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And then hamdulillah

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nada who want to stay in or who wanna stop

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when I was a villa fusina sejati armanino

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Mayor de la Fernando de la mejor de la

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or shadow law, law, law, what's the

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word shadow and no Mohammed Abdul Rasul

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Allah de la hakutsuru kasi wala

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Tomas de moon. Yeah, you know Sephora como la de la comida Shinhwa bacala coming has Oh, Johanna Obafemi, new Marija and Kathy. Oh nice.

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For thyroid heavy head you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam worship one more image the tattoo had, we'll call him a desert in Buda akula Jackson Bala akula dholera Timothy not my bad brothers and sisters in Islam. Last week, we began to touch on a very important topic.

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And that is the topic of brotherhood in Islam, sisterhood in Islam, how are we supposed to be treating one another and that's because we dealt with for some time, how our interaction should be with Allah subhana wa tada with that relationship should look like in the fact that Eliza gel has the sole right to occupy our hearts. That is that we direct our love to Allah subhana wa tada our fear to Allah subhana wa tada and that we hope in Him Jonah gelato. And we talked about various worship of the hearts. And that's because we have to be better. And in order for us to have the proper relationship that we're supposed to have with one another as Muslims in Islam, there's

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nothing that that cannot come into fruition until we are better with ourselves until we become

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that will not become a reality.

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Until we are until we are better in ourselves and then our relationships with one another will change meaning like to Allah, and we'll see true progress in the community. And so we started unpacking a Hadith of the Prophet Isaiah salatu salam, and that Hadees is going to be repeated every time we have a hook but until the cook buys over because repetition is one of the best teachers and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had the best speech after the speech of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so we should listen. And we should memorize this hadith and we should never get bored of it in any time. Something comes in our minds of our relationships with other Muslims. We should

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think of this Howdy, our Prophet Isaiah Salatu was Salam Selecta has said, Well, I tonnage issue well, as

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well as a devil, what a revival come out of a bow. These first five prohibitions from our Prophet sallallahu wasallam begin to establish the parameters of brotherhood. So the process of lighting was seldom said do not envy one another. Do not artificially raise prices when buying and selling. So in other words, you're not going to do anything that's going to cause enmity between you and your brother.

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Don't hate one another, don't turn your backs on one another. And then the province of largest selling said do not undercut one another and sales will coonley by the law yet why not be brothers to one another? Be brothers to one another. I must be more often Muslim, the prophesy Some say because the Muslim is the brother of a Muslim lad yo lemo, who will allow us to doodle Who would I kill him? He doesn't oppress him. He doesn't wronged him. He doesn't leave him out to dry. He doesn't leave him hanging. He doesn't forsake Him. And He doesn't belittle him. Then the prophets lie to his son upset with tough what have hoonah he poured into his heart three times he said tuck

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was here, tuck was here, tuck was here. He hasn't been putting him in his shop, and yet a fall Muslim. It is enough to be considered evil, that a Muslim belittles his brother, Muslim.

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And then the prophets of Allah how it was set up, said kulu Muslim Island Muslim Ihara demo

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that the entirety of a Muslim is sacred to another Muslim

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his wealth, his self journey, his life, his blood, and his honor. And so we started dealing with the part of the heartbeat with the very beginning of the Heidi, led to has to do to not envy one another. And all we were able to cover last week was the definition of envy.

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And the summary of that definition is that you is that a person dislikes, the favor that another person has the blessing that another person has, that's the summary of hassle. And we all know it everybody, every human being at some point in their life has felt jealous about something. So sometimes defining what is already known is problematic.

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Inside, if you don't like the fact that somebody else has a blessing, or somebody else has a talent, or some type of wealth, or some type of prestige, you see that they get a new car, and you feel some kind of way about that. Why don't I have a new car, you see that he has a nice big house and you feel a certain kind of way? Why don't I have that kind of house?

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Or you hear about the spouse? And you wonder why isn't my spouse like that? Or their career or whatever it may be? And a person starts to wonder, why is it that they don't have it? Why did a lot of give it to them and didn't give it to me? That's really the question that the person is asking. And so this is a summary of the definition of an asset, envy. And today we live in China, we're going to talk about some of the manifestations of high said some of the dangers of envy, some of the causes of envy, envy, the lifestyle, and we'll talk about some of the cures of envy as well. So the first thing is to recognize when you have envy, when is it that a person is considered to be

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envious? So what are the signs, for example, that a person is envious? One of the signs is that they hate to hear good about that person. So if you envy someone, anytime something good has said about that person, you're either going to respond with something negative because you want to cancel it out. Or you're going to remain quiet. But you want to show through being quiet, that you disapprove of what's being said.

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This is habit, this is envy at the end of the day. Likewise,

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you are quick to conceal the virtue of another Muslim. So you don't want their good deeds to come out. So something is negative is being said about them, then you make sure that you don't say anything positive because you want to keep bringing them down. And at the end of the day, the the idea of hesson the signs of it are well known by those who go through it, it starts in the heart. It's something that moves in the heart that makes a person feel that they should have what somebody else has. And that's due to a comparison. And so as some of the scholars used to say, why are we a rather low tide annual?

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He said

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still to an all the NASA kulula home in Manhattan. He says I can please all of the people except for an envious person. In other words, everybody can be pleased. Everybody can find something we can find something to placate anybody except for Hansika NEMA, except for the one who is jealous of a favor because the only way that they're happy is when their favorites is when that favorite is removed. And this is why it has an adversity. Mahima will log on to Allison and this statement is profound. He says, Mama ain't too much bloomin s. mela into volume and ashba habima lumen Manhasset, he says I've not found anyone who was abundant upon him is somebody who has the wrong door. And they

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have said somebody who envies you or somebody who envies another Muslim, this person is a wrongdoer. But hat and hustle bustle. He said I have not failed anyone that was a wrongdoer that was actually closer to being oppressed himself than someone who was a handsome. So somebody might say, Well how, as an envious person, what do you mean that he's oppressed? He says, because of his condition. Nothing some day. We're who's known leg and faint. Welcome, Mum, Dad, Daddy, another words that what? He is always depressed, always sad. And he says that he is not that he has sadness and depression and irritation. None of us want that. What does that mean? That means that the one who

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envy someone else is not

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getting anything out of it, he's looking at that person's blessing. But in reality, he's irritated because of it. That's something that he's dealing with. He's sad because he doesn't have it. And he's depressed because he won't have any doesn't have the ability to take that away from the person. And so, when we look at what are the dangers of this disease of a hazard, because the idea is that our Prophet alayhi wa sallam said letter, Hashem, do not envy one another. And that's because of the detriment of envy both on a communal level and an individual level. As for community, as for community has, it was the first thing that happened on Earth.

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The first thing that happened on this planet that we live on, was due to

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a loss of health Subhana Allah says no four iron what slyly him never been a Adam a bill hack. His karma back will ban him for 2pm in a Heidi Hema minute.

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Allah Subhana Allah says and read to them, the story of the two sons of Cain and Abel Javi will happy

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as they presented their sacrifices, they made a sacrifice.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala accepted the sacrifice from one of them. Okay, in did not have fun, he accepted it from heavy while I'm in bed when I left, and he didn't accept it from from April.

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He didn't accept it from Kane. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that story, and that the one said to the other case, said to April, I am going to kill you, I'm going to kill you. And in fact, he did kill him. But what was it that led to that murder? It was the fact that he was jealous of him, the fact that he was jealous of him. And so

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this is something that destroys not only communities, not only communities, how does it destroy communities, it destroys communities starting at the top. And we should recognize

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without cutting it because Juma is a time to learn to time to learn about your deen, it is a time to begin to resolve some of the problems that we have in communities. So when leaders envy other leaders, and you remember, we talked about the fact that most of the time, as the scholars mentioned, envy happens between people of the same profession.

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people that share something in common. So you're not gonna find a child NBA, for example, you know, a senior citizen because his pension is higher than you know somebody else.

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But retirees, they'll envy one another, because he has a million dollars, you know, and for his retirement funding, he has $2 million. So he gets to travel more than me, where's the child, he doesn't really care about that. But a child will envy another child because they have a $10 toy that he doesn't add. And so the envy begins to happen between people who share something in common. So when we look at the leadership of the Muslim communities, it's the same thing. You'll find leaders who envy other leaders because they have more followers because the imagination is nowhere because it's larger, because, oh, whatever the case may be. And so it starts there. And then that's just the

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beginning has it, in fact, is a disease of the heart. And so it starts in the heart. What happened with Cain and Abel, it started in the heart, but it resulted in murder. It resulted in murder. And so what happens how this hasn't destroyed communities, it destroys communities, because it doesn't stop at something in the heart. It manifests itself either through actions or through statements. And so you'll find people begin to back by other people, they'll spread tales, they'll slandered them, which is different than backbiting.

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backbiting, as you know, is that they're actually saying something that's true about another person, even though really they should, they shouldn't be saying that. Their presence is something that they wouldn't like, where standing is just making up lies, which people do all the time, unfortunately, in our communities. And a lot of it starts from hasin. This person looked at that person, and they were envious of them. They were envious of a talent that they had. They were envious of some wealth or prestigious status or whatever it is. And so they began to let their eyes wander and let their hearts get attached to the dune

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Instead of being attached to Allah subhanho, wa Taala. And so this envy is destructive for our communities, especially here in the United States of America, where Muslims make up such a small percentage of the population, that we really don't have the luxury of fighting one another.

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We have enough going on on the outside, we have enough that we're dealing with, with our children, especially that next generation, who are being brainwashed on a daily basis, and we don't even have the programs because we can't get alone one of them, we all have the programs to support their education, or at least support their re education, or at least undo some of the nonsense that they're learning, you know, in the schools that they're studying in, and their after school programs and in sports, and everything else that they do

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is with people who don't share the values that we had. And we can't establish the programs because we're too jealous of one another,

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to work together. And so it is destroying communities on an individual level. Jealousy also has a very negative effect.

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And without going into too much detail, the worst effect that it has is that it really does damage a person's IP that it damages their creed. And a lot of times you say, Well, how does that work? How can a person being jealous of someone else actually damaged? The Acree? Well, let's just think about what's really happening here. When someone is jealous, let's look at the let's look at what they're really saying. They're looking at what somebody else has. So here we go, we're starting the comparison.

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And then they're noticing that what this hat person has is either better than or more than what they have.

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Now, they don't like that fact. But who is the one who is the money in the last print ad is and wondering, he is the one who bestows he is the Bestower of favors. And so when you see someone else with a favor, it is Allah subhanho wa Taala that gave them that favor. What you are saying is Oh Allah, take that favor back from that person and give it to me now, sidestep, the process of aloha today was set up, I want you to think about this, the province of Florida was so upset and Goofy, he but he can kill your people through my pain. The problem so I sent him said that the one who takes back is gift,

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the one who takes back a gift, you give somebody something, and then you say, Give that back to me. It's like a dog who vomits and then goes and eats his own bottle.

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Once you give something that's, that's for that person, you don't go take it back, that's worse than just let them have it. But you're saying that's what you want a lot of do.

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You're saying you want a lot to be worse than with the product, like someone said, was a dog who goes and throws up and then eats his own vine. So this is what's happening when a person is being a hazard is that when they're being MBs is that they're really going against a loss of a job decree. They're really going against the laws decree. And that's important because Subhanallah a lot of times you look at a person and what that person has, but you don't want to do what they had to do to get it.

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So you want the blessing, but you don't want everything else that comes with a blessing. And that's not fair. Unless we didn't give that person that blessing without all of the other circumstances that they have. And so maybe it is that you want that person's house, but do you really want that person's lifestyle?

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Maybe it is that you want that person's car, but do you want their family dynamics? Maybe you understand, it's not it's a package deal. And Allah subhana wa tada gives everyone what they need to be able to please Him to handle it and to be able to worship him sukanto attack.

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And so once a person recognizes that, then be in the land to it, it helps them resolve that issue of hazard, which we're going to talk about in the second part of the hookman shallow chatter, but I just want to mention a couple other things, that that are the causes of hazards, so that we are aware of them so that we can avoid them.

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And they will have already been some that have mentioned but I mentioned just some more right now the first one is animosity. In other words, a person dislikes another person and that will lead them eventually to envy dead person. So get animosity out of your heart is no reason that you should have any animosity or hatred towards another believer period.

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Yes, there may be some things that they do that you don't like. And that you should hate for the sake of Allah. Fantastic. But that doesn't mean that you hate another believer that there is some animosity in your chest. The second thing, the second thing is your own low self esteem.

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What does that mean? It means that you don't value yourself. And so because of that, you see that when somebody else has, takes away from your own value, because they have more, or they are superior, and that particular thing. And so it's like they say, the sun is only bright enough to shine on me.

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So once you see that somebody else actually has more or is better than you begin to look at yourself, negatively, and you have low self esteem, even though a loss of habitat is not judging you based on somebody else's gifts and their favorites or laws judging you based on what you have.

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The third thing is the love of leadership.

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That is when a person is in position of power,

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they tend to envy others, fearing that if someone is better than them, then there's going to be a shift in the equilibrium of power. And so they want to stay in control. They want to control whatever it is, whether it's their flock, whether it is the people of their Masjid, whether it is the people that they govern in the city, or whatever it may be, but they want to remain in control. And so they are constantly looking at others. And so you see here, the common denominator, and the cause of envy in general, is to look at what others are doing and to compare yourself to them. And that's why that is the first cure for envy is that you start looking at others and we're talking

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about the cures. And the second part of the footman, shallow Tatupu Pollyanna, but stuff with a lot of

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hands a lot salatu salam

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ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Manuela,

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we are going to go through some cures for hazard because the reality is, nobody is safe. Nobody can claim that their heart is totally pure, even though that is something that we should strive to. And so what is it that we can do to avoid hazards in ourselves? And what advice can we give to others that may come to us and say, Listen, I'm feeling a certain kind of way. What can we do to help them overcome this disease of hazard and we have to, as a community realize, listen, the problem if something didn't start will lead to has to do for no reason. The promise like someone started this heavy, which is one of the greatest hagie of brotherhood in Islam period. He started it without any

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warning, because everything else you're not even going to be able to get to if we have these feelings if we have this habit amongst ourselves. And so the first thing, the first piece of advice that the scholars mentioned is clutter another and Ines whatever people can be he biLlahi subhana wa tada was to add a woman fugly. So the first thing is that you stop looking at others. stop comparing yourself to others and attach your heart to Allah subhana wa tada and ask Allah for his phone. ask Allah for his bounties, ask Allah for his favors, and don't look to others. And this was the advice of our Prophet alayhi salatu salam that has been mentioned on many times don't look to those who are

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the second thing is alone FSL to fill and solid

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laugh You are more in tune You see, we have a competitive nature.

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But that competition should be in righteous deeds, not as it relates to this dunya again, number two, that you compete in righteous deeds. Not that you compete and this do MMCD or him are allowed to add said on this point.

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Matt has said to a hidden Allah Shay in an empty dunya he says I have never envied anyone about something related to this dunya listen to the reason why. He says the No one can even Allah agenda. Okay for x suitable Island dounia. Well, he appealed to him virgin. He says because

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if this person that I am envying is from the people of Ghana.

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Then how can I envy him about something of this? dunya when it is so little in comparison to agenda? how can how can I envy him about it? He says, What in cattlemen me now, okay for extra water every dunya Oh, you see,

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he says in it he's from the people love the Hellfire, and how can I envy him about something from the dunya when he's gonna wind up in the fire.

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So there's no reason for me to envy anyone. So once you realize that the bounties that you have are from Allah subhanho wa Taala, then you'll be able to concentrate on that, that greater goal, which is to worry about Alaska. And once you change that focus, then leaving off has is a lot easier once you remember death. And that the fact that Allah subhanho wa Taala

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is not going to ask you about anyone elses Nima Allah subhanaw taala says, some, let's use Luna, yo Ma, he didn't.

00:26:08--> 00:26:53

He said they you are going to be asked on that day about a name, you're gonna be asked about whose favors every time they can hear you gonna be asked about your favors. And see, this is so important for getting rid of hassle, once you begin to focus on you. The fact that Allah Subhana, Allah has given you blessings. What are you doing to develop your own talents? What are you doing to develop the favors that Allah Subhana Allah has given you, that's a lot easier to get over has it because you're not worried about anybody else's blessings, because you're not going to be asked about those blessings. The third thing is autonomy to move into full adder who Bill Haley ness. The third thing

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is that you nurture and cultivate

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children from the very beginning to love, good for people has it is what to love that something be taken away from somebody.

00:27:11--> 00:27:33

If you teach your children well, like maybe you didn't get this kind of education, maybe you weren't nurtured in this fashion, but that's okay. It doesn't mean that you can't change the cycle. Teach your children from a very early age, to love it when somebody else has done well. To love it when somebody else gets something that's good, because they're believers. And what benefits them is a benefit for the oma big delaying child.

00:27:34--> 00:27:45

Not and so even here that point to recognize that we're on the same team, we're in the same boat.

00:27:46--> 00:27:51

And see a lot of times, that's just not the feelings that we have. Because we're not brothers. Yeah.

00:27:52--> 00:28:13

We're looking at this other person and what they have not recognizing that when he looks good, he makes a slam look good, well, hungry, that this is something that's good for Obama, this is something that's good for our community. This is something that'd be in the light, it will help it so that our children can grow up in an environment where they don't feel ashamed of being Muslim.

00:28:16--> 00:28:23

Somebody might say my kids not ashamed of being Muslim. And I don't know that to be the case. why don't why don't your children pray in school.

00:28:25--> 00:28:52

Even in the wintertime, when sunlight comes in and goes out, by the time they get home as much of the time they got to make up during it you know why? Because they're ashamed of praying in school, not because there's no way to pray. They ashamed of it. She's worried about where he Jad what somebody's gonna say about. He's worried about if, you know, he looks a certain way. If he doesn't do certain things, and he doesn't crack well, girls and stuff like that he's gonna be looked at a certain way, he's not cool.

00:28:56--> 00:28:59

We got to realize, we have to realize as a community,

00:29:00--> 00:29:15

that the success of the individual, the evening lifestyle is not something that we should frown upon. And that's something that be in the lab will uplift the community, and that your success is my success, vice versa.

00:29:16--> 00:29:34

The fourth thing is to get yourself accustomed to saying Avantika law, when you see something that you like when you see something that that catches your eye, when you see something that's good subotica law, a lot of people say martial law, but that's not the correct

00:29:36--> 00:29:41

time to say that when you see something that is pleasing to you say to botica law,

00:29:43--> 00:29:53

you know, asking to lash out and to bless that thing. And you recognize that it is a blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala and get yourself accustomed to saying that.

00:29:54--> 00:29:59

The fifth thing that we'll mention here, and perhaps we'll close with this

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00:30:02--> 00:30:09

as one of the most important things is to really believe and be pleased with a lot of times to

00:30:11--> 00:30:19

be pleased with the laws decree. allies will gel says Nakano, kasana painter whom he will hire to do what

00:30:23--> 00:31:06

Allah Subhana Allah says, We are the ones who dished out their provisions in this life. And we have raised some above others in degree. And that's Allah as a widow who chose them. And we need to be pleased with the last point that is decree. Again, it doesn't mean that we're fatalist, it doesn't mean that we don't strive to be better, but we strive to be better based on us. We strive to be better based on our capabilities for the last hands on has given us not because we're looking at what somebody else is doing. And we're trying to be better than them, hoping that they lose their blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala. There's a lot more that can be said on the subject of envy.

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But being the lagging China, we'll move on in the follow in the next book, my shout out to Allah so that we can keep covering the aspects of this hobby that we need in order to be true brothers in Islam to be true sisters in Islam, to interact with one another in a way that hopefully will lead to Allah subhanho wa Taala is pleasure and progress in our community. robina attina Jr. has an overlap elaphiti Hashanah joaquina they have not been added to the coup whenever they

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are gonna feel the novelty of finding the loveliness of economy man, whether it's HRP kulu Vina Linda Linda Nina.

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Rahim. Allah Mia Makati, Baku. Proven Allah Dini, welcome to Islam.