Bilal Assad – Bullied And Made Fun Of

Bilal Assad
AI: Summary © The speaker describes how he was bullied by students at high school, but eventually he returned to school. He describes how he used to be friends with non-Mah positions and how his father caused him to be bullied. He describes how people who hurt him with a prick of a shoe, and how people who liked his master, like Apple and Hubbard, are considered his greatest role models.
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You know, people asked me when you were a teenager at high school, I went to secular schools in Australia

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was a religious person or not Alhamdulillah I was, but it was very difficult. It was very difficult. It's not that easy. You have to be challenged.

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I went to New seven and eight. And the students who were there, they bullied me.

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They bullied me because I was talking about Islam. I talked about Islam all the time.

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The people who hurt me the most, were not the non Muslim ones. The ones who hurt me the most with a Muslim friends. I used to be friends with them in primary, but there was no Islamic schools in high school when we went in. They couldn't identify themselves as Muslims. And when I came around, they avoided me. And they even made fun of me.

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Well, lucky, I went through misery. As a young child, it's like a prison. But without the lethal side of it. Teenagers go through a lot, man. But like, I feel, I feel remote. I feel sorry for them sometimes because they go through a very big hardship as a teacher, I counsel them every day. It's very difficult for them what they go through.

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What kept me on the straight, what kept me strong, was one thing.

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My father, he used to teach me so much about the Sahaba of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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And I used to remember them, that what they went through.

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I used to remember obeyed and hubbub. Adnan urato, the alarm on suburban urato, the Allahu anhu. He was captured by Abu Sufyan when he was still a careful and he was tied to a pole to a tree. And he began to say to him, yeah, Habad if you say, if you just say, I wish that Mohammed Salah Salem was here in my place, and I was with my family comfortable at home, I will let you free. Just say it.

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And Hubbard said to him, I wish that I will be tortured here. And not to even hear that Mohammed Salah Salem is hurt with a prick of a needle.

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So he cut off his right arm.

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He repeated it to him again. And Hubbard repeated the same thing as I cut off his left arm. He repeated the same thing until he cut off his legs, then his nose, then his eyes, then his ears. And in the end, he stabbed him.

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Then Apple Sofia looked around and he said

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I have never seen people who love their master as much as what this youth loves their master their prophet. What kind of love is this? They stood firm with their identity. And they are our greatest role models Allah has left them. If I asked the youth how many celebrities do you know? Mashallah they count 100 just by sitting there. How many sahabas do you know read about them. My brothers and sisters were lucky. They are something beyond this world. something beyond this world.

They bullied and made fun of me, story of Bilal Assad.

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