Surah An-Najm #20 – Why Do I Always Want More?

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The concept of "has" in Arabic language is used to describe actions or words that are commonly said without context or knowledge. The segment discusses the meaning of "bringing" and how it can be used to express negative emotions, as well as the pervasive belief that happiness is a byproduct of happiness. The segment also touches on the topic of addiction and the de recreation of one's life, which can lead to feeling hopeless and confusion. The segment ends with a recommendation to join a deeper look series on the topic.

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Happiness is like it comes in it goes it comes in and goes, you want to base your entire lives and how you live your life on something that is so temporary. I'm living in Sandy Madonna

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when Nigeria either

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now what NASA he will come out of our

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make the most of this series by downloading our free workbook for a guided contemplation of this powerful Surah Al shaytani R Rajim M little news, the Mad Men fed in

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Fiat well

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propitiously Sabri where Cindy Emery working looked at me Lisanti of Gokhale, but hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. He was Savage, vain, and the bad once again everybody Somali kumara DiVita. Allah what a cattle?

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Well, we're going to try to get to iron number 28. One way or the other. Let's see in sha Allah.

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Allah is now going to ask some rhetorical questions. Questions have a literal purpose and a rhetorical purpose. So in for those of you that are interested in more advanced Arabic studies, in the real world money in the science of meaning, there's actually something we study called the secondary meanings behind questions. So for example, when somebody asks a question, they want information, right, that's the the main purpose for asking you a question. But there are other reasons you ask questions, for example, seriously,

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when you asked seriously, you weren't looking for information. You were saying? How stupid can you be? Which by the way, is also a question. Basically, you're saying you're really stupid. Okay? Or, for example, somebody says, Are you going to eat that?

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Which was maybe their way of saying, Don't eat that I want to eat that? Right? But they asked it in the form of a question. Or you could say, Is it hot in here? And that's your way of saying please turn the AC on. Right? So sometimes you ask questions, but you're not actually asking questions, you're doing something else. Right. So this is part of the study of rhetoric, communication psychology, if you want to use modern language, this would be communication psychology, we call it Bunnahabhain. We study the language. Okay, so the study of alloga most of it is communication psychology. Anyway.

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When Allah asks the question here, I'm Lily in Sani Mata mana?

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Or is it that the human being will have whatever he wishes for? Whatever he desires?

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The what's the purpose of this question? The purpose of this question is what's called you know, here it would actually be 10 key

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or it will be income. What would that imply is human beings will not have whatever they wish for? What made you think that human beings can have whatever they wish for? Allah is saying this life is not about my wishes.

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And the word I keep translating as wishes is the money.

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But this word is juicy. was really just by the way, interesting play of words. What was the god of Goddess of Medina that they worshipped?

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When art comes from the same origin? I'm living in Santa Marta Manasseh it's a play on where to determine the destiny of Persona amor Elmer, who will be fee for Hadith Neff, CBI, hakuna matata, hakuna Japanese official definition, the linguistic definition is when you really want to have something happen that you desire, you love for something to happen, and you're not sure you keep talking to yourself. Is it going to happen? Is it not going to happen? I hope it happens. I wonder if it happens. I really hope it doesn't happen except when you want something to happen or not happening and you keep asking yourself that you live in that thought. That's actually called dumb

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money. Wishful thinking.

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One One good way of translating to money would be wishful thinking, okay. And somebody who lives what they call it and you live in lala land, that would be the money.

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But the money also has some other really interesting meanings in the Arabic language I put them in yellow here these are Alma Aeneas Awani the secondary meanings at the money actually comes earlier money also comes in the meaning of unclear or to Villa Africa. When you read something without understanding they call it the money also. The Mana, Tala Ankara, well that can be left

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without understanding

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Germany also means lying

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chasm. So I want you to make a list of these. I didn't write this down for you in English, so you're gonna write it down. One of them is reading without understanding. One of them is lying.

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One of them is Gemini is Termina. A shell

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Even camera drinking alcohol when he also means drinking alcohol.

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And minor, B minor, B minor a patella domine also has the meaning of tested to be to put to the test.

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And a really interesting one money Yeah, actually means death.

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Very common word for death. And it's also found in some a hadith it's unshared. It's not all that Arabiya. It's an Arabic phrases and Proverbs mania is actually a word for death. Okay. So what are we got? Reading Without understanding, we've got lying. We've got drinking alcohol, we've got being tested, and we've got death. And these are all implications of wishful thinking. Because when you're wishfully thinking, you're not really reading what it says, You're reading what you wish, it says. So you're reading it without understanding it. Even when you're reading it, you're reading into it.

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That's the money.

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The money is also lying. Because wishful thinking makes you lie to yourself, and lie to others, and lie about what you know and lie about the truth.

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The money is also like an intoxication a drug like drinking alcohol, because your wishful thinking is can can drug you, and you're just lost in them.

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There are some people who become obsessed with something like a good psychological manifestation of extreme demonic can be OCD, right? Some people become obsessive compulsive. Some people become obsessed with a person obsessed with an idea. And that becomes a dumb idea. It's like they're drunk on it. And it can lead you to death. That's your death. It's the death of you. It's modes. So the secondary meanings are like capturing the Arab imagination about this deadly thing. This wishful thinking, you know, that can that can ruin a person. Here's your dad jokes. Show me the money.

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Show me the money.

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Some people just don't think that's what they wish for. And why do people go to saints? Why would people go to because of, suddenly somebody's asking the question. So you've constructed this entire religion and these names all because you just have these wishes.

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All because of your rational thoughts. I'm willing. So you really think this will get you your wishes.

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Allah created the human being and struggle. Look at Calico in Santa Fe cupboard.

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This life actually isn't about happiness.

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I mean, we all have moments of happiness. But even when, when nothing is wrong in your life, when nothing is wrong, everything's okay.

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There is no human being sitting here or anywhere on the planet that just doesn't have any negative thoughts, or isn't unhappy about something, even when everything is perfect. Because there's no such thing as perfectly happy in this life.

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When you have everything, you still wish you have something else. And when you have everything you say, I wish I had this sooner.

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Why couldn't this happen last year?

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And when you have the best vacation, I wish it would never end.

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God. Catch it just be happy. No, I can't because I'm human. Because Allah says I'm Lillian Sandymount Amanda.

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Human beings can't just have what they wish. That's not what this life is for. And the thing would tick tock is how to be happy 20 million views.

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This, watch this and you will be happy. Happiness in three seconds. Oh my god. Humanity is running after one thing, which is what happiness is running. And the most you will get is a moment of happiness. A few seconds of happiness. A day of happiness and afternoon rather not even a whole day and afternoon of happiness. The graduation ceremony super happy. Then you get in the car and somebody says something, and

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all gone. Happiness is like, it comes in it goes it comes in and goes. You want to base your entire lives and how you live your life on something that is so temporary. I'm living in Sandi Metz, Amanda.

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What do you think the third was supposed to be depressed all the time then. This loved one depressed this is what you sound like to me. This is why I say this. This is my voice for you represents you.

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While Islam actually describes that happiness is a byproduct.

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It's not a goal. It's a byproduct. When you're cooking the food, the smell is a byproduct.

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When you're living a life of purpose than joy, you'll have more moments of joy as a byproduct. And by the way, and when you don't have moments of joy, you won't be devastated.

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You will not be devastated.

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There's an interest

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seeing a rise in

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depression rates among teenagers in the world, did you know that the chart used to be like this in the 90s. And this the 2000s. And in the last seven years, it's like this study, the rate of depression and suicide rates among teenagers is gone like this. And it's the same timeline as the development of social media.

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As social media became more and more personalized, teenagers became more and more depressed and

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why what is the relationship? Because you see someone else and you wish you had that?

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You develop more and more money, and the more money you get, and you think that money will give you happiness, and what is the reality that data is showing you what is the money giving people is giving them death? Suicide rates as money, yeah, remotes.

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You read this in a classical dictionary, and then you read stats in psychology papers, and you're like,

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dang, these Arabs knew what knew their stuff.

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Like Allah chose this language for a reason. A million Sani Mata mana secondary meaning is this a human being wants something that will give them that

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the human being was given we just want to be what Elijah himself does a human being just want to be drunk. Deluded, self deluded? Is that what he wants? Um, Lenin Sani Mata mana it's such a powerful question. Is one of those wake up question is um, Lilian Sandy matava This is one of those if you should put on your fridge.

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You know, just like let it slap you in the face take the Alif Lam Meem path, ha ha cough higher inside, take that off that your mom put on the fridge and put this there. Instead, I'm Lillian Sani Mata Munna.

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He says, we've talked about some of these things. I'll skip fun in here. Not too well. Gula.

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There's something called presenteeism. It's emerging in our world, and I wanted to help tell you about that live in the moment. You don't have to listen to anything negative from anyone. They're all toxic. Don't listen to these narcissists. The fact that you can judge all of them as narcissist is your humility talking apparently.

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Right? No, no, don't listen to any negativity. Don't let people criticize you find your happiness. Love yourself to one unforce

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follow your dreams. I'm Linden Sandy. mathema Nana Lana Mata Mata mana.

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Be in the moment. Live today. Don't worry about tomorrow, the present these are all the positivity things that millions of people are watching and people are making money off of your stupidity. And yeah, I want to live in the moment I want to be happy. This video will be the secret to your happiness. You've seen so many secret to happiness videos

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shouldn't be enough indication that it's not working.

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It should be enough indication.

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But you know all of this you know what, what, why I put this under the if and Allah Allah Allah to Allah. Let me tell you what this higher means. Allah alone owns the final end. And the ultimate beginning.

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The the the, the, the ultimate beginning and the ultimate end is owned exclusively by Allah. Why is this ayah right after um Lillian Sandy mathema now what's the connection? What human beings wish is right now?

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Your wishes your thoughts, your your your drunken state your delusion is right now it's now and you because you're so because I'm so drunk in the right now. I don't contemplate what happened in the very beginning when Allah put Adam Allison I'm on this earth. And Allah, I don't think about what's coming in the era. I don't look back and I don't look ahead all I'm thinking about his wife right now. And Allah says I'm live in Santa Marta mana for Lila Han hirato Well, hula what is the Quran doing? It takes you far ahead and shows you Judgment Day. And it takes you far back. And it shows you the previous nations and the prophets. And it shows you the beginnings of humanity, all of it to

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give you perspective of where you are. If you don't know where you came from, and you don't know where you're headed, that means you're lost.

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That means you have no sense of identity. If you if you weren't able to tell me where you came from, what your origin is, then you have amnesia.

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If you're not able to tell me where you're going, then you're insane.

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Where are you going? I don't know. What are you doing here? I don't know where you come from. I don't remember.

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But I really want a sandwich. That sounds like you're in an insane asylum.

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This is this is this is what Allah is describing here. Someone who's drunk might be like this right that many have to do with being drunk also have no idea what they're doing in life. And this has become a common thing. What do you want to do with your life young man? Oh, no.

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Well, do you know anything about

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your dad's law?

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If your power, I don't know ask him.

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You know, you don't even you know nothing about the past you want to know nothing about the future. No sense of identity for Allah Allah.

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When Allah, Allah owns that early beginning that you have forgotten, and you can forget the asset or two, but it still belongs with Allah, meaning where you began and where you will end belongs with Allah.

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You can be drunk all you want is like this one of my favorite parts about this reality in naka de la Rebecca can handle malarkey. You are marching towards your master and you will meet him. You can go do drugs, you can go drink alcohol, you can go to commit adultery, you can do whatever whatever whatever you can believe not believe, pray, not pray, you're still heading towards your Rob. And you will meet him.

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There is nobody who will not meet him, you will meet him formula key.

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So he says for the Allah Allah, Allah to Allah

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knowing that Allah owns the ark, and by the way, it helps the believer deal with the money. Because you and I also have things we wish for.

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We have things we want in this life, and we can't have them.

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They are things that are holding us back.

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There are things that those little there's circumstances that prevent my wishes from being fulfilled.

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And I am I'm a believer, I trust in Allah, I love Allah, I pray to Allah, but I'm still unfulfilled. That's the reality.

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And you know what, when Allah says, ask Allah to Allah, the people who respect the ruler, and the people who believe in the akhira, they can actually get, they will get what their tiny ones, they will actually happen.

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They can get what they wished for and more. Allah knows what you were wishing for. And in the end, he will give you what you were wishing for. Allah knows the deprivation, you experienced, he knows it. The difference between you and an unbeliever is they have deprivation, and they think they can fulfill it. But after fulfilling it, they still have deprivation, and then they suffer with a new deprivation, because this life is actually about some level of deprivation. Remember when we were talking about genital? Why was the same concept?

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The only garden will you actually have refuge from all this deprivation is with Allah. That's done. That's all the Jannat here, they'll still leave some money in your heart. This is not going to kill you. It's not going to fill me I'm living in Santa Marta fell in love to alula

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Hey guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars our job at being is to make deeper study of the Quran accessible and easy for all of you. So take us up on that challenge. Join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on Vienna under the deeper look section