The Vaccine For Islamophobia

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the loss of culture and acceptance in modern society leading to "overcome of Islam" and "overcome of the culture of the culture of the". They emphasize the importance of belief in Islam and finding answers to one's questions, as well as the practicality of being a Muslim and finding guidance through learning to be a Muslim. The segment also touches on the practicality of not compromising one's faith and not compromising on one's religion.
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Bismillah neuro

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in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Your life, your child's life,

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your grandchild's life,

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your great grandchild life, and so on, as

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was the life of your father, your grandfather, your grandmother, your great grandmother, your great great grandmother, all the way to undermining

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their lives in what would take place within their lives in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala is like a constant.

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A you and I, we traveled through time, directionally. We only go forward, you go one way you can go back in time. But for Allah subhanaw taala. For him, time is a constant in the sense that it's not moving for him. It's we are going through that time, but for Allah, He sees that entire time as one.

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And I hope that we understand this. So when somebody has that level of understanding, such as Allah subhanaw taala has an understanding of everything that is going to take place. That is why Allah subhanaw taala What did he say, in Hadith and so you authentic Hadees he says, one of the first creations that Allah created was what

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the first creation of Allah was Kalam.

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And what happened next? Allah subhanaw taala commands the kalam

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if de 1000 years before anything was created, Allah commanded the column

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and said to the column, write, whatever is going to take place from the beginning until Kiama in the world, write everything down.

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And the column on the Command of Allah subhanaw taala, wrote down every single thing that is going to happen. So everything that you are going to go through in this life,

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Every family is going to be tested through everything, every child, every young kid, every old kid that are going to be tested from this was already written in the realm of Allah subhanaw taala. Once we understand that, you have a second thing,

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which is that each one of you we claim, each one of us that is hair we all claim that we are believers, we believe in Allah. We have this word we use to denote our Eman to represent our belief is the word is Iman we have EMA and Allah. We believe in Allah. The word Iman comes in the Arabic language from the root word of Amman from the root word of Amman.

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What does one mean?

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Amman means

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the world of hope the world will have the absence of fear

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it's the absence of fear which is a man.

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So when you have the word EMA and when you believe in Allah and you have a man in Allah when you have a man in Africa when you have Iman and the six pillars of ima of the faith, when you have Iman in those things when you have Iman and acid or when you have Iman and

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are not in fear of the unknown that is going to come because Allah protects you from that your email and protects you from that. When you lose someone you have emaan it helps you it helps you reconcile between your brain irrespective of your age, whether you are in grade seven, grade eight grade nine grade 10 Or you are 7075 7677 80 years old. When you lose someone that Eman comes

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and it protects you. And it gives it removes the fear that was eminent for you to get into.

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I know of people who have converted and after they occur there they become converts their parents if they lose any of their older grandparents, right people who are sometimes highly intellectual professors at universities writing these giant papers in in peer reviewed journals, when they lose a cat. They can't reconcile. When they lose their parents they can reconcile and many of them go into this this this is

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minimum turmoil, sometimes four or five, six years of their lives, because they're in constant fear. They don't know what happened to their dad. They don't know what happened to their mom, mom. They don't know what happened to my sister. What happened to my brother? I have no idea. But when you have eemaan

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Right, you have this sukoon you're like, Yes, I know what happened. hamdulillah they died on Iman.

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Now, if they happen to have died as a form of Islamophobic events, then you have the Iman, you have this sukoon by or my parents went to Jana, it's only a matter of 50 6070 years, I will be joining them to you have Iman.

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No, I bring this to you. Because many times the conversations of Islamophobia are very important. And there might be people who are sensitive to that this community has recently witnessed a very horrific event, other communities have witnessed those events. And in this whole conversation, what ends up happening is we forget to talk about what that person that is struggling or people who are struggling with Islamophobic Islamophobic you know, statements or attacks on them that how should they react to it? And there's two ways you can react to it. You can be a reactionary person, and you can react and you know, just say you know, this is not allowed and stuff, or you can think put

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things in perspective for you.

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The next verses that I'm going to recite, Inshallah, hopefully you would put things in perspective for us. Allah subhanaw taala says, Do iannelli livina caffarel hieratic dunya Well, yes, her one Amina Lavina.

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Allah says we have beautified for those who choose to disbelieve in the message of Islam.

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There are disbelievers that do not believe in Islam. They don't have eemaan

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Allah says zoo iannelli Lavina caffarel, hayati dunya, for them, we have beautified for them their life. So everything they do they think they're, they're doing it the best in every single action of theirs. They think this is the right thing to do. When somebody is what was such a horrific event that took place in London, that person in his mind is like this is the right thing to do for me. Because this one is what I live for. This is my life. And these Muslims are a threat to my life. So he sees that. And because this life has been beautified for him he doesn't think anything beyond the fear of that life being taken away from him, his lifestyle being taken away from him, they become

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very, very, you know, other words, they become very uneasy with Muslims being around in the society. Because it it almost negates the entire progress that they have done. And you know, they're like, oh, here comes this this group of people, no matter how many times you try to help them to assimilate, they don't assimilate.

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Aside fact, for all of you, if you read history,

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whenever any nation conquered, and other society so whenever you'd have, like,

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you know, the Crusaders conquering Africa, and parts of Africa, what ends up happening is the conquering power, the invading power, the culture that you bring becomes the dominant culture of that land, and the organic or the intrinsic culture of that country or that land is lost. Look at Canada, for that sakes. Right. The British came in, the French came in the indigenous culture is lost. It's not there anymore. It's not the part and parcel. But if you read history, the only time where the people that were being conquered their culture overpowered the conquerors culture is when somebody tried invading into Muslim lands. Historically, Mongols when they tried invading into

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Muslim lands, they became Muslims. They killed Baghdad, they killed more than two 2.5 3 million Muslims. But eventually at the end, they're like Man, these people are strange people. And they were forced to admit that this is the right path and Mongols become Muslim. And they take on the culture and the religion of the same country they're trying to conquer. That's the power of your iman. Then Allah says

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Well, yes, Haroon, Amina Levine and who Allah gives you this jority every single one. You've whether you are young, whether you're a student, whether you're working in jobs, hear this out, Allah says

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what Lavina Oh, if you had Taqwa. If you strived and struggled to place your good deeds between the Wrath of Allah that is stuck while we buy that you use your good deeds as a shield from the wrath and the punishment of Allah use that as a shield. If you did that. Will Levine tackle

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What is Allah says after that he says, Oh go home yo multicam you will be above all those who mocked you. You will be above all those who? Wires Haroon Amina Lavina. Amen. Oh, I missed this part. Every single one of them, they mock you, they Amok Muslims for whatever we are looking at our shape looking, you know, random total randomness, you're at Bulk Barn and this guy's like Oh does you know to me, he's like, oh, did you have camels in your country?

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What are you talking about? Right? That is where Islamophobia begins right in their minds is like, Oh, this is a guy from some camera land that we need to talk about, you know, well, you know, you should be thankful to Canada, you've got cars.

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Like what are you talking about? Right? But when you understand that this smoking is an inevitable thing that you all Muslims, every single one of us is going to face at your jobs, you're going to face it at your school, you're going to face it in your university you're going to face it, don't ever understand. Walk away saying no no, I'm never going to face this everybody's always going to accept us now know what we stand up to Islamophobia. We stand up and we raise our voices and we don't become weak. But we understand the net consequence. What Lavina taco if you have Taco if you use that shield, the milk market you let them market you no problem. I've got Tukwila in my heart

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fell calm yomo pm and don't worry if you think I am under you today. Allah is guaranteeing you you will be above them on the Day of Judgment. Oh calm above all the people who mocked not only those in Canada, entire folk at home they entire people that mocked Islam. They made Islam into mockery. FOCA home if you had, Allah will make you above them on the Day of Judgment.

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And Allah reminds you, Allahu Omani Asha OB lady hisab don't ever jeopardize your religion, or the matters of risk, or the matters of job, or the matter of a degree. Do not compromise on your religion. Because Allah says Allah gives you risk. One of the number one reasons why people can't have the car. I got to go out with my boss, you know, what can I say? He's, they're going to the bar I need to go.

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Do you don't you're a Muslim, stand your ground.

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Let them know that this is not acceptable.

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When I used to travel, in my previous life, I lived in this earth previously too. But in my previous life, when I would travel for corporate work, I still remember I went to Germany, I went to that person, I said, I cannot be sitting on a table that alcohol is being served.

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I imagine my company has sent me to Germany for some training. And I go and tell this like CEO of that company. I'm not gonna sit on this table. As long as you you know, I need a separate table that has no alcohol, they will accommodate you. But you need to have that peg. And I'm talking about this one. Muslims are not a thing when this is 911. And being Muslim was bad.

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Now like being Muslims, yeah, that's great. You talk about Islamophobia, bringing change, those conversations didn't take place when I was young at that time.

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There's a good opportunity for all of you. Well, Lavina, to go Taqwa. And understand that you do not compromise your faith ever.

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Or a few dollars.

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Somebody just came to me after the first call, and they were like, should I travel?

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Can I just do thiamin? Because what the places that I tried drive my truck. It's minus 40.

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You don't compromise your faith. Our faith is very pragmatic. It's very practical. Right? If you don't have the right obviously, it's not practical if you have ignorance in your religion, but if you learn your religion is very practical. So giving answers to solutions that's the job of the Imams, but seeking answers is your job. So that you never compromise your faith that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, and I will end with this he says Ghana NASA Amata noir Haida that the entire people who was one nation Phurba for bass, Allahu nabina MOBA shooting, no one wins it in that Allah subhanho wa Taala sent down angel sent down and BIA Their purpose was if you do this, Jana is your

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reward if you do this Johanna majority award Yes, the purpose of Carnaby coming people sometimes say you know Imams will they're droughty that they you know, they the Imams always, you know, make us fear kumara Jahannam Johanna bla bla X.

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The purpose of messengers is,

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one Vereen will move by shooting, they will warn you, and they will give you glad tidings. This that just last night, I was reading a book, just a total random fact it's not even hearing that in the thing. Allah subhanho wa Taala uses the word J

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came in the Quran 26 times.

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And then Allah subhana wa Tada uses the word, a fob punishment related to Jehane 26 times. So he warns you 26 times about jahannam. About Jehane then tells you the quality is of Germany and 26 times so you're not you're, you're aware of what Allah is talking about that. Likewise the balance the the numerical balance in the Quran is is impeccable if you study Quran, then Allah subhanaw taala says, once that I met my home al Kitab will help Allah sent down this book, this book is the only absolute truth in the world. Nothing else is true except that will help Leah Kuma Bane and nurse FEMA after foofy all the divisions you have, you can reconcile it by using this book that

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Allah says, well Lavina then Allah says well mastered alpha v il Lavina. Who to whom embody majha

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body and Boehner home, people are not going to listen to Islam because of what they have jealousy buddy unbeknown the jealousy amongst them that the things that Muslims differ on No, no, no, we can believe in that. No, no, no. Because if we do, we already what when are you jealous? You are jealous when you believe that other person's got something better than you. So they are jealous. Allah is saying we are jealous. Why are they jealous?

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Because they know that we have something better. Allah is telling you this not me. Not some che. Allah is telling you their feelings in their heart. Then Allah says

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I had Allahu livina Ahmed Ali martela foofy. He may actually be izany And Allah subhanho wa Taala if you have Iman,

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and back to that same word, you have Iman, Allah will guide you to help. What is required is that you peg yourself to La ilaha illallah wa Allahu Allah, the mania or Isla Serato. Mr. Team, Allah is the one who guides whoever He wishes, and the other meaning of mania mania, whoever chooses and wishes to be guided to set out and Mr. Team. Then Allah ends this with a seal for all of us. He says, I'm Hasib. dumontet Hello Jana. Did you think for one second that you're going to enter Jannah just like walking La Ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, Masha, Allah, the gates of Jana. Let me just walk in. Did you think for one second, that's going to be the case? No, no, no, Allah says

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Hasebe dumontet. Hello, Jana. Did you think that you're going to enter Jana? Jana? What am I to come method Lavina Holloman publikum has not the news of the people that came before you didn't that come to you must set home.

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They were struck with war and calamities. Well, the raw difficulties in their life, life was below the earth between their feets were shaken they were shaking. We were shaking when the Hyde Park thing took place was what Zulu Allah is saying that is going to happen

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was once you know you're going to be tested the people before you were tested.

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And Allah says Hector, you're gonna Rasul. We're not at that stage. Allah is saying, even the messengers who were sent down with the books, they raise their hands to Allah and the people amongst with the messengers. Ya Allah Mata Anna Sula, where is your when is your going, your help going to come? Oh Allah.

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We're not at that position. hamdulillah but Allah is reminding you that even the ones who were supposed to guide their nations, by the way, Revelation, he ended up saying, metaanalysis Allah, then Allah reminds you all and them. Allah in natural law he buddy, indeed,

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the help of ALLAH is just around the corner. What is required from you and me is to have eemaan

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and with iman taqwa, and understand that this entire universe is Allah's universe, anything that happens bad in your life, anything that happens good in your life, I Jabali unreal mean, if you have eemaan How strange are the matters of those who have eemaan

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A mushroom Umrah who Kulu hail, every single matter that happens and befalls on a believer is good.

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In Asaba, who the raw if difficulty and calamity false possible is patient. If you're going through a difficult time in your life, be patient. You're being rewarded for every single time. Every single time you think of that event every single time that pain is in your heart every single time you are reminded of that in your middle of

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Tonight, every single time you missed your loved one sub bottle

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and with that server immense reward.

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Wayne AUSA who sat raw, if things are nice if abundance happens,

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then check out

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the Muslima man, a person who's a Muslim, he says, The hamdulillah Life is good. And he doesn't forget Allah in that. And this is the net consequence of iman. We ask Allah subhana wa Tada that he grants us true Iman in our hearts Akula Kalia that was tougher hola Hollywood a comedy silence bro by now hola for

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allowing him to the LA salatu salam ala Milena via vida.

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In the end we ask Allah subhanaw taala that he grants every single one of us infinite unshakable Eman in our hearts. We ask that Allah subhanaw taala connects those of us who have been disconnected from Quran an everlasting connection with the Quran. And we ask that Allah subhanaw taala for defies the connections of those who are connected with the Quran that Allah increases them and gives them Dolphy if you start half Jews a day, that is if you're a slow reader, one hour of reading, you can split that reading 15 minutes, 15 minutes, 15 minutes, 15 minutes entire day. Sometimes we spend a lot more time scrolling on WhatsApp than the time I'm asking you to read. You have 60 days left

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before Ramadan. You can finish Quran one entire Quran before Ramadan comes. So it is an opportunity for us to warm up for Ramadan and connect ourselves now when you're going to aim to finish the entire Quran. If you haven't finished an entire Quran in the last year before last Ramadan, you will probably fall short no problem. But it's warm up you're going to be much better prepared for Ramadan. Then those who will go in Ramadan first day and they got muscle fatigue and Colossus The Quran has never touched again. We ask Allah subhanaw taala that those youth and young children that are in schools in high schools and universities that Allah protects their Iman and Allah gives them

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the tofield to be steadfast on their Iman and those that are struggling and that are rattled that Allah subhanaw taala gives them the sukoon and um that they need to have belief in Allah subhanaw taala and your theme in Allah subhanho wa Taala Hamdulillah we offer with the help of the board over here Hamdulillah we offer program for teenagers on Sundays Hamdulillah this this Sunday We're beginning our course, for those of you that haven't registered it's a great opportunity to give them the environment for your younger kids to to instill the word Iman we focus on building an environment where there Iman can be nourished, their love for the theme can generate so when

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somebody mocks at the dopey or the hijab or the way you're dressed, the Imam kicks in and says no, I am a Muslim. I believe that I'm a Muslim and I will make a stand and I will make sure that you never talk to me like that

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