Haifaa Younis – Total Reliance on Allah – Beautiful Lessons from Sayyida Aisha (R.A)

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a sexual encounter between a woman and her husband, where they discuss a woman named Aisha and her father's actions. The woman expresses her desire to be a woman of Islam and claims to have been born in California. The conversation also includes references to a book and a social media post.
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So here you are. You are in Pleasanton, let's say in St. Louis, let's say in Southern California. And you are this pious woman, free or pious woman everybody knows, Mashallah.

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And then they accused you

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of the most painful, degrading accusation a woman can have, oh, she has an affair. What will happen to you? Everybody is talking is the talk of the town,

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everyone, but no one could say this to you.

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But you can see it, you can feel it.

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You know, you're coming and they stopped talking.

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And then your husband come to you.

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And they say to he says to you in your face

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in front of your father, father and mother.

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Tell me

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if you did it,

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ask Allah to forgive you

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feel what I'm saying?

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And if you didn't do it, say it

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What would you say? Honestly

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has to be alone whenever looking. If you know this in the Arabic language when you say has to be alone and working meaning you have given up and I'm not going to even answer and May Allah punish you.

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Because they didn't you Brahim said that when he was thrown in the fire.

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What else you will do?

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anxiety, panic attack, you're gonna cry? Am I right? Angry? How dare. What do you think of me? Look at yourself. Whose story was this?

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What did she answer? That's what I need to hear. To me. This is the best in all the stories of say nation, everything you know about said Aisha, this is story

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telling me what a strong woman should be.

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What a woman of a love should be. And one what a woman of opinion should be. What did she say? And who said that to her was a Rasul Allah salatu salam.

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I will be damned.

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Every time I read this, I just can't imagine.

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I'm a woman, you are a woman. You know, how painful is this? Let alone you're innocent. Let alone it's coming from your husband, let alone your husband is the best of the creation are a salatu salam, you want to be a woman of Allah. You want to be the best? What did she say? The meaning

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like a dua for your colo because she said this to her father, mother and husband, or Roswaal is auto center Syedna Abu Bakr, Omar Roman. She said it's already in your heart.

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If I said I am innocent, and Allah knows I am innocent. See what came out of the mouth.

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You will not believe me?

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And if I say I did it, and I didn't do it, you will believe me.

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And I'm not gonna say a word.

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Other than what the father of Yahoo she couldn't even farther off Yahoo glass Exactly. She couldn't even remember his name. Said.

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She turned her back to Roswaal risotto Sarah, and to say, you know, we're back at our Father and to Omarama and said cassava, Ron Jamil.

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While Lavon was dying, Lila Mathis, beautiful patient and Allah will help me

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about what you are saying about me. And she turned her back. And then she said Wallahi I never thought Look at this. I never thought I am she worthy in the sight of Allah, that he will send the Quran to be recited till the end of the time

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to tell me I am innocent. And then immediately, that page of slaughter node in Alladhina Jha alderleaf of Spa two min comme la Cebu short one.com people who were hired on

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the Colibri immunomagnetic a minute.

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Will Edita when lackey bought a home in home? Yeah, who had been Arlene

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and she said I could see of a Swati salatu salam. Quran is being revealed because he changed and you know, what's happened to him? One Quran was revealed

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and then he starts smiling.

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He looked at her. And he said, know that the meaning of your innocence came from the, from Allah from the heavens. So her father and her mother,

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call me get up, go to the soiree sorry.

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She's said no.

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I am only going to thank the one who sent my innocence. So Allah

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Where are you from that example? Woman 2020 to live in the United States. Live in California. Educated, you have everything. Where are you from this? How can I be?

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Like the finger of c dash? You know, what's the issue?

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To me?

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It's my knifes. It's mean.

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Everything is way more. I say this to me. I'm talking to me not to everything in this life is more important than him.

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I think of everyone else first. And then him.

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I only think of him when

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I need him

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to have Rafi alive Raha Yadi for coefficient. Learn about Allah and turn to Allah a time of prosperity. He will know you a time of adversity. That's a Seder.

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