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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Nabil Karim. So today I want to share some tips on how to prepare a football. A lot of brothers have been asking me about this that they recently have been given positions as imams in the local masjid or Islamic center, or the salah at the MSA, or the university. And one of the things they struggle with is coming up with new topics every week, and also how to deliver these top topics in an effective manner. So today, I want to share with you five points about preparing a Joomla footpath, that if you practice these five points, then inshallah your therapist will be elevated to the next level.

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And they will serve the function of benefiting the community. And being something that people can actually take lessons from and benefit from. We do know that one of the complaints that people tend to have about going for Joomla is that the goodbyes are boring, the footpath or irrelevant, or they can't remember what the Imam spoke about? Well, here's some tips to make sure your goodbyes don't fall into that category, that your goodbyes are something people remember something relevant, something they can practice and something that actually transforms the community. Because remember, what did you market back you have an opportunity to reach every member of your local community,

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people who do not come for halacha people who do not watch Islamic videos on YouTube, people who do not read Islamic books that could BA is the one connection with their religion. So you want to make sure that your HIPAA cards that you do it for the sake of Allah in the best way possible, and that you are delivering information that benefits your community. So five tips for improving the quality of your footpaths. Tip number one, how to choose a topic. This is where most people get stuck. What should I speak about in this week's goodbye? Well, I have four ways of choosing a topic and I'm going to share all four of them with you today. Number one, I call it the seasonal method. What do I

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mean by seasonal method? It means you look at the Islamic calendar, or the Western calendar and you choose your topic accordingly. So Ramadan's around the corner by football this week will be about preparing for Ramadan. That's an example of using the Islamic calendar last week.

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Juma ended up being on the day exactly 99 days according to the Western calendar, so the 99 years according to the Western calendar, since the downfall of the Ottoman Empire. So I spoke about the downfall of the Ottoman Empire. So using dates and using calendars to see what events you can speak about right in Eid is coming up in about eight, if

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Hajj is coming up efootball about Hajj. So using the seasons to help you to choose your path topics. Number two would be choosing your topic based on a recent event. So for example, earthquake takes place to deliver your football about lessons that we can take from that, if there's riots that take place a good part about how to deal with that situation. You're dealing with a pandemic, a football how to handle pandemics, so something that's going on globally or locally that's in the news that's on people's minds, connecting it to the religion and using it as a way to connect people to Allah subhanho wa taala. The third way that I choose topics that can benefit you if you're really stuck,

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is to set a team. If you have a team, you can come up with good bad topics for the next 20 to 30 foot paths. So for example, last year, I chose the theme of the lives of the sahaba. So whenever I didn't have a footpath topic I just chose one of the Sahaba did their biography and lessons that we could take for the biography. This year, I'm doing the team of other boo o'clock manners and character. So whenever I'm stuck on the topic for football, I look at some Hadith or some verse of the Quran related to manage a character and I give a football based on that. So having a theme helps you to zone in on a topic and focus on it. And the fourth way of choosing a good topic is to speak

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to your community about the needs. Ask your local community members, the people who come for Joomla what are the topics that they want to learn about? What are the topics? Are they asking questions about what are the UT the community struggling with and formulate your topics accordingly? So for example, last year, I did conclude by topics of gender roles and individualism and masculinity. All of this was based on the fact that the youth in my community, were asking questions about these topics. So I brought them into the footpath and clarified the Islamic position on issues in the footpath. So again, tip number one is how to choose your topic and I mentioned four tips within this

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step four ways of choosing a footpath

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Pick that work for me, it could work for you. Number one is you look at the date and you choose something accordingly. Number two, a recent event you speak accordingly. Number three, you have a team and you roll over with a team and related topics within the team overview footpads. Number four speak to your community about their needs to choose your topics based on the needs of your community. The second tip that I would give for Joomla HotPads, is to make sure that you prepare well, right, sometimes we choose a topic, and we go into our community, and we just start talking randomly. There isn't much prep work that we think that you know, we can just be spontaneous, and

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you know, give it from the heart. But if you're not preparing your football, there's more chance of you making mistakes and saying the wrong thing. So it's very important that we do our research properly. I try to spend two to three hours every week preparing my football, and I recommend doing the same and when preparing the football. There's two things that I do. The first thing I do is I go on YouTube, and I search to see if anyone's done a football on that topic before. Right? So for example, if I'm doing a football on what is the wisdom behind earthquakes, so I will Google this, or rather, I will search for it on YouTube. And if I see that chatter, somebody has a good point, that

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topic, I'll watch it and see what he has to say. Now you don't plagiarize a football, you don't want forward, repeat what somebody else said, that's not going to come from the heart, it's not going to represent your personality. But you can pick up pointers on what are the main themes to cover the main topics to cover verses from the Quran to quote this is to quote,

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you know, a good way of covering the topic. So I like to watch two or three, or four or five, depending on what's available could pass on the topic that I'm doing to give a football or to give me an idea of what other people out there are covering on that topic. So that I can take from all of them. What I feel is most relevant to my community, and piece it together. Likewise, the second thing you want to do is, besides watching other people's lectures is to read. So ensure you have a good library of books on the topic. And you want to read as much as you can within that time on the topic. So for example, if you have a football coming up on preparing for Ramadan, so read blog posts

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on the topic, read articles on the topic, any books or books on the topic, read it, it does certain verses of the Quran, you're going to quote, read the Tafseer of those verses. So you know you are interpreting them correctly. Right? Likewise, if you're going to quote Hadith in your football, then read the commentary on those Hadith. So you know, you are quoting them correctly, they authentic and that you have understood the property. So it's important that we do reading and research in preparing for our goodbyes. So tip number one, how to choose a topic. Tip number two, make sure you prepare in advance through reading and watching other lectures to help you to get an idea of what

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you're going to talk about. Now, whether you write out your whole football word for word, or you just write down some pointers. That's up to you, we all have different ways of doing it. For me, it really depends on the topic. Some topics, just write down five or six points. And I know what I'm going to say, because I rehearse it beforehand. Other topics, I need to write out the entire thing, or at least the verses of the Quran, and the Hadith that I'm going to quote. So it really depends on the topic.

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And that leads me to tip number three, this is a very important one, try to have one to three

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actionable points in your cookbook. Just three take home lessons, right? Think of it this way, when someone goes home after attending your football, and someone asked them, what did the Imam speak about today, they should be able to repeat back two or three lines. You don't expect him to repeat back the entire football, but to get the main message in two or three points. So every time you're preparing a football, ask yourself what are the main two or three points that I want people to take home from this football and build the entire football around two to three to three points. So for example, if your hookah is on the topic of the wisdom behind earthquakes, and you want to focus

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mainly on three points. So for example, the three points could be, you know, to give people martyrdom, to remind us about nature of this world.

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You know, Allah knows best, you know, something like that. But you want to have a take home point. So what you're going to do with these three points, you're going to mention them at the beginning of the football. You're going to spend like five minutes explaining each point and then you're going to recap at the end of the football. So when people go home, and someone asked him what was the football about today, they can repeat back those three points or the Imam spoke about this and see what he said about it, and also what he said about it. In general, most people's memories are such that they're not going to

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Remember the attire for GPA. So if you can have like some main points, some take home points that you mentioned in the beginning, expand the One Two out of the park and then mention again at the ending, then this can make the football more memorable for them and was easier to take home at to practice, right. So try to limit it to three points up to five is fine. But if you go even if you're giving, you know, sometimes I know some people could pass they just go on and on. Like, they will give 20 different lessons in one football completely unrelated to each other. To such an extent you go home and someone else you watch the football about you use, I don't know. One second is talking

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about this next section is talking about that. I really don't know what the football was about, right? I can't You can't even remember something to take home because there's so much just thrown at you in 20 minutes. So try to limit it, I find that three points works best. For me, maybe for you five, maybe two, whatever it is, but just limited to something that people can remember. So they can remember the chutzpah was about this, and they see what we learned about it, and they see what the bank advise us to do. So for example, if your football is about the job, you know, you want to have three main points that John is the page saying of the Last Day, the biggest test of this world ever

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face, recite to recover, memorize the opening verses of Surah Kahf. To avoid picking up the job, maybe just focus on those three points and expand your football around it. So people can go home, understanding the key points of Who is the child and also doing what actionable steps they can take to prevent being around at the time of their job, which is to memorize the opening verses of Surah Al ggaf.

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Point number four, ensure your football includes Quran and Hadith, and also a story. Now the story could be from the Quran, or from the Hadith, or from the Sierra, or from the lives of the Sahaba or from some point in history or even an anecdote. But storytelling captivates people, it's something we're going to remember. So sometimes when a person goes home, what will the football about, do remember the story, and if they remember the story, you're gonna remember the key points of the football. So check include some kind of a story in your football, whether it's a story from the Quran, or this or whether it's an anecdote from your own life, or whether it's a story from a Muslim

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history, but storytelling helps to captivate people while you're talking. And it also helps them to remember the message. It's also important to make sure you are quoting Quran and Hadith in your football, you want to connect people to the sources of Islam. Understand that for many people, this is the only connection with Islam. So you want them to see the wisdom of the Quran and the Hadith, the relevance of the Quran and the Hadith to our times, and how the Quran and the Hadith shaped our understanding of the world today. So and I do this on purpose sometimes that I know someone in the audience is like skeptical of ideas or a Quran has, I will include a lot of bodies in the football,

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but not in a attacking week, like I won't give a football against the Quran has. But I'll give a football where you just you're talking about a beautiful topic. And the Prophet said this about the and the prophesies of the data about it. And this is the prophet slice of the desert. And you're just showing the beauty of bodies. So hoping that seeing all these beautiful and beneficial bodies might soften their hearts and make them realize that this is an important part of our religion. Right. Finally, point number five, rehearse your football. Don't just go out there and see it for the first time in public. So what I like to do is a Thursday afternoon, and a Friday morning, I

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ended up reversing the entire football twice, right. But the Thursday afternoon, I will rehearse the football, then I will write up my notes or, or my write my notes up before that. And I might refine my notes after that. And then Friday morning, one hour before Joomla. I rehearse it a second time. So when I go to deliver the Joomla whatever it is the third time I'm picking the information. I'm clear up I'm eloquent of the stuttering, I'm able to do it in a more fluent way. I highly recommend rehearsing I know rehearsing looks silly, and it looks like you're talking to yourself. I mean, if somebody walks past my office, when I'm reversing a football, you just see me walking around talking

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to myself, and that's fine. I don't care, right? Because it works. It's beneficial. So why should I care what people think of why should you write the end of the day you want to give the best football possible, and a well rehearsed football where you know what you're going to say you know how you're going to work your sentences, know in which order you're going to say it. You make sure you have memorized the Quran and Hadees that you're going to quote and if you can't memorize it, that you have it written out on a page that you're able to recite the Arabic properly, that you don't mess up your words that nothing you say is controversial, aren't necessarily obviously sometimes you have

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be controversial but not unnecessarily. You take care of all of that in the rehearsal phase, if there's no rehearsal phase, you're more likely to stutter, you're more likely to mix up your words, you're more likely to make mistakes, you're more likely to say something that you regret. So this is why I believe that rehearsing the code bar is very, very important. So I hope you found this video beneficial. And, again, reminder, five points for improving the quality of your Joomla football. Number one, choosing a topic for four points or choosing your topic, use the seasons, or use a theme or a recent event, or the problems of your local community. If you if you start with one method, use

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another I believe you're using all four methods you always have a cookbook for the next week and always something interesting to discuss and there's nothing wrong with repeating topics right because people need reminders.

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Every Ramadan, we need a reminder about the importance of Ramadan, every Eid, we need a reminder about what to eat because people forget. Right so there's nothing wrong with repeating topics. Point number one is choosing a topic point number two, make sure you do your research, both in terms of listening to what other speakers have to say on the topic and reading books and articles that I've seen, and commentaries of at least on the topic. Number three, make sure you have taken points three to five take home points that people can remember when they go home. Number four, ensure you are quoting Quran and Hadees and also trying to include a story to make it more memorable. And point

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number five, do your rehearsals make sure that when you go up there to speak it's not the first time that you are talking about this topic and that you know exactly what you are going to say. So I hope you found this video beneficial and I hope it helps you with your prep work for any capacity do in the future. If you know anybody else who is struggling with this topic and these advices topic, make sure you share this video with them so they can better to just alafair was salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh