Ep. 14 The Power of Informed Decisions

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Hi, everyone, welcome back to another episode on the mind mastery series. This episode can be linked to the episode we had previously where we spoke about responding to emails by taking timeout, drafting it, and then reading it again after an hour or two, so that you can review the content that you've drafted. And you're not giving in with a knee jerk reaction. Today, we're talking about making quick decisions in life. We mentioned in the last episode, that there is a tendency amongst many of us to feel that what makes great leaders great is the ability to take or make quick decisions. However, you are good to make a quick decision provided that you've given yourself

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sufficient time to think through about the consequences of those decisions. So it's okay if you want to make a quick decision. So if somebody comes and offers you to go on a holiday or on vacation for five days, let's say in the summer break of June and July, it's alright to say yes to it. But give yourself some time. Why do you have to take a decision immediately? Most often than not, when you say a yes, immediately, and then you think through about it, you realize I should not have rushed in with my decision. And that realisation is too late because now you've already committed yourself. Now trying to pull out let's say from a vacation or a holiday or even a project, which has been come

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given to you and you had an option to say no to it, but you rather choose to say yes to it. And you were not prepared for it, but you just decided to go ahead with it. It's a knee jerk reaction that you've given. It's a quick decision that you've made. But you realize now that you should have thought through. It's okay to say yes, even after a day, give yourself at least a day. Think through. This is the important message that we wanted to share in this video, a short video where we are reminding ourselves again, the importance of not giving in to knee jerk reaction. If you have to make a quick decision. make a quick decision but give yourself some time before you take the quick

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decision. All right, so next time when an email comes to you all you have to make a decision. Think through before you decide what you need to do next. Thank you so much for watching this video. I hope you are benefiting from these videos that we are making. Please remember to like this video, share this video and subscribe to our YouTube channel.