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When you studied a little bit about Harry Potter,

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film something else come into me. And magic is deception magic is all lies and was labeled by many as the father of Satanism. He was the founder of the Church of Satan or even a person who goes and asks someone to do magic for them. This takes you out of this now he is considered as the most notorious satanic magician of the 20th century Have you ever accompanied one of these Rockies? Have you ever witnessed something Do you have any been involved in the Rocky you have? Can you share with us Can you share with foot surgeon story I'm so I saw myself for you. Now figure that out. And I think you got possessed when they found out in the end you got possessed by tall black magic is

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based on the worship of Satan and neglecting the worship of God. What do you say for our agnostic atheist friends when they hear this they say oh less The reason I don't follow any religion but at the same time, you know, these are the people who are really the most into aliens and UFOs and stuff like that magically written. bargains achieve commander on this earth in this world. We can see it's so great to be on the deen show.

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Show and I have this week's special guests. Shaykh Abdul Rahim green How are you? Sure? hamdulillah I'm very well Eddie. How you doing? I'm good. hamdulillah How are things on your part of the world over there? Um, you know, some has come in. The sun's out. It's nice roll. You know life is looking up. We hope the lockdowns gonna end so, you know, in sha Allah, you know, we see you here and there getting out, you know, enjoying the nice ambience there. You got the mountains, doing some hiking, drinking some coffee. Well, right now I'm at some mountain biking trails with my boys. And usually I get a signal here. But I wasn't at the top of the hill and like there was no signal. So I just

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nipped in the car and drove down a little bit. And now I've got signal. So yeah, it's it's all good now. hamdulillah I was my plan was to,

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you know, sit in the car and do the show and the boys just sort of mess around. But yeah, one of them's gonna go off now. So

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now we've heard you connect, make the connection between where you got Harry Potter, magic ended Zhao. And many, many don't know, you spent some time studying studying studying this topic. What was the goal of that? Did? I did I still have the book. It's called the magical arts. I still have that book somewhere in my library.

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And a few other books I had. So basically like a lot of people who are on spiritual journeys, they go through the whole of the New Age, spirituality thing, right? So yoga, psychosomatic yoga, chakras, psychic energy, you know, all of that type of stuff. And you know, that eventually that it's going to lead you looking into magic. Now, it's it's sort of ironic that in fact, it actually gave me the first sort of glimpses of towhead Now that may sound weird, however, if you understand that, a very important part of Western you know of Western magic is the Kabbalah. Right? So the Jewish This is actually a Jewish book of magic. But it has influenced Western magical law quite

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strongly the Kabbalah and, and the Kabbalah actually has some, you know, some clear things about tawheed in it, right? Because obviously, it's rooted some of it in the Torah, of course, we believe there's a lot of corruption there and a lot of deviation a lot of misguidance. Right. But some of the things that were saying was like, Okay, that sounds more like the sort of God that I believe in because I, I was really struggling with this Christian notion of God

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sitting on a cloud, you know, reaching out his finger and touching Adam, you know, like Michelangelo, style, you know, Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, you know, that famous picture, so called of God with a gray beard sitting there start naked. And Adam, you know, reaching out with his finger. I really struggle with that I just couldn't understand, you know, this surely wasn't God's right. It's not the God I believed in, I just couldn't believe that the creator of the whole universe was some old man sitting on a cloud. So I guess that's part of the reason as well, why I started just looking through all sorts of things. You know, another thing that impacted me, funnily

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enough, was Star Wars, right? Because Star Wars talked about the force, you know, may the force be with you. And again, the idea that there was this force that there was some force in the universe, you know, it made more sense to me than the you know, the this Christian anthropomorphic idea of God

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Um, so I don't know, all of these things were sort of, I guess, in a way some of them were appealing to my fitrah You know, my natural despair because we believe it as you know, that every human being is created with a natural inclination or a natural disposition to worship god alone. And it's only their environment that takes them away from that basic fundamental nature.

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And but you know, this, this nature surfaces every now and then, right, so, you know, for example, you know, when you are like, you know, like, the Quran gives an example of a man in a boat, and there's a storm in the sea. And you know, the people think they're gonna drown, and then they call upon God, and all the things that they used to worship, and they used to put their trust in their money and their trade and their idols, and they forget it all. And it's like, God saved me, God help me. So this toe he this, this natural belief in the oneness of God emerges at those times. What do you think about when you studied a little bit about Harry Potter? And it's, it's innocent enough

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people think that you actually find it at some Islamic school libraries. Have you heard of that? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I mean, I didn't know that. But to be honest.

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what her name rolling, I can't remember her name.

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AKA rolling, right. I've heard some interviews with her. Like, first of all, when I started reading, I only read the first two books. I read the first two books of Harry Potter myself, right. And I just found it like to be honest, by you know, I was really bored. Yeah. However, what? Yeah, I found it really boring, right? And a bit repetitive. But, you know, people told me all the books got better. Further on that, you know, I just gave up and I, to be honest, I don't have time for it. Right.

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But you know, my, you know, my I know, My son, one of my sons really liked it. He read it all. I remember, I think I got him. The last book I got in one of the first copies that came out, you know, on day one or something. So, but But you see, the thing is, Bro, I don't like with generally with my kids, I don't keep them away from stuff like that. But I use it as a platform to explain things to them. So I you know, so because I understand, like, there is no doubt that JK Rowling had studied magic thoroughly the stuff in there is like, and if you know, magic, you know that a lot of the things are either directly taken from actual magic law, or they are, you know, like a little bit

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borrowed. And she mixes up a bit of this and a bit of that and changes the name here. But it's not just magic as well, the whole I mean, which is I'm still fascinated by it, the whole mythology of ancient Britain. Right? And not just ancient Britain, but mostly like ancient Europe, and has all these legends and these mythologies and you know, tales of these, like spirits and ghosts, and, you know, gods and creatures and stuff. So there's a lot of that mixed in it as well. There's also stuff taken from, you know, stuff, that's probably actually genuine. So like herbology, for example, the whole study of herbs, like before there was West, you know, before there was the allopathic

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medicine, everything was Herbes, right. So this whole thing of Herbes, like medicine and magic, were actually quite mixed up. Right. So not everything from it was actually necessarily bad. Some of it was like, it was actually good stuff, right.

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Which makes it even more confusing, right. So yeah, having studied magic, having looked into it, having read Harry Potter, no doubt at all, that and she's admitted it right. She's talks about the books she's read. And they are, you know, books of magical law. You know, Laura's in LRE. Not Laura's in you know, the law of the land type law. Yeah, all mean, sort of, like legends. And it's not just legends, right? I suppose it's the equivalent of a type of magical shalyah I suppose. Yeah.

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But yeah, and a lot of these ideas based on like, you look, if you read Harry Potter, even in Harry Potter, although like she will paint you know, Harry Potter and go might go might Jeremiah me or whatever. I can't remember their names right? As like sort of good guys against the evil Voldemort. He whose name shall not be mentioned, right?

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Like, but in reality, they're all part of the same spectrum. Because even when Harry and Hermione are doing spells, those spells and the potions they make are full of filth. They're full of matches. They contain every single like, filthy thing, right? So you know, blood and frogs.

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And you know, things that are haram forbidden, you know, various plants that are basically poisonous, right. And these incantations many of them obviously contain words of disbelief. And all of that from that perspective, right? This is when the shale teen when the devils right will cooperate with you, they will cooperate with you, and they will help you do evil things. But you first have to, like sell your soul to the devil. And you do that by saying things of disbelief, even sacrificing children. This is not just fantasy, right? This is real stuff when you hear about kids being kidnapped, when you hear in Nigeria and places in Africa. And it's not just in Africa, it's

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right here in UK. And it's not like, no one thing is just, you know, restricted to, you know, black people and Voodoo Nope, this stuff takes place, right.

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And you know, they will sacrifice children, they will desecrate the Bible. Obviously, in Islamic countries, they will desecrate the end, right. And this is what they do in order to get the shale teen and the jinn to work with them and cooperate with them one more question on the Harry Potter before I go to the next, do you think this can be some? Is this sometimes a deliberate attempt? Can we take it? Is that or is it a far stretch? That these shows like Harry Potter books, like Harry Potter is like a G rated version or a stepping stone for people now to get into possibly even a higher level? You know, on the topic of magic? Possibly? Yeah, I think it's all To be honest, Eddie,

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this is a very, there's some research more research I have to do on this.

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But I think that when you when you link this to the whole issue of this movement of the Illuminati now, you know, there is some evidence that some guys

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started this conspiracy theory about the Illuminati, ruling the world as a type of joke, as a type of genome literally chose it, there was this Bavarian group called the Illuminati that actually existed, right. And they started publishing stuff, you know, the Illuminati, and they did this just to show how conspiracy theories were so stupid. And just to prove that it's just a load of nonsense. And it was almost like sarcasm, right. And that, because these guys believed, I don't remember their names. I was watching a documentary about it. And these guys basically believe that conspiracy theories were a means of control that the elite used the right in order to control people, right?

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And only really stupid people would believe this stuff. Because when you believe in conspiracy theories, you're disempowered, right? You think, oh, the whole world is controlled by this cabal, right? We'll never be able to overcome them. They control every aspect of your life, and you become hopeless, right? Obviously, unless you have routing and tawheed, you're never hopeless, and you know, but above every power, is the power of a lot. But it couldn't quite be a quote, couldn't quite it's I think the thing is, the funny thing is that people began to take it seriously. And not only did they take it seriously, it is quite possible that some people actually then started reviving it.

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And because they dabble in magic, and witchcraft, and all of these things, and because, I mean, the Illuminati were originally a rationalist movement. They were nothing to do with the occult at all. Right, the Illuminati originally, were all to do with enlightenment, and the use of reason, and a rationalist movement. That's what they were all about. Right? But I it could be well, that these guys have actually sort of taken it and now adopted it to this whole magical thing. So I definitely think there's some stuff going on, right? There is no doubt, and a lot of this new age stuff, a lot of this stuff where these people are. And this is like some of the people amongst the elite believe

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this, that literally, they have this idea that you are God, everyone is God, you can become God, you can become a deity you could like this is the you have to understand the underlying philosophy of most magic, and this is Hinduism as well. And Hinduism is full of magic, right? It's widely practiced. So this is the belief that the universe is God, and God is the universe. So this is the opposite of tawheed. Toe he teaches that the Creator is distinct from the universe, he is not part of it. He is not contained within it. He is the creator of it, and the creator and the creation of two different things. But this whole Hindu based magic based philosophy has the opposite idea. It

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says the universe is God. Right? And therefore you are part of God. Everything is part of God and they believe that if you develop enough spiritual powers, and you learn how to channel all of these energies, you

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can control the universe. In other words, you can control God, right? And you can bring enough power within yourself to become a sort of divine being. And I'm sure you can see Eddie, how that leads to the job. Right? Because the job is going to claim some sort of divinity for himself, and he is going to have these sort of supernatural powers to do incredible things, right.

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But this only happens through copper. So one of the things that the you know, the jaw will do is he will go to a man, He will say to him, believe in me, the man will say, No, I won't believe in you. He said, What if I bring your brother and your father back to life? And if What if I bring your camels back to life because he's better. And he says, If you do that, I'll believe in you, I believe you have a rub. So what he will do is get to Jim to share our team to all three shirting to take the fall some devils to take the form of his brother, and to take the form of his father, and to take the form of his camels and this is how the man will be deceived. Right? So it is clear that the Jarl

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is using magic, and the jinn and these type of things to deceive people. And that's the thing about magic Eddy magic is deception. Magic is all lies. That's the whole basis of it. Whether it's actually trick magic tricks, the whole point is deception, right? But even black magic is deception. Because in black magic, what you're doing is you're using the shell teen and the jinn, in order to make people think that you have divine powers, right? That's the thing. So you, you don't tell people Hey, guys, I'm working with shaytaan over here. And this gene over here, he's giving me all of this information, right? And he's doing all of these things. No, the whole point is to make

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people think that you have the power, right, and that you are some sort of divine powerful being right. And this is all to fool people into this idea that divinity is within you. And you know, somehow the universe is the divine and by channeling these energies and it's all just a big deception. Yeah, of shaytaan in your studies of some of these books on magic, did you ever come across the founder of the Church of Satan's material some Anton Levey and televi was an American occultist and was labeled by many as the father of Satanism. He was the founder of the Church of Satan, and the religion of laveyan Satanism, he authored several books, including the Satanic Bible,

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the satanic rituals of the satanic witch.

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Here you can see him do a satanic hand sign. Does it look familiar to you? This hand sign is very prevalent in the music industry. This is not just a mere coincidence, the devil is hiding in plain sight, who wrote the Satanic Bible. And they in there, he's he, he uses many of these symbolic

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satanic symbolism that people connect the nicey a lot of these rap artists and many of these musicians using these things from people like his books, and you know, the pentagram, have you come across any of these things? What's your thoughts on that? Um, no.

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To be honest, Eddie, I haven't I don't know that guy particularly. But I'm familiar with, you know, the writings and the teachings of Alistair Cowley. Right. This is a Lester Crowley dressed as an Egyptian pharaoh. He is considered as the most notorious satanic magician of the 20th century.

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He identifies himself as the Prophet entrusted with guiding humanity into the age of Horus. In the early 20th century, Horus is yet again an Egyptian god. Here you see rap artists, Jay Z, wearing a quote, do what thou wilt, which comes from the philosophy of dilemma, which was developed by Aleister Crowley, he was right. I think he lived, you know, maybe like 100 120 years ago or something? I'm not really sure. Right. But, you know, he claimed actually to be the Antichrist right at one time, right? He actually claimed it right. And, you know, he was, you know, really responsible for reviving in the UK, especially, that's where he was based, you know, the whole issue

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of the occult.

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And you know, that type of stuff. So he was really into this and he was really trying to revive it. And you'll be very, very surprised, bro. how influential some of these groups are, right.

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You have another group called the Rosa Rosa Crusher, Rosa Christian's. Like I met some guy and had conversations with him. That's slightly different than more like. So these guys again, it's very interesting. There's all these different types of

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reaps, right. So some believe that there is a primal religion and in fact, in some ways,

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you know, some of that belief systems are actually quite close to Islamic belief systems, right. But they sort of believe in a sort of hidden religion and hidden messages and a sort of elite, right? Like this has even happened within Islam under some extreme type of Sufi sex, for example, a button here in Islamic has history. The Barton Amiens, like Barton means hidden, right? So again, these guys that believe that there was some sort of deep spiritual knowledge that the Prophet Muhammad taught to only certain people, right, and these certain people are privy to this deep spiritual knowledge that the masses do not know. Right? I think this is more like some type of superiority

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complex, right, and they will use

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basic ideas that exist within religions, right, and they will just use them, right? In order to promote their ideas. Right. So but, you know, you find a lot of these people, Eddie right, actually, some of them are really genuinely, you know, spiritual people, right? In the sense that I believe some of them are really looking for God, right, they actually are. And I'm just saying that from my own experience, right, I didn't go into this stuff, because I, you know, had some, like, you know, desire to control people. And you know, what it wasn't, I was looking through this stuff, because I knew there was more to reality than what I was just being told that we're just here to eat and drink

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and, you know, consume and whatever. So in my search, I went through all of these things, right.

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And, you know, some of them have some sort of basis, but unfortunately, what I think is the reality of it has been twisted and turned and, you know, manipulated in a wrong way. You know, how do you explain when you see people like, you know, you link Alister Crosley, and then he has his book, which people like m&m and others, you know, they go and do some of the things that are in his book that that connection to the unseen world of the jinn and then famous people like Bob Dylan, have you heard of him as a famous musician? I didn't know he was into that stuff. Yeah, there's a quote of him on a 60 minute interview, he talks about how I, he talks about the magic and it's a different

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kind of magic that he was involved in, in how the bargain that he made with the Chief Commander. And then when he was asked which Chief Commander he said of this world, in the next he's talking about, like, it's almost like he's talking about a police, you know, you ever look at music that you've written? And look back at it and say, Whoa, that's surprise me. I don't know how I got to write those songs. Or those early songs were like, almost magically written.

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That there's a magic to that. And it's not Siegfried and Roy kind of magic. You know, it's a, it's a different kind of a penetrating magic. Why do you still do it? Why are you still out here? Well, it goes back to the destiny thing. When I made a bargain with it, you know, time ago and

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holding up my hand, what was your bargain? To get where

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I am now. Should I ask you, you made the bargain?

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Yeah, with the Chief Commander on this earth, and this Earth and in the world, we can't swear we, they talk about the things like Beyonce, for instance, like, there's another name Sasha, that when she's on stage, she's overtaken by these forces, and they take over her I cannot do when I'm in rehearsal. I mean, I can try but then it just doesn't happen. I can sing notes, and seem strong and do all these things that when I'm just by myself, I can't do and I remember right before I performed, I raised my hands up. And it was kind of the first time I felt something else. Come into me. And I knew that was gonna be my coming out night. For the BT award. You know, the word genius.

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Right? You know, the word genius. You know what it comes from? From Jen from Jen? Wow, Genie. In Greek is actually an ancient Greek as well, right? And so it's because this is what people used to think, right? People used to believe that people who were geniuses right, were like, in like, possessed or they had some not possessed exactly right. But they were in cahoots with spirits. And these spirits were able to impart them with certain types of knowledge. So what we find is in the Quran, Allah talks about this in the Quran that they you know, that the

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You see that the, the, the Jewish people who practice magic obviously not all the Jewish people but some of them who practice magic and then wrote the Kabbalah right. And, you know, practice this type of stuff, they claim that their knowledge right claim came from the angels, you know came from Suleiman, right? They that's what they claimed, because obviously, as we know, that Allah actually did give Suleyman command over the gym. Right? So this is their, what they use as a justification for it. So they claim that this knowledge of how to control the jinn and the spirits was something that had come from Solomon from soul a man. Right. But as we know, from our position, no, that's not

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what the Quran says. That's not what God tells us. God says that this was unique to a man, it wasn't something that was given to anyone else. In fact, what they practice was magic, which they learned from Harold and my roots. Now how, how do tomorrow we're actually to angels. And they came down to the people in the time of the Babylonian times, but they would want and they would teach people who asked and wanted it. The understanding of magic now why Allah knows best. Maybe the reason why because you know, if you know the details of something, you know how to protect yourself from it. But like everything, Eddie, right. It's a fitna, right, it's a test, if you have that knowledge,

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like if I if I study the knowledge of, for example, as people do today, neuro linguistic programming, right? neuro linguistic programming is actually a system of manipulating people's minds, right. And it's a way of manipulating their thoughts. Now, you could use that in a very positive way you can use that for healing, you could use that for benefiting people. But you can also use that to control people for nefarious purposes. Right? The same thing with magic, right? You can use that knowledge of magic to protect people from it, right? Or, unfortunately, you could take that and use that. But how do we tomorrow will warn everyone if you use this magic, that's it,

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you're finished, you're going to hell forever, right? Because there is you know, the magicians will never be successful, unless they repent like the magicians from the time of our own. Right. And you can see magic is real magic is powerful, bro, we should not doubt the power and the reality of magic. You just need to see the story of our own, that the magicians in the time of Egypt's right,

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that even they were to Moosa they made their stars appear as if they were snakes and even it made moose and others right. Even Mussolini, sorry. He got another so this they you know, they have real abilities to deceive people and trick people, we shouldn't underestimate, you know, how powerful it is. But you know, obviously, above all of that is the power of Allah subhanaw taala and of the creator of of God, and, you know, if we follow God's way, and we follow His commands, and you know, we recite certain verses of the Quran, then, you know, these are an amazing protection against all types of magic and trickery like that. That's what I was gonna get into next after a couple more

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questions of how can we can be protected you know, to take this really serious, you have some people who are have ambivalent feelings towards this, some just rebuff it off the bat. But how much do you think because you study psychology also, intensely you along with reading the books of magic, and now this a lot of it before Islam and even in Islam? Now you're, you know, just always broadening your horizons, studying learning? How much do you think is there a connection with a lot of times many of the mental health issues and other, you know, psychological issues that people are having, and they kind of don't go down this road? Or some even, you know, in every situation, people go to

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extremes, and they just say, Okay, this is what it is, you know, they don't take, you know, the other means medical means that we have, but how much do you think can we can, in your experience? Can there be a link between what we're talking about, you know, the Sahara, the evil eye, the these things and not having a balance between it?

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I think that, you know, I, you know, Eddie, I haven't really, you know, I need to spend a lot more time thinking about this on a unpackage it right. There are things that I've thought about, but, you know, I haven't put the time and the energy and the research into it. But, you know, my initial sort of thoughts about it seem to indicate to me that from what we know, of the gym, and the shale team, and you know, because basically they don't have any control over us except what we give to them. This is very important, right? So like even this issue of gin possession, right, do I believe the gin can possess you, I

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do believe they can possess you, however, right? That it just can't happen just like that, right? The jinn can only possess you, if you create the circumstances in your life that makes that possible, right? It's not I don't believe it's easy for jinn to possess you. It's only easy when you adopt a particular lifestyle. That makes it easy. So I would compare it to for example, everyone is a Costco you're like, imagine like you have a castle, right? Okay. If you maintain the walls and keep the walls strong, right, and keep the gate strong. And you man those walls, right with the right troops. Yeah, and you have the right stuff ready to repel the attackers, like, almost no one

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is going to be able to get into that castle, right. But if you leave the gate wide open, and you don't repair the walls, right, and you leave, you know, the whole thing is in a state of disrepair, it's going to be very easy for someone to take your castle. And it's the same thing with the shower, teen in the gym, right? So it's still it's like, but it's down to you. That's your fault. That's your responsibility. You've been given all the tools to protect yourself, but you didn't. You didn't do that. Right. Right. In fact, you undermined your own castle, right? You know, you took your soldiers off the wall, and what did you do? You had a disco with them? Right? And got drunk and took

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drugs? You know, like, so one of those things, you dropped it. So yeah, then you are going to be opened. The other thing is the way that our teen attackers is through suggestion. Right? So it seems to me that it is psychology, that's what is going on. Right. And this is what she taught when she turns to Adam, right. And although this is not in the end, and I don't I'm not sure it's a hadith either, but you will find it in some books of tafsir. That, you know, shaytaan was walking around Adam. And he saw that Adam was hollow, right? Because Allah had made him out of clay. And you know, Allah was leaving Adam to dry, and he saw that he was hollow. So he knew that the nature of Adam was

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that he was going to be you know, he was going to be easy to influence his desires, because of that hollowness, that emptiness. Right. Okay, so this is why they say about the heart, the heart is a vessel that has to be filled, right? If we don't fill that heart with the remembrance of Allah, we will try to fit it with something else, something else that we think is going to give us that peace and happiness that we're looking for. Right? So this is where shaitan comes in. shaitaan is going to try and get us to fill our hearts with anything except the remembrance of Allah. Right. And so I think that's what it is. I suspect that she Taiwan is a bit of a master psychologist. And you look

00:32:49--> 00:33:17

at the way that he tricked Adam and how, right? He used psychology. He understood their nature, and he manipulated in force them to do anything. What did he do, bro? He just whispered. He just whispered to them, right? But if you look at his what he said, he was playing, you know, he was very clever, right? People don't even understand that shaytaan was actually appealing to Adams religious nature.

00:33:18--> 00:33:29

Think about it, right? Because he said that Allah wants you to stop. Allah wants to stop you being like angels.

00:33:30--> 00:33:33

So what what is that about? Like, why would she turn

00:33:35--> 00:34:12

make that an issue? Why would shaytaan use that to tempt? Adam? Right. So as some scholars pointed out, they said, it's because Adam looked at the angels as something amazing. They are always remembering god, they're always making Vicar. They're always praising God remembering God. Whereas Adam was Adam doing Adams in the garden, eating, drinking, enjoying himself, right? just chillin, private, you understand? So when shaytan is saying, oh, God wants you to stop you being like angels. He was using Adams desire to get close to God, to take him away from God.

00:34:14--> 00:34:50

He was using the desire of Adam to get close to God, to take him away from God. And this is very, very deep Eddy, right? It's very deep and very important. Even for Muslims. We have to be so careful. Do you have experience at all? Or have you seen cases? And how would you compare the two where you have obviously, one aspect of black magic in the gym position you cover? Or what about sit here where you have some unexplainable things between husband and wife where all of a sudden, you know, their relationship went from good to just explosive and nothing's working, marriage counseling, all that stuff? Or brother and brother, sister and sister, you know, how does the aspect

00:34:50--> 00:34:53

of sitter you know play? Do you have any experience with this?

00:34:55--> 00:34:58

I don't deal with it, bro. I'm on purpose right?

00:35:00--> 00:35:31

I'm sure it's real. I'm sure it exists. But like I said, See her only really comes into play when there are already underlying, you know, issues. Right. So the Sahara is only going to be taking hold when you've already weakened the fortress examples at Cod. No Muslim should go without morning of cod. You know, in the night, of course, let's talk about how do you strengthen your fortress

00:35:32--> 00:36:02

that the basic thing is constantly, constantly, like, yeah, the more Yeah, if you are literally making liquor constantly. It is like you have built the fortress, right? You are in an almost you could say impregnable fortress, right? So that could be obviously of car making da reading core and making sure you are in a state of oldu constantly saying your prayers. The reason why I don't deal with anything to do with there's two reasons. Yeah, number one,

00:36:04--> 00:36:46

the moment you step into that field, and by the way, like it is the I think even taymiyah one a great scholar, he said is the greatest jihad is the jihad against shaytaan. Right? Like, so when you actually get into this arena of combating shaitaan. Right? It is just like this, the it is the greatest struggle that you can have, right in terms of like how noble it is how great he is, because he's the biggest tyrant, right? You know, and, but however it comes out of it can come at a very high cost to you and your family, right? So when you go down that path of making lochia and dealing with these issues, then that's it, she is sending his soldiers to attack you in your family, right?

00:36:46--> 00:37:00

So you're home, like literally, which is not a bad thing, right? But your home, you have to be reading and all the time, everyone has to be praying five times a day, you can't have anything your food has to be halal. Your income has to be halal, right?

00:37:03--> 00:37:22

God, your family and yourself constantly, like you said, do as in the morning and the evening, you can't slip up because the moment you slip up, that's that's a wait. Right? So it's literally like the moment you do that. It's like shaytaan is going to be laying siege to you and your family. Right. And that is a hard path to follow. Right.

00:37:23--> 00:37:36

But do you see that also in your life and other devout life? Do you see that because now you you straight down Lee? laying siege to someone do it? Okay, what about others who are calling to the way of Allah? You know, and getting in the way of shaytan?

00:37:38--> 00:37:53

Well, I think obviously, Bro, I think there's sort of general and specific. Yeah, right. Because when you're dealing with a Rokia, you're it's almost like, that's the front line of the battle. Right? In the sense that you're, I guess you're like fighting is more like hand to hand combat.

00:37:54--> 00:38:35

Whereas, yeah, like, it's like, you're you're grappling there, bro. It's like the hand to hand combat. That's the difference between me saying to people, right, like I say, Hey, guys, you know, you should study jujitsu, you know, it's really good. It'll help you, you know, the understand. And then there's you actually teaching people how to do it. Right. So which one is which one is the real, more of a real actual present? and immediate threat? Right? Like I can, I can see whatever I like, right? I understand who's Yeah, you get it wrong. Yeah. So but the thing a year is, bro, is that listen, right? The reason the other reason I don't deal with it directly is a bit like this.

00:38:35--> 00:39:14

Right? You may also and again, give you an example of jujitsu, right? In order to practice martial arts, right? And especially jujitsu, for example. I've never practiced it myself. But I have a bit of an idea, right? You know, you need to maintain a certain level of fitness. Yeah. Okay. You don't need to be the super fitness guy. But look, if someone is just like eating 20 burgers a day and stuffing his face with cakes and chocolate, you can teach him every move you like, right? But it's he's going to be out of breath when he lifts one leg, right? Do you get what I'm saying? Right? There's just no point. In fact, you if you teach him, you may actually cause the guy more harm.

00:39:14--> 00:39:52

Right? Then you do good. So you know, you say listen, dude, you know, lose a bit of weight shape up a bit, you know, whatever. Or at least you know, you you're going to come regularly, right? and dedicate yourself to that and show that, you know, you're going to make some changes, then I can teach you is the same thing here. Right? I will not help people who don't help themselves. If someone comes to me and says, oh, I've got gin. I say do you pray five times a day? No. I said, I can't help you. I cannot help you. There's nothing I can do for you. Because even if I get all those gin in there, share it now. He's going to bring back 2030 more if you're not praying five times a

00:39:52--> 00:39:59

day, right? Is your money holiday? Or is it all from rubber and haram and alcohol? Well, if it's from how long things

00:40:00--> 00:40:37

It doesn't matter what I do. Yeah, I can get rid of those sheets to share our team. They're just gonna come back more of them next time. Yeah. So this is the thing like most people who have these problems, bro are people they don't pray five times a day. They don't do that for a they're involved in haraam that food is haraam. That drink is haraam. their money is haraam, that life is haraam. will of course, they're going to be open to being attacked by Shakedown. I had a I'm laying the SmackDown on everyone, bro. It's not that I don't care. I do care, but why I'm not gonna waste my time. You know what I mean, bro? Yeah. Do you think that every community should have a trustworthy,

00:40:37--> 00:40:40

inexperienced, Rocky someone in their community?

00:40:41--> 00:40:46

Definitely. And as you know, like, the few Rockies that I know, bro, they're saying it's like,

00:40:48--> 00:40:52

bro, it's like, it's a bit like the Mongols, I think, you know, like the

00:40:54--> 00:41:29

Muslim world, like, no one could stop and they were just everywhere. Like, it's like that with their Shia team, like so many people are suffering. So being attacked. Like, there is so much going on as like, the crazy thing is bro, like, you know, things like Harry Potter are normalizing it right? They're just like ordinary people to start to think that magic is cool. Magic is fun. It's not fun and cool. It's fun. It's so dangerous. It is so dangerous. It will mess you up psychologically. It will do so much damage. It's just it's it's really madness. Right?

00:41:30--> 00:41:39

You have some Muslims actually who indulged sometimes in this magic, you know, if they want to get someone to love someone or to marry someone? What do you say about that?

00:41:41--> 00:42:01

Well, you know, it's, you know, it is disbelief. A person who practices it, or even a person who goes and asks someone to do magic for them. This takes you out of Islam. You know, it's what they call cover. Call for remains disbelief. Yeah, it is an action of disbelief.

00:42:03--> 00:42:12

It is an action of disbelief, right? And if you die, not repenting from that you will go to hell forever and you will never come out.

00:42:13--> 00:42:53

Do you mention like, in speaking to some of these Rocky's, I spoke to one also, you know, people who you would consider trustworthy who do this for pretty much, you know, they've helped a lot of people, one of them. When I asked how many? Or he asked, he told me he said I he believes that 80% of people are afflicted by a lot of this stuff. You know what I mean? And he mentioned that every community should have so in your you mentioned us similar that it's kind of like the Mongols so it's it just should? It should, it should motivate us more to do what you're saying to be more in the dean to never leave. Never leave your house, you know, without the dual death car, you know, even in

00:42:53--> 00:43:33

the morning, I don't need you to take this more serious. Absolutely, bro. Absolutely. I mean, look for someone who's a rocky, it's a it's a little bit like, you know, when it's your profession, you see it a lot. Yeah, like, you know, when you buy a new car and you drive that car, right, then suddenly you start seeing that car everywhere as before, you didn't even notice it? Yeah, it's a little bit like that, you know, when you're doing the when it's your job to do raffia you think the whole world is possessed, right? Because that's all you see day in, day out. Right? So I suspect is not as bad as maybe what he said, but it is really bad, right? I won't deny that it is really lack.

00:43:34--> 00:44:20

It's, the problem is so big that we don't have enough people who are really well trained to deal with it. And it by the way, it takes training and these days, I think to be honest, like in order to be ropey, I do think that you should have qualifications in psychology and mental health as well. Right? Because the people I know who are very, you know, I would say reasonably learned, maybe not scholars, but good students of knowledge, right, who have also studied in depth psychology, they will say that, in their opinion, probably like 90% of the things that people think are gin possession are not they're actually just psychological problems. However, like I said, I think the

00:44:20--> 00:44:45

Djinn use psychology, that's their method of manipulation. So there may be, you know, a connection between the two, but like this brother, you know, one of the brothers I, you know, and there's a few of them, they say that look, most of these issues are mental health issues, but because the Muslim community are very ignorant about mental health issues, right. You know, and they just like to say any problem that someone has, you know, even if, like,

00:44:46--> 00:44:59

their daughter doesn't want to get married to their cousin back from back home, right. Oh, she's possessed by a jet. That's how crazy is, you understand? Like, there's not even mental health issues, right. She's probably quite sensible. But you know,

00:45:00--> 00:45:16

This is it's just ridiculous like, you know? Yeah. Have you ever accompanied one of these Rockies? Have you ever witnessed something? Do you have any been involved in the Rocky? You have? Can you share with us? Can you share with foot surgeon story or something? People love these with you?

00:45:17--> 00:46:02

Yeah, I mean, I, you know, I, I did the rock here with a lot of other people like there was a big group of us and this is soon after I'd become Muslim on a brother who basically unfortunately, we found out that he had gone into a pub to go to the toilet, right? He or he was Muslim, right. And he wasn't drinking or anything. He just gone into the pub because he hadn't made he hadn't made the door ours and so on and so forth. He went into the pub, he urinated against the urinal, and I think he got possessed when they found out in the end, he got possessed by 20 female prostitute gin. Right. And this guy, they were driving down the motorway, like at 70 miles an hour, right? They play

00:46:02--> 00:46:20

started playing court and in the car, the guy opened the door without even whatever. And literally just jumped out. I mean, he didn't they grabbed him crate, but he opened the door. And he was literally on his way to jump out. Right? Fortunately, they grabbed him. So

00:46:21--> 00:46:59

yeah, we were pinning this guy down. Everyone was reciting the core. Right? And but the guy was saying it's me, you know? Like he was just like fighting and fighting and making these horrific noises. Yeah. He was, you know, I want to say I'm not I'm not Honestly, I'm not, I really am not scared of the jinn at all, I doesn't frighten me, it doesn't really scare me that much. I always tell people, they're more scared of you than you are of them. Right? I mean, it's one of those things when you're scared of them. That's when that's one of the ways you hand over some sort of control to them, right? So I don't like in a way we shouldn't like telling gene stories to get

00:46:59--> 00:47:39

people frightened is just helping shaytaan. Right? It's actually helping them. So this all these horror stories and this type of stuff that creeps you out. This is all part of his plan, right? He wants you. He wants people to be afraid of him and his followers. But in reality, they have no power. Like I said, unless you give them the power. They don't have it. Right. So we don't want to really create sort of fear and sort of, you know, that type of thing. No one should really be afraid of gin. Like you have to realize the real the gin fled to the remote places, right? Because they're afraid of human beings, right? Originally, this is what happened, the gin would inhabit the desert

00:47:39--> 00:48:17

regions that deserted buildings, because they run away from people. But then what would happen is that, you know, the Arabs when they're traveling through the desert regions, they would call our own chief number because it was their habit that when they passed through the land of a particular Chief, they would visit that chief and get permission to pass through his land, then they would start doing this with the gin and say, oh, chief of the gin. You know, we're seeking your permission to pass through your land. And this started to make the gin bold, right? They started to make them you know, her, you know, get some courage because before they were terrified of humans, right. So,

00:48:17--> 00:48:30

we have to understand that and apart from anything else we have, you know, these I don't know, like one who I remember one of my teachers. I don't know if he was a teacher Exactly. But I he was more like, you know, someone I knew.

00:48:31--> 00:49:12

He said you know, the sorbitol quote the solitary airfloss. And you know, the last three verses suitors of the Quran airfloss a nurse and follow up. He said it's like a nuclear bomb against shaytaan on the jinn. Right? And actually, you know, when I first became Muslim, Bro, I was so bothered by shaytaan like, really, bro, it was horrific. Like I would I couldn't concentrate on my prayer I would literally brought I would make sajida and like these images of Ganesh and I didn't even like you know like follow in the images of Ganesha would come in my head and like this voice would be saying stop worshipping idols right stop worshipping like this is just a disrupt my prayer

00:49:12--> 00:49:56

right was so hard bro. I couldn't concentrate. And then I learned these three Sooners, right? In fact, funnily enough, I only even learned them in English. I didn't even learn them in Arabic. I just was reading the translation of the Quran and came across them in English because I was saying you know, I was just making Allah helped me even in English like 90% of that stuff stopped you know? So it's just also knowing the right things to recite you know, those the three calls flow into your hands, split lightly like that. recite the three calls, you know, recite it three times, wipe it over yourself three times, wipe it over yourself like each one call of Allah who I had call out the

00:49:56--> 00:49:59

verb in Cloudera bill follow up cloud the verb in follow Coronavirus

00:50:00--> 00:50:36

I'm gonna do one each, and then wipe it. Again, you do it, each one, then wipe it. Do that before you go to bed, right? recite ayatul kursi, after every follow, practice, try to be in will do, right in a state of taharah as much as you can, right? If, for example, you have intimate relationships with your wife, try to make sure you take whoreson afterwards before you sleep, or at least make tire moon, you know, on the wall or something like that, right? So it's just these things, you know, beak make the door when you go in and out of the toilet, right?

00:50:37--> 00:51:16

Things like that. And don't urinate in places like where the gin may be. So that there's some things that I just saw well known anyone who studies this mat, you will find that all the scholars are saying the same thing that certain mistakes that people make a lot that opens them up to being attacked by the Djinn. Because it is this sort of protocols that exist, right, that's sort of like I guess it's a bit like traffic lights and you know, zebra crossings, right, that type of stuff, just we just as we have protocols, right? That those protocols exist in the world of the shouting and the jinn. And this is, by the way, a bit of the way that magic works, right? They have these protocols,

00:51:16--> 00:51:37

but even for us, if we don't under see this is the problem. If you don't understand this area of gin and Cher teen you will, you will cross the line, right. And when you cross the line, it opens the doors for you to be attacked by the gym. All right. So when you don't make the door before you relieve yourself that you verbalizing that to our

00:51:39--> 00:52:14

our Lubick, I'm in the hub the wall Harbor, you saying it just saying it the gym now know you're coming and they will get out of the way. But if you just go in urinate, you may urinate on the gym, and they will attack you and they will be there right to attack you. You won't be protected because you abused them. You transgress you oppress them. Do you understand? So it's so important to know this stuff? It's this is why ignorance of how to love the deen is so dangerous, bro. Gotta be grounded in a dean. And let's close up with this. What do you say for our agnostic atheist? Friends? when they hear this? They say, Oh, well, that's the reason I don't follow any religion. But at the

00:52:14--> 00:52:54

same time, you know, these are the people who are really the most into aliens and UFOs and stuff like that. I mean, and maybe you know, that there is a connection between aliens and UFOs and jinn, you know, maybe there is because, you know, we know that jinn have the ability to, you know, I mean, maybe we're talking about the same thing. You know, maybe, yeah, I mean, it's just a different language, we call it jinn. Right? But maybe that, you know, maybe the jinn and aliens are the same thing. Right? But you know, just to say that, like, first of all, right, like, you look, throughout every culture, you look through history, you look through every single culture historically, right?

00:52:54--> 00:53:33

Even until today, despite all the science, people universally have experienced these creatures and believe in them, they may call them differently. They may call them ghosts, or spirits or jinn or lots of different things. They may even call them gods, right? Because they've taken them as gods, but in fact, they're just the jinn, right? Which these people have begun to worship. But you will find that they you know, recognize they have these powers, they have these abilities, they can possess people, so on and so forth. Like so many people have witnessed it, extraordinary things happening that are superhuman feats, a human being cannot do those things. How do you explain it?

00:53:34--> 00:54:16

How do you explain? Have you not seen? Have you seen that video of that, that that woman who that I think in Norway was running across the road, got hit by a truck, and just got up and walked and kept going? Well, she wasn't on drugs, right? This doesn't like she's on drugs. Right? And she was fine. Like, and so many people's countless numbers of people will tell you these stories, like, are they all lying, and they all made it up everywhere, on every culture throughout history. That is, you know, what, that's unscientific to deny it is itself unscientific. Right? Because that science science is built on observation, right. And this stuff has been observed. Right? Okay. What's the

00:54:16--> 00:54:55

explanation for it? Fair enough, you know, you can come up with an explanation. But you know, from our perspective, it is these beings, why would why in a universe that is so huge and so massive, right? Where you have stuff that we've only discovered that the most of the universe is supposed to be, for example, dark matter, are we saying it's not a possibility that there is not some other type of intelligent being that exists that is not, you know, carbon based, that is maybe based on something else? Why is that? Not a possibility? Right? Of course, it's a possibility it would be it would be ridiculous to discount it. So I mean, you know, like, I'm not going to convince you from

00:54:55--> 00:54:59

that person from that, you know, but you know, you surely

00:55:00--> 00:55:00

It's not

00:55:01--> 00:55:10

you know it's not worthy of a mind that is open to inquiry to consider these as possibilities right

00:55:11--> 00:55:16

so yeah I don't think anyone should dismiss this outright that is just not really

00:55:17--> 00:55:43

that's not really being open to possibilities which everyone should be great conversation is always a pleasure talking with you we can take away from this if anything strengthen your castle your fortress with the dean get well grounded in the dean. Don't miss out on your Escalade your salon five times a day your tauheed an extra bonuses try to stay under would do as much as possible. And anything else you want to add you

00:55:44--> 00:55:57

know, Habibi. That's it man. It's so great to be on the dean show all we can do this again. And, you know, I'm I'm gonna invite you on to some of my shows. Now, Eddie, you're gonna have to accept right? Let's do it.

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Bro in Sharla and listen, Eddie, you got to start the deen show on clubhouse bro. I don't know if you've heard of clubhouse

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Yeah, it's it's really it's really kicking off and it's amazing. I'll have some amazing conversations. I think it'd be great. Okay club thanks for inviting

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me God Almighty Allah preserve you protect you just go ahead. Hope See you again soon.

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