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one of the greatest

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and as

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the day

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events of the battle, we mentioned how the Muslims, the Christians, the army of Makkah would arrive at by the other Muslims were over 300, about 315 between 310 and 320. Men. Just a side note here, this number, there seems to be some speciality to this number 300. And some odd because the Sahaba the the combatants of better has a habit of by that they would make, they would make it known. They said, this is the exact same number as the army of pollut as the army of soul as the army of Navy Deadwood when they fought Goliath, said we this is the exact same number of men, this is the same number as and then Allah subhanaw taala with Allah belongs the knowledge of all things. So the

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one third the size of the Qureshi army was well equipped and well prepared for the war. And the Muslims, as we mentioned, in the battle, maybe salsa lamb did, was strategically involved. He was the commander in chief of the strategic Battle of the Muslims, and he arranged them in suhu in lines, and before the battle, we mentioned how the most three of the Muslim champions stepped forward, and three of the Qureshi step forward. The three courageous step forward artbar, shava, and Walid, right three a father, his son and his brother, the three of them stepped forward and of course, the Muslims, by the grace of Allah defeats and kills all three of the crises. And we

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mentioned how and the listen one of the lessons to think of but that is how Navy Salam spent the whole night in the morning in in Doha, and we think sometimes we say this again, that Yeah, Allah, why are we going through difficult times? Are we not the ones making salah and a bad we worship you five times a day and we fasted Ramadan? Where is your assistance here Allah, let me so sunlamp is Rasulullah habibollah, the most beloved and the greatest of all his creations, but even he did not know if Allah had decreed, victory or defeat. If Allah subhanho wa Taala, had decreed success or failure to Allah belongs the decision. Allah Subhana Allah says many times in the Quran, that none

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of us in specific human have Esau Salah that to you, you will have no no say over the outcome. Allah subhanho wa Taala alone, decrees things, what we do, the only thing in our hand is to prepare ourselves for what comes in our life, to prepare ourselves for the challenges for the events of our life, and then to submit ourselves into our how many MBA in the famous Heidi and kiama MBA will come stand before Allah with nothing single follower. What was wrong with him? What was what was incorrect about the actions, nothing, they were ambia they were perfect people. But Allah did not allow did not cause that they will be successful, and the people not except the people were

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destroyed. So how did he know if he would be destroyed on that day, if he himself would be killed, and the end of islam would happen on that day. But we combine the fear, the fear that the Allah that you would take away your help and assistance. And if Allah withholds assistance, none can give it but we're also on the same side of the coin, the other side of the coin, we hope that no matter how bad we are, and how deficient we are, Allah subhanaw taala will still assist us that outdo us even though we come to Allah, weak, we come to Allah inferior we come to our centers, when we raise our hands, as a beautiful Hadith says when when a person that raises his hands to Allah, Allah is shy in

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a manner which be footsies majesty, and shy to be the one who makes dua to leave empty handed. So we combine fear and hope and listen to the essence of belief. Once Allah subhanho wa Taala then made it clear to the enemies of Solomon reveal the ayah to circle and fall, the surah came down as I said, pertaining to the Battle of better than Allah Subhana Allah mentions, remember

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Mohammed when you asked, you made the study, meaning you begged for your Lord to help you, and he Allah subhanho wa Taala answered you, and Allah said to gonna be so Salaam, Mohammed Indeed, I will reinforce you with 1000 from the angels, one after the other, a whole succession of angels will come down from the summer 1000 of the base angels, as we mentioned last week, jabril said that the 1000 greatest angels in the same hour was synced to the Battle of by the why, why 1001 angel is enough, not so that they may fight the battle, but they may strengthen and help the believers. They're only there as an assistance. They want me to take over the battle. And then Allah said to the angels,

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remember when your Lord inspired to the angels, I am with you Oh my melodica but not you and the believers are not fighting alone. Remember, your Allah is with you. So strengthen, assist support the believers. And I will cost terror into the hearts of those who disbelief we mentioned a few weeks ago in the beautiful Hadith, one of the realities of human life today. Today, we can still see it implemented, that even though the oma in places like Palestine, no weapons, no army, no training children with stones. They are they cost morphia into one of the most sophisticated armies in the world. They are armed to the teeth with guns and tanks and planes. And they have more fear in their

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hearts in those little boys with stones. Allah subhanaw taala be some sort of the speciality of the soma, given as a gift to the soma that the mother passed away those who are fighting on the Huck, they will always cost fear in the hearts of those who don't believe the same with the people of budget 1000 versus 300. On paper, they should win easily. Imagine you have a rugby match 1000 on one side of the team and 300 on the other team who's gonna win the battle. Right? So we think of it like that. It's not even a contest, but yet the Qureshi is we're afraid and the Muslims were prepared

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in sort of unfurl of the events that happened, we said, on the one hand, you had metal salemme ngvla set up on the other hand, you had fear out of this oma abou gel. And you had my Yeah, and you had your own also had he believes in human form on the battlefield and Allah confirms in the Quran, when Allah says and remember when shape and he believes himself made the deeds pleasing to them. He told the Qureshi is no one can overcome you today you are strong from among the people. And indeed, on top of that, I am your protector. So if you have difficulty, you can also rely on me, I'll be there and shaytaan led to this promise to all of us on kiama Don't worry, I will be standing with you. But

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when the two armies fighting each other shaytaan he turned his heels and said indeed I am buddy. I am free. I am disassociated from you. I have nothing to do with you. You are on your own. Indeed I see what you do not see. And indeed I fear Allah shaytaan Binda, he says he fears Allah. But of course that's and that's the difference aside Nokia difference between how fear and taqwa what's the difference is fear. shaytaan s fear is Anna India half a lot. I feel a lot. But he doesn't have Taqwa, fearing Allah without letting that change your life for the good is just empty fear. So the criminal he fears the police, but he still is a criminal. But taqwa is where you have a

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consciousness that fear that understanding of Allah causes you to change your life causes you to act in accordance with that fear. So she feels a lot but he doesn't obey Allah. So he has fear. And you'll always be afraid, but he has no taqwa. May Allah bless us with taqwa, insha, Allah, and Allah sees and I'm severe in penalty. And of course, Allah is most merciful. Most time we mentioned some of the miracles that happened on the Battle of butter, that the Sahaba themselves. So in occasions, the in the interaction of the angels, they came in certain battles, we strange people that they didn't know we're fighting on the side. We mentioned how the Navy SEAL seldom through a handful of

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sand and he blinded the Qureshi army, we mentioned the sword of Okasha, rhodiola, and who gave him a stick and that became a sword that never broke, and he would fight many, many battles and die many years later. Shaheed, one of the great Sahaba we said he's going to intergender along with that 70,000 without ever being questioned one of the special Sahaba Akasha rhodiola, who we mentioned last week,

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that the Battle of butter, what made it so significant also, it was the end, the bitter end of the leadership of far the leadership. So imagine you have a battle, we all the worst of the worst of this dunya the biggest dictators, the biggest criminals are all brought to one place and Allah humiliates them and destroys them then and they that Allah subhanho wa Taala repays them for what they did for 1513 years against Islam and the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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Pooja the leader of them died, but he died. My other one and we mentioned how Allah subhanaw taala gave justice, the one who killed omiya was none other than bilello

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Alon bilad was the cause of his death of the tortured bill out so much we all know the story of how beloved was tortured. This is the man who Mija was torturing him and Bilbao made sure that he would die on the Battle of by the Bella's grace. And then Allah reminds us and the Muslims on the Battle of butter, and you did not kill them. At none of you killed anyone, you did not kill them, but it was Allah Who killed them. And you did not throw Mohammed Salam when you threw, but it was Allah Who threw that he might teach the believers with a good taste. Side note here, we get difficult times. And we are put into difficult situations, the believers didn't come to fight the war. They didn't

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expect to fight the battle. But Allah intended that they would fight a battle and even though they were afraid, and they were human, right, the man was there. But they were still afraid. Some of them didn't want to fight. But Allah tested them out. It was a good test, you come out of the test, a bitter person, sometimes we go through hardship, sometimes, you know, we have what kind of battles do we have? Look at this battle, Allah puts you on the one side, and on the other side, you have your father, Allah puts you on one side. And on the other side, you have your son and Allah Subhana Allah says, I teach you with us now, fight to the death. fight to the death. You didn't expect this.

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You didn't plan for this. One of you must die you either you die or you kill your son. Difficult verses we only know Ebrahimi to go through something like this a lot with the Sahaba in this situation, but Allah says it's for a good taste. submit yourself and you will find an MC to Allah, we know that Grant has the ability to be steadfast on what we know to be true. Allah behind grant is to pass these tests. And indeed Allah is hearing and knowing. So Allah mentions that the battle, he promised them victory, and he intervened and caused them victory against the odds. And at the end of the battle 70 of the courageous amongst them, the senior leadership were killed. 70 of the crises

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were killed, and 75 of them were captured as prisoners and the rest, the remainder of the army ran away and retreated of the Muslims, about 15 of them, wish you had they passed away they were they died on the battlefield. These were the first shuhada in battle. They were Muslims were killed in Makkah before. In fact, the first person to die because of Islam was a woman sumaiya rhodiola. And the mother of Amar, both his mother and father were executed killed by a Buddha. He killed them both because they were slaves and they were Muslim, Allah put an end to him on the Battle of butter. So 15 of the Muslims died, Shahada and the war are still there they buried they invaded. And this of

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course, was a resounding victory for the Muslims.

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After the Battle of brothers what happened after the battle? Now visa Salama remained in battle for three days. He stayed there for three days. Why for three days to show and to make it clear that we have we are victorious. You say even if the Qureshi is you know, they they deserted, maybe they regrouped, and they want you to come back to fight round two, we are ready and we are waiting to make it known that we are ready to fight that after they got to maybe assist things as you look, we only lost a few minutes, we can still go back and fight with the Muslim stood steadfast. And we're not going back to Medina, we're going to stand here we give you three days to come back if you want

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to fight us. And after the battle, and it's a lot of lessons to be learned. A number of issues arose. For the first time this is the first type of jihad. The first time we had prisoners of war. Discuss that next week in sha Allah The first time we had spoils of war and you hear this now maybe on the on the news, ISIS and the spoils of war, people taken prisoner slaves and property being taken. What's the ruling concerning these things that unfurl Torah and fall at first refers to this entire surah referring to the unfurl the spoils of war in Sharla next week, but one of the first issues that had to be dealt with why in abyssal some stayed three days in unbothered is that for the

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first time we had now Shahada, we had 15 men that died in the battle? What is going to become of them? What do we do? Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us and this is of the greatest successes that one can have in this life is to be taken as an aid. Remember Islam is to submit. So we submit our time to Allah we give a lot of time. We give a lot of wealth when we give charity. We give Allah our work when we put effort in but the greatest submission and what greater can they be when you give your life for last minute tada? And then Allah says, What do I give him the return? And say none of those were killed in the way of Allah that they are dead? No, they are alive. But you don't

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understand that those of your brothers that have fallen, fallen in the battle. And this is to our brothers in Iraq and in Syria. And in Palestine. We saw in the news a few but in Gaza over how many 1000 Muslims passed away, we say to them, you are sad and of course we'll be sad, but know that they they place is better than what we have and they have gone to a place Alhamdulillah where Allah subhanho wa Taala is seen to them and they're alive and an additional reward for the Shaheed while the person who passes away he means in his cupboard Lucia he has the privilege of flying in general and physics.

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The Arch of Allah subhana wa Tada. Right so what a great reward for the Shahada in the in Buhari. So how do we what do we do with the Shahada some interesting rulings pertaining to Shaheed when the Shaheed passes away, we don't kill him. We don't whistle the Shaheed the person who dies in battle, we don't crucify him, and we don't count on him either. And we don't even perform

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a certain janazah we put him in bidding as he is why, why do we believe him just as that because an abyssal Salaam says, By the one in whose head is my soul, no one is wounded, even if you are wounded, simply got a cut, or an injury for the sake of Allah. And Allah knows best wood that will get wounded in his sake. But on the day of piano, you will come with you will be covered in that blood. And he will smell beautifully on piano using what these people are smelling so nice into the Shahada, and other benefits. And one of the the rewards for the Shaheed they are exempted from the punish the questioning of the cover. They are exempted, the angels of the other angels of the cover

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won't ask them the questions the testing of the grave. Why? Because it's enough of an answer that they are you're dead for the sake of Allah, it's enough of an answer to those questions, which they are, right so this is all the rewards for the Muslim and the Muslims. Of course, now they, for the first time, they had to experience some of the comrades being fallen under the path of Allah. So they buried the Sahaba and buried them and they do offer them at the same time. And this shows you again that the ROM that we respect, even our enemies, then a result Salaam would bury the Qureshi as well. 70 of them take some time, he didn't just leave them day to rot in the desert. He buried them

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as well. They found a big well, and he put those bodies the 70 of them in one one well, and covered that well up and we said only one man was not buried with Romania, the one who tortured Bilaal, why didn't they bury him? Because they couldn't bury him. Every time they wanted to pick his body up, something would happen and they would have to leave him there. So what did they do? They covered him with rocks, the same kind of thing he did to be done. The same kind of punishment he gave below in the dunya. Allah gave him the Africa that he had to be covered for tokuyama being buried with rocks on top of his body, the rest of the Qureshi will put in as well. And they they remain after the

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third day and they're about to leave the woods, returned to Medina. Now vehcile salam took a detour to pass by this Well, well, we could he buried and he passes by, and nobody saw Sangam calls out to the Abuja Oh Atiba are worried and Allah says in the resources

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and the in the inside Buhari, O Messenger of Allah, why are you speaking to bodies that have no souls as haba? Say nobody says yes to the law. Why are you speaking to those who are in the in the war? lobby? So Salam says to them, oh, Walid odva omiya. Did you find what Allah promised you to be true? We as the believers, we found Allah promised us victory, we found the truth of the promise of Allah to be true. Have you found what Allah promised you meaning punishment and other? Did you find it to be true as well? Did you not find what we promised you what I said to you to be true today? Now you know the reality. And I'll be speaking to them and asking them, and it's a number of the

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allowances, Yasuda law, why are you speaking to bodies that have no souls they did? Why are you speaking to them? And the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, by the one in whose hand is the soul of Muhammad, meaning by Allah He By Allah, you do not hear what I'm saying any better than they do. They hear me just as good as you hear them. And this opens up an interesting discussion that we take a nice side detour here today. And the people in the war the dead, can they hear us? If I go to the, to the climate, for example, I go to the cemetery, I speak to my father or my mother or someone has passed away? Do they hear you? Can the dead? Yes. And it's an issue of aqeedah of

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belief. And if we pause, and we discuss this matter, a little bit in detail. So what do we think? Do we think that nobody saw salami as addressing them is speaking to them say no to the law? Why are you speaking to dead people? Nobody saw some sense. They hear me just as well as you hear me. So can the dead? Can they hear the living? If we go to the board, we tell them what's happening the dunia say, Oh, do you know, Oscar got five years? Will they? Will they be? Will they be aware of these things in the cupboard?

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two opinions. As you know, in Islam, there's always at least two opinions. And this is an opinion among Sahaba not only amongst our allameh. But even amongst the Sahaba. they disagreed amongst themselves to the one view and a strong group of them. And amongst the orlimar. Many of the orlimar say this, that, yes, the date, to an extent they can hear certain things, and we can speak to them and they can hear us in a certain way. Not we can't have open conversations. We'll talk about that in a minute. But they can hear us and what evidence do we give them this is another listen.

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Every opinion you find the chef he says this, the Hanafi says that based on pure evidence, once you look at the reasoning, you yourself will say, Mashallah, both of you have strong opinions, both of you have good, good points. So the first group that says, Yes, the dead can hear in the grave. They use number one, the story of the battler by The Beatles, we spoke to them, and he confirmed that they can hear me, that's it, that's evidence that the dead can hear you. The second, Heidi, is that long Hadith about the journey of the soul. Once you pass away, what happens to you and your soul gets taken up to the summer, and if you're good, you'll be taken all the way up higher and higher.

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May we all be in that situation. The bad one gets to raise to the first summer and he says no one in the summer wants to see him. We don't want to look at this, and you will smell very bad. So and you'll be thrown back into his body, and the good soul will be returned to the body, then the body will be carried to the maqbara. And he will be and he will understand that he's being carried to the grave. The bad one will say and no one will hear him. Don't take me Don't take me because he understands what's happening in Africa to him in the grave. Where's the good ones? What are you doing, we will go faster. I want to get out of here I'm waiting for my grave. That is why is non

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Muslim guys very, you did so quickly. And it says but if it's a good believer, we should make him get to his reward quicker is waiting for his gender, we must take him there. As for a bad sinful one, we need to get rid of the soul as quickly as you can.

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Once we once and we will all Jamaican muslimeen will all be in the situation. We're not talking something hypothetical, all of us will go through this law protect us on that day. But Allah be with us on that day. right we have those will have a good journey. In that time, all of us will go through it, you will be taken as a you will be taken to your grave. Who knows where our graves are in this dunya waiting for us. And once you are put in you and the Hadith and this is the point of the Hadith, you will hear the footsteps of your family around you, you will hear them and one by one as they leave, you will hear them leaving you. So if you're a good one, you have the security of a

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lot but a bad one. You'll be left alone, but we'll hear the footsteps. And once everyone has left, then the two angels of the grave Luca and McKeon come, and they will do the questioning that we see the Shahada are exempted from this, they pass the questions even before they get there. So this the fact that they can hear the dead can hear what's happening around them as they being buried. So how do you think Buhari so another evidence of the dead Kenya and other evidence when we enter the Mk Bara into the cemetery? Right is we make this Assalamualaikum? Yeah, who do we greet the dead? So the group number one is, you see if you greeting them? Why would you greet someone that doesn't hear

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they obviously will receive the greeting. So this is the opinion of group number one, they give strong evidence right? strong evidence number two among the Sahaba sees no the dead cannot hear you. The dead do not hear us. And all these evidences that you've put into place the Battle of butter, for example, is a specific, specific time. That's why say Norma said, Yasser Allah, they can't hear you in Ibiza didn't say Omar, don't you know the Hadith that they can hear you. This was something that the Sahaba in general, they knew that, by default, generally, that they don't hear us when we speak to them. So that's the response. And number two, as for the one being buried, there is a

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special time but Allah gives him an awareness of everyone around him but once he's in his grave, that awareness goes away. So they confirm so group number two, they bring is from the Quran. They say the date cannot hear us and they give them an example they give the iron sudo room so vividly, oh Mohammed, Mohammed cannot make the did to you. I was saying into the in the Quran, that Muhammad himself cannot give hearing to the dead and another iron sort of Arthur and not equal or the living and the dead. Indeed Allah causes to hear whom He wills but you cannot make Yeah, those in the graves that once they are in the graves, you can they cannot hear you anymore, that they are cut off

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completely from the dunya and from the Sunnah, from the ahaadeeth a beautiful Hadith, around inshallah we implement in our life. Nabi sallallahu alayhi salam says, Allah has angels, he appointed angels to go around the dunya every day to convey the salams of my alma. So every time we say, Allahu alayhi wa sallam, we pretend to be so solemn. He doesn't reach him directly. He doesn't hear it directly, but angels come and they pass the message and also Allah Mohammed sits around you so many times today, is it salam to you so many times today and now based on some response? So many times when I was a student in Medina, people will say, kindly myself am I going to be Sol Salah you

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don't need the student or you don't need someone doing the hygiene. You get an angel that sends it to you is going to be so saddled up. So make sense and when you make sign up once on the Navy SEAL Salaam, not only will he respond, but Allah will give Salaam to you 10 times Allahu Akbar, right. So the fact that there is also lump gets

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angels to give him the message, his evidence that he himself does not hear directly. He has it via an angel. So these two sides of the two sides of the campfire two opinions and as I said, the Sahaba themselves. So how about themselves different on this matter? So what what does it come down to? What is what should we take from this? The most important thing, as we mentioned, is that our place as when we when they pass the cupboard, prepare ourselves for that. And an important thing that even those who say that the dead can Yeah, they make it known that we can't have conversations with a date, they won't understand or they cannot communicate with a date in that manner. If we make to

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offer them, it will be received by them. If we give some time on them, it will be received by them. So Allah says in the Quran, to all those who worship the ancestors or the dead, or the NBN Ibiza, for example, how many people worship you call out to make dua to him? How many people call out to the earlier to those in the cupboard, the pious people, Allah says in the Quran Surah Fatiha. If you call out to them, you invoke them. They do not hear your supplication. They do. Your due out to them will not reach them. They don't hear that you are you're making. Now besides salatu salam every time they call out Oh Jesus, he doesn't reach nebby Isa every time someone calls out in Ibiza Salam for

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assistance. He doesn't reach the NaVi so seldom, and even Allah says even if they didn't hear you, even if they did hear, they will not respond to you. Maybe Isa won't respond to you gibreel won't respond to you the only I will not respond to you. And on the day of Tiana they will deny your shirt that you pose with them they will denuncia Allah I didn't deal with this man said and I was not the one that told him to make dua for me. You and Allah says in the Quran to the ISA on pm and a visa is going to be questioned. Did you oh he said tell him to worship you. Did you tell them that you are God and panela I never said this to them. I never received any dollars from them. I am free of the

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ship. And none can inform you like the one who's appointed. I am the one that is the DA when you make do are in the Caribbean I am close to you. When I am near to you. When you supplicate so even if the dead Kenya, even if you have that opinion that Allah on that side of the scale, say even if the dead Kenya, they can't help you. They can't help us. They need us to help them. They need our assistance. So we make to our for them, not to them. And we have this thing here in Cape Town. You know the the tolkein you know when someone passes away, and it's a beautiful thing, if you need the Arabic it's this long I detail speaking about of what happens to you once you pass away. And we've

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become confused. Our pious Peter ceases that the earlier that came here. They said these things to teach the living, not the dead. When they spoke about what's happening then now the angel of death has come and now the angels of the questioning is going to happen and unique. And this is the question and this is the answer. They're not cheating on the test. They're not telling you Oh, I lied to you in the grave. This is the answer when the angel capital, Conchita Matisse, right? You can't cheat on that test. Even if you know the answer, you won't respond, you will only respond with your good deeds. But this is to teach us to teach us that this is what's going to happen to us when

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we reach the to remind us of the era with some people, you know, we have the incorrect opinion that when we decide the Tolkien estate to help the deceased, no, it's not to help the deceased, but it's for the loving to understand that this is what's going to happen. This is what's happening to your father and need to happen to you as well. So prepare yourselves. How many of us in sha Allah make dua that those questions will answer with our souls not without tongues, but without the mind fully? Who is one man rabuka? Who's YOLO

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and what is your deen Islam is my Deen and who is your Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam?

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This is the question on the yearning of the dead. We end up with this last little section on the lessons of one of the one of the lessons this week of the Battle of budget is the position of the Sahaba. And we coming to a time

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in the new year where unfortunately sahabas name and honor will be tarnished by certain individuals New Year The story is going on the Sahabi did that as a hobby did this. Remember Gemma muslimeen put yourself in the Sahaba in the battle but every single one of them or hygiene, they had to fight a family member. They had to face someone from the tribe. Allah subhanho wa Taala does not teach normal people normal believers like this, where you have to fight your own father or your brother or your uncle. The only one we know was tested like the people we know is like nobody knew what the sun nobody brought him with no bees married. Nobody brought him with his father. Allah only puts the

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greatest of people in this kind of text and Allah put the Sahaba in this case, just put yourself in the shoes of a Sahabi a Buddha, Buddha, even earthbath is the Son of God but would you say that was the one that said I'm coming up first to fight and I'll bring my son will lead and my brother shaver so his father, his brother and his uncle come forward and they will be the first ones to be killed in the battle but like he said,

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He's a believer in seasons fatherly, his brother and his uncle, and they're killed in front of him. And now they're buried in this well, and he's emotion, but the beta of him, and then abyssal Salaam, say to some of the some of the army, see to the Muslims, that these individuals were good people, don't kill them, capture them. They are good people that they will believe us. And they didn't harm us in Makkah, they assisted us. We'll talk about this next week, inshallah. And he became a little emotional, my parents and my father died. But these ones, your close relatives, jasola, must be lived to speak and alive. So he said something. He said something disrespectful, or the alarm at the

00:30:38--> 00:31:13

Sahabi. He said something disrespectful to the newbies on cellular episodes and didn't say anything to him. After the battle, when he saw his father being buried, and his brother being buried and his uncle being buried. nevison saw the look on his face, and it shows you the quality of Navy SEAL. So he came to him. And he said some soft words. No, don't worry, you know, this, you know, don't worry about what happened. And this young man, the Sahabi, or the fight, he says, you know, it's not that I'm dissatisfied with the decree of Allah. But my father as he was a Catholic, and yes, I don't deny that. But he was also a good man in certain regards to use a good father. And this shows you But

00:31:13--> 00:31:53

even though a person can be a coffee, you don't hate them, but they can have good qualities that be so Salamis Uncle obatala so the Sahaba said, I hope that he's good qualities would have led him to Islam. And but for the rest of his life, the Sahaba would feel guilty for what he said in the Battle of butter. Any would never feel safe. And always I'm always afraid. Allah subhana wa Taala is going to hold me accountable when I say any long foot away to save himself and Allah say God can be the ability to die Shaheed against mercy Lama al Qaeda to defend the honor of Naveen Salaam. And this was his, his Allah gave him opportunity and other Listen, we make a mistake, and we have that sin

00:31:53--> 00:32:31

we've done in the back of our mind. Episode Salaam says, when you commit a sin, follow it up with a good deed. immediately go give some charity, immediately. Do something good. recite some Quran, make mistakes, but you committed the sin. So in the back of your mind, maybe there's some major sin you committed, look for a major good deed to be done. So many. There's so many opportunities for you Janaka muslimeen, to buy your way into Jenna, to make the art for yourself in general, you'll commit the sin, Allah subhanho wa Taala offers you an opportunity to make it right. And that is why Allah subhanho wa Taala says about the people of butter, and about the Sahaba in particular, you will not

00:32:31--> 00:33:12

find a people believing in Allah and the Last Day having affection for those who oppose Allah and His Messenger, even if these were the father's speaking but people have bothered that they're willing to fight the father's like, Who the * like over the river, and the sons like say no buck and his son was on the other side of the field, all the brothers all from the family members the clan, because Allah has placed in their hearts, he man and he stinks in them with a ruthless spirit with him. And he will cause an Allah promises the Sahaba in general and the people of better in particular. So when anyone and if you hear anyone speaking of the Sahaba take this ayah Allah says I

00:33:12--> 00:33:52

promised them to enter Paradise and the witch rivers flow and they will dwell they in forever unless already promised the Sahaba in their lifetime. I promise you gentlemen, what you did on the Battle of butter, what you continuously did for the deen, I guarantee you agenda. And Allah says around the Allah and one that I am pleased with him and they are pleased with me and they are the His Beloved, they are the true party of Allah and the party of Allah will always be successful. You will always be I will always be with the party of Allah. This is the kid arm the highest status, Allah gives the Sahaba inshallah next week we continue with a few other lessons on the Battle of brother inshallah,

00:33:52--> 00:34:29

Zack will have just a few short announcements. Once again, please, if you have any comments, any suggestions, any queries, please, you can email me directly, or you can put it in the box the outside. We remind the brothers on Tuesdays off the mothership, that our class on the biography in the life of an incremental Salaam Hamza, I'm very glad the numbers are increasing every week. He's in sha Allah to see more and more of the brothers we discuss not only the biography, but things that we can discuss in Juma maybe you can discuss it openly and freely. On the second of November next week, Sunday inshallah, right next week, Sunday, we have our McCarter on march from nine to to do

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what inshallah and basically what's going to happen is we're going to get a bunch of of the youngsters primary school children and they're going to march and they're going to pass a woman she is magic, they will make the out of the of the of the of the macabre and greet the the the the the inhabitants of the maqbara and make dua for them in sha Allah, and along the way is a few stops. It's a long a nice long journey for them for the next two tire the kids out on Sunday, they can sleep early, right? So bring your kids in sha Allah and join up and it'll be

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With us along the way, this team stops in goodies along the way. Then the Saturday night so that's the Sunday morning and Saturday night insha Allah, this is more for our, our teenagers, all are welcome. You don't have to be a teenager. But the younger kids in sha Allah, please, you know, they they're not they're not ready for a lecture of this, this type, please don't bring them but for the younger kids, you know, and, and anyone else would like to attain A Nightmare on Elm Street, we're gonna have at the center, pin street at the bronto Center, a discussion along the world of the jinn and devils. I might just make a note here that this is a we said it's around the campfire. But some

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people said What is this? Is it because of Halloween? I only knew Halloween. Like you know, and if you don't know even better Muslims, we don't celebrate this thing. It's just a coincidence that the date is similar time. And of course there's no bonfire in terms of a big fire. It will be a maybe a brine shell right that's that's sufficient for us. So please, if you please attend a very interesting topic. And lastly, a reminder that in December the sixth of December that I'll co author course, the lives of the MBA. We have a guest speaker from Canada all the way from Canada and shall give his excellent presentation so please attend these courses. And may Allah subhanaw taala accept

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I will do as Prague mercy and mo for those who are in the keyboard. grandpa's old Gen manchaca so don't worry