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Ahmad Saleem
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He done a very dumb and given that he was wide shouldered lamea couldn't build a car wherever we are, ie he was an absolute balanced person, not extreme tall, not extreme short, that which is appropriate. So anybody would look at him and he would he was the absolute epitome of beauty in that

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the next Hadith, this hadith has been narrated

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and nothing it's been jab at no time and I even have you thought about the Allahu Allah this hadith has been narrated by idea of the Allah hawan where he says

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let me Hakuna Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam between between Walla Walla Cassia provinces Adam was neither short nor tall. Just notice caffine will remain. Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam just known to find the word Chesson basically means you know in order to say a party hot right heavy handed, which means that this portion of Rasul Allah Salla salams hand was filled with meat. Now if you read the descriptions of the hands of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam were actually you know, in we all get awestruck by the beauty of just the hands of Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam and share if you will the Hadith about that.

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One of the narrator's even Batal he said, Ghana cupfuls Allah Allahu Allah, he was seldom mum Telly Lachman it was filled with meat like it was a very meaty hand it was a you know, not a skinny hand when you would shake hands you would feel like okay, this has you know, mashallah good, heavy hand

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les era and now who am I at in a variety of Bahama Dr. Kenneth lean, it was it was heavy, strong, but it was extremely soft hand. And so the hola Hawaiian he says, Mama says

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I never touched cousin Wallah. How do you run? Neither brocade nor silk. Alia and I'm in coffee rasool Allah more softer than the hands of prophets of Allah. Why do you

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then you have another description of the hands of Prophet Salah Salem which says hushan that they were really strong hands to and how do you reconcile between the two? The first one are the people who explain the Hadith they say that fatwa malloon Allah either amela jihad for example, when he would grab a sword and he is battling the hand would transform into being one of the strongest hands ever.

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The sword would not shake out of the hand, but one that matter or that affected that damage that he was doing Rasul Allah says Allah muda would end the hand would go back to its normal condition of being soft. Unlike you and I if we get involved in hammers and stuff like that afterwards, when you shake your hand if a person who's been you know, you know, you know, like alohar, a blacksmith or somebody who's in trades. Some of the guys were in the construction worker their hands are Masha Allah, tough, but then rough and tough, but they remained rough the entire time. Whereas the Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam based on the occasion it would switch

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and it was most of the time soft but whenever it was needed, it would be that strong hand that was needed

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doc more Ross, he had a very big head. In the Arabs, they used to say that somebody who has a smaller small head I eat proportion to their body size in the Arabs, it was considered a sign of, of lack of intelligence. Right? It's not that 100% Somebody with a small hand is not going to be intelligent, but it's just generally they had noticed this trend that somebody with a smaller head and a bigger body is generally not very smart. So these these you know anecdotes are turned into these unsolved because they were very acute about the people's culture and awareness the Arabs in general

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the model camera these so camera, this is the ends of the bone. So you know when was * Sal when he made pie for us that day, right? The big ends, you know the the colada, the ends of that right so when you have that skinny bone and then the ending of the bone, the bone heads, those are called Karadeniz. So the model Karadeniz, ie his joints were not skinny joints, they were heavy joints. So there would be joints that were filled and you could tell the strength of Rasulullah as body in the joints of prophetess LM in every point, every bone that jointed every joints, where you will have two bones conjoined together

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well, we usually miss roba

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so Masaba is a line of hair that would go from Rasulullah Salem center of the chest all the way down to the belly button of Rasulullah Sara

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and that is considered one of the most beautiful signs of masculinity

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Not too much here, not a direct, there is no here it is here and it is very balanced and it is in a position that beautifies the beauty of, of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, some of the wives of Prophet salallahu Salam have have been reported to have said that can about no Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam that his stomach his torso was as if you were to take a paper and you would take that paper and you would crush that paper with your hand and you would unfold that paper and you would see all these dents

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on the paper that is how it all sort of lost Torsen was What Is that referring to six pack is the one what most Muslims don't have mashallah, we have a buddy fanny pack on a show Allah we all have a video fanny pack. This month, especially we're trying to change that we wanted to have a Monday back on this and create some variants inshallah. So yeah, it refers to the physical health of Rasulullah system that even in the age of 55, he had a very strong physical body.

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And he didn't have a lot of fat. If you read a lot of the descriptions that he would probably hovering around seven to 8%, maybe 10% body fat, right? Even in his late 60s, like 63 He passed away. So if you look at this, this, these descriptions of Medina, even all of those descriptions, you know, including myself, like we've passed that, mashallah, but that doesn't mean that they were not to have us we're not heavy for example, and you know, the law unknown was known for what?

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A big belly, he was known for that, you know, there was another Sahaba you know, SolarSystem said, line up so this is a hobby What did you do, like he lines up but like, the line is his he's got a problem. So it also like him, and he pushed his stomach back. He's like, line up before back like, you know, he said, Oh, yeah, Attorney Rasulillah you hit me.

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And I want to get get my sauce, because you hit me.

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So I'm, what are the Allahu Anhu? He looked at this how he said, Yeah.

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Yeah, rasool Allah just command. I'll take care of him. Then he said, Tao who? Yeah, he stepped forward. And then he said, What do you want me to do? He said, X shift and lotic

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uncover your your sorry, you're buttoning, uncover your stomach. So he uncovered and they were about to go into jihad. So uncovered, the he uncovered his belly. And then he went and he touched his cheeks with the cheeks of rasool Allah his belly. So he said Mother, how am I Allah Allah why did you do that? He said to me Hakuna. Lim see if it Dounia just said I wanted that my last thing I touched of the creation of Allah in this world was your body before I die in jihad, and he passed away in that you had

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so little the hola one.

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So the lead el Masaba he had a very long this this line that would go down and the rest of the place there was few hairs here and there. And that's it. The rest of the body was not very hairy.

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Either Masha, when he walked that GAFA Dakka when he walked, it was as if, like his feet were being forced off the ground so he wouldn't walk like dragging the feet. He had a very purposeful walk gun NEMA and helped him in a suburb. It's as if he was descending from a hill. His regular walk was as if he was descending from a hill all the time.

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lum Urraca blue, I had not seen before him well of Idaho, neither after him. Miss Lowe like him. I never saw anyone before or after someone like him suddenly Allahu Allah He was.

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The next Hadees

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is another narration with the same Hadith that has been mentioned exact same Hadees with a different chain of narration. Over here, I wanted to touch upon a few of the people that have sent me a comment. They sent me screenshots and they said you know how these number six is alive? Hadees why are we even studying it? Or Hadith number five, I think those individuals missed the introduction lecture that we gave. But I want to touch upon on this because this is a very important topic for us to to address because this is very common.

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For that hottie science is a big thing for all of us in general to know some basics, not very detailed. You have something called so he had this. You have something called Hassan Hadees. You have something called Hassan lady that does it hasn't but there are other a hadith that turn this hadith into hasin DS. Then you have something called a diary of Hadees. Then you have mold or within these there are tons of categories. You don't need to get

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add into that just need to know the form. So you have three main categories if you were to look at it you have, so he has in life. And then you have modal which is a category like fabricated. So we don't want like it's a category but it's like it's fabricated and there lies and we don't know if they're true or false.

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So he had these are all such a hadith that the chain of narrators,

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they were all verified and nobody within that chain of narrators was known as a liar.

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Okay, there were certain now within that hadith, there are different levels, certain like human bodies conditions of Asahi is a very, very difficult condition to be met, compared to even humbles condition. So each of these like if a person has 123456 characteristics, then he is going to be so high for me. But if he doesn't, then I'll move him to Hassan. If he doesn't, then I will move him to life. Now I want to talk about dying fatties so that you've heard these are not fabricated Hadees

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unlike some some people they've actually removed all of these Hadith from like Sunon AV manager and they've they've brought these books called so he does say that this is this is completely against the the 1500 years of scholarship that we've had, this is just a very recent phenomenon. Like we've had these are heavies, where every single narrator in that hadith is a valid person who had good Aflac we have enough information about him that he was not a fabricator. He did not lie. He didn't go to the market. He was not a person known for any type of societal malice. So he's a valid person the only problem in the life had these happens is where where the narrator he skips one narrator and

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goes directly to prophets

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Okay, for example, in this hadith Mohammed ibn Hanafi Hama dibutyl Hannah via So Ibrahim ibn Muhammad Al Hannah, via which Muhammad ignorant Hannah Thea is Mohammed Al Hannah via is the

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brother of Hassan and Hussein.

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But same Father different mother.

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His son, Ibrahim, never met a leader the other one.

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So Ibrahim bin Mohammed, ie the son of Alia Viola, who answered this is the grandson of but Ibrahim never met earlier, the Lucha

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Libre deadline has already passed away when Ibrahim was born. Okay, but now Ibrahim narrates from Isla de Allahu, and he skips his father

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he skips in between. So because of this skipping, now just had his becomes dive,

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dive in what the chain has become weakened because with the chain that the six narrator's 1234562 Rasulullah one just got dropped.

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That doesn't mean the rest of the chain is wrong to somebody, either they forgot, they forgot to mention or some reason. Now, leave Hadith the dilemma they take the Hadees with conditions, first condition is that derive Hadees shall not negate a say Hadees

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so when I die, you've had these comes and it says go left but we have a say he had he says go right, we will not take the life at least in that case will not reject it. But that hadith and Shediac will not be applicable. Okay, number two, live Hadees is is accepted by all the scholars when it talks about the attributes and and qualities of an individual.

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So all the life had is related to Prophet sallallahu Sallam like walking in a certain style of walking and all of this if it's if it's about walking, it doesn't change your Sharia and your ADA and it adds so these are called monarchy and the older man they accept this. The third thing that they accept in life Hadees is the ahaadeeth that are off Allah.

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What is the benefit of this? What is the benefit of this? What is the benefit of reading this? What what is the benefit of reading the surah to create a constricted version of our deen by removing all of these live Hadees and just saying we're only going to accept sahih hadith is not from the Sunnah of any of the any of the previous generations except the last generation

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go back and read history. Even the people who followed Sr, your people who were SRTs who followed Hadith and they only stuck to Hadees like even hasm were a lot more lenient when it comes to the for the use then some of the people today

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and that has happened, you know, for a you know, a political agenda and that's a completely different different discussion. So like we've had these that's the number second point that we must understand understand about life and the third thing we must do

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understand we've alluded to that before.

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If so, he had these comes

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and it negates an established understanding of our deen even if it's as a Hadees, none of the orlimar ticket. And we talked about the hadith of prophets and salams. Loan, his color being a smart is color being brown.

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Right 50 narrators that all have said as her that it was rosy in color. One narrator said us not all of the narrators, including Buhari himself everyday narrated the Hadees but they rejected.

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They only narrate it because of it being a say Hadees. And it fulfilled their condition. So they don't want to remove a hadith that fulfilled the condition of their Hadees. So that means that according to Buhari, this hadith was so he, but none of the scholars have said, Yeah, you know, we're going to take this hadith and Rasool Allah was brown, dark brown in color. They all rejected it unanimous. So we must understand that part to that alive Hadees or Asahi Hadees, if it conflicts within pre established understanding of them.

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Okay, I'll give you another example. You are not going to find any Hadees any power of the setup?

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Sorry, you're not going to find any Hadith or any of the sahaba.

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Or any idea

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that explicitly forbids

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a female Muslim marrying a Christian.

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There's not a single Hadith.

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Where do we get that? We get that from the ages now of all of the sahaba.

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None of the Sahabas agreed to this, none of the dark green. So none of this has disagreed with it. I either agreed to the fact that almost a woman cannot marry except a Muslim. It's a common sense thing. We don't need the IR Hadees for that, because Islam came to protect the lineage. And because of that, all three generations they did H MA and once H Ma is established either in Napa dill Iijima when h ma eat there's a consensus on a matter amongst the Ummah, at that time. When that happens, even if today we find a hadith that had this will be rejected.

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Right? So it's not as simple as me picking up a hadith book and saying geology I become a mod this today. I have access now I'm serious, I have access to sunnah.com. And now I'm going to start extrapolating rulings for that. Okay. So it's very important that we understand the signs as we go through this. Again, I'll bring in here and there because I don't want to bore you with the science like it's, but you should know enough because it's a confusion. Because you may present somebody all it's alive Hadees

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What do you mean, this is a Hadith, according to the unearth as well as the humbly madhhab. If you are, if you have no Hadees left, and you're going to do a chaos, you're going to say this particular opinion, we will superimpose it on a particular similar position on something else, but we'll apply it to this.

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Both of them and I have if say if they say there's a Dr. Hadees they take the hat they've had, they've had this overpass. Okay, so it's not as simple as it is made for us. Okay, now we have eliminated all day for this and hamdulillah and what that did in the last 30 years is it completely disconnected us from

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the true essence of Prophet sallallahu.

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And then you had people who would say things about Rasul Allah Azza Selim and Mel is just sort of Sula.

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Now how long

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somebody's like, no, no, no, this this not this, this, this, you know, this not or this mother is is like it's Hulu.

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So, I went to my teacher and I said, you know, that's what you know, some of the teachers are saying to me that, you know, this, this hadith or this is, is extreme, it's gone. So he said to me, he said, had

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a hat on. Is there anyone capable of truly, truly praising rasool Allah in His entirety?

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And the answer is no, because prophesy said Amina Hadees. He said, lie the full agree Allah be my true value is only understood by Allah. We try with this channel is an attempt no matter where you reach with Rasul Allah, you haven't even reached 1% of what he was. So to be able to say, oh, I want you to stop but I got everything I understand Rasul Allah and just it just you know, let's get to the fact of doing No,

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we don't understand that's why the relevant they said another tune. One if you were if you were given a chance to lay eyesight on Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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once in your life to be to feel calm, it penetrates in a person's heart Iman ly you see,

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if a person does actions all his life

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his Eman will never equate than the image of the person who sought us with a lot for a glimpse.

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Right so we have to come back to that, that the MACOM of Rasul Allah and where he is which fall short. We fall short on that. We fall really short on that right. And may Allah subhanaw taala make truly give us that true love of Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam in a true understanding, so that we're able to truly understand him even in light Allah Subhana Allah OMA behind the Akasha de la ilaha illa Anta stuff, but Overlake Allahumma salli wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad

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while early he was so happy he was telling him to zoom in because yeah, oh by the killer, hammer, the wider Ali Mohammed, Ibrahim, Ibrahim and Mohammed Majeed. Oh Allah we asked you to send your choices blessings and salutations and Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, O Allah we asked you to illuminate our hearts and fill our hearts with the love and the nor often have you Hamid Sal, Allahu Allah, He said sallam, we ask you to give us the true understanding of his job. And we ask you to be able to understand and follow his message and be in his footsteps. And we ask you to do not deprive us on how to look closer, and be from those who get a chance to drink from that held,

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after which we shall never taste thirst ever. We asked you Allah to grant us the ability to be able to truly truly truly love Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and to be able to truly have now ready for of all of his efforts and attributes. So we're able to truly live our lives and become the beacon of light that we have to be as followers of Prophets, Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam, we ask Allah, Allah to Allah, whoever, they're all the people that are here, or Allah grant us all Sophia hedaya was a dad, and give us the ability to be the ones who truly carry the message of this, this book and all other books related to Prophet sallallahu sallam, and make us from those who are

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true true believers in his message, and make us from those who are steadfast and unshaken and all the tests and trials that come towards us. And we ask Allah, Allah, that with the love of this, this this Kitab and the love of Prophet sallallahu Sallam that he grants us a Rukia of Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in this life before we leave this earth. And we ask that Allah subhanaw taala gives every single one of us in their families, hedaya and IFP and Mo Farah and all the good things that we need and keeps us away from all the nasiha and all the bad things that are not good for our iman, when suddenly Lahoma to Allah Allah Haiti Hakeem Hamad wider early he was happy he was

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does that

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for those of you that have not signed up for the Friday night, we will close it at 11 because we have to give the order for the food if you are planning to come for the Friday night. If you aren't here. Some of the brothers can help you sign up just so so we're able to actually estimate the number of people that are going to be coming for food inshallah Baraka Luffy said I want you.

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content, you can have multiple

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contents are similar than the other so they say that they should do that

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