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Shopping Mall serene Sayidina Muhammad Ali was mine. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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Happy New Year, as we would say. Last time we saw each other last year.

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Last pancreases with the new year, and we are in Muharram.

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of the new year, we continue in sha Allah. And as we mentioned with the New Year 1300 years of history, then we want to remind ourselves of the days of exemplary want to remind ourselves of those days, when Islam was at the pinnacle of civilization, when the Muslim Ummah led the world, in science and technology. And throughout our history, we have an hamdulillah moments of greatness. Currently, today, we know that almost a decline, but it's not where we belong. And even though we may be on our knees, currently, we will not stay there forever, and inshallah the purpose of a series to remind us, how our history where we were, and inshallah with the objective that may

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return. We're speaking for the past couple of months now on the establishment of the Islamic State, and Camilla, and be the day of alpha recon, the greatest battle in the history of Islam and the greatest battle in the history until tiama. Even though the numbers may be small, 1000 versus 300. Today, we talk about millions in warfare during that time, just 1000. But this was the defining line as Allah mentioned in the Quran, that Islam this religion, which began before Adam before the angels, the religion of the sun and the moon, that this religion was on the verge of becoming extinct within sun. On that day of the Battle of brother episode Salaam, later, Allah if we are

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defeated here today, you will not be worshipped on Earth. If I die a lot in this small group of believers, if we die today, and we lose this battle, Islam will become extinct. This was the closest, the closest date on which Islam was ending on the day of Alberta.

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We remind ourselves what we did a quick recap, it was the 17th day of Ramadan, the second of hegira second of hegira. The first is, of course the first battle the first time that the Muslims would wage war after nearly 15 years of persecution. 15 years of oppression alleged forbidden from retaliating and fighting. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala allowed the Muslims to defend themselves. The Muslims were about 300 the Qureshi is 1000 and we mentioned how during the battle the different events and Allah subhanho wa Taala accepted the duodenum, vehcile salam and st angels to assist in abyssal solemn, and sudo to unfurl reveals most of most of us will pertain to the Battle of either

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we spoke about the events of the Battle of buzzard last week and the week before. And now we come to the conclusion of the battle. At the end of the battle

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was a resounding victory for the Muslims. Allah subhanho wa Taala fulfilled his promise. He told them to be Solomon even though we mentioned how Nabis Allah was begging and crying and, and, and begging Allah for assistance because Allah had not revealed what will be the outcome of the vessel. But before the battle, just moments before the battle began, Allah subhanho wa Taala informed in abbyson salam that I have heard, interestingly through I've heard your invocation, and I've answered nobody so Salah became happy even before the battle began, he was assured victory will come. And as Allah had decreed the victory belongs to the Muslims 15 of the Muslims were sure, Shahada martyred

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and better, and 70 of the crises were killed, and 75 were taken prisoner, a big humiliating defeat for the courageous and remember the kurush with the superpower of Arabia, they won the most strongest country in the world at the time, the Romans and the Persians are much more stronger, much more powerful. inshallah they turn will come, but for today, the kurush they were humiliated for the first time and they were subdued by the Muslims a resounding victory. We said how Allah justice had prevail. The oppressor fell to the to the knees of the oppressed. VLAN Bilaal The one who was tortured so much, took revenge against his master omiya Allah subhanho wa Taala turned the tables on

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the oppressors and the tyrants and the worst of the kurush were killed and defeated. Pooja omiya, all of them, they were killed, and they were buried in by the fifth 70 of them. And then as we said, after the Battle of budget, because this was the first event of jihad, number of issues arose, a number of new issues arose which is applicable to us today. She had one of the most topical issues when you put it on the news. All over the world. Unfortunately, we find Muslims engaged in some form of battle. Some of it is definitely valid Jihad and we make do after the

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Mujahedeen across the world a law granting victory. Surely, the party of Allah will be victorious. And there are others who have transgressed and harm innocent civilians, and therefore the outcome of jihad must be understood. We look at the ciroc, one of the matters that arose was the issue of unfurl and fall, meaning the spoils of war, the beauty of war, and the pursuit of the Quran surah two and file is named after the spoils of war.

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So what happens in the battle, and the enemy would fight, and when they were about to lose, of course, they retreat. And when they retreat, the leaves behind the armor and the tents and the wealth, whatever they came with to the battlefield, they leave it and they run away, those who will kill the animals, everything is left behind this wealth that was left behind. Can we take it? Is it ours? Can we use it? Right? This is the question. And this shows you the idea of the Sahaba. They put their lives on the line. They were fought, they fought the brothers, the fathers, but any ounce of wealth. Before you can take it you need to ask permission. Is this halal for me? I can't just

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take without permission. So I've been able to Casa de Allah and he fought a man. And somehow he managed to get hold of a man's sword and he killed the man with his own sword. So he has the sword of the men in his hand. And he goes to the beach on Sunday, and he says Yasuda law, can I have the sword? It's not mine. And then a lot of deals are yet yes, alone. Okay, and if

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they ask you concerning the spoils of war on Warhammer, say to them, that the spoils of war the NFL, it belongs exclusively to Allah. And these are assuming this is the normal law, the law of all the NBA in the past, the unfair that which you take, that which you take in, in warfare is haram. For you to touch belongs to Allah doesn't belong to you, Sofia, Allah, Allah don't touch from that wealth, and amend that which is between you and obey Allah and His Messenger, you should believe, don't think of the unfurl when Allah subhana wa Taala gives the beginning I have sudo and file that this is the law. This is the law I decreed the unfurl belongs to me, then Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and circle and fall allows and makes this head on and it's one of the speciality of this which Allah has made haram for all the omens before Allah has made hideout then Allah says, conferred, and know that anything you obtain of will booty, any of the unfurl you take, then indeed, for Allah at least is one for you can keep 80% or 20%, belongs to me, belongs to Allah, and of that fifth, so this is what Allah explains how it should be split, this 20% of it is for Allah and His Messenger, and the near relatives and the orphan and the needy, and the stranded traveler. So this 20% must be split between them. We'll talk about that in a minute. If you have believed in Allah, and in that which we

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sent down to our servant on the day of alpha recon, on the day of battle of budget, I've made this highlight to tokuyama Allah subhanaw taala is legislated. Sahaba again, as we said, it doesn't take a well sent without asking ALLAH and also Salam permission before the mean they were ready to die. They ask you, what can we take from this? Well, Allah Subhana dalis I've made it hard for you. And I have not made it harder for anyone before you but 20% 20% comes to Allah subhana wa Tada, the day the two armies met, and Allah over all things, his competencies away. So if we talk about the unfurl and so they say the issue and insha Allah and all of us become Mujahideen, Allah subhanaw taala

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allow us will, you will have this issue. What do we do with it? In fact, right, what do we do with the unfurl? So as Allah Subhana Allah says 20% one fifth of the end file goes in the path of Allah, meaning that Rasul Salaam will get a fifth of the fifth, right? one fifth of that 20% 4% of the total goes to the visa asylum. interesting side note here, interesting point and then a visa La La asylum. special rules apply to him and him alone. Some rules are more severe stricter on him. For example, the visa sanlam had to perform the hijab every night of his life. He didn't only have five Salawat a day he had to perform tahajjud every single night of his life. Be so solemn was haram for

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him to divorce his wives. When he married them, he couldn't divorce them. On the other hand, we don't know so sullom exceeded the limit of wives Allah given it to him, Allah subhanho wa Taala again, haraam una de sol Salam and his family to accept charity, no matter how poor and in need they are. zakka charity is haram for him. Beautiful Hadith vehcile salaam is playing with his grandchildren hassle and cosine and there's a pile of dates that was given as charity and

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other small little boys are saying little boy thinks one of the date and maybe some takes it out of his mouth and he says, Don't you know my son, that the family of Mohammed sauce on the debate you

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Not allowed to take charity, we can get gifts. We can take gifts, but charity no matter how poor we are, we cannot take from it. Another special alternativeto Salah mini passes away everything that he had, that he owned, must go to charity, his family inherit nothing. The only thing that they leave behind is knowledge. Knowledge is the only thing that the mbf come to leave behind. And whatever it takes from that knowledge is for them. Now Allah subhanaw taala allows a kind of charity for the individual Salaam, but through the unfurl through Wolfie is the only way in IB can receive some charity or some some assistance is through jihad. So 4% goes to the seller of the war booty. Of

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course this law doesn't apply anymore so solemn has passed away. So this doesn't apply to us today applied in his life. But what does apply is point number two 4% goes to the debate. The family of Nabina Muhammad Salah, which does apply now Hello baby are still alive. They are so Blissett the family of NaVi Sal Salam. And again we need to pause here for a minute. We are coming in we'll talk about the 10th of Muharram issues of debate is being you know, we'll hear and read these things. We ask questions and and these divisions unfortunately, at another time and place we can discuss in more detail. But if you want to really understand the matter, a nice between Sunni Shia Islam is a

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nice a series by a chef Kemal McKee, Kemal al McKee right English lecture will explain to you and within 10 hours the entire fitna of the killing of democracy in Rahim Allah, Allah and who,

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as for us today will be to take a side note here. And the view of Adamson ojama is that the debate will include a wide number of people as the family of Nabis asylum, the family that had to bake meaning literally and debate means the family of the house, the household of the profits. So who are the family members of the House Allah, right, was we saying in the unfurl 4% must go to the family of nubby salsa labs who is his family, his family include his wives who would believe that and this is common sense. Your wife is your family member, and of course the children of the Navy. So all of the children and his grandchildren, everyone from the legend lineage of Nabeel Salah, and, in

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addition, his closest clan members of his grandfather Abdulmutallab and his great grandfather, Hashem, right, so this may be so solemn, what is titled Mohammed Abdullah Al Hashimi, right. He's from his clan of Hashem. So this is his family. And as I said, you'd find today and we need to dispel these misconceptions is a big drive to exclude the lives of the vessel Salah from the debate, when we have a debate, we only hear about certain members has an ideological saying say Nally fathima, the day the only debate law incorrect. the wives of NaVi sauce was also a debate. And therefore if you insult a member of the lives of newbies or survivor of the alleged insulting the

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debate, you have not shown respect to the debate. What evidence do we have, that the lives of Nabeel Salaam is from the debate from the Quran clear, yet? There are only two places in the entire Quran with the term debate comes in. Number one in Surah is 33 Surah 33, verse 33. This is where the whole issue comes around that nobody in your time Read, read the is preceding it. The entire discussion that Allah is giving out to the wives of Nabeel Salaam, was telling the eyes of an obedient salam, you are not like any other women, you need to dress more modestly than the wives of the the normal women, that you have a special status, you are the mothers of the believers. Then Allah says Allah

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wishes only to remove all forms of evil from you. Oh, and wait, I was talking to the wives of Navy SEALs Salaam and also our to remove all impurities from you. Oh, and wait. It is in the context of the wives of Navy SEALs that these ayat will reveal. So Allah mentions to them and I want to purify you debate but in particular, a wives of Navy Mohammed Al Salam with a therapeutic application. You also especial above the other women of the Al amin, the second place and this actually makes the meta even clearer. In pseudo hood, where Allah mentions a debate. You've learned two places in the Quran

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and surah who are the only two places in the Quran the term debate is found to be Brahim

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salat wa salam is sitting with his wife sobre la sala, they sitting and of course they didn't have children in that time, right. They were old people and didn't have children. Maybe but it made me smile. And he was living in Makkah, and we brought him an old old man. 8090 years old. Syrah old lady as well. The angels are coming to destroy in absolutes people, but they first want to go and visit NaVi Brahim. And I want to give him some good news. So the angels tell nubby Brahim that we Allah has blessed you is going to bless you with a son and the wife of an Abraham sada Snuffy's. My husband is coming

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He's finished. How's he gonna have a son? Right? This couple it's right, then the angel say, Mercy of Allah and blessings be on you. Oh, wait, who is sitting the family of the prophets, it's only his wife, no one else. No one else that Angel saying, mercy and blessings be a new debate and debate. And it's only sada. They have set out that they are addressing clearly from this idea, it is clear that the debate, definitely, in fact, most, most importantly, firstly includes the lives of the MBA. And lastly, when Allah subhanaw taala says to me, Look, we're going to destroy your, we're going to destroy everyone except your alibi, your family, every one of the city will be destroyed, only your

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family will be saved. All of them are going to be saved except your wives. So let's say your family is going to be saved, but I'll exclude from your family, your wife, right meaning initially she's part of the family. But I'm thinking that she's not part of the family anymore. So this is the general from this, it's becomes clear. And as I said, unfortunately, we live in a time of the year where these issues come up, but know clearly that the wives of Nabisco sanlam Ayesha and upside adiala and one other family have fundamental cellular, any insult on them is an insult unharmed metal sanlam his honor and his dignity, the person that he loved the most. When they asked would you

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love the most Yasser Allah? What did he say? He said if they said no, yes, but we don't mean that kind of love of the main that kind of love. Would you love the most? What did he say? Our Father, meaning Abubakar DLR, it still didn't want to get away from Ayesha, our Father, right? Going back to unfurl. 20% belongs to Allah of that 20% must be split five ways. And this shows you the wisdom in jihad. This is not a warfare for conquering and plundering and this is what we see today. Or what he's heard that Muslims are here to conquer and plunder and to take wealth and to use it and abuse it, that we are a a, a race in which it's barbaric. No, Allah Subhana. Allah says, you take that

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wealth you give to the prophets of Salaam, you give to his family, then you give to the orphan, the one without parents and the needy, the one who cannot feed himself or clothe himself who has a house, you give from that to them. 4% belongs to them. And the traveler, the one we stranded, the man he comes from, like the refugee, the one who has no home, the one who has no place, right he comes through the lens and he's stuck. He gets he can get on the inside you can say, oh, gelato muslimeen there was a walk you took so much of wealth 4% belongs to me, please give it even though these people did not fighting the battle, even if they didn't attend the battle that belongs to them

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shows you there's not a dean of plunder. It's not a dean of cloud plunder. And the remainder Allah now says that the remainder the remaining 80% can go to the fighters only those who participate in the battle, they will take equally amongst themselves. This is the law from Battle of budget. How do you know which soldier is more superior doesn't mean that the general will get more than the foot soldier know, all of you will receive an equal portion. The law will change in another battle way. The cavalry because they come with a horse will get a portion for the horse as well. Even the animal must get in shape of the unfurl. But this will happen later on in sha Allah.

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And the interesting thing to note here after the Battle of button so we said we said the unfurl belongs to five people to get 20% even if they don't attend the battle, the remainder gets split between the fighters of the Battle of either after the Battle of either nine people who were not at the Battle of battle received a portion of the lobbies awesome. See, you put nine sides nine portions of the file aside and it belongs to them. When we go back to Medina. They didn't come and fight with us. But it says if they were the year with us, nine Sahaba one of them we must mention, again, time of the year where his honor and dignity is is disgraced and removed. And one of the

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reasons they mentioned of the Sahaba said he's a coward Well, yeah, the Billa he did not attend the Battle of butter. And on the Battle of word he was of those who retreated. And he was not the three things they say and he was not there at the pledge of read one. I'm talking about amela meaning Satan Earth man brought the a lot of y'all with manuals not that but so many of us have our the way it was my god a lot he didn't come for but he received a portion of the unfurl. The visa Salam included him as the members of the fighting of binder and when they list the names, the Sahaba those who attended but they say it was mine was with how can with mine, you're not there but you included

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in the list of by the way. Say North man is ready to join the army. They go into batteries I'm coming with a peace of mind says Your wife is sick. Who's his wife, boo Ryan say North man rodya line. His nickname is to do no rain. The man was two lights. Why? Because he's the only man we know who has married two daughters of a prophet. So he was married to one of the daughters of the prophets of Salaam Rukia. And later on after the play, he would marry him

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Boom. Nafisa Sallam said. I choose you twice as my son in law twice. And if I had a third, he said, I'll give you all sorts of man rights, and Absalom specifically chose who is his daughters, husbands. He chose Ali for Fatima, the Alon, and for two of his daughters, he chose a man. So the first wife will pay. Yeah. So maybe say North man, I'll do a lot of medical to Korea, as they were going out to buy that she was she was very ill. She was dying, in fact, but say North man was a fighting jihad. That businessman says No, stay behind, and look after your wife. Look after my daughter. I know you want to come to buy that. And you will be part of butter, but you remain behind

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the seat not with man stays behind it looks after his wife. And this is another law of jihad. Very important. You'd find a man he comes to the visa salon. I want to fight jihad, who asked Him? Do you have parents who are old and in need of you? If yes, then go look after your parents. You have a wife, some of our brothers and hamdulillah they want to perform down they go across the world and but you have a duty and responsibility for your family. The Jihad begins at home. The charity begins at home. Don't neglect your duties, what you're supposed to do, to see to the duties of someone else. Don't have your own closest kith and kin. And for this to help someone else somewhere else in

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the world. Islam says you begin with yourself who am furusato well alikoum neurolysis protect yourself and your family from the fire. So say North man's wife, daughter of Mohammed rupiah rhodiola and Hassan Salah was dying and say North man as much as he wants to fight in whether he remained behind and he took care of his daughter took care of his wife until she passed away. Now Venus enters Medina on the day he enters Medina coming back from whether his daughter had passed away Allah subhana wa tada Allah decrees things even the MBR and I'm Vietnamese on tasted the worst of all his children he buried in his lifetime except Fatima and therefore nobody saw some Siddharth

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van. Yours your share of the unfound we count you as one of those were tainted by that. So if you hear anyone saying, you know that man used to skate to fight brothers a law was a real man to kill his wife and daughter Mama sasami took care of the debate at the command of Muhammad Salah send them another issue that came up off to be unfair besides the and far more serious than the unfurl. And that is the prisoners of war. And we see this happening now in Iraq, ISIS, right people are captured. What do we do with these people? What do we do with those who didn't retreat? They fought but they said I surrender. Don't kill me. Take me as prisoner. What do we do with these people?

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now visa Salam number one, he made a point that anyone and he told us a habit before the battle is a list of names don't kill these people. Why are you not gonna kill these people? They come in to fight us? No, they will good to us in Makkah, when we were oppressed and tortured and abused, they did not participate in the torture. They tried the best to assist us, even though they prefer they worship idols. We're going to repay them back how we're going to repay them. We're not going to kill them young but take them as prisoner. One man in particular. Look at this beautiful Hadith in Bukhari.

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Jubail even moved him right up to the center of mu time with him. The guy we're going to talk about is his father. This guy,

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he wasn't a Muslim. We consider him a lot of the a lot. He died an unbeliever. But he was very good to the newbies on Salah, even when the the vehcile salaam was in great need. He stood up and he said Mohammed is under my protection in Makkah, this is before Medina and whoever wants to harm Mohammed harms me and he said is under my protection with him. Now visa Salam now looks at the prisoners of war. What are we going to do with these people? Yato Salah Nabeel Salam says and Jubail his son was one of those prisoners by Jubail the sign of him was an unbeliever. And he said that Islam first entered into my heart. This is when I became became a Muslim later on rhodiola. But now he was a

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disbeliever. He said Islam first entered into my heart when I heard your tour being revealed. And it was the time when I heard that the Battle of by the

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EU was captured. And he said, I heard nobody so solemn saying that will lie. If this guy's father, were to ask me to release these people, I would do it. Why I owe him. He was there for me. Even if he just said, Yeah, I'm gonna release all of them. The worst of them, release them, I would have obeyed. This shows you again the lessons. We don't treat all the poor far as the same.

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Netanyahu is not the same as Nelson Mandela, not the same kind of person, but the same kind of people and Islam. We treat the far according to the way they treat us. You can have alliances with them. You can have good relations with them. If they fight you, you can retaliate and fight them back. If they want peace. Then we have peace and those who supported the Muslims, Islam, we give them preferential

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treatment. Look at this man, if he simply wrote Do not be so solemn release these people that lie out of release them, but ultimate passed away, but he was dead already. And I would have definitely forgave him just for his sake just because of him. But so what do we do with him? Alright, just an announcement

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that, as you know, and we'll talk was at the end, it is harder to march with all the kids of the modalities of the book of all the madrasa kids and some of the orphanages like, like vision, right they coming and we hosting them and we're giving them a March the collection of today we'll be going to that event so you sponsoring orphan child as well for the march but often for the march and in you assisting small little kids, the madrasa kids inshallah, please donate generously, right.

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So there's no guidance with regard to what to do with the prisoners of war and obese also lumea asks his Sahaba he asked the Sahaba What do you think? Again, beautiful, he's Rasulullah saw Salaam. Many times we believe I'm the chairman. I'm the captain of the team. Everyone must do as I say it's a dictatorship. And how many of our countries are leaders? Unfortunately, they are dictators, no Shura. There is no consultation. This is a matter of Deen, not a matter of the dunya and you have Rasulullah sallallahu. And he asked the Sahaba Yama Sahaba What do you think we should do with these people? What must we do? Allah is not revealed any verses concerning them. So two Sahaba two

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opinions emerged. Two views as you know, has always two opinions. This man have that mother, the mother of Abu Bakar of the land, Baccarat, john says Rasul Allah, they are after all, still, even though they prefer they still our relatives, this is still my son, and that is still his father and his uncle, are we really going to kill our own, you know, execute them like this. And the money that they're going to give us get around granting them, give them back to market, but they must pay us we in a difficult position Medina, right, we have a big refugee problem in Medina. So we take ransom from this. And it will hopefully, and this is the real point, hopefully, Islam will enter into their

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hearts. And I give them another chance to become Muslim, Yasser Allah. He's not so scared about killing them and they die. You know, he kills them and they go to Jana, I don't want them to go to Jana. give them another chance. yasumasa, salah

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and over of the Allah and on the other side said, Wait, wait, wait. These are the leaders of government. These are the Netanyahu these are the federal owns. These were the ones that abused and tortured us how many people have the Muslims were killed and suffered. And we just let them go. And if we let them go, they're going to come back and fight us again. They hate us and they hate Islam. Right? So he said, let's let's put it into the you bring me my family members I in them, and you give your Rasulullah Hashem is your family, give him to Ali. Ali Raja was the executioner and I give him to Allah, you will take care of them. And we will show them that the this is a new lawyer in

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town, that this is we don't we no longer look at family and tribe. We are family on a man. And that just because you are my son, and you're not a Muslim, we don't have any affiliation with you, no mercy for you. So these are two opinions, which side does it used to be so solemn first praises to Sahaba and he says, Mashallah, like, you know, Allah makes some people's hot soft like milk, some of us very soft hearts. And some of us the reasons become hard like stone, like very strong, very stern. And he says, Yeah, abubaker and all this, you know, we mentioning the honor the honor of Sahaba. Again, a time of the year when Abu Bakr and Omar on the on the honor is degraded and

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defaced. Yeah, who says, As for you, yeah. abacha, you resemble Ibrahim Alayhi. Salatu was salam, and Isa, you resemble Ibrahim and Isa, why? Because Ibrahim said, and whoever follows me Yeah, Allah is from me. And whoever this obeys me, then you are still Forgiving and Merciful Allah, even if they come at you. Still you're Forgiving and Merciful. Don't punish them. As for Isa, you know, as I said, Jesus Allah salatu wa Salaam says, Yeah, Allah if you punish them, then they are still your servants. Yeah, Allah and if you forgive them, indeed you are mighty and wise, forgive them or the Allah, no matter how much they're doing. Forgive them. You can still forgive them. So let's Yahuwah

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you're like Ibrahim and Isa, how great is that? Then he says and former, you are like no. La salatu salam and Moosa we know says in Surah two newer, yeah, Allah Do not leave of the unbelievers on the earth at all. Not a single one of them must live. He made the dua and the rain came down let me know right off the island. 50 years. He had enough. Right. So that'd be Moosa. He made a deal against Pharaoh and the people of their own. He says, Allah make their hearts harder, make them even more stood up strong in a disbelief so they will not believe until janam and the punishment comes to the don't open the hearts to make do against them. They must go to Jana, Fiona nice people. So now you

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are like moose.

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And like Nabina la Salatu was Salam. So now he says these two opinions now what does he do?

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Of course, the character and the nature of nobodies will seldom be inclined to the mercy to Allah. And he took the opinion of Abu Bakr and he said, Fine, we're going to ransom these prisoners. We're not going to kill you execute these four people that killed the Sahaba that killed his family members that abused them all the years of torture in Makkah is these people, right? These people that today, no punishment on you, we're going to ransom you sell you back to your family.

00:30:33--> 00:31:11

Look at this beautiful Hadith the next day. So they decided this on the second day or the first day and the second day when they say no matter what the outcome is walking is looking for an obese asylum. And he finds aboubaker and obese also sitting together crying, they're crying. Listen to the idea of saying, this is your pseudo law What happened? Tell me what happened so that I can also feel sad and cry. I want to be with you with you guys. And if I don't feel sad of what you're telling me, I will force myself to cry. I will make sure I cry. Why? Because I don't want to be separate from the two of you. Side Nokia, again, say earlier on the Alliance's when he when they barely say no,

00:31:11--> 00:31:50

say no more, say nalli right. And he says that how many times we look at the Hadith via the prophets on came and what he wants Abu Bakr and Omar. I saw Abu Bakr and Omar was the prophets of Allah. The Prophet was crying and Abu Bakr and Omar were crying. And even in death Allah made sure Abu Bakr and Omar will be with Mohammed Salah where they buried side by side technologies amazing lucky for them to get in the dunya and they say no one sees the two of them crying. So I don't want to be left out. I also want to cry. Tell me what's going on. And they tell him Allah has revealed verses concerning the prisoners of war. We made a mistake. Allah agrees with you. Allah subhanaw taala seasons winter

00:31:50--> 00:32:34

and fall. It is not for a profit some serious it will discuss this next week Charla it is not for a profit to take prisoners of war until he has established in the land and that the enemy is totally defeated. Only when you are in a position of strength, then you can show mercy but not when you are weak. Now is the time to be strong. Some Muslims, some amongst the Muslims, the thoughts are the dunya I think we have the ransom the money. But Allah Stuart's Allah's desire is the Akira. And Allah is Exalted he is Exalted in Might and Aziz al Hakim is wise in every decision that he takes. Allah is done with wisdom. And Allah goes further shows the divinity, if not for a deeply if not for

00:32:34--> 00:32:47

the mercy of Allah, that proceeded that stopped, you would have been touched for what you took as a great punishment what you did for this decision you made, I would have punished you if it wasn't for the decision I might decree

00:32:48--> 00:33:28

serious versus what now allottee appeals versus contrary to what nobody saw solemn chose to follow, right? The victims chose something and then a lot of years versus later on. So what now what's going to happen to these prisoners of war, what's the best I'm going to do in sha Allah next week we discuss the continuation of this. I before I end up I must mention this to be wrong. Not to mention, as I said, we in a new year, Camilla 1436, may the best of our years come and the best of our days being our future, and the worst of it could have passed already. We're entering a month which is Muharram from haraam, a very a sacred month like the harem sacred right? Haram is the sacred month,

00:33:28--> 00:34:09

Allah pansies and obviously the number of months with Allah is 12. So it was ordained by Allah on the day when he created the heavens and the earth, but they created David's and the other losses I made that the year will be 12 months. four of those 12 months are sacred. Four of them are sacred. This is one of those four sacred multiple in haram libidinal Salam says the best fasting that one can do after Ramadan is the fasting during the month of Muharram. In Mahara is a very special day, the 10th of Muharram Ashura and that is according to we are in Cape Town, which we saw the lunar sighting will be on Tuesday, right? The Lunar sighting, we saw the 10th the 10th of Muharram in sha

00:34:09--> 00:34:20

Allah will be on Tuesday. Now vehcile salaam says that Eva fasts on the 10th of Muharram he hopes it will be enough to forgive all the sins which came the last year.

00:34:22--> 00:34:59

We come up to the Senate and we think 1436 1435 what are all the sins we did last year? How much Toba must we make for one year of since Allah gives you this gift? is one day in the past that day in the year inshallah we hope that all the minuses the small sins will be forgiven not to be missed. They'll be so solemn. Why is this day so holy and special? right what occurred on this day? Maybe someone comes to Medina, he found finds the Jews, the bunnies are fasting on the 10th of Muharram. Why are they fasting, Allah supplanting forms and abbyson Salah that is the day Allah defeated feed our own and save Nabi Musa in another Hadith week, Hadith

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

It's the day that the punishment of Allah stopped with libido and the ark. It rested it settled, the rain stopped. So a few things happened on the 10th of Muharram. So but the Hadith says because Nabil Moosa and his people will save, and we as Muslims are closer to Musashi, Salatu was Salam. Then the Yahoo right now the Moosa was a Muslim is a Muslim is from one of us. If he was here today, you'd be in Alaska, you won't be in Israel will be with us who Salli salatu salam, right. And therefore, we will fast the 10th of Muharram in honor of what Allah Subhana Allah did, but also to show that we are unique and different to other religions to the benefit of the bunnies while you must fast the

00:35:39--> 00:36:18

ninth the day before the 10th the meaning you must first Monday and Tuesday. And all if you can't do that, then first the Tuesday and the Wednesday, beta to fast number nine and number 10. So that means inshallah brothers to get this great reward of one year, you fast the Tuesday and part of the sooner to get an additional reward to show that we are unique in front of the tsunami Amato Salaam foster Monday as well. If you can't Monday's difficult, then fast the Wednesday Tuesday and Wednesday. If you can't do any of that, at least fast Tuesday. Don't miss out Tuesday. And just to add on here, if you have any days of Ramadan still pending or still payable, while sisters in

00:36:18--> 00:36:36

particular, you can still force Muharram and make up those days later on. No problem. Right? You can't make it with the same near the right not the same Nia but you can delay so in sha Allah, it will be more haram program a dope street from three o'clock office three until Mahara. There'll be an install. We'll have a small lecture as well. dopes need my super

00:36:38--> 00:37:15

dope sweet machine oh well moseyed in sha Allah. So please inshallah on Tuesday that's Tuesday. Nisa fostered nice and if you can, when you're working in town, I'm brakeforce in sha Allah, other announcements to be made in sha Allah, your comments and suggestions, please email them to me with [email protected] on Tuesday, so this Tuesday, unfortunately, we'll have to pause the class on Sierra after Margaret because of Muharram. But the week they after we continue with our Sierra, very nice discussion. Then this weekend is a very busy weekend in Charlotte, all of you attention in Charlotte. This weekend is a very busy weekend. On Sunday from nine o'clock to one o'clock. We have

00:37:15--> 00:37:49

our mojarra March. Right there. My dad he says I see the kids in a different madrassas, primary school kids. And if you have, if you have primary school children, you have young children, bring them along, they'll go in march around the blue cap. They'll visit our Masjid, they'll visit the tunnel bar and they'll get goodies and gifts along the way in Chow lots of beautiful to see our little young boys and girls dressed in white marching through the streets for the new year for Muharram insha Allah and then for our older group, you know anyone above primary school so no without the age limit here, the Saturday night so Sunday is the march Sunday morning, Saturday night

00:37:49--> 00:38:27

off the shy we have our program A Nightmare on Elm Street, A Nightmare on Elm Street, where we will explore the world of jinn and the devils right not at the masjid. It will happen at the bohannan Center in Penn Street, off the shelves about half past eight outside in sha Allah and we'll discuss the gene and the tables for everyone is invited males and females. There is no fee involved. Please small young children, you know based in child life, it's not appropriate for them. And then lastly, a reminder. Excellent we have a guest speaker from Canada coming the sixth of December, the prophets of Allah or the MBR. In one day you will learn all about all the MBR one day in sha Allah, sixth of

00:38:27--> 00:38:38

December. And in sha Allah is Allah Hey, I thank you so much. Allah Subhana Allah accept from us and grant this year to be filled with Mara Baraka and blessings. I mean, a lot Mohammed was upset.