There are people that will never wake up

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There are people that will never wake up, may Allah protect us


AI: Summary © A woman named Pamela was watching a video of a woman named Jani in a palace. She heard a woman say a word called MACIFO, which she believed in Allah's weightless name. She threw a baby in the fire and killed them. She later discovered that the baby had spoken a word called MACIFO and heard the baby say that the mother had patience for early on the truth.
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My brothers and sisters in Islam,

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there are people getting out of law there are people that don't want to wake up. And they will only wake up in the morning as we learned earlier in the life of around Jani in his palace once he was informed, that the woman who used to comb the hair of his daughters Mashaba to vintage around

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the one that used to comb the hair, she said, Bismillah she said a word Bismillah when her comb dropped, she said, Bismillah and she believed in Allah azza wa jal, and she believed in a lord other than Pharaoh, and so found found out about the story. And eventually he decided that he's going to burn her. So he got the pot with the oil, and the oil began to boil bubble to its Jani house, now it's burning. And he wanted to he threw her and her baby in the fire. This is filled out. And just before he threw her, the baby miraculously spoke, and he said, Yeah,

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me, neither, but dounia, a woman available after

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the baby said, Oh, Mother, go ahead. Indeed, the punishment of this life is much easier than the punishment of the hereafter. And so she threw herself Yani, it's like the baby will seem to the Mother, don't see this fire as a fire. See it as the paradise see it as your refuge. This is how you're going to be saved. And eventually she threw herself but the idea is this, that Pharaoh and saw this, and he heard the baby miraculously speak. And he didn't even wake up Subhan Allah. He didn't even wake up from his disbelief. I'm not sealed on his heart. And like the story of the boy and the king, in the story of

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the boy and the king. The king is burning the people who lost because they have believed in Allah, burning them in their hundreds up to 20,000 in the community, we're all burn. And then he came to a mother with a child as well.

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And he heard he heard the baby speak. The baby said to the mother is speedier on the hoof a knuckle on her own mother have patience for very early on the truth. The King heard this and he flew home the baby in the fire. Allahu Akbar. Some people don't want to wake up. Some people don't want to wake up as many signs as they see in their life. So Pamela, they don't want to understand the truth and accept that. These are people that will only wake up in Johanna Maria villa.