Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Grab The Hand Of Allah Swt

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a situation where a man is trying to grab something with both hands, but the woman is not able to grab it. The woman suggests that they should not grab it and that they should just remove the rope. The woman also suggests that they should not grab it and delete it, and that they should meet Islam's the happiest day of their lives.
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I'm a little bit

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He was having

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to go to lunch a lot I lost her hand, Taylor said lycra Have you been in a rush to generate some a yoke for with towel? Do you mean bill for power this bill would work it was Lum procida

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law similarly, lots of data in this ad was revealed

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when the one owner there were banished from Medina

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because of the treason and

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disloyalty to Los Altos and asylum.

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At that time, there was a custom among the

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Arabs of Medina that there was high infant mortality. And they believed that if they left their children with the

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money's right, then the children would survive. So, there were many of the Arab children who are living with divinity.

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So, now, when whenever they were being banished and they were leaving

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the parents of the children they got what is what will happen to our children.

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So, they came to us and they said What should we do should we allow them to go with them or should we hold them back or what should we do? So, we will desire less one girl said there is no need for any force by gravity. let them decide.

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innovate the, the the differentiation between HIPAA and between

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misguidance is clear.

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From my work for without the one who leaves without the one who leaves or La

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Jolla have with wt Miller and who has he won our last round of data sucker this dumpster gavrilova

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such a person has taken and grabbed a handhold which will not break

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I remind myself I knew that if we are in a situation where we are saved we have fallen into a well

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a very deep way

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and there is no hope of survival because there is no way of climbing out to the well and the water is deep. So no matter how much you consume how much you swim at some point, your strength will go and you will drop.

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That time somebody throws the rope inside.

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When you grab it with 100 200

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you will grab it with your water your hands, your teeth, your feet or everything you know

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you're saving a life otherwise you're dead. You're dead you are absolutely sent us to the nowhere you can escape from this well except with this rope

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and somebody throws the rope. We'll grab it with both hands. But you know the issue with grabbing something with both hands that those two hands which were engaged with something else you have to leave that something else.

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You cannot grab the rope and have something else in there you know, you decide which one you want. Because if you say well you know I have something else in my hands I will hold this also and the rope doesn't work. Doesn't work. Then that handled will break.

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The only handle that doesn't break is when you graduate with both acts

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and laws regarding the one who leaves without human Billa and who has a man in Allah Sokka distanza voluto

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lambris Allah and that handle will not bring

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a man myself a new

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What is this thing which is in the other hand

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if you want to grab the rope of Allah Abdullah, all of us generally are 100 free. So you want to grab with one hand but that doesn't work.

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Because Allah subhanaw taala condition is you have to grab with both hands. You are in the world you will Don't try to hold it with one hand you will drop it will take the hand Olympic.

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What is this thing in the other hand, which is preventing that hand also from grabbing the rope or lasagna.

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Each one of us has something else has a different thing.

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And yesterday that that we had like I was saying identify that one thing which is blocking you from connecting with Allah.

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Identify that one thing which is blocking you from connecting with Allah.

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resentment against the world sit down and write a one one pages about this one thing What is this one thing which is preventing you from connecting with Allah subhanaw taala

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identify that thing. Look at it in detail what is the thing because obviously it is something you love.

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And May Allah forgive us he loved his work and Allah because if you did not love it more than I like would not block you from Allah.

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We don't like to think of it like that. But that is reality.

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That thing and we love it what Allah because if you love Allah more than you would throw this it would not be a block. So let us first face it What is this issue

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and for each one of us is different for somebody it is here of this of that for somebody it is love of this of that

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for somebody deserves something as whatever Allah and I don't want to go into a whole list of things but we know our so sit down and say what is is one thing which is blocking me from Allah

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that will come when Allah protect us from that because the day will come when if we don't leave this stuff and if we do not grab the rope of our last round tie with both hands that will come when this rope will be pulled out.

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And when the rope is pulled out then there is only this because then there's no no one else is going to save us from that place.

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And we do not want to be in that situation at that time. There is no sense in regretting Oh my god, no, I wish I had lived that at

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the time to leave la time to leave all the viola the time to connect to the Los llanos Allah with both hands is now and of course you know and I know the problem is is to get the reality is if you get into Allah subhanaw taala the rest of it is yours anyway.

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One word belongs to Allah, Allah hamachi Sahaja Medina.

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So if you have grabbed hold of the

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both of us is we're going to go What word

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then the world goes to its right place which is below the foot. This is the place where the world's under the sole of your foot element is fit to stand on top of the world or to put the world on it.

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But the world will only go here when we take it out of that. And that is the thing of holding the rope of Allah subhanaw taala either identify that one thing, which is blocking you from connecting with a lot of nanotech and then delete it as well as ran out Allah to make it easy for me and you to do this, to identify and then to delete this one thing, so that we are purely and completely connected with Allah subhanaw taala that when we stand before him, and there is no one there except Allah and yourself. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us this show, and give us this Hello, you sweetness in our Salah. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to enable us to connect with him as it is

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right to be connected. So that when the time comes for us to go, that Day will be the happiest day of our lives. Absolutely. Because that day we will meet a lunch Allah and we want to meet Allah subhanaw taala in a situation where Allah subhanaw taala would like to meet us a job or some Allah had on a military while he was heavier than that. I think

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