The Man Who Killed A Hundred People

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What's up? I don't see you

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Cinematic rahmatullah wa barakato

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Alhamdulillah Allah Allah means that Allah wa salam ala kind of Jana Muhammad Anwar, earlier CIBJO. Selim, the Sleeman Kathira to mama, but what is the first thing people are going to be questioned about him they have judgment

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in terms of the rights of Allah subhanaw taala. What is it? Salah, right? What about in terms of the rights that you owe to people? What is the first thing people are going to be questioned about? On a day of judgment?

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What are the promises some say,

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at dinner? If you hurt somebody physically,

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if you share the blood of someone, so that will be the first thing you're going to be accountable for. And you're going to be questioned about did you hurt anyone physically? Have you caused the person innocent person blood to be spilled? And so on? So that's the first question. Now what about murdering somebody then?

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That's that's a serious thing. It's a serious thing. When it comes to the major sins after the shirk, associated parties with Allah subhanaw taala comes being unbeautiful to your parents. And then after that comes actually hurting someone by murdering somebody, and of course unjustly all of them once a murderer but now let's hear this hadith about someone he didn't just kill one individual and he puts all serial killers to shame.

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Let's see this hadith distort inshallah Hadith number number 20.

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From the other side of hand, on the subject of Toba and repentance, and every surgeon could read it aloud and voila, and and obey Allah is Allah Allah Salam Khan. So the messenger of Allah says, Allah can FM and Kanaka bloco Rajon Katella this adenomatous in an upset the Messenger of Allah said, There was a man from among the people, the nation's before you, who killed 99 People

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99 souls, innocent souls, can you imagine? I will hear what we're talking about serial killers. How many 1020 30 This guy called 99 person, I mean, how far people can go before we start feeling remorseful. And that moment like don't do this, I have a wake up call. So this one had his wake up call after 99 innocent people. Like again, he puts every Sirika we're not to shame and disregard. So he goes and then after that, he had that moment, awakening moment, he is now realizing this is wrong. The wrong domain is now eating him up, is unable to live with that with that guilt of of ending the life of 99 Innocent people for what did he do for say Allah and Allah?

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For doula, alright, so he asked. He asked start inquiring about the most learned person on earth, like in that land, who was the most learned person in terms of matters of faith and matters of God? Like I want someone who can teach me about God, who is that person. So he started inquiring and asking, and then he was told that person, he was sent to arrive, a monk, someone who has dedicated his life for the worship of God, he spent all his days and nights and years to the worship of God. So he went to him for call Allah who, in the Hakata, this antibody screen and epsa he told me about his story, because look, I've killed nine people.

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And it's in me up, I can't I can't live anymore with all this guilt, for halimun tilbyr. Is there any hope for me?

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But can I find hope with God? Will God ever accept me if I repent to Him? So this man what he said, he said, 99 people? Of course not. Carella now you're done.

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So now, here's the thing, this man who dedicate all his life for worship, right, day and night, all his years, completely in seclusion to the worship of God, in his own is in his own analogy. Now, this guy after 99 souls, killing nine people, you want to repent, and you're welcome to come with me to Jana. You want to make yourself equal to me? So he made that kind of personal comparison. And to him doesn't make any sense because of course, Matt, how dare you even try even to to repent to God. So this man now doesn't go but did he do?

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Finish them? They made him wonder.

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Like, if I'm done, I'm doing completely then why stopping? He got upset with this guy, and it just killed him. Somehow, like he provoked him. So he could, but then after some time, it just didn't settle with him very well. He started inquiring again. He started asking again, but at the mindset and

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he asked, Okay, who's next? Who's finding somebody else? So he was told, yeah, there is this man, Roger in Ireland. Not right anymore is not just a monk. Now that's a scholar, someone who's very well educated in the middle

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is a faith and then because go to this person who could answer you further Bailey for Karla No, Catherine as a nurse, he said, Look, I've killed 100 people.

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And I'm guilty. I know that. Is there any hope for me? Can I repent to God for Kerala Raja Khan Karana. When are you holdover in a coven or in a tabula who can stop you from repenting back to Allah soprano Of course now, you can. The doors are open for you.

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So he gave him hope, obviously, but it gave me once another advice. He said, however, this land of yours is not good.

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Like there's so much things so many things happening over here that could keep gravitate you and pull you back to the old habits and old ways.

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Which means you probably have bad friends, bad memories, bad places that you go to a new Coromant remind you what you've done and so on. So there's so much bad happening to the state in this town called one I can install a healer belt that he cut our cut aid or the cut our credit for in Libya or Nason Abdullah Abdullah mount, you better move from this town, go such and such down farther away. And on that on that town in that time you will find people to worshipping Allah azza wa jal. You better go and worship God with them. You're going to worship Allah Subhan Allah with them. So this man, and he told him Carl wala Jaya ilaha illa

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de su, don't you ever come back here because this is a bad place for you. Not good for you. Which is a reminder to all of us as Omar, if you know that working in one place or going to a certain place that always makes you fall into the Haram and wrongdoing. Then stop going there.

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Save yourself stay away from that place. For Carla from Tala. So this man he immediately didn't even hesitate. He grabbed that stuff. And he started going towards that. That town on the way had died and toss of Atari at our whole note on the way halfway through that journey to Allah subhanho wa Taala he died

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so he's not yet there.

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And he barely left that bad bad Lana, that town. What do you think this happened to this man? Now obviously people would argue about this as well. Look, he killed 100 people. He didn't do anything good yet. And others I say look, he left all this behind. And he's starting fresh with God. His heart was in the right place. His heart was already in the right place. Coming back to God for Allah subhanho wa Taala our Salah al Mala Iike. So the angels going down there to pick his soul and take him basically call a factor summit v haemolytica. to Rama Rama, Laker Lada, the angels of mercy, and the age of torment. Now they're debating among themselves, who is going to take the soul and where

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is it going to go? Is it going to go to the heavens and Paradise? Or is it going to be doomed to hell? Where do we register him? What do we do? After so they were arguing for call at maraca to Rama, the angels of mercy. They said Jah even mobila He was coming to Allah. He was coming with full, you know, his heart is to repent and it's coming to God. What God maracatu Radha as for the angels of torment, they say in hola Mia McFerrin. Like what are you talking about? He didn't do anything good.

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All his life was bad. So how is he going to be now saved in that moment? Fattah Malik. So Allah Subhana Allah sent them a Malik another angel to end that dispute. And what will how they ended that dispute? For God Allahu

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Allah Surah a dummy in a form of a human being. Virgil lubang Hakama. They said, Look, we want you to settle this for us.

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He said to them, please do my vinyl ordain. Why don't you measure the distance from where he is? To both of these lands? Or wherever you find him closer take him.

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If he's still closer to where he left his Dude,

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it is close. If it's closer to where he's going. Then you know what, he was almost there. So he's okay, he's safe.

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For Karla P. Zuma Biden or Bernie Failla. You him is kind of an alpha Hello Navajo. forecast for the dew or the lottery or so when they measured it. They find him closer to the one he was heading to. Which means he saved.

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In other narration. In other narration, it says that Allah subhana wa Taala order the out of the earth to kind of like shrink a little bit on his in his favor, to bring him to his mercy. subhanho wa taala. Allah did talk about to America to Rama, so who was taken by the angels of mercy. Now, what we learn from this region man, the journey to Allah subhanho wa Taala starts with what?

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The journey starts with the heart

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before even your feet before your feet even as you start the journey

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Have you traveled to Allah subhana wa Taala with this heart,

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if the heart is in the right place, the feet will follow.

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Your eyes will follow. Your ears will follow. You will listen to the right thing you will hear that I think you'll see that it will do the right thing. But the journey to Allah subhana wa Tada all will start with the heart. And that is something unfortunately in an extremely busy world, over connected, overwhelming with information. We don't have moments of silence where we can sit down and listen to the voice of our hearts.

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We don't even get a chance to connect with our hearts. Let the sit down and just see where your heart is. How I feel. And my connected to Allah subhana wa Taala or not is my heart worrying about the dunya worry more about Allah's pleasure with me or not? Where am I? How was my heart to react to these matters. Similarly, when I sit down I reflect on the day on this day. Try it out before you go to sleep tonight. Sit down quietly before you go to bed and reflect on your day.

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Just see it from the beginning to the end.

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Will you be satisfied?

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Did you get anything from this day that will bring you closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala Have you done anything that you consider significant enough for you to set Hamdulillah I hope this one was the one that will increase my records with Allah subhanaw taala if not, you have a golden opportunity in that moment to repent to Allah azza wa jal hopefully all this will be erased.

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So that will be all erased. And you will start fresh with Allah subhanho wa Taala before you go to sleep and remember what the prophets mentioned the Hadith that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has doors of Toba are all open at night, for those are sent during the day and during the day for those sent during the night. So this is now a moment for us to reflect on what we have done throughout the day. And remember that journey to Allah start from the heart and then the feet will fall on shallow to Bartolotta Allah, may Allah Subhana Allah keep our hearts always connected to Allah azza wa jal. We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to give us the ability to return back to him to repentance, day or night,

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and we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to accept him as the best of our deed. Forgive us our shortcoming, we ask Allah subhana wa to overlook our mistakes are blind I mean, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to protect our brothers and sisters because they are Bananaman. You ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada to protect a word as simple as that Allah. We ask Allah Allah to give them victory that He promised your blood I mean, you Allah We ask Allah subhana wa Tada to alleviate their suffering to Allah. You are a B they have no one else left to help them and support them except for you. You are a B we asked you to be there for them horrible I mean, when the whole world let them down we ask you how to

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Bernadette you know leave them alone. Yeah, Allah. We asked you to make it easier than we are but I mean, restore peace and tranquility into their lives. Yeah, Allah strengthened that Emmanuel Abdullah Al Amin Yamanaka Rahim, Al Hamdulillah, Savannah Did Muhammad Anwar Daniel cyber center and of course you and your mom

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Mullah we have tried

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to have tried to

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do you guys have chat tonight? Oh, we don't have Chai outside.