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AI: Summary © The importance of history and the journey of life is discussed, along with the need for forgiveness and standing out from the most important day of the year. The speakers emphasize the importance of forgiveness, shaping behavior, and embracing personal and family life. The shaming of Islam is emphasized, and the importance of teaching acceptance and embracing personalities is emphasized. The speakers emphasize the need to celebrate the new beginning and contribute to the program.
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rajim Bismillah R. Rahman hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala mousseline signa Muhammad Ali He also made our beloved brothers in Islam as salaam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

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Alhamdulillah I mean, all praise worship and thanks again to Allah Subhana Allah Allah and Allah Allah Allah Allah will be witnessed that man has the right to be worshipped besides a lot. We send our love greetings and salutations to beloved Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam who is pious and pure family to his companions and all those who follow suit until the end of time, will ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant the steadfastness of the student of NaVi Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and to be in his companionship in the Africa. mela Subhana Allah bless us And forgive us. May Allah grant this Juma be an explanation of all the sins of last week where the mistakes we've made be forgiven.

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We're coming close to the end of the egeria melas 100. Allah grant us complete forgiveness for all the mistakes we've made of last year mulago next year to be better. Now lager and goodness in this oma my grandpa who judge Maqbool from abroad immigrant all of us to attend to be invited to the Holy Land, I mean, well hamdulillah today inshallah we conclude with our series on the Hajj. And last week, I was saying that Hajj is a journey of a lifetime, and you only need to make one Hajj in your life to complete this obligation. Allah subhana wa Tada. led quite so much to attain Haji once, and how do you break it down, you take away all the additional things, the zero places you take away the

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land and all the stuff that we do before then, and we look at Hajj purely. It's only six days. And these six days you transform your life. As we said, you get upgraded from Mohammed, Mohammed, once you've done six days changes you completely. Why How should it change you? Why should the six days be so important? And if you look at the rituals, half of it, you're spending in Mena you're not doing much the other half you're on autopilot is a ritual, the some stoning of the jamara is a tawaf is a slaughter, what does this mean? And why must this change my life? So we look at the lessons for the IGP, who was there from the day he learns this firsthand. And of course, when you attend the

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Hajj and you're in it, you learned the most, but those of us who have not attended, we went and we kind of forgot to remind ourselves, and we said, there are lessons we extract that if we take these lessons, Allah is informing us, it will make our life better. We take it in our job in our family, we say that we begin with a good intention. Because it starts with that if your intention is sincere, what follows will be will be good. If the intention is correct. And to the best of your ability you try. Allah Allah promises you promises me in the dunya or the Hara, the result will be good. You don't have to worry about the outcome. The guy who's studying his exams, if you

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intentionally sincere, I'm studying for the right reason. And you work out to the best of your ability, no matter what comes on that exam. No matter if you pass or fail even you've done your part. Well, hamdulillah you've succeeded, if you pass will hide. If you didn't pass, then Allah did that for a good reason. But your job is to begin with a sincere near whatever decision you make in life, do I get married? Do I get a new job, look at it for the correct reasons and allow will take care of the rest. Then I must say just as overdue. Make take your provisions in life. And the best side is taqwa. Keep Allah in mind in every choice in every decision, and this will be the best thing

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you need. We say touch put your life in perspectives in two ways. Number one, it reminds you that you are here to worship Allah, every choice in life and worshiping Allah, everything comes down to that every single moment that you are and this dunya will come down to a moment when we asked Allah Who did you worship? If we can ask and we can say Allah with all my flaws, all my faults, all my mistakes, all my sins, all the wrong I did looked at listen to but yeah, Allah, I have never committed cheated with you, the agenda is for you, and hamdulillah that is all that counts in this life. That's all that matters. So that is what it's about. This whole journey is of La ilaha

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illAllah la sharika. You have no partners with Allah. And then they had on strips away everything and brings you down to the core person you are. That is what is a net stripping down, we said is going to happen the day before we when we pass away, it's gonna happen. We will wait kufrin folio. This is just a preparation for that. Your Money, Your family, your degrees, your call your qualifications, the address you have on your postal address, all of that is going to be taken away and all you have is a cover a small six by six. And what goes in is either a good heart or a bad heart. That's what what counts.

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We spoke about the power of being the center the focus of your life, the side running from sin, from a bad position to a new position, which is about renewal, it's about starting something new. You don't have to be if you're not happy with where you are now. What Hutch tells you is flee away from that and flee towards Allah towards that which is better as Roger was running from death to life.

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We run from bigger things in the janam agenda, way bigger things these days in this dunya which is bad, but these are here on this which is so much worse. So let's sing flee away from that towards the mercy of Allah Sadie Oh lamacchia camino Allah says howdy towards Allah's mercy today I was forgiveness is the end agenda who is bigger one of those genders are bigger than the universe olicity today, so come around towards it. It's available if you want it. And of course, the big thing is redemption, that as bad as we are as weak as we are, this forgiveness, but they will be our people's vanilla. Think of this. We will people who stood on alpha, we have murdered people who have

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committed Zina. There are people who stood on May they were drug addicts. They did the worst of sins. They never made sada 50 6070 years, and they lived out of a forgiven Panama.

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There are people who have way bigger systems on the skies, and we don't make light of our own sense. But there are those who had some big issues and even they, Allah did not exclude them. And it was not just for the Olia not just for those who achieved they got invited by Allah. And when they stood they were is the hope that they got forgiven. That is a listen to all of us. No one is beyond redemption, and also at the same time, as much as forgiveness as you want forgive those who have harmed you. The one thing holding us back from achieving Allah's forgiveness is our inability to forgive others.

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We continue, we continue today this week. And we can based on that we said the standing out of the symbolism wise out of the most important the most important day of hatch out of these no ritual is no Gemma rock Mina has jamara maka stuff inside this could Bonnie Mina. This nothing on Earth, literally there's nothing to do another one. But this is a hedge fund and hedge is alpha. If you just watch movies, I stood on the soil of alpha, even for one second, you have heard this is the definition purely from a faith perspective. If you just stood an alpha, even for one second in a moment of goof that's why people that are very, very sick monogramming Shiva, they will just fly

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over our office. Some of them will the ambulance will just pass through alpha with him inside the ambulance and they called alpha. Right from a big perspective. So what's so special about this thing? What's the meaning of this? In fact, this day is so big that we know Allah subhana wa tada in a different Visa Services. There is no day when Allah frees more servants, more people get saved from janam in a day of arafah more than a little more than any other time of the year. This day, Allah forgives Muslims than ever before, saves him from janam. And he comes close to the people of Oliver in a manner in which he fits his majesty. When he boasts to the angels panel, imagine that he

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says gibreel myka. Allah says, Look at them. Look at this 123 million people look at them tired and dusty, fatigued? What do they want? Why are they here? Why are they coming along those based on what doesn't ask the question, except that he knows the answer. And they will say of course the angels will say they've come here for you for your forgiveness. And Allah will boost and remind the angels on alpha and the day of aid, you will say to them, remember, when you question me, when I created Adam, you said Why are you going to make these people? There's no goodness in them just kill each other? like animals, basically, why even make them? And I said Allah said to the angels, I know

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about them what you don't know. Now look at them how proud Allah is of the people of alpha. Now what is the meaning of this, of course, this is the biggest symbolism of artha is the standing on piano when we will stand before Allah on a better than flat land and will stand before Him. And we'll meet him for you. And for some would you will maybe Navara Illa became Nadira, they are those of you whose faces will be bright. Looking at the load happily, there'll be some and some of them will be covered with darkness. So the symbolism are arafa is the meeting with Allah. This is the destination of the journey. So out of the hearts journey. The combination the end of the journey is arafa. But

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that's when you get the the end of this journey in life is Allah. That's the meeting. That's where you and I are traveling to. There's a very famous scene, the saints, you meet a traveler, a man travels far and wide to meet this valley of the holy Avila. And it comes to this lady's house and he says, you know, wow, you have no furniture in your house. What is your furniture? Where's your bead? Where's your furniture? And, and the only response to this man is is well Where's your furniture with your bed and cupboard and so he says I'm a traveler. I'm just visiting here. I don't have furniture. So the thing is, I'm also just visiting here. I'm also just traveling, I'm not here. I'm

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not here permanently. So our journey is to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala. And what's beautiful, that it comes to out of her broken sinful and after he meets Allah

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And he leaves his pure, like the day his mother gave birth to him. This is the message of alpha. This is the teaching. And it's not only for the energy we sit every day, you can meet Allah when Allah who you're meeting along your SATA. When you wake up at tagit, Allah has Rania, he comes down to the lowest simmer in a manner which we which is managed majesty, who is there to also I can forgive, this is the symbolism a message that Allah subhanho wa Taala is always ready to hurry towards us. If we come to Him, we come to him, then he will run towards us, as we know in the Hadith. So alpha is a special place, but every single day that forgiveness is that same a lot of

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that forgiveness on the day of arafah is that a lot of you make dua to as we sit here in this message, it will make sure that it's the same Allah subhana wa Tada. And as the responses if you understood the mercy of Allah, the kindness of Allah, the forgiveness that Allah has, then you would be happy or you'd feel safer, knowing that allies judging my aphasia that they have kiama more than your own mother. And I keep saying that, if I know my mom is going to judge me on the piano, she will never put me in jail.

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No matter how bad we are as sons or daughters, but the prophecies if you know, really know what Allah is, you would know allies even more reluctant in net to punish you to harm. So this is where we go into the ultimate destination. And is it scary, it's scary that we're going to meet alone one day because we know our sins, but at the same time, we hope to meet Allah to get be the best day of our existence. May our life actually be like the algae is excited to get to alpha. We'd be excited we meet a lot one day, there are 6070 years I spent my life worshiping you didn't get to see you. Now I get to see you made that day. You know, be it a good day of meeting with us and a lot of the

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big leaves. And of course now he makes that big thanks a lot for what Allah has given him that he has made. And he's gotten the forgiveness of Allah. And now Allah wants you to go back to sacrifice. And there's a lot of answers. Lamia, Nana, lo, London Allah Allahu wa. What are the Maha? What are Kenya now to attack Kwame Nkrumah, Allah does not need blood. And meat law doesn't need the corbon animal that does not even reach a law. It doesn't go up. What reaches Allah is the taqwa, the corbon. And we spoke about this when we spoke about corbon. It is about sacrificing, sharing something you love with the rest of creation.

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In the past, you know, your wealth, your status was measured in your cattle in your animals, this is what made you rich, you share that with someone that does not have and you choose when you have your animals. You look at the one you love the most. You look at the one that you are proud of, you know, that Oxo that cow that sheep, this is my special one. That one is the one I share with, with insan what I give to the poor? That is the symbolism of of goodbye. And of course, the real sacrifice was of the Viva Rahim, Allah asked him Are you willing to sacrifice the ultimate beloved to you is married? Will you give that up for me? If I told you to give it up? Would you do so? Allah doesn't

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ask that of us because Allah, I don't think any of us would pass that test. It will lead to the thing that you love the most. Firstly, it's important to know what you love the most.

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And if it's not Allah subhana wa Tada, there's a conflict. You won't be able to pass the test. But are we willing to give up that which we love? Are you willing to put five Rand because we love our money in the Tao? Are you willing to give one hour a week to the masjid committee? Are you willing to spend some time for your own benefit reciting Quran? Are you willing to give up that which you love for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala not all of it, a little bit of it. And when like llibre interessted, Allah, Allah, I'm going to give it to you, you will give it back to me.

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I wasn't going to take it away from you alone will take your money away from you, you will not take your time away from you, you will take away the thing that you love, except that you will give it back better replace it with something better. That is the trust that Ebrahim had, he knew Allah will never ever take my son away from me. But I was willing, if you want this year, Allah, I will sacrifice it. And I will put my love for you above that, knowing that you will give me back something even better. And so Allah gave back this man, as an OB, medium nav of the MB of Allah. And if you look at the ayah, Allah says, And after that, we gave him his Huck, we gave him another son,

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you love this one so much, but you willing to give it up. So I give you more. You love this money so much. You love it, no problem in loving it. But I give it up with a belief with the knowledge. Allah is gonna give me something better. Maybe not today, not immediately.

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Right then, maybe a year or two surfers got pregnant and all those things. Maybe in the future, I'll put something better in your path, because you've sacrificed something. So we don't have to wait for corbon time to sacrifice for the sake of Allah every day is an opportunity to give

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What you love with a lot and a level of return with interest, we said I was the only one who was allowed to pay interest you give him and he says I will return to you with interest, maybe today's money, the thing we love the most finances or our time, whatever pleasures sacrifice a little bit, and that will bring Baraka in that thing. We learned this over and over from the Beatles album, look at your kids, you and I we love our kids very, very much. sacrifice them for the sake of Allah. I don't mean take them in court ban them.

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How do you sacrifice them, give them in the service of Allah, make them part of the masjid make them part of the to visit the orphanage, make them do something service of Allah and they like to smile I was gonna give them back to us in a much purified state. Allah would Baraka in them now,

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like the people could not be Moosa in Surah cafard will recycle inshallah, when they were crossing the river, those four people put Nabi Musa and hidoe Islam on the ship, that save the ship from being taken away. Because they did that. A lot predicted the ship, we went Baraka in something, then give it to Allah and Allah will never take it except you'll give it back to you. With interest with more with more. That is the lesson we learned from coupon

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when we felt the stones of gelato we said that he when he leaves out of effect before he sacrifices he goes and he pelts to jam a lot because we know the story of NaVi Brahim when he was about to sacrifice the Wii smile, as we know in the stories in the narrations that he believes himself shaitan came in the form of a man and tried to dissuade Ibrahim. He said, Yeah, Ibrahim, how are you sacrificing your son? Allah is deceiving you, as he promised NaVi Adam, eat from the tree to save you. He promised Ibrahim, don't do this. You're going to kill your child for Allah. Don't put money in that town, you're going to become poor. don't attend the masjid meeting. You're going to Schell

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though that you're going to come back frustrated. Don't do this. Don't do that. He always encourages you to do the wrong thing. And what was the Libra response? He didn't say a word he picked up stones. And he threw it shaytaan when he came to her job, the mother and said your first your husband left you in the middle of the desert. He has a first wife and easily forgotten about you dumped you you're in the middle of nowhere. Now at least your son you have that son, you've looked after that son, now he's taking this boy and killing boy, take his smile and run away. And she picked up the stones and she threw in the police. And then he came to the child to the smile. And he

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says you're dead. You can imagine the things you said first he abandons you. He's not even being in your life. Now all of a sudden he comes back and the first thing you want to do what's called Bhanu runaway runaway? Send yourself who is this Allah, you don't even see him and he wants you to die. And the boy picked up seven stones and threw it at the police. Now we are not tested like that's vanilla. But we are tested every day.

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Should we log on to this website? Should we have this conversation? Should we say that thing which we know is wrong? Should we give in law as we pelted Gemma rocks? And the response to shaytaan? Is this is the only answer I have for you is I reject you seven times. This will lie in the name of Allah Allahu Akbar. Allah is bigger. Allah is greater Alo Supreme, you know, is shavon. And he says that seven times as he pelts the Gemini, Gemini, that is the symbolism for Gemini beliefs is not there anymore. He's not in that statue in that wall. But he's in the heart in the blood, as he believes flows in our blood. But we expel him. All he can do is asking suggests he can't control us.

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He has no power over you and me. We can say no to him. It's difficult. Sometimes we respond. Sometimes he does have control over us. But as we've rejected, he believes the jemalloc it requires from us because he will say the things we want to hear. You don't think Ibrahim listen to shaitan and thought maybe what this guy is saying is true. He believes Abraham Islam was not going happily to sacrifice his mind.

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He was already thinking twice, but at the end of the day is your keen interest in Allah came first. So this is why we felt the gemera and we felt the shaytaan we respond to him and as an episode says, He believes is really humiliated every year. He sees millions of people copying the actions of Ibrahim, he is reminded how little he is how small he is that he can ask. And this week in son, they didn't want to bother. He refused to bow to can reject him can cost him out. They can stone him. There's nothing he can do. And while Allah commands us, we obey Allah commanded and he disobeyed. So every time he's humiliated, he's belittled when we do these things, so we ask Allah to cause the

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police out of our hearts, to grant us the strength because it is only through the love of Allah, that we can overpower shaytaan

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when he shaves his head

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at only the men of Houston

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Ladies, you don't have to shave your head. you shave your head. They literally bleached on the day, right?

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Why? Why do we shave the head? I think we spoke about this a few times. There's only two times really if you look at the old Sharia from the beginning to the end, there's only two times in our Sharia with the shaving involved of the head only two times one is more on hunch, and the other time is birth by birth. And usually, I know they say a cape town. It's the Indian custom to shave the heat. No, it's asuna custom. So even the Malays, Alhamdulillah we have good customers the ecosystem is good Malaika we should shave as well. There's also the shave the baby when the when the baby's born, it is good to shave it sooner In fact, to shave the E what's the symbolism of shaving the of

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the baby of the Haji the mean why do they do this? Because it is symbolic of being brand new. A life that was in the past is over. Now imagine Subhan Allah for those especially with just weekend Hajj mentioned as they shave every sin as the hair falls off, every sinful so big and small. It's gone and as they are completely blessed with a completely shaven when they are clean. They are new like a child that is born brand new vanilla straight out. It's like the rapping is taken off now Subhan Allah and that is the symbolism and that you don't have to again as I said go and Hajj only you can go and oma and every time you make Toba It is like that being removed those sins are being removed.

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Those that new beginning is starting that Hajj symbolism of highs is a new beginning it's a new stock yes we got rid of the old and we stopped a new It is for this reason why the Sahaba chose haram to be number one in Canada I mentioned this before in the past there was no calendar there was no beginning month number one is haram and in Safari this didn't exist only the time of say normal when they were administering an empire. Now we need to make you know get under normal use the command builder Masjid by when by Ramadan, which Ramadan this Ramadan next year, which Ramadan, I need any timeframe. So they decided we need a calendar. And to decide on the calendar they have to

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choose which year is the beginning of the calendar. So we chose the heater when we made the state of Medina, this is the like the beginning of us as a nation, we have our own city. When the Muslims measure up to Medina, we may actually choose which month is the beginning of the year. And they chose Muharram to be month number one. Now of course the hedges for the month of Hajj Ramadan, you think is the great month of fasting they should be number one. And the opinion was choose Haram. Why? Because like the big win leaves out of he starts a new life brand new, that Muharram is a beginning for all of us. It's a new, in fact,

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every day is a new opportunity to be better every day is a chance for you and me to be a better version of ourselves. And if not the end of the day, the end of the week, the end of the month, and of course the end of the year. So Muharram for you and me, we start a new year, even if you don't want it didn't go on Hajj, whatever, you have the turon in your life, that's yesterday. It's a new start for all of us. It's a new year, and the Sahaba or the alarm they made they said this is a good idea. Let's make Muharram the beginning of the summer Allah granted the New Year be a good year for us, the oma is going through a lot of difficulty. So May Allah grant that this year that he's about

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to dawn on us be a better year when we give this lecture again, if Allah so chooses to us to be a next year, we can set him know what a good year it's been. We'll have to review the year and children perhaps it's next week or the week after. And that's also on this pointer also mentioned it's good that we commemorate that we don't anymore remember the egd calendar besides Ramadan, we don't really know the egd calendars and it's good that we have things like the mojarra March this weekend, inshallah we're going to have the March. It's good for our kids, especially to know the heritage the culture to know that this calendar, while these are going to go in calendar, yes, the

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eastern CGD calendar, and we tell them that this is the new year. It's the new beginning. We don't set and swallow how other people celebrate New Year's is reporting by certain we celebrate the New Year in Nevada and saying that there are a lot with hope and optimism that we can be better servants to you in this new year. That's how we celebrate Mickey stepfather and tober. And so like shaving and it tells you a very simple thing. All you do is raise your hand say Allah forgive me stuck to the law, and it's gone. And you are a new person, a brand new person with new opportunities new Baraka new things in your life. That's the message of the aji shaving easy and beginning the new a

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new beginning.

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adherence to the Sunnah of

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the prophet SAW Selim of his last remarks was the Sahaba I'm about to leave.

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That's it. It's over. I've been here for 23 years. I've shown you the way but everything must come to an end. But I leave behind two things that you stick to these things you will never go astray. The Quran of Allah and my sadhana and my teachings on Hajj. You will learn this bitter thing

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Any other time that the student is like this is like when other scholars they say, the student of Nagisa lamp is like the ark of Wu. If you're not on the ark, you're drowning. As soon as the same if you're not upon the sooner, you're lost, especially in the beta, so we see on Hajj, we put our foot exactly, we never put his foot we sleep when he slipped, we wake up when he woke up, we leave when he left, exactly like the sun. And that's why, unlike any other religion on Earth, we can ask them how did your religious leader pray? We don't know how he fought. We don't know. For us. We can say he made Salah like this. He made Hajj like this. We know exactly. We win. How? Because we have

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maintained the sooner we maintain the sooner you maintain the deen so there'll be so so number two, the adjacencies to all of us. Who do any mana seeker can take from me your monastic? Don't look at anyone else, no need for you to think about it. You copy me and he says some new commodity to me suddenly and make SATA like you see me making SATA? Why the MBR they came, the most important job is to teach us to worship Allah. Now why I mentioned this monologue is a B word. It's very dangerous word.

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Innovation don't like people to talk about this. Right? And this thing is real. It exists every every Juma Ravi Salam reminds us

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that every innovation is misguidance it will lead to janam. Especially in the worship of Allah, the MB of Allah came to teach us how to worship Allah, no need to think about it. The real test for you and me is to follow the example. That's full marks No need to reinvent the wheel. This is what works. When it comes to worship of Allah. There should be no second opinion. We just follow the template left behind by Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And I said the most important thing he came and taught me things but the number one thing is how to worship Allah because that's why Allah created us. And that's why you see the MBR how to make sada how to make Hajj how to make Vicar How to Make dua don't have to go and invent new things. Just follow the Sunnah and this thing will lead you to success. I have a very simple when it comes to eBay the worship of Allah very simple way of doing it. How would it not be so slim do it if he did it like this. This is the correct way this is the best way and in many cases it is the only way no other way besides that, so we make an Alhamdulillah we see it in our kind of solder. We forced as

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the faucet we pray as he prayed we make Hajj as he made Hajj and in that's why the strengthen the ISA in these things are when we follow the Sunnah. Look at how successful we are in Ramadan and are successful without going to Hajj when you follow the sooner the success will come. And when we deviate from the sooner that's when we are lost at the same time number 13 point 13 There is also flexibility in the deen there are some things in the cinema which do not change. And as I say this comes to worship ibadah never ever ever worship Makeba except in accordance to the Sunnah. But there are other aspects of the deen which are flexible. So we find for example, on Hajj, then Elisa Lam

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said, I am standing here on alpha, but all of the sort of I don't fight for the SWAT flexible that for the ladies and the weak people was that if you can leave early this condition we make it easy that on aid, this is Spitz seat format now visa Salam first kooba first equal to jemalloc vinesh kuben lineshape The motto often you may say five things, but one man comes here suamico first, and then a visa says do well.

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Ladies Yasuda la sala I first, you know goodbye. And then I pelted up, you know, I did it back to front. He says do and no worries, don't worry. But certain things. It's okay to have multiple opinions, it's fine. To have formada it's okay to have to eat, no need to fight about these things. The core fundamentals must be the same. We don't change on those things. But the extra stuff one hamdulillah is from a law that he gave us variety. And in those things we should not debate about. And it shows you the the understanding the full site within a visa Sallam came to Mecca off the alpha of the MENA, and it should not have to go off to drink and his own family, the brainwash him.

00:29:30--> 00:30:00

They were the ones who work in the well, and was the job to give what the judge this was his family's job. And he said, so solemn, that if it wasn't for the fact that my own mother would want to copy me, I would also get into well, and I would also be serving the who judge water. Now if you got to know Well, we'd find one mother that would say it is compulsory, everyone you've had is incomplete unless you get in Well, one mother will say if you sort of bucket it into one mother may say it must be the alibi to pull out the bucket of water. And I'm being silly now. But the point is this

00:30:00--> 00:30:36

Don't debate on things and don't fight and argue about things that are not essentials, with your essentials, and those things are being neglected those things we need to take seriously. But in other areas and in fact, in most of the GDP, so much flexibility. Now this is also showing even in hajj in the height of the sea, by the way is flexibility even in that of course, this is for the scholars to show us what is flexible, what changes what doesn't change. And this hekman the wisdom of the Sharia is broad, it is vast, don't fight about it. We see the unity of the oma, we see ultimately, as you stand on

00:30:38--> 00:31:14

the one guy on the one side from China, the one guy is white, the one guy is black. The one guy is millionaire billionaire, the one guy is struggling. Everyone is crying. Yeah, Allah save me. Everyone is crying out live, mostly my parents, watch over my children and put Baraka in my money. Everyone here has the same worries and concerns all of us here. Correct. No matter how different we are, we are the same. There are certain things which are true for all of us. We all want to see the people we love, a lot looks off to them, that our sustenance is secured, that our sins are forgiven that all of us have sins that we are ashamed ashamed of. We also learned to forgive us. We all of us

00:31:14--> 00:31:59

have aspirations. So when you stand you realize you're one by one and only these things that divide us are temporary. And there are side issues the important things we have one Qibla one Islam one Deen one Allah wonder assuta salaam, one, Kaaba one arafa everyone, even the different not only Medina, the different six, no one has a second Hajj, they all come at the same time. And those important things are what matters. Same in your family, you might have differences with your brother, big things. We're not talking for 2030 years. But before that you shared the same thing on a lot and you came from the same house. Don't forget the big things that unite you and you fight

00:31:59--> 00:32:35

over the small things that divide you. One of the big symbols of hedge is that ultimately you're the one your brothers and sisters in the dean, you have more than sharing the same room you share the same La ilaha illAllah that's more important than even your biological ties. So yes, after a beautiful you stand together, cry together, and the minute the Hajj is over, you put back that normal clothes you go back to countries, you forget that no. Now you should remember that when you come home, when you sit yes run along with people, different kinds of people, but we're all slaves and servants of Allah, we all put our head on the floor. And that's really what counts. So we see

00:32:35--> 00:33:18

the oneness of the oma and the strength of the woman lastly and we conclude on this panel, it is also a beautiful thing that gives us pride as Allah had said to the visa Sonam and to those who might have been at the omak molecular container come today we completed and perfected the deen it is to show the is as weak as we are. as weak as we are and we know very weak status. Currently, every year no matter how bad things are. Millions will come millions and answer millions will Stanley, the dean is strong and will always be strong. And the dean will always be even if the oma is weak. The Dean is strong. There's a lot of designers oma is sleeping. When we get things right to fix our

00:33:18--> 00:34:01

house is Dino the unauthorized because the dean is strong. Allah promised Ebrahim, you both discover there's no one you call them, they will come from all over the world. You do what you Allah says to all of us, we do what is required of you, and I will fix the rest. So the whole room, when we respond, Lubbock, we responded, and we saw the greatness and every day in everything we do, respond to Allah subhana wa Tada. You will find the success in everything in our lives, in your work, in your family, in your business, in your money in your health. When we respond to Allah, that's when the success will come Allah subhanaw taala bless all of us. Allah grant us understanding Allah grant

00:34:01--> 00:34:15

us to follow it here to his guidance. Allah we think alone make that be that Allah has given us these kind of things like Hajj every year is an opportunity. So it was given us every walk is an opportunity to get closer to him. So we we thank Allah subhanaw taala like just a few

00:34:16--> 00:34:55

reminders, a quick announcements, we hit them harder. March is this Sunday, inshallah. I think we fold over 1700 people have signed up already at hamdulillah for the kids. And we're giving out things if you'd like to contribute, you can assist financially as well. Food will be given out toys and gifts will be given out prizes will be given out to the kid so it's good to bring out kids and to give them this experience, if any would like to contribute financially to that benefit 1007 other people's a good opportunity to speak to put in the back as well. We will start in sha Allah, our classes and our WhatsApp CDs in September. Just came out of a very difficult period at work. So just

00:34:55--> 00:34:59

give me a week maybe two to to recover and then inshallah next week.

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We will discuss dates when our classes are Sahaba, the heritage, the legacy of the Sahaba and our back to basics. We shall begin we'll watch the spatial cycle of data cinematic mobility data.