Reviving The Sunnah #14

Muhammad Salah


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Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back. Today's sunnah is quite interesting. And it doesn't require much of effort. It's not about praying or, you know, fasting or given any charity. It's about saying something very simple.

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You know, when we hear the crowing of a rooster or the caulk, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam recommended that we should make dua, we should supplicate we should take advantage and seize this opportunity raise our hands and start making that. Why? The prophets Allah Allah, Allah selama said, Whenever the roosters start going, this is a sign that they have seen something that we don't see what is it in Mela? Can they have seen an angel?

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And what is the significance of seeing an angel when the angels descend? That's a sign that Satan's runaway, and that's a sign of descending mercy and tranquility. And that's a sign that this is the right time to make dua because your DUA will be accepted.

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And abuse Allah Allah said and taught us to take advantage of every verse was time to make dua like I said, every Friday there is a an hour or some time the DUA will be answered in salute, you will be answered. Whenever it is raining, this is a sign of Mercy your DA will be answered. And so on. Whenever you must have and whenever you hear the growing of the rooster

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in Arabic, we say the rooster is calling as then.

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You know, and that's all we say the roosters wake us up for fed because they start growing during federal time, masha Allah. So when he had a clone of the roosters, this is a sign they have seen an angel. And then on the other flip, the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, and if you hear the prey of a donkey, and that happens a lot, then is there is who Billa seek refuge with Allah. Again, this one again soon again is the outcast Satan, for in our Chaitanya

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whenever he here the brain

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of the donkey,

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the brain of a donkey is a sign that the donkey have seen something that we could not see. What is it? The breaking of a donkey indicates that the donkey or the donkeys have seen Satan.

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So from that we understand that animals

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could see what we as human beings could not see the roosters. They could see the angels, donkeys, they could see the jinn and Satan's where Allah Almighty said about us in who you are Arkham Horror cubby room in high school at Toronto, the gin kind they can see us, but we cannot see them. So whenever we know an indication that shaytan is there, Woodley seek refuge with Allah, again is outcasts. It's not to be harmed by him. As a matter of fact, that is also stated in the Quran. In surah facilite the Almighty Allah says we're in Mayans are not communist shape or Nina's womb festa is built in who was semi olallie Yeah, and whenever Satan whispers to you then seek refuge with

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Allah indeed, he's all here are the unknown. So now you know shaitan has appeared How do you know because the brain if I don't care, then start saying IO bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. So that don't kill to stop brain and shed fun will disappear as a result of you seek refuge in the Almighty Allah. Once Abu Bakr Sudeep was sitting and some bad one was offending him and he was very cruel to him about work was quite, but when he had it with him, he started responding to him. So the Prophet SAW Salem was sitting from the beginning. When our workers started responding, the Prophet SAW Salem left, so a worker chase them and he said yeah, Rasul Allah, you've been there since the beginning.

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I've seen I didn't open my mouth and now when I started to reply you left. They said he asked, because whenever you're quiet, Allah has appointed an angel to defend you and respond on your behalf. And once he started defending yourself Shire

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LTE and I have all appeared and I do not sit in a place where Satan's are sitting. So what do we say? That was Avila he made a shape on the regime and until next time AsSalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh