Prophesies of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in the Parsi Scriptures

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let us discuss the prophecy of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and the Parsi scriptures. zoroaster was the founder of Zoroastrianism, also known as Parsi, isn't.

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It originated in Persia about two and a half 1000 years ago. It is also called as a religion of magnetism or religion of fire worshippers, the sacred scriptures of the Parsis

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that the Sati and the avesta Avista is also called as then the Vesta that the Sati is further divided into horadada Sati and calendar Sati. The avesta is also further divided into hora de Vesta and Kellen Avista, also known as Zen and mahasin.

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If you read these passages scriptures, in several places, Prophet masala Salam has been prophesized. It's mentioned the avesta in forboding,

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chapter number 28 verse number 129, it says that his name will be victorious, his name will be asteroid errata.

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He will be called a social it says that he will be called as victorious as sushi and

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his name will be asteroid errata and we know prophet masala Salam was victorious

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in America

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and the word social, according to Hastings encyclopedia means a person who is praiseworthy, which is the translation of the Arabic word Mohamed Salah Zilla. So Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is mentioned by name in the Parsi scriptures. It also says he will be estimate errata estimate arita means a person who praises which is the translation of the second name of masala Salaam that is Mr. amoroso means one who praises furthers prophesized in the Vesta in Zambia just chapter 16 verse number 95, that his friends

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will come the Friends of asteroid errata

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who will be fighting against evil,

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they will be well thinking, Well speaking and well doing and that tongue will not utter a single false word.

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This is talking about the Sahaba and the name again is mentioned estimate Edyta which means one who praises that is Iman

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peace be upon him, which is the other name of masala Salaam. It talks about the Sabbath, that the companions of the Prophet will be good people, they will be well thinking, speaking good things, they'll be doing good things and they tongue will never utter a falsehood that means they will not tell a single lie.

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And we know from history that all the sabas Mashallah they were truthful.

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Prophet mama Salah Salam is also prophesized in the Dasa T. That is the other scripture of the Parsis. The Sati means does and it means a book containing 10 parts. It is also plural of the stool, the stool means a religious law. So it is a book containing 10 parts of religious law.

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It's mentioned that the Sati when the Parsis will forsake the religion, when the Zoroastrians will forsake their religion, and they will become obsolete.

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A man will arrive from the desert, his followers will subjugate the Persians

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and will conquer the arrogant Persians.

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They will be a mercy to the humankind, they will not worship the fire in the temple, but we pray in the direction of the house of God of Abraham, which should be free from ideas.

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They will be the masters and rulers

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of Persia does, but and the other religious places of Persia of the parties, and their profit will be an eloquent person doing miraculous things. This prophecy also refers to no one, but the last and final messenger prophet masala.

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It further mentioned in the bundle hash, chapter number 30, verses six to 27, that the social shall be the last prophet Soshi. And as I mentioned earlier, according to history encyclopedia means one who is praiseworthy, referring to masala Salam. And it says in the prophecy, Mama Salah seldom will be the last prophet.

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This was in brief regarding masala Salam in the parsee scriptures.