent one Rand in sadaqa and it's agreed at hamdulillah sadaqa was sincere Allah accepts it. So one ran on your good side. And then Subhanallah there was a RAND which you spent in some haram. So

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one ran against you. Now Allah subhanaw taala is going so both you were found guilty on both accounts you well you were it was proven that this Rand was yours and you did good. And this ran that you did was your guilty? How does this translate into punishment or reward? How does this relate to now comes a weighing Allah now takes these deeds in these records, and he will place it on a scale we he will weigh the magnitude how serious is the deed And subhanAllah some of the slides but

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a hadith which you should all know. And it shows you how Allah has set life up. Allah has made the everything that we do, he gave it a point system. Now we call it the divine point system. We are part of a a another game but you are part of an exercise where everything has been graded every thought that you have every word that you say, Now how does Allah mark this exam, as the evidences whoever view intends to do a good deed and you do it, when Allah rewards you for that good deed. without limit, the very lowest you get is 700 times the you give one grant that he won't you get the minimum if Allah accepts it is time 700. But the maximum has no limit. One person to go to Jana just

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for giving a date sincerely, one good deed that Allah really loves. He has no limit to how much he can reward for it, he can give you janitorial dose to just giving a slice of bread to somebody. Then, if someone intends to do a good deed, but he doesn't do it, he's Nia was sincere, Allah will give you a reward for that. When asked for the one who intended a bad deed, and he doesn't do it, Allah gives you a reward for that. And then as for the one who intends to do something evil, and he does do something evil, Allah only gives you equal to what you've done, or what doesn't give you more punishment than you deserve. So for every good deed you do, it's multiplied many, many times

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over. So you can see this weighing is kind of unfair in our favor. And that is why Subhanallah if a person stole the good deeds are not enough to outweigh the bad deeds meaning the 10 100 times many times over the good deeds could not outweigh a lifetime of evil and sin, then this person is lost. And so then everything says there will be moments on camera, I shattered the alarm sheets of another beautiful Hadees on our slides. She was crying and she says What's wrong Aisha and she said I'm scared about pm I'm worried about pm I'm thinking about it. So then she says will you remember me on camera? Will you will you be there for me and piano so there'll be some says there are three moments

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in Korea. We no one is going to care about anybody else even me.

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Number one, when you start when the when the records are handed out, depending on how you get it that moment when you're waiting for your record to be answered. You don't think about anybody else and the moment when the scale is being weighed, when the balance is going, how's it going to tilt and when you have to cross the Sirat the bridge over Jana which we will talk about insha Allah so now the weighing begins and what will be weighed as most scholars agree your book of record so now that the record has been completed it's been disputed and debated now it will be placed on the scale and as we said in the records hamdulillah some people that will open the record expecting to find

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sin and they will page on your page and you'll see no sending me what happened Yeah, hello we I know I did this in here. What happened that is the effect that you may do are in Allahumma Inaka phone to Hezbollah for Allah wrote it away rub it away like the man yesterday where he saw his minor sins and Allah said it's good deeds now. So what about the major sins and then I'll be some loft incident don't ask the question. Allah has given you a free pass. But now once the deeds and the records have been agreed, now it must be weighed and you don't know which way the scale is gonna go because every single person Subhanallah or maybe I'm gonna miss Carla team whoever does a myth called an atom's

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weight of good clear a Euro you will see it whether you're a man with Karla rotten, Shara Euro, whoever does an evil deed and atom of it. It will be weighed, everything will be on that scale. So now the deeds will be weighed. And we asked what are the heaviest deeds on the day of piano? What are the heaviest things

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is on the scale, then a resource or the resources. The heaviest things on the scale is good character. You're good character. How you treat people will be of the heaviest things on the day of TMR hadith of a man who passed by and as the Janaza passed him by the Sahaba said like Masha Allah what a good man we you know, mashallah they praised him. And then he says was Yeah, but whichever whichever like it has become now it's confirmed, confirmed, confirmed confirmed what? That you mentioned that he's a good person. So now your testimony is going to get him to Jana. You mentioned us good person. And so that means is any person when they die, and four people testify that this man

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had good luck in sha Allah, it will be enough for him to get the Jana. For people to say this was a was a cane men. And so Allah says for a man mantequilla Xena who so whatever scale is heavy for whoever you're eating Rodya then he will be successful and eternally in Jana, with a mom and ha Fatima Zeno and whoever scale is likely doesn't have enough good deeds for Moo hoo ha we are so then his home his home actually his mother, his embrace will be Jana, this place will be Jana. So the things that make the scale heavy, one of it is here is mentioned your good character how you treat people and certain deeds to Allah Subhan Allah sidenote, this hadith who knows what's the first

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Hadith in party, the very first Hadith Sahih Bukhari

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in them and Amma Binya and the very last Hadith about embodies Hadith you also know Kali Mata and huffy fatten two words that are like half eaten listen to words a bit easier on the tongue, tequila and heavy Elisa and heavy on the scale. So behind neurobiol, Allah subhanaw taala let me see is this thicker is so heavy on the skin like mountains on the scale, just saying Subhanallah we have many Subhanallah them. So this is one of the things that weighs heavily on your good deeds, what is the thing that weighs the heaviest on the good deeds, the thing that carries the most, and also the thing that destroys everything the opposite of it is of course to hate and shrink, as Allah says in

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the Quran.

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For the people who commit to check for Allah leukemia whom Yeoman chiamata was now uncertain cough, they will come with so much good deeds but they will have zero they will have note to the account this they will have nothing in the good deed scale why? Because they are cheating and that is why Subhan Allah when we think about the seriousness of the Yama and in life and if Allah has made it it's the our difficulties to get to Jana bacilli. He's only asked one thing not to do, don't come and check and do very basic things make Salah be a decent person, you will guaranteed inshallah you get to Jana.

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Don't come and check. And so anybody, whether you are whom and you did so much good in the world and you help so many orphans, but if you come to Allah will shake Bala Naki monomial Qiyamah he was now he has zero on the scale of good deeds and he is finished.

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As for the thing that carries the most heavy, weighty thing on the scale, is of course the Kadima. And we know the beautiful, beautiful Hadith, the one that gives us so much hope. Some of these I add some of these Hadith when you hear it, you feel there's no hope for me. And then you hear the others and you think Subhanallah this, I'm definitely gonna make it with a man who had not one scroll, not two scrolls, he had 99 scrolls, the angels had to come out like encyclopedias of scrolls, and then they rolled it out.

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And it rolled and rolled until you couldn't see any more. That's how long the scroll was 99 of these are when you looked in it not a single good deed in the only sin only son. So then our asked us man, is there anything in here that you dispute? Is there anything that you can say for yourself? And the man says, No, I can't dispute and everything is accurate. So Allah says, let's wait now, the man says, Yeah, Allah, what's the point of Wait? What's the point that way? I know we aren't going. And they said, No, you've got one good deed. So one piece of paper. It's called the Hadith of the talk. And you will say there is one good deed we have for you one piece of paper like a cord. And we're

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going to wait and the man says no point in weighing, he gives up all said, Allah says today is the day of justice, we need to weigh everything. And he puts that little piece of paper on the scale, and it outweighs the 99 scrolls of sin. When you open that paper what is inside him Allah, that he genuinely sincerely believed in Allah, that he at some point in his life, he died with conviction in Allah subhanho wa taala. And that's what we say, when it comes to the punishment. And the judgment is Allah's prerogative to forgive and to assign a penalty and Allah loves to hate, he loves that you worshipped Him alone, that you believed in him so much, that he can take a lifetime of sin and just

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in that moment, cancel it. It's fine, I forgive you. And so this hadith gives us all so much hope that the person was Kadima, that hadith are gonna be sources. If anyone comes to Allah on the day of the AMA, with sins going up to the sky, a lifetime of sins, he was a you know, a waste of time as a person, but he did not come achieve with Allah when he hoped still Allah says Allah says, I can come to you with a world full with Mark Farah so long as you do not have Shrek against you. So that is the heaviest thing on the scale is yo hate prison.

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Have it never, ever go into any gray area, maybe chill to avoid these things, worship Allah alone, then of course, Allah can forgive, as we said, but man is not so merciful. After your scales are weighed and Alhamdulillah a person might think that they succeeded, and they have mountains of good deeds, and they and they, the good deeds outweigh the bad deeds and about to be successful also hold on. You have many, many claims against you. And that's for the very famous Hadith of the muffler is the more fleece is the one who is bankrupt. So there might be some answers or how about who is the bankrupt person? And the Sahaba answered Intermediate Accounting like, well, the one who is

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liabilities is more than his assets, the one whose debt is more than what he owns. So that is what I'm not talking about that kind of bankrupt, bankrupt in the Deaf Koyama. So this harvested we don't know yet Rasulullah saw that it said, it's the Man will come with all the fasting, a lot of data, a lot of accumulation and vicar and many, many hard times. Mashallah, when he's on the scale, it looks good. He's about to go to Ghana. But he insulted that one. He backbite this one, he took the money of this person, he didn't pay his employees, he spoke horribly to his domestic worker, he abused his wife and his kids almost say now this must be settled. And so the Sahaba said, how are you going to

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sit down with Yama when you have no money? You know, good deeds is the only currency. So then that man that while he was in the Mercy five times a day, start handing out his hedge, handing out his outies tarawih all of his good deeds go go go. And the queue is not done until all his good deeds on the scale is finished. What now your Allah. Well, now you take this and that man Zina, that means hammer, that means drugs goes on your scale until now, you scale is on the heavy side, the left hand side and he's destroyed and he needs to and he goes to your hand no more you have to build up. So at the end. So at the end of the waiting at the end of the way, when a resource alum, we know that

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these three outcomes in terms of the scale, these three outcomes the person whose scale is heavy, is good deeds outweigh these bad deeds, meaning the sum total of his life was positive, even though he has sin. Allah Sabha after, after the he has handed out whatever is lost between him and the people. He still has more good deeds than bad deeds. Alhamdulillah he passed, and now he is off to Jana. And he's basically see passkey here am I stand for him. And now this is the last few events that he needs to go through. When there's a person who is bad deeds outweighed his good deeds. So now the sum total of his life was that he was in the negative. What happens to him now, as we said, if it's

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only between him and Allah, Allah has the prerogative to forgive if not, then he must atone, then Allah will now decide on his punishment, and this is where

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as we hope that Subhan Allah the person who did not commit major sins, Allah will forgive him. Allah will wipe away those bad deeds. But if you have major sins on the and you've heard people when the atonement might go via Jana, but it's still the believer because he has good deeds. So now Allah will prescribe a time period and this is when the Shiva will come out. This is when that man the saint is about to to be given Allah is about to prescribe the sentence when the NABI Salama stand up and make dua for him, or another believer will stand up and say, Yeah, Allah, I intercede for him, or that one heart and that he made, that one heart that he made, will stand up to Allah, please make

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his sentence easy, but one gift that had given somebody will come up, and when that sentencing is about to happen, that indecision will alleviate the symptoms. And then of course, the unique situation of someone who's good deeds and bad deeds will equal the scale is balanced. This is the person of the off and we'll talk about them as well Inshallah, in the coming days, so may Allah grant us deeds that are heavy, that Allah subhanaw taala have grant us a scale that will be heavy in the Amazon and grant us general field those mean I mean hamdulillah a reminder that this evening 10 o'clock is the beginning of keyamo little programs for half an hour extra cars and will continue

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until the end of Ramadan inshallah those who can attend please attend. And then we ask this this question, the first thing to be questioned about Qiyamah the first thing or the right of Allah is Salah, the most important question is going to be the question of Salah and in tonight's question,

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what will weigh heaviest on the scale of the believer on the Day of Resurrection? When that said the thing that weighs the heaviest

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is it subject to giardia? Is it good character is it agit? Who is it fasting what will be the heaviest insha Allah is issue and we are on

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Saki Sakina as well. Masha Allah, okay.

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And then enter plus you can choose a number of over

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when you like it, okay, and anybody got 25 Number 25 Look at the back of your card 25 cars. Okay, so that's the number 25 second year and Sakina Marshall chicken so much so now on a comma