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Want to better care to respected brothers and sisters in Islam to all the radio to the cape? Welcome to my YouTube channel Islam is we are live on the radio so Jamaat, please pay yourselves.

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Praise Allah subhanho wa Taala for the blessings once again of returning as your service. And from

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week one Juma to the next, we make dua that almost forgives our sins from last week to this week, and inshallah from next week to this, that Allah subhanho wa Taala will forgive all those minor little sins in His mercy and His Rama Alhamdulillah. As is the custom Yeah, and those of us who are joining us for the first time that we like to do things in series, and over a couple of weeks and months, we discuss one topic, and the topic in which we have been discussing for the past two or three months or so, has been the topic in title the days of visa and glory, this oma standing for more than 1400 years. In its current state, we know we are at our knees, and we are struggling. But

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we have not always been there and will not always stay there. And we only need to look back at this great illustrious history. And see the moments of honor the moments we can look back as Muslims and sell hamdulillah I am proud to be a Muslim. And to be part of that is to be part of that honor. And that glory. This is what it means to be a Muslim, we look back at our past, and remember the good days so in sha Allah, it will return either in our time, or in a time of our children in sha Allah. And we discussed our first topic that we discussed a couple of weeks ago was the formation of the first Islamic State under Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the first beacon of light the

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first place in which Islam was a light to the rest of the world in the world of darkness. And then, of course, we spoke about coming closer to this topic, the Battle of butter at this state, as Allah subhanho wa Taala would have it would not remain unharmed and unmolested, that the people that while the Muslims did their best, to live peacefully, and this is the purpose of an Islamic State, and how applicable it was today, that we live in peace and harmony with our neighbors, whether they be Muslim or non Muslim. But if aggression is done against us, Allah has given us the permission to defend ourselves and Allah subhanho wa Taala. After more than 13 years, the Muslims persevered under

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oppression under the foot of oppression, Allah allowed the Muslims to retaliate through Jihad to defend themselves and to meet to meet violence to meet violence with a beautiful form of jihad. So Allah subhanho wa Taala opened the doors and the Battle of budget, of course, came about as a summary on the on the 17th of Ramadan, the second year of ijarah.

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The small group of 300 men from Medina not preparing for a war arrives at the field of bother they arrived the night before. And that night, as we said, Allah subhanho wa Taala caused the entire army of the Muslims to sleep, and only one man was awake the whole night Satan Mohammed sallu alayhi wa sallam making dua for the coming battle. During the course of the evening, an army of 1000 or more races from Mecca at come ready to fight the Muslims not prepared for a war. We ended mourning the dawn when the dawn of the day of the 17th it was a Friday Allah subhanho wa Taala so decreed the 17th of Ramadan when the dawn broke and the Muslim saw the enemy and the enemy saw the Muslims

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navies also the Marines army in rose which was never before seen in warfare on the Arabian Peninsula, the Arabs never fought in this manner as Allah subhanaw taala mentions like a firm structure of the road as if though there'll be lined up for Sala maybe salsa lamb arranged this army

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and we spoke about last week we mentioned that before the battle, there was individual dueling, three amongst the Qureshi step forward, and they challenged three amongst the Muslims, and of course the Muslims one, three no all three of the Muslims defeated the opponent. This was a great morale boosting exhibition for the Muslims all along. All the while the Muslims are preparing to fight Nabil Sol Salaam is engrossed in blah. And the Sahaba said we had never seen someone so intensely making dua as we saw in abyssal Salah, making dua before the Battle of butter. And we pause here for a minute. Now visa Salam did not know with a victory or defeat was written by Allah subhanho wa

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Taala even though he's rasulillah salam, sometimes we feel yeah Allah we know the Muslims. Are we not the believers? Why are we in this situation of resources on piano ambia will come with no supporters, prophets, messengers, perfect human beings, they will come and kiama Not a single one of the people follow them. How many of the MBA Do we know that the people rejected them? Allah spawn destroyed them, that they people even kill them? Like maybe Yeah, at least a lot of Salaam they kill them they kill the MBR now vehcile salam does not know what Allah has decreed. He's not has not been informed yet with it today his victory or defeat, and why bother is so important.

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We look at the number 300 not a big number, this must be more people than 300. But as we saw some MCs in this design is making this to our over and over and he says, yeah Allah, should this group be defeated today, you will no longer be worshipped on the face of the earth. If this group is defeated here, No, nobody will come. But Cooper will overcome Islam and Islam will die after this battle. If the Muslims failed on the Battle of bother, if that day the Muslims failed, there would be no Islam left, that this dunya with no one on this dunya would worship Allah anymore. This is why this battle was so decisive. That 300 men stood between Cooper and Cooper and a man 300 men stood between Allah

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subhanaw taala being worshipped as a religion of Islam surviving this, this 300 men held that fate in their hands so nobody's making this door and he's so intense into our His hands are raised their hands are raised above his head, and his or his top part of his government falls off, falls off his back. The piece on standing there, he said, raising his hands making the art in Tanzania Allah we are defeated here none you will not be worshipped in the dunya and then say now bucket comes about the long standing beside picks up the cloak of Navy salsa lamb and he rapes it he puts it back on the chests of Navy so solemn and he hugs him and he says enough rasulillah enough now you have asked

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Allah And your Lord will surely answer your your play you please and your and you will answer the promise that you made your Rob will respond. And when say nobody has said this, and draw the line and the completion of fear on the side of Nagisa Salaam and the hope that say no buckethead Allah subhanho wa Taala have been revealed the verses Neville Solomon says it up to this point does not know which way this battle is gonna go. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala responds, after an entire night and morning of da Allah responds. And in order to unfurl Allah revealed these verses, remember when you asked the help of Europe, and he answered you and I answered your da, and Allah says gonna be so

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solemn, I make a promise to you, indeed, I will reinforce you with 1000 from the angels following one after the other, I will send you 1000 angels to support you. And then Allah sends a command to the angels, Allah Subhana, Allah says, Remember, when you are up see to the angels inspired to the angels are less talking to jabril and the angels, I am with you, oh, my melodica I am with you. So strengthen those who have believed so you go and support the believers, and I will cost it up in the hearts of those who have this belief. Now, maybe so seldom, after these verses have come so hard to see his face changes and he smiles. And he's, he's describing like the bright moon, the full moon,

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radiant and smiling and, and the and the happiness is in his eyes. Whenever he saw some knows already, the battle is decided that the victory is decided already. And now nobody saw Salaam Tanzania back and he says glad tidings away from Allah. Verily, I can see Julio approaching Ahmed, and on his horse shibori letscom. Ahmed, and on his horse, and so to the other angels, they came in the form of humans, but can only be so solemn, could see them. And just a side interesting note here, one of the Sahaba azubi rhodiola and one of the 10 promised agenda. He was one of only two men that had a voice on the day of but that only two Muslims had a voice on that day. So baby was one of

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them. And on that day, he deliberately wore a Yellow Turban. Why? Because he wanted to stand out. You want to be sure I am a debater. I'm not trying to hide away who wants to challenge me he wants to face me yours My turban. So you all know this is debate. And the angels came and they were all wearing Yellow Turbans and like you said they come to they dressed like as debatable. Hello, I'm Rob de la jabril Aslan Abby salsola. Mrs. Rasulullah. How do you look upon the warriors of battle among you tell me what is your army like a promotion of the Muslims, the believers? The prophet SAW some sense that the men that have come with me Yeah, they are the best Muslims on the face of the earth.

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These are the best of people that we could have the whole dunya they are here with us on the field of budget. And gibreel responds and he says so to visit with the angels. Allah subhanho wa Taala selected 1000 of the best angels through the seven heavens and the earth. He selected the 1000 greatest angels to support the Muslims on the Battle of by the the best of people on the side of a man once once the promise has come and once Allah subhanho wa Taala as is given the good news, Nabi Salam now encourages the Sahaba and he turns around and he says to them, so you will gem or you will Luna door with this ayah in sukumar. We said last week, Allah revealed this, these verses many, many

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years before that the multitude that this huge group, they will turn around in flight and they will show us the backs. They will turn around and say no, I'm gonna see when this verse was revealed many years ago in Makkah, I was unaware what this refers to, but this is referred to bother you

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Salah is

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shouting this out to the Sahaba that they are going to be defeated. And then he encouraged the Sahaba the verses water and sewer to Allium Ron Rosario Illa muscularity Mira become and hasten Omen Sahaba to the Mk Pharaoh to the mercy of your Lord to the forgiveness of your Lord, and hasten to the paradise to the agenda which is waiting for you. Out of Doha. It's a length it's what is the is the size of the heavens and the earth is agenda waiting for you that is larger than all the heavens and the earth put together. Now on the events of backlog there are some things occurred when this verse was recited. The Sahaba now took notes that Allah is promising them agenda, unlike anything

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that they could ever have dreamed about. One young boy who made even hammam Humam was the, and he listened to the ayah and Rasulullah sallallahu solemn is a really an is the agenda waiting for me greater than the heavens and the earth. And he had some dates in his hand, he was going to eat some dates, that be something Yes, it's promised for you and in particular for you. In the man, the Sahaba, this young boy puts the dates down and he said, If I am delayed

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a moment longer in this dunya to eat these dates, it will be too long, and he rushes into the first to rush into the enemy. And he fights nonstop until he's the first shade amongst the Muslims young boy 16 years old, who made rhodiola on first shade on the Battle of butter, and he fights and as the reasons he promised him, the agenda is waiting for you. And after just spending a few more minutes after that genda was written for him. Another of the events that occurred in the Battle of butter

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before the Muslims charged into the enemy. Now he's also picked up a bit of dust, a bit of sand that jabril told him to do. And he blew it and threw it at the Qureshi army and they were about a kilometre away just a handful of deaths. And you made the do out against him. May confusion sees your faces and the minute he flung the dust, the Sahaba mentioned a sandstorm is a sandstone came in it afflicted the Qureshi is in the face. And Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions this in the Quran. When Allah Subhana Allah says, and you owe Mohammed you through, not when you did throw, but it's a law that through this was one of the weapons that Allah subhanho wa Taala had given the Muslims

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against the corporations. Now this also threw this dust. And this this audience at the army of the Qureshi, they didn't know which way they were going left or right. And then the Muslims charged into them.

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We don't know the details as to what happened from the battle all together. Which side of the army for that or this? We have individual accounts of Sahaba individual Sahaba Tell us what happened on that day. So for example, Satan earlier on the alarm, and he says on the day of whether

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there was nobody braver, no one was more braver, and more that they were stronger than the Battle of budder. The Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was the closest to the enemy, right in the front line was NaVi Sal Salaam, and he would fight and when we would become weakened, we will become scared, when we will become overpowered, we'll turn to him for assistance, you would help us out. Maybe Salam was in the thick of things. And because the Battle of course at that time would take, you know, he would take hours to fight wasn't something that was over in five minutes, they would take like shifts. Nobody saw Solomon, he wasn't fighting the battle in the front line, say analysis

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we found him in the Tintin sujood, making Salah making dua, Allah help us and assist us he would go and once he was done in the team, making sujood would return to the front line. This is on the side of the believers, you have on this side. And this shows you the greatness of this battle, maybe not so big in terms of numbers. But you had on the one side, you had jabril and 1000 of the base angels, along with Muhammad Sallallahu, Alayhi, wasallam, and the greatest of Sahaba, on the other side, who had a Puja, and who may have been hailed as the worst of Horus. And amongst the myths, they had, he believes himself, not just a devil, but he believes himself, and he believes does not come in

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physical form for any simple, trivial matters. But he's reported that along the way on the way to better the Qureshi army, they were afraid that another tribe would attack them. And the chief of the tribe came out. It wasn't the chief, it was shaytaan in the form of the chief. And he said, Don't worry, my tribe won't attack you and you can take me as a captive. Take me as a hostage with you to buy that. We won't attack you. Right. So shaytan is with them in this army. This man he was called Soraka. So they thought this is Soraka it's a normal man. But the minute the battle was about to begin this man's rocker, he, he runs away and he runs outside of the army. And they said, Yes,

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Morocco, where are you going? You're the one that's encouraging us to fight. And he responds that this was shaytaan. And he says,

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and this is alarming, just in circle and fall. And remember when she made the deeds pleasing to them and said when she returns it to the army, no one can overcome you today from among the people and indeed I am your protector. So she told them

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This former man, that today you are the strong ones, you're going to win, I promise you will lie, you're going to win. And on top of that, count me as one of your protectors, I am with you.

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But when the two armies cited each other, when they came close, he turned on his heels and he ran away. And he said, Indeed, I am sorry, I have nothing to do with you. I'm not with you. Indeed, I see what you don't see. He saw the angels. And I fear Allah chiffon says this. In your half Allah, I fear Allah and Allah is Severe in punishment, in penalty. So this man in the crisis, they mentioned this, the monsters mentioned that this man runs away. And he says these words, I see what you don't see. And I feel a line he runs away. On the one side you had and this shows you the greatness of the battle, he buried on the one side and your cheat on he believes himself, because he knew that if the

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Muslims are defeated here, his job would have been accomplished, that the why would be ended it never again with insan receive another Nabhi after this.

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And the Sahaba of the miraculous events from the Battle of butter, more so than any other battle that you find in the history of Islam. So how about mentioned strange events that occurred on the battle? One so how even a boss says while one of the Muslims was chasing another one of the disbelievers he was chasing him and he couldn't catch catch up with him. He suddenly heard a voice saying go forward. Yeah, hi, zoom, go forward, the zoom. And the sound of a cracking work was heard. And the disbeliever fell on the ground. Hi zoom. Is this is the name of an animal. So this man comes to me. And he says, Look, this is what happened. And the result is that what you what occurred what

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happened there was an angel assisting you and that this angel was selected from the third summer with his horse Hazel, and he's come to assist us. Another example of how the angels assisted. The uncle of NaVi Sol Sol abass, unfortunately was on the side of the disbelievers he had not yet openly shown his Islam and he came against the NaVi saw Salim on the battlefield but he didn't want to fight but he was forced to come and he comes to the NaVi saw Salaam in change. He's captured in the battle he was captured. And the man that captured him is a small man, a small unsightly man, a small man from Medina and he's a much bigger man. And he comes in he's furious. And he says to NaVi salsa

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lamb a lie this man didn't capture me. He didn't catch me. Right? He could never catch me how Look how small is the man's Look, I've got the chain is my prisoner who wasn't captured you it wasn't for me. So al Abbas is the man that captured me was a handsome man, a bald headed man. And of course, I don't see you as he was that that was the real guy. He's the one that captured me weezy. And perhaps we don't have someone like that amongst us. So nobody so Salaam said this is also an angel that intervene and assisted this young, this unsightly person to capture a bus. And it's an important note to mention here.

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Why the loss of I know with Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala, who just seem You know, one angel is through angelic form, and they could be the end he doesn't need to send angels and angels don't need armor and they don't need horses. Why? Why did Allah subhanaw taala send angels to assist when he could have just seen gibreel to wipe them out in one go? Because Allah subhanho wa Taala says to the angels, that humans assist the Muslims, but the battle is still for the Muslims. And this is an example to us. Don't expect we should not expect miracles to happen overnight. A lot of put put put us to the test, right to the limit. When you give 100% when you give your full and you put

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everything on the line, when Allah subhanaw taala helps you with an extra 10% Allah subhanho wa Taala can easily he doesn't need angels were even in Sun to fight these battles. But But this was a fight the Muslims have to take. This was a battle which the Muslims themselves had to fight and we think about battles today. Only once we fulfill our duties, and we give our all, then Allah subhanho wa Taala will give that extra assistance. So Allah reminds us, for each one each and every one of us. They comes to us angels before and behind us who protect by the decree of Allah, every one of us Allah says the angels will come constantly to protect you. But Indeed, Allah will not change the

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condition of a people until they change what is in themselves. Once we change, once we push ourselves and give that 100% then Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us extra proceeds. And in the Battle of whether you would not find an instance when Angel would would alter his own attack an enemy you would support you will run alongside a believer and when the believer was, you know pushed to the limit, you would give that extra bit of assistance. This is an example of how Allah Subhana Allah will this is to tawakkol this is how we should how we should go through our life. When we when we struggle in our exam. Don't think that just you are is enough in our business that alone will assist

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us Yeah, like you can you give me all the answers, you can help my business? No, you need to make the efforts and once you've made the full effort, and then put your opinion

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Allah, then Allah subhanho wa Taala will bring his assistance. First our side, and then Allah will come. That's why we say it is the help that Allah comes and Allah does not do it out of his own, he helps you to achieve your goal.

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Another miraculous event on the Battle of by the Sahaba is great Sahabi that most of us we know so little about him Akasha rhodiola and it's a beautiful Hadith about Akasha. We there'll be something so Solomon is not relating to the Battle of butter. But one day in Ibiza Salaam decides story tells tells the Sahaba on the day of piano.

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Only 70,000 people will have the honor to enter agenda without even being questioned. They won't have any questions they will go straight to Agenda without the purpose of the questioning, they will be exempted from the questioning 70,000 Sahaba and 70,000 individuals and the Sahaba debating with one another. Were these great people? Who are they? What must have they have done what great reward because they have done to achieve this blessing. And then abbyson someone tells them basically it is those with a perfect human and dependents and Allah, they have complete dependence of ethno superstition, whenever they're in danger with difficulty. They put the trust completely in Allah.

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And then once a hobby stands up and his name is Tasha and he says Yasuda, la Salaam make the other I'm one of that 70,000

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you will be one of them. Another Sahabi stands up and says mcdow that I'm also from them. And abbyson says no Akasha has beaten me to it. So this is a hobby we're talking about Akasha is of that 70,000 that will enter into agenda without any questioning. What did you do to get to this level look at what happened in the Battle of by the Akasha is fighting and he sought breaks. And he comes in every so seldom and he says you're awesome Allah. My sword broke, and I only came with one sword. So now we saw some pics of a branch, a tweet thing she's taking this in? Because she doesn't respond. He doesn't look at it seriously. We say it's a branch. What do you want me to do with this?

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missile? Some says I must fight with us. I'm gonna fight with us. This is complete submission and tawakkol what level of demand must this man have had? To be sure when I get the oil is gonna make a way for me. That is why he's amongst that 70,000 and he goes into the Battle of butter. And when he fights, he sees that weakest become a sword. And throughout his life, he would fight so many battles in Islam. He said the sword never became dull. It's always sharp and it never broke. And because of the you know, just the greatness it's mentioned when the Sahaba buried him after he died fighting with a llama because when they buried him, they buried him with that sword. This is what's mentioned

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Akasha rhodiola and

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another difficult thing and this shows you the honor of the people of butter why they are the very best of people were to fight the people they loved the most. On the one side you had seen a Baccarat deal and on the other side you had a son who did not become Muslim. And after the battle many years later a son becomes Muslim. His son tells a noble worker you know on the day of bother I saw you there I saw you fighting but I deliberately avoided you because I didn't want to kill you say no but could have said if I saw you in bother. I wouldn't have avoided you I'd have come for you. You lucky I didn't see you. But not everyone had the situation. And I was so happy on the tin promise. Jenna

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Abu Zubaydah Raji Alon gerar

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is on the side of the believers. On the other side, you had his father and his father made a point I'm going to fight my son under that battle of brother, abou Bader is trying his best to avoid his father. He's trying his best fighting this side and that side, we follow these chasing him eventually he couldn't, couldn't manage to get away. And his father corners him in a fight today and either you're gonna kill me or I'm gonna kill you. And unfortunately, they they fight and Abu Vader kills his father and he's so grief stricken, and people so even amongst the Sahaba said, You killed your own father is something something you know, big, not not something easy, and a lot of deals

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versus and slip and fall about this. And Allah Subhana mentions the believers, the people of whether you will not find a people believing in Allah, and the last day having love and affection with those who oppose and hate and fight a lot. And he's really and he's our soul, even if those people may be the fathers, or the sons or the brothers or from the clans, and then a lot of promises that people have but that they have promised Jenna and Ally's pleased with them, and that they are pleased with Allah, that this shows you the quality of the Sahaba the greatness one listens. You think of the Battle of butter, these names of the Sahaba the greatest people on the face of the earth a lesson I

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promised them that I am pleased with them, and they are pleased with me.

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This is the site of the believers on the side of the disbelievers Allah subhanho wa Taala would teach them a lesson. And amongst the Qureshi would be the leadership of evil, the worst of the worst, like you had the best of the best on the one side, you have the worst of the worst on the other side. On the side of the operations. You have a man by the name who may even holla

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Was Romania, the man that tortured belong. We all know below the line that that's so hobby that was beaten and tortured, almost worse than any other hobby, cut and burned and dragged through the streets of Mecca. And all he said was I had 11111 illa. The Master omiya was here on budget and he was a coward, a fat man who was afraid he didn't want to come to bother. But they forced him to come to by the end, he doesn't want to fight escape. And he finds one of these friends that were before before Islam came yet amongst amongst the Muslims. He had a good acquaintance with one of the Sahaba of the monument, one of the tin farmers Jana, and he finds his friend of the ramen shop, the man is

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the Muslim and non Muslim and he is a coward is afraid. And he runs to, he runs to his friend, they fighting and he says, Look, I dropped my sword take me as a captive. I don't want to fight. Just take me as prisoner. You take me as a prison, no one's gonna harm me. And you know, I'm a rich man. I'm gonna play whatever you want as a ransom think me and my son as captives. And I said, Okay, fine. That's what you want. I'll take you as a captive, giving you surrendering to me, I'm not going to kill you surrendering to me. And Abdurrahman, rhodiola, and is taking me out to wherever they keep the capitals, and on the way they may be not. As Allah would want it, and be announced, this is

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Maria, and will lie Over my dead body will leave the spirit alive. This is omega. And I'm romancing Bilal, hold on. He's my captive. Don't get involved. Yeah. I think Bilal raises his voice. He says, This is my Yeah. And he calls that the people of Medina who is they never made it. This is the man that did what he did to me. Everyone knows the story of PETA, even we know the story of Bella, this is the man that did all those things to me and the people of madness and we cannot allow this man to leave alive today. And as much as as a hobby of mine is trying to say Hold on, it gets out of the way. And they all stab me and he dies. And amongst the the shows you the curse that Allah put on

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this man amongst the Qureshi, and we'll talk about the next week when they were buried. The only body which could not be moved all the bodies of the corporation and put in a well and they were buried, except the body of Romania. They couldn't remove his body something every time we tried to pick him up, it would be like his skin fell off. So they left him there. And he died on a on a bed of rocks. And to bury him. They put rocks on top of him. And this is exactly the way he thought you'd be done. The exact same way he tortured Bilal Allah subhanho wa Taala refused to let him be buried. They had to bury him by putting his rocks on top of his body. This is another example.

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operation we see in the world left, right and center east to west, we see operation and the oppressed people like like Bilal was oppressed, don't lose hope, and occupied in the in the end, Allah subhanho wa Taala will give the believers the victory. And Allah subhanaw taala will cause you to see the good in this dunya on the market and also an example to the Titans and the oppressor. A time will come with the tables will be turned and you'll be at the mercy of those who have you oppressed. Your time is numbered. Allah says I have made oppression haram for me, I am alone. This is my creation. But I've made haram for myself to oppress. So How Can any of you replace one

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another? Allah subhanho wa Taala declared in the shows you that Allah Subhana will always support the oppressed, you just have to have a little patience. And amongst those Of course, that will kill on the back end of bad that is the fear own the worst of the worst, Abuja and the worst of the disbelievers would be killed on the Battle of better Abuja. beautiful story again, you must have had a very busy day and by the right is about to freeze about to fight. And he says, you know, in a battle, you obviously look to who's standing with you. You want to have tough guys with your case you struggling is going to help you and he says I look to the right and I see a young, a young boy

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of unser, not a warrior. And I look to my left and I see also another boy and I feel you know, I'm not in a good place here. I'm alone with these two boys. I'm fighting. And one of the boys the boys folks of their family been over the line. He says my uncle

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Peter, basically.

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Do you know who's Abidjan? I'm from Medina, I don't know. But I've heard what he did to Nabisco Salaam. And I made a promise that I'm going to kill him today, or I'm going to die. If you see him just pointing out to me. And then the other boy on the other side. He says I also made a promise and I want to beat my friend. So if you see him pointing out to me first, and I'm not even overseas. Once I heard this from these two boys, I felt happy. I wouldn't want to fight with anyone besides these two guys. And during the battle in Abu Jamal is the general so he's fine in the back and he's predicted. He says to the boys good ways the guy you want. That's Abuja over there, and his two boys

00:29:55--> 00:30:00

go in the middle of the battle. They go through the enemy lines are friends.

00:30:00--> 00:30:39

And they get to where a Buddha has been protected by his gods and they get on to some wars or something and they jump over the enemy lines and one and the one lands strikes Abuja on the one side and the other one strikes Abuja on the other side, and these two boys, they run back to the Navy salsa. And they said, We killed Abu jihad. Right, which of us At first this was you know, at first one of them lost their arms that date the other one was made sure he that they will be something both of you, together, killed Abu Jihad after the battle ends. Now he's also wants to inspect the bodies of those who passed away. And he says, who will go and find me the body of Abuja, I want to

00:30:39--> 00:31:20

see this man is wounded, and the Sahaba go and they search for Abuja, and even mess around the land. And he was a shepherd. He was in Makkah, and he was tortured by a witch. And again, he was abused and insulted, and it was a shepherd and he had no one to protect him. And he's the one that comes across a Pooja line is he breathing his last breath? And even in his loss, this man had so much pride and elegance, the labor Noma sister Abuja, how are you now satisfied of you now you finally admit that Allah has this Grace to You in the dunya that you have lost, that your people have lost. And he says, you know, you are basically not worthy to kill me, you Shepherd is you are not worthy

00:31:20--> 00:31:54

to be killed, to kill someone as great as I am. And he dies in the state of pride and Cooper availableness. he moves his head from his body instantly. And maybe so Salaam sees a Buddha, who makes this famous statement. He says, This is the fear of this. The fear out of this man is now dead. Right? The fear of this woman is dead, in makes it beautiful to act, a law is the greatest and praise be to Allah subhanho wa Taala. He He fulfilled his promise he gave us when I saw Abba, and assisted his slave, who has a man

00:31:55--> 00:32:10

and Allah alone, who is the victory for the Muslims. This is the inshallah, how the Battle of by the end inshallah. Next week, we'll continue with what happened afterwards, the aftermath of battle, but we'll continue with our CDs from the days of pizza and glory. zakura Hey, it was

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