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Muhammad West
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of international regimes floorplan or image from the local economy Missoula to cinema, city system criminal law, illegal suffrage, by Eunice la Monica. Apologies for the late start.

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It's a bit of a busy time, as I mentioned at work financial year in the north.

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Yeah, so, but I don't want to

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not have the claws from the lion like to, even if we just do a little bit of gloss and it's important. I'll be ready as well. And you had a good week of any any questions. Anyone wants to start off with a comment to a question?

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Or good?

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Okay, so Hamdulillah, we will continue with our

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Well, I actually had a question, a question that came through,

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on on email. And the sister was following she's, I think, lecture number 12. On the series from the villa. And she mentioned that I spoke about CIC in that in that topic, and naturally, we all know that the most, most dangerous of all sins, the only sin which is unforgivable by the Quran, is schicke. Allah subhanaw taala will admit people that has had a very, very bad life, they come with all the sins in the book, but they didn't come a check, and they therefore got access to Allah's mercy. So I'm gonna have Kiama

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we will only be admitted into Jana through the mercy of Allah, and everybody will have access to Allah's Mercy except those who are barred from his mercy and those are there those who have one son that is the son of Sheikh and so the sister wanted to know more about what is sharing and the aspects of sharing the type of sharing and perhaps that is an important discussion, and we need an entire series on that. But in a nutshell, in essence,

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when you study Sheikh Sheikh what is the word she means she means to ascribe a partner with Allah. Now what does that mean? What it really means is, is to give anything which is exclusive for Allah. So there are certain things which exclusively belongs to Allah alone, to ascribe any of those things to anyone other than Allah, or to make Allah equal

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with any of the Creation in something

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He is absolute for him that will be shaped. And, you know, to make it more understandable what the scholars have done is they have looked at areas that people have fallen to share. So, the first area or the most

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the worst type of sugarcoat the worst type of,

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you know, religious belief problem is for those who deny the existence of Allah completely. And so, by denying Allah exists, so one might say, Well, you're not you're not having a partner, what's the partner? You're saying that Allah is the Creator, you're ascribing creation to either the universe or to some other entity or to

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you know, whatever science whatever you are ascribing lost yourself, you are making up what is right and wrong. So the worst thing you could do is to completely disbelieve in Allah's existence, then, of course, and most of mankind don't do that most of mankind believe makes us the integrator. And that is why the Quran does not deal with atheism, at much length because the Quran acknowledges most most people believe in the Creator. But what most people have have gone wrong throughout the life is that they ascribed at least one Creator, they believe in one Creator, but they worship something other than Allah, whether it is Jesus that they worship, or idols, or the ancestors or saints. And

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so, within the worship, many people come into check. So they believe in one Creator, but in the worship in the IBA iba worship is only for Allah, that is where they made the mistake. And that is why Islam, basically the slogan of Islam is Allah and Allah, that is a worship is only for Allah. It is Allah is trying to make sure that we do not fall in into the mistake of worshipping Allah incorrectly, or worshipping someone besides Allah. And so there are many types of Schilke in worship.

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I mean, the most if you think what is worship, worship is an act of devotion, which is purely for the sake of the pleasure of Allah. And if you do it for someone, like bowing your head down into Judy's worship, if you were to bow to anyone other than Allah, it is Shrek. certain attributes, certain qualities, certain powers and ability, our own is only for Allah, for example, to forgive sins. No one can forgive sins besides Allah. So I cannot say oh Mohamed Salah wa salam, O God forgive my sins, this will be an act of Sheikh. Another type of Sheikh is to ascribe any knowledge which belongs to Allah alone. So to to know the future, no one knows the future except ALLAH, you

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find certain people, they claim that the Imam or the chef or the molana has special knowledge, and that any of us could could fall into an ember is a category of ship.

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So, there are many, many examples of how people have fallen into shake. And it is requires a topic on its own. But most of the time it circulates. It goes around venerating the creation. Look, this Allah, the Creator and the creation. And she happens when we elevate the creation to the level of Allah, like the Christians have elevated Jesus to the level of Allah, like some people have elevated the ancestors. And like Muslims have elevated earlier, pious people that have passed away the graves of pious people, they have taken these places as means of protecting them. So for example, in Cape Town, mela protectors, there's many there's a statement that you're commonly that Cape Town is

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protected from natural disasters, it's protected from calamities, because of the only the only protectors that is a statement that is not before that is a statement of sheet actually, there is a statement which is inappropriate to make, because it is only Allah that protects a place from calamities. Do we really think that a earthquake or a flood was in the taqdeer? I mean to one guru through his ability and power he blocked that will say, No, we don't believe that. But so just the statement is impermissible. There are certain statements, verbal statements that people make, that are shared, even if you don't believe in it, but they are not major yet. So everything shared today

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is a category of shake, which is major, it takes you out of Islam, and is a category which is not major, it is still a major sin, but it doesn't make it doesn't make your Islam, null and void. So for example, to take an oath to say I swear on my parents, I swear by them by my father or my children. You're not allowed to swear by anything other than Allah take an oath. You can only take it by Allah Sahabi said wants to going to be Salam. I will do something in sha Allah will initiate if Allah wills and if you will, and then I'll be single, very upset. And he said this is not permissible. Say, if Allah wills only in sha Allah and that's it, because you almost made me and

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Allah equal just in the small statement. So she is a very fine you know, very delicate matter. It can become an

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And of course, the most dangerous issue is should and so inshallah perhaps when we finish with the data we can revisit shake types of ship I think specifically the system wanted to know around waiting tau what we call tau is here or

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as limits for prediction. In reality, the man must remember that visa Salam never ever ever in his life nor his Sahaba ever wore objects for protection, if you want to protect yourself from harm, physical harm, spiritual harm, financial harm any kind of harm, you do so through dua dua is your protection, do our is your protection. And by reciting there are certain verses in the Quran which have within them, you know, the protection comes with them and certain specific car and doors that we decide daily, when you install toilet related alarm in your order, we come in with your habit to do our prediction, when you exit the house, I will be calamansi lighter, I'm insured in my house, Oh

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Allah, I seek protection with you, and the Quran with every evil that has been created. Right. So these are the this is how you protect yourself. And the scholars have seen and we know this would affect to weigh any object, or to keep any item with a stone or a picture even worse, if it's a picture of a person with some item and believing that thing protects you in our own self, then you've ascribed a partner with Allah because only Allah can protect you. One might say, well, what if it's the Quran, I write verses of the Quran in it. Now in this issue, there is a there is a spectrum of opinion, to way or to put it out of the Quran and to seek protection through the Quran.

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That might be permissible. That might be a minority view, a small group of scholars have said it's permissible. I would have said it's not permissible, but it's not shake.

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Those who say it's impermissible basically said there's no benefit. And think I mean, think about this logically. in your cupboard. You have 510 Quran sitting in the cupboard, how could ants from Surah bucket from Surah Fatiha to Surah Baqarah are just to say that unless you have all these neurons in your house, but then you have a small piece of paper in it and you know, glue Allah had and that is put there and that's going to protect you doesn't make sense. The Quran, if you're to put, you know, a Quran in your call, it's not gonna protect you. The only way the Quran protects you is through reciting the Quran and making dua. And so very clearly, my view is to wait any amulet any

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kind of string for protection that is in the Quran, falls in line with potentially Schick and again, not I'm saying this is a very clear Hadith and the solemn sees a man wearing a bracelet. And the problem asking what is his bracelet. So the man says I'm wearing it to protect me from from home. So then he says, Not only will this thing not protect you, it has no benefit in it, you're just wasting your time. If you were to die with this thing on you will not be successful, meaning you were going to judge them for it. So we should remove from ourselves any kind of amulets or XEmacs. All these things you find in certain cultures, they were black beads, this has no power, in fact, to believe

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these things have power goes against your intellect and it goes against it goes against what we know of the Sharia. And so it is not permissible if you want to weigh something that has Quran on it. Most scholars have said it's not permissible but it's not cheap. And in reality, it doesn't benefit you. Rather, if you want to seek protection with the Quran, it is through reciting the Quran. And really the base to ah, this is perhaps the base to our prediction easy. Whoo, oh Allah I seek your prediction I will be Kalama tilde i seek protection through the Perfect Words of Allah meaning Ya Allah, I seek protection through the Quran, mean SHA Rima Haluk, from the evil witch you have

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created a lot from meaning from everything that is evil. And this is enough. That's all you need to do to recite it you could see regularly throughout the day, that's enough to protect you. So inshallah

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I will talking about, as I said, this is one aspect, but there are many, many different types of shell. And it is an area that we don't focus on enough and it's an area we don't discuss enough, considering the on the day of PM, even the murder of Allah Subhan Allah will forgive them if he wishes, that a person wherever, but he will not forgive anyone who stands before him with even an atom's weight of shape on this. And so it is very, very dangerous, very, very dangerous to enter into anything which is great, that might nullify all your good deeds. I mean, there's no there is no gain to be had in act in doing certain rituals that are questionable. It could nullify all your good

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deeds, it could prevent you from ever entering into Jannah or other when it comes to the acts of worship. It is best to stick to the way that you did it. It's the safest way and anything

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else is questionable. And so, we will have to dedicate a full, maybe few lessons on what is she? What are the types of shifts that are very common? What are the types of shifts that Muslims Muslims fall prey to? Because there are many, many people that we have under the false perception that if I'm Muslim, I can come and shake I'm Muslim. Remember, the idol worshippers of Mecca did not deny the existence of Allah in tourism and tourism or the 39th surah. Allah asks them, if you were to ask Abuja, basically, why do you worship these idols? What would they say? They would say, we only do it Lucario Lucario bully in Allah is when we do this so that it may take us closer to Allah, we believe

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in Allah, we believe Allah is the Creator, the Sustainer. But these idols are our interfaces, these idols, give us extra blessings, these idols bring baraka

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and that is why the medicine because of that, they are deemed to be Mushrikeen, you know, all the punishments and Janome and all of that, for that belief. And so Subhanallah we need to be very, very careful around around these issues. And Sharla that was a very lengthy introduction. But any questions on Sheikh any questions on this issue?

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Before we get for the next 510 minutes into our actual class?

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How many debaters a good question Yes?

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no? All right, so Bates is

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what about those people who come and check

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And in reality, no person goes to the church or the synagogue or whatever, wanting to disobey Allah, they want to be closer to Allah, but in doing so they can achieve Abu Jehanne. I mean, he wasn't going around, you know, you know, technically wasn't an evil person in terms of

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the idol worshipers. They were honorable people, but in their worship, they believe what they were doing was right. They believe genuinely, that Islam is a blasphemy to, to not to worship the idols, you are doing something evil, to not say Allah is the you know, Jesus is the son of Allah, you are doing something evil. So the intention of Sheikh is always good. And still Mala particular we punish. This is one of the reasons why Sheikh is so bad. The person who commit Zina, he knows what he's doing is wrong. The person who commits murder, he will tell you, you know it the mistake, but the person who commit chick, they believe they doing good, and they continue to do more and more of

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it. Schilke is that thing which shaytaan uses to mislead a good person, a godly person? Allah subhanaw taala

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they want to get closer to Allah and so they can achieve. So at what level? Do we say, you know, ignorance and what? How much ignorance can you plead? We do know that in Islam, that if you're completely ignorant of something, Allah does not hold you accountable for something beyond your, your your ability. But you know, Spangler This is a very, this is many, many scholars. This is one of those contentious issues amongst the scholars. What happens to a person who, you know, never ever understood what he was doing was shake. You know, his whole life. He was making salah, he was fasting, he recited the Quran, but every now and then he would go to the grave of some wali and he

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would make dua, oh Wally, so and so put Baraka in my life, you know, heal my cancer, my wife is better and you can protect me. You know, instead of asking Allah He asked the grave, He didn't meet, he didn't mean to disobey Allah. He didn't mean to make a partner with Allah. But that's what he did. And Subhan Allah, you know, I don't know, to be honest, I don't know. What what is the position of that? All we know is that that person is liable to stand with followship he is liable to have all his good deeds, rejected, he's liable to never intergender based on the definition of ship, how much ignorance will he plead on the day of Kiama that is in Allah's prerogative, you know, but just think

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about this dangerous position he's putting himself into by doing that. And also what you realize, you don't need to come and check anybody and multiple Muslim perspective, any act of worship, which has some gray area, you don't need to do it. Some people say you need to go and you know, get some baraka from this object or this place or that grommet that you need to get go to weigh this thing to protect you the salary. You don't need to do any of that you just do and go straight to Allah. That is what Islam is coming to give you. The you go directly to Allah you don't need an intermediary. You don't need a a middleport bite so your answer long story short

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shield you can plead ignorance. In reality from the Quran. You can plead ignorance and you can't plead. I didn't know I didn't mean to because not a single person will come and check. No does it deliberately. They all do it unintentionally, but still it will not count on the day of karma.

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Allah will ask you, what did you worship? And if you worship anyone besides Allah, then he will not, you know, even as we as Allah mentions in the Quran, he will not forgive that. So, the best thing for us is to safeguard us through learning and knowledge and to always perfect our, our, our worship, you know, it is such an overlooked area. When you look at the Quran, Nabi Ibrahim, who is really the man who for children the hardest, the man who he introduced monotheism look at his divine the Quran, he says, Oh Allah save me and my children from evil worshipping idols spine allah how many of us make dua Allah save me from ever worshipping an idol with me there's no way I'm gonna

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worship an idol. You know, that is never I can never see myself ending up worshipping committing Sheikh we always feel that we are completely saved from this possibility. Maybe Brahim is making dua to Allah. I don't even want to save me I could one day maybe for shipping, it'll protect me. So it's, it's really scary. It's very, very scary. Any other questions about

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anyone else? Any other questions?

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So let's see if we can just do a five minutes or so. on Hulu.

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Right? So we spoke about this idea of in the Quran, where Allah spawn speaks about how to form we're going to remind you that although you will believe when you stand for Salah folks, you know, Would you welcome wash your faces and we mentioned last week, the issue of the mouth and the nose and the hands before the time this is part of the sooner you're going to be selling them. But you start off from the idea washing your face. Why and you also look it's important to follow the verbs here. Folks who wash your faces were ADL communal Murawski and your hands to the elbows. One cycle, another web changed and wipe Busey come and wipe that bow, he said is a bit complicated. Some

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madhhab says wipe your entire head. This is the majority view the the majority of the Matthijs This is the view and it is the safer view. The other view of the minority view which is the sheffey view, one sir who and why be a part of your head, meaning wipe a portion of your head, that's a minority view. And that is is obviously it is safer to wipe the entire head, one circle and wipe a part of your head while other Judah comb and your feet ilka into the ankles.

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What verb is used here? If you were to read this verse, If you were to read, like read the English, what must you do to your feet, wash your face and your hands to the elbows and wipe over your heads and your feet to the ankles.

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What verb reading the English goes back to feet.

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And I'd say if you read the English, it says and wipe your heads and your feet to the ankles. So if you read the translation, it would appear that you wipe your feet you don't wash your feet. You wash your hands, you wash your face, but you wipe your head and you wipe your feet. And that is why this is why Arabic is beautiful and why Arabic is so much clearer rather than English. That if you knew a little bit of Arabic, you would see the impact of the verb in the Paris, the Paris you if you see the the, again a bit of Arabic here, would you assume the code means yours is a pronoun so you can cut the comb off. Just cut the cord off. Look at the word before come. So would you How come there's

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a Fatah? Well, ad Yakko this eye on the year cutting the comb of

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oneself will be Rue cecum the scene as a customer?

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What are you lacking and it's a Fatah again, so the fat ha goes back to washing. So that's why we know from the Arabic when you read the Arabic it's very clear which verb is being referred to. So Allah says wash, wipe your head and wash your feet and whistle and one might ask, what's the difference between wiping and washing? What's the difference between wiping and washing, wiping your use damp hands and he doesn't have to cover the entire area with washing, every inch every centimeter of skin needs to be weighed. And there needs to be a level of rubbing. When you wash your face. When you wash your hands, there needs to be a level of what we call rubbing. And so you also

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can't just put your feet under the depth and let the water run down your feet. You should kind of rub that is what washing is you know, doesn't say rinse your feet you need to watch meaning your hands must have a bit. So inshallah well it's very, very short, an Aussie hub and hamdullah we learned how to perform with him and we discuss some of the controversial areas around we do and we will continue with our next week to this to see what are the other aspects of voodoo. We'll talk about the NIA many of you were so

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you know drilled into us child to say the near yet you'd find that in a visa never said the near what does that mean? And we'll talk about the other conditions of we do and after

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because then it will end off what breaks your will do insha Allah shukran so much and apologies again for the short lecture. Hopefully inshallah next week goes out on time or so Allah Cena Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salaam wa salim welcome Nairobi. datamine assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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