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The importance of acceptance and healing in Islam is emphasized, along with the need for individuals to meet certain conditions to achieve their desired outcomes. The importance of performing "we do" actions and avoiding wasting water is emphasized, as well as the importance of following orders and intentions in one's mental health. The segment also touches on the concept of "will" and its potential for breaking, with a recap of the importance of following orders and intentions. The segment ends with a mention of a future session and weekend meetings.

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Other language tone regimes Miller man Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala moana city and so you know Mohammed one only he also ah, mine will have brothers sidhwani Kamara longer to catch up as UCLA. Hey, hope you're well. Thank you for joining us. I believe this is lecture number 27 of our series Islam from scratch. And as always, we begin asking if anyone has any questions or any comments.

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There was a good question last week on, on acleda on theology on shake, which we spoke about and I think it deserves an entire session all on its own.

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In sha Allah has written a series really on, on on *can types of shirk and how do we avoid it? Because ultimately, that is the most important requirement from Allah subhanaw taala Yes, Sister nasira I see you up.

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J Salam, how are you? I'm doing I'm well I'm from that I'm well, how are you? Oh, good chicken. I don't know if it's a question more of a situation. Okay. Is just turned 66 He's been battling cancer for the seven years now. And it's in his bladder. And unfortunately, he went for the test and the cancer has now spread into his bladder and they might have to have it removed. And so it's like, a lot of emotions, a lot of things that going through his family to be there for him. But also I want to make dua for him. Then when I made dua struct and I'm like I want to take my dua back because I made why they made a large vantin ease through all his suffering and then I got scared because I'm

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like, what if that means that Allah is going to take him away from me

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so in that situation, anything that that I could do anything that I could maybe say or read for him, because it's office as well to waiting to be on Earth and Safa Jana is eternal, and you'll be at ease and your artifice and mystery and stuff like that. But so yeah, it's just a difficult situation and I'm scared to even make dua and I know I'm supposed to be making dua for him.

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Okay, so staska a really, really good question. First, we start by asking Allah subhanaw taala to grant your father Shiva Mala grant him a complete healing of his ailments, I'm Allah guarantee MC.

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Make it easy for him through his treatment and granted treatment to be a success, and almost want to put comfort in all our hearts and grant ease for all those who are going through a thorough hardship. So we should remember when we are making dua, we're making them out to the one who understands what we intend, what we imply, what is in our hearts, and what is best for us. And that's many, many times we make dua, and every single dua inshallah is accepted into other distances and series excepted, but you'd say well, I've made hundreds 1000s of dollars, but I'm, you know, not all of them came through, because Allah subhanaw taala accepts your DUA, but he knows what is better

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for you. Sometimes we ask for something, yeah, Allah wants this job, I want this house, I want this person and it's not good for you. And so it was primadonna differs it or for something better, or rewards you in some other way. And so, yes,

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when we speak, when we see see to sick people, sick people, we find in the in the, in the Sooner than at least for now makes two out that they get a shift or they get they get cured of the sickness, but he also makes dua, that it will be a purification that in the hardship, there is a blessing in it. And in the hardship Allah subhanaw taala draws this person closer to him.

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And you know, we don't welcome we are patient and we are contented with whatever Allah's primadonna decrees for us but it also doesn't mean that we accept you know the hardship and say look this is the decrees are accepted No, we make to Ayala you can grant the forgiveness and the purification without the hardship you can grant Jana without the having us to start but I understand it to be you almost conflicted in what is the right dua to make for what is best for me for him. And even in that interview salaam would make dua Allah whatever is good for me I make do I make dua for all that is good Robina attina for dunya hacer una Oh Allah I make dua for all that which is good in the dunya

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and in the Astra. So I don't even know what the best outcome is. I don't even know what I should be asking but I just make the wire Allah you helped me and that is why it's good sometimes to make very broad or general Dorsia Allah, you see my situation, God grant us a way out that is best for us. Something like that. Make easy I was Yeah, make easy for us all our face. So it's make easy for your dad and make easy for you. You know, let there be an outcome that is good for him and good for me. So this is this is how

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we make dua and Allah subhanaw taala? May May He grant, Shiva and replace your family? I mean, any chakra chakra so much for a very good question. Any other questions?

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No than just like go ahead. So we continue with who do we spoke about voodoo? We spoke about the ayah in the Quran that describes how on performance we do. And we will now talk about taking that idea. And looking at the Navi salaam Of course, the Prophet Solomon performed voodoo every day of his life he performed salon, so we have a very good understanding of how the recipe or how do you perform a voodoo and the scholars of the Sharia now this is, and this is this is wait a month hub comes in. So the mud hub takes the, the if the ayat of the Quran, the verses of the Quran, and they take the teachings are going to be Salam. And they try to basically put it in a list that is easy

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to, for you to do. They basically try to make everything into a nice, easy recipe, a nice easy step form, do 123 You know, just just add water kind of thing. That's what the math hubs do. And obviously, within the reading and interpretation, there might be some steps that one has one some steps someone else added and someone subtracted, but ultimately the objective is, is to give you a nice roadmap, how do I perform we do like we do for Dummies, the method is no problem. We have read the Quran, we have gone through all the hadith of voodoo, this is what you need to do. So they will say Okay, before we start we do we do is an act of worship. And if a Muslim performs, it must have a

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Muslim does it it will do if a non Muslim does it it doesn't count as we do it is not it's not we do. It's above you know, it's it's you washing your face, but it's not we do and so, therefore, before you will do is accepted, there are certain things that needs to be in place, for example, these are very

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common sense it's not very difficult to understand that you have to be a Muslim, for the wudu to be accepted by Allah. So if a non Muslim does all the steps that he cites all the words he says Bismillah R Rahman Rahim does all of that, but he's not a Muslim, he doesn't intend with this, I want a closer to Allah, it doesn't count. Number two, the person must have reached and this is a you'll find these conditions are for everything. For we do to be accepted for the car to be accepted, for Hajj to be accepted, you must be a Muslim, you must have the reach that you must be mature meaning not a baby or child that is too young, you must be around seven, eight years old,

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where you have the knowledge to to understand what you're doing, oh, not too old, some people are so old, they don't even understand what they're doing. They've lost all

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sense of of reason. And therefore, this will not count for them and in reality, nothing, nothing counts for them, they are exempted from any kind of obligation, the before you perform we do the ascertain You must be out of a major

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a major kind of impurity. So, if a person if a person is in a in a in a state of major impurity, so, Muhammad, you can be in three states, he can be Muhammad that is pure, that is he has good economic Salah and performed off and touch the Quran, that's Muhammad purified then you have Muhammad in a normal state is neither purified nor is impure. So, this Muhammad just takes will do and he becomes purified easy, but Muhammad can be in a in an impure state. This is when he requires a hustle which is our next discussion. So before you perform voodoo, you must not be in a majorly impure state meaning a lady who is in menstruation while person was in Geneva, if they perform with you, it will

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not count they will do not remove the impurity you should also remove from your body any barriers so we do requires the water to pin it out to touch the skin directly. And so if you have any kind of covering maybe this further sisters you have any kind of cosmetics or a guy you know he works with paint or grease and that is a barrier for the water to reach or you have a bandage on Murata medical reason let's say you have some bandage on you for whatever reason a glove so you're wearing a glove then this must be removed before we perform we do

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the you also must not have something that would cause the water and this as I said before, when you perform we do in a bowl that the water should not be contaminated while you're performing we do the water must remain pure.

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Right and there are some very detailed things about knowledge and we'll keep that sufficient for now that for example as well there should be enough water again it goes without saying if you run out of water before you finish your will do you don't have to do you have to make sure all the parts that that requires to be washed out washed.

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Number nine is number nine and 10 is actually quite interesting.

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So a put

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Anyone who has who is incontinent, basically, it's a person who is constantly dripping with urine or constantly passing wind. So they are constantly in other words breaking they will do they perform Moodle and two minutes later, some drops of urine exits and so therefore they will do is broken, do they go and perform we do and then two minutes later they pass we never perform we do again back and forth, back and forth, they will never have to do so, for such a person. What must he do? We say for such a person, they will do has a time limit, they will do has a time limit. For the rest of us. I'm gonna manage Rhonda Shiva, who I would base by time if you can hold you will do from fajr Tricia

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Hamdulillah. That's good. It's not anything special. But I mean, you could do it. Whereas a person who's incontinent, they constantly dripping urine, they will do expires

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they will do expires when the next one comes in. So Mohamed, you know he has maybe a colostomy bag or stoma bag, or he's got some other kind of thing we he has no control as to the impurities that leak out of his body and Mama granted Shiva and for all those who are going through this difficulty may be a means by which Allah purifies you this very difficult embarrassing thing, but Allah purify you through that. So so this person he what do you what what he what he will do is you will wait for the other hand for Marguerite, okay, it's Margaret. Now he will perform will do. And yes, he would be dripping urine and he would be a leaking and all of that impurities, no problem he's will do is

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fine, he makes Muslim. And the minute the other fisheye goes, he's will do things, and he needs to perform a new video. So for this person, he has a pre condition, a time based pre condition. Again, to summarize what we're speaking about here, and this is, and this is the flavor of how fake is taught. It's not very, for those of us who like it 100 is really nice. For those it's very step by step by step. It's trying to make life very easy. Before you want to perform voodoo, you must be a Muslim, you must have some mental capacity to understand what you're doing. Your you must not be in major impurity requiring a muscle, we say you must remove any barriers between the water and your

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skin, you must not have anything on your body that contaminates the water so it becomes impure, you must have enough water. If you don't have enough water you won't be able to perform with you. And subhanAllah on that note, there'll be some use extreme extremely little water by our standards, a cup of water would be enough to perform we do. We unfortunately the amount of water we use is completely unnecessary, and it is wasteful. And we should use just enough water to suffice to do the ritual of we do and not one drop more. Not one extra drop should be done. We know the very very famous Hadith that Nabil Salam said to his hobbies are outside what is this wastefulness? What is

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this wastefulness so so I said I'm performing we do Yara Salah can I be wasting water this is for Allah I mean I'm not having a you know a water fight this is for Allah is such a thing as wastefulness for Allah. So then we said yes, it's wasteful even if you were taking we do in a river, even if there was more water than we need to take anything more than is required is off it is waste because there is someone on earth that is dying for a drop of water, somehow grant us not to waste but to do the Voodoo properly. So you must have sufficient water and you should not waste water. And we said the last precondition is specific to a person who constantly breaks his will do for them,

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they must wait for the lock to come in, then perform voodoo and that will do expires once the Walk goes out. Mr. Graceffa. So now it's okay I understand these myths about six or seven pre condition the three steps almost the paperwork voodoo must be done. So now I've done all of those things. You know, I've done all those I have enough water. I've removed any barriers to further ado, I've made sure that the water is pure I have enough water hamdulillah now we say how do I start performing? What do we say to perform what do you need to follow the steps as per the ayah in the Quran that you need to wash your face, your arms, your hands to the elbows, you need to wipe your head and wash

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your feet. So steps number on the screen 2345 we find in the Quran. So everyone agrees all the Muslims agree on steps number 235 All of them Shafi, Hana, FEMA, they all say Yes, exactly. If you underperform we do as a maid. As a minimum, you must wash your face. You must wash from your fingertips to your elbow, including your elbows, you must go over the elbow. You must wipe your heat and you must wash your feet including and above your ankles. All Muslims agree if you missed any one of these steps you don't have to do.

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Then the majority of the scholars the majority of the matchups, the other math hubs besides the Hanafi space

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similarly, the other three methods the Maliki share theory and humbled him others added two additional steps. This is an on top of these steps you find in the Quran, we add two non negotiables you must have these things, otherwise you will lose an accepted one of these two steps. Step number one they say is near. And the last tip is to tip near and 30. What is near what is the tip, near is intention. Near means your intention, and 30 is the order the sequence. So, the majority of the scholars said that if you wash your face and your hands and your feet and your elbows and you don't have the intention of who do, you don't have to do, you must be full you must consciously have in

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your mind, I am performing wudu I'm not just having a bath. I'm not just having a water fight. I'm not just cooling myself off, I am performing a ritual of worship. So you must have this conscious thing in your mind. You must have the NIA.

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Now, on the issue of Nia, many of us grew up in our madrasah or madrasa and we learned how to say the near now way to this that and the other. Now way to Norway to Norway to there is no such thing in Islam, that Jesus on them, never in his life said oh Allah I intend to perform will do for you for the word of Allah. I intend to force tomorrow in this month of Ramadan. Oh Allah, I intend to perform two records of budget facing the table on this Subhanallah the NEA is not the for you to inform Allah what you're doing. And it's not there to inform yourself either. The NEA is what is in the heart, you must be conscious of what you're doing. So let me give you an example of someone who

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has a Nia and someone who doesn't have an ear. If someone jumped in the ocean, and he's swimming and all the parts that requires to be washed, are washed and then he exits the ocean. He never thought of Salah he never thought of would do

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that man we asked him Did you perform we do he says no I went for a swim but no problem that I already washed every part of me I have we do we say no the majority of the scholars say no. You must have intended while you are swimming. I'm going to have we do so the NIA is something which is a conscious light bulb in your mind. I'm performing Moodle. You don't have to verbalize it. You don't have to say it says it is not important.

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Similarly, a person who wakes up in the morning for Fudger he goes and you take sudo he puts on his clothes, he goes to the masjid he stands and he makes Fudger Salah and then he says oh I forgot to say no way to suddenly forget I forgot to say the NIA, do we say no? No, your Salah is not accepted. You will did not intend to make five years Pamela we said everything he did was clearly his intention was the to perform Fajr Salah. So, again, the intention is required. Per the majority of the must haves. You must have an intention in your heart. You do not need to verbalize it. But it must be in your heart. The Hanafi madhhab says no, no, no, no, no, you don't even pay attention to

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the example I gave the guy who's swimming, that's fine. He has we do because in the understanding we do is simply a physical washing of your body. So long as this washed, so long as you washed it, someone washed it for you no problem you have to do. That's the understanding of groups within the Hanafi madhhab. The last point number six, we call that deep order sequence. The majority again the three Madhouse besides the Hanafi madhhab. They say that it is not enough that you must have the intention to perform Moodle and wash your face, arms, wipe your head and feet wash your feet. You must do it in order you cannot start with your feet and then your face. No no, the order must be

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done correctly. And we say well what evidence do you have the order must be done. So the ayah in the Quran has given it in sequence Allah subhanaw taala mentioned it like that in sequence. And we do not have a single example in the entire history or the life of that of Islam. He performed 1000s of widows never ever did he change the wood we always follow that exact same sequence. So they said yes there is no Hadith or idea that says we do must be done in sequence. But from analogy they would say it is very clear that will do must be done in sequence. Again the Hanafis are the odd man out And side note it's never it's not always like this sometimes the sharpies are the odd man out we're

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gonna get the issue of touching the husband touching the wife break Shall we do the Shafi is are the odd man out. So in this situation, the Hanafis are the odd men out and they say no following the order is not a requirement. It's good to follow the order you should follow the order but if you didn't follow the order from you, you started with your left foot, then you wash your face, then your left arm then you write on the right foot, no problem so long as the areas are washed. Remember from the understanding would

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Who is a bath, a physical bath, and not a ritual. This is the understanding, you'll get rewarded for it, no problem. But it's not a ritual. Therefore you don't need to ritualize the NEA. And you don't need to follow the steps, you just need to follow the, the you just need to do what what parts need to be done. And so without going into too much detail, and already, I think this is

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already very heavy for Islam from scratch, but this gives you a taste as to how the man has discussed things. And we won't go into the issue of who's correct who's not correct. Simply for our purposes, before you do anything, have any near in your heart and intention. And surely, anyone who does the will do is very unlikely you wouldn't be doing it without an intention. And lastly, the well maybe an example for us to take a shower. So you had a long day at work you come get into the shower, nice hot shower, and then you get out the university I didn't I'm still making sure I didn't think about we do have coffee mugs, it's fine no problem. You can come Salah you have to do you

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clean the receipt, no, you must go back and perform a will do separately.

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Best thing to do is of course have the near and the safest thing to do obviously, is to redo and make your window over. That's the safest thing to do. And of course, there's no reason absolutely no reason that anyone should perform with you without following the sequence. I mean, that just shouldn't happen. So inshallah there's no reason to discuss that matter in much depth. So that is the compulsory way in which you perform the widow these steps. This is the non negotiables if you missed any of these steps, then you don't have to, but there are many, many flows, fancies additional things that makes you do more beautiful visa. You start with saying Bismillah there's a

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dua at the end of the word do you face the people that you put your fingers in your ears, you goggle you put your fingers through your toes, if you have a beard, you would use you would put your hands through your beard, brushing your teeth is part of voodoo if we look at the Sunnah of Nabi Salam. So all these are additional things nice to haves, like you know how you go to the carwash you have just the basic wash and dry then you have the full valet and you're all these things. This is this is what you see on the screen is the basic wash, that's the bare minimum, but you can obviously add to it and make it a complete we do per the Sunnah. And in the slides you'd find many of these sooner

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steps you could do to make your will do more beautiful and make it more

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rewarding in sha Allah. Okay

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any questions? The next section will be very interesting it's about those things that break out we do that nullify I will do any questions before we move on?

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I have a question Yes. I'm so sure if you think of Russell knowing that you know I got home I need to make

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does that mean you have the intention of or do you have to do the acts outside of the muscle or isn't isn't the only one

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Yeah, so basic question was and we jumping the gun natto for the hustle he says look, I'm a guy needs to perform muscle, you have muscles himself.

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And his intention is that I'm hustling so that I can perform Surah Does he still have to do we do because when you do so you don't really follow the steps of voodoo. You just wash your whole body and you rinse one side and the other and even in the whistle you just have to rinse your entire body Do you still need to perform the steps or will do and this is where the mothers are gonna I'm gonna tell you the majority of the mothers will say no, you don't need to but the almond opposite says yes you have to you have to perform voodoo because you did not actually follow the ritual of voodoo. The ritual of voodoo is separate.

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Well another mother would say the ritual of hustle overrides the ritual of widow even though the ritual of goosal is very simple. You just have to wash your entire body. Okay, there's not a right side first left side that is additional, but you just have to wash your entire body. And so to be to be safe again. Perform will do while you're in the shower perform. That's easy. And you should be fine to make soda but we'll get to that in detail when we talk about how to perform a coup so

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let's do so also by the way oh by the way, as you said what do you think the Hanafi madhhab would say the huddled masses you didn't need you just go so it's fine. You have to shove him either would say no you need to hustle and you need to perform a voodoo separately okay

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with me Yeah. Okay.

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The wastewater thing is also

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about not wasting remember there'll be some loved in a desert and

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you know so not wasting water is also limited to what is in the Sharia. One person might say you know I I just took we do I don't know for little bit or I just pass the small wind. So I really have to go and take we do again all over is really that bad. Am I

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am I wasting water or person might say you know, I took a hustle the night before I went to bed I woke up there was you know the wet dream, you know my hair is fine My arms are clean, why do I have to whistle everything else? Now of course they we follow the the Sunnah, so So waste and wasting water must be understood within the what is necessary from the Sharia can never be waste anything more than that is waste. But yeah, anyway, the factors that nullify the will do what nullifies the wudu now the Quran doesn't give you a list these things break you we do we have in the Sunnah, the tradition of an Elisa Lam certain narrations will he sees this breaks, we'll do that break, she will

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do that nullify as you will do. And so again, the scholars of the Madhouse collected all these, you know, evidences, and they gave us a nice easy list, you don't have to go look, we'll tell you, the spreadsheet will do. So there'll be some said, if you said to the Sahaba if you were traveling, not to take off your home for three days a nice except in the case of Geneva, but not in the case of stool, you do slip up. So this is a very, very, very technical deep

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narration that touches on 100 different things, but simply then AMISOM says that you do not need to take off your home. You do not need to take a new wudu when you're traveling, if you went to the toilet number one or number two, oh, in fact asleep that does you don't have those things. You do not need to perform a fish who do by taking off your health and you do not need unless you have Genova, this hadith Swan, I can spend three days to stoke on this hadith. But for our purposes, the point at the back the bottom is that Amazon says the things that break your will do essentially stool urine and sleep these three things like you would do. If you're traveling and you're waiting a

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hoof, and you did these three things before you do but keep your hoof on how do I perform hope is a sock hoof is like a little sock. Now businesses if you're traveling, and you went to the toilet, so now you need to perform we do. He says Keep your little sock on and perform we'll do while keeping it on we'll talk about how you perform we do the sock on. But if you're traveling and you have your living sock on, and you have Genova, you had a weird dream us you were intimate with your wife, you just finished your height, then you must also then you must remove yourself obviously when you're also you got to do some of the sock on. So that is basically what this hadith is trying to say. For

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our purposes, this hadith is telling us three things break you will do stool, urine and sleep.

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So the mother and the other nations.

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Like we know that if you're performing Salah and you pass when you break you fought basically you must leave and perform a new will do and perform Salah over. So

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to summarize what nullifies the will do four things break you the only four things that break you number one, anything that comes out of your front and back passage, academic Mamula and partners, anything that comes out to the front to the back, where the solid liquid or gas, if it comes out, it will break you do everything that comes out. And there are certain exceptions within the madhhab. So we're not going to go into those exceptions, these slides are for the slides are part of my class I teach on a Wednesday, which is for a much more that's part of an institution which is open to anyone wants to join it, but that is split specializes in Islamic studies. So, obviously they go into the

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details, what if this comes out of your private part what if that comes out of the back passage,

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bottom line, anything that comes out of the front or back passage will break your will

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number two, the loss of your sense of understanding your actual your mind you lose touch with reality. So there are many ways in which you can lose your your senses. One way is falling asleep you fall asleep. Another way is you find you know you you go unconscious or Malla predictors we take some kind of narcotic or some kind of whoa or other you go for operation and they put on the sleeping the guests and you lose touch with reality you your mind goes when that happens your will do is automatically nullified when you lose

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when you lose

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touch with reality.

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Right so the reason I'm saying this in a hadith that the eye or consciousness is the string of the anus if the two eyes sleep the strings and meaning that when you fall asleep you have no idea what comes out of your back passage and so it is deemed that you will do breaks once you fall asleep okay

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so that those these two any

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thing coming out of the front of the back and losing consciousness, all the math hubs agree this will break you will do the Shafi mother added two extra things that breaks you will do two extra things.

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The one point they added if you touch the private part of a human if one human being touches the private part of any human being, whether a strange human being or his own private part, the palm of his hand touches the private part, then you will do is broken right So, if someone says, but I mean how do you in touch when I walk my private parts touches my legs and we say if your hand grasps or touches your private pot, it will break you will do that is part of the Shafi might have more controversially and something which is very interesting and which we're going to chew on for the next week. Inshallah. The Shafi mme also says that if a man and a woman stay in contact between them

00:30:56--> 00:31:33

skin upon skin contact, any kind of contact, they hands touch, they kiss, they bumped into each other, and the skin some even even say with even if they bump into each other with a very earthy having clothes on but you walking and you know you brush up you will do is broken. So, this is a very famous view within the Shafi method, which the other methodically with the Sharpie mother, which is the only method that says if a man and a woman come into contact physically that we do is broken between both of them, the girls will do and the boys will do is broken, even if there was no desire, even if the you know, even if it was done a touch activated, the woman smacked the man there

00:31:33--> 00:31:37

was no love there was hated it, they will do is broken, you know. So

00:31:38--> 00:32:17

we will ask Inshallah, this question why OSHA fees? Do you have this opinion? And why Oh, Hana fees? Don't you have this opinion? What is the reason you have the same Quran? The same Hadith, the same sunnah? Why would you have a different opinion on something very basic, like we do. So Inshallah, next week, we'll go into a bit of a tangent as to why does skin on skin contact between a husband and a wife or man or woman break your widow. And in sha Allah, this is very relevant. I don't think there's a single person in Cape Town. Who never uses the phrase, tradesman Duska brick, I don't think anyone has not used that phrase. Because it's very common that you'd find people Oh, you

00:32:17--> 00:32:21

touched me my window is broken. We'll talk about this inshallah next week in equations

00:32:26--> 00:32:27

I did actually have

00:32:29--> 00:32:37

a question. Great. So loss of intellect. So powerful medication does that help as well? I don't fall asleep

00:32:39--> 00:32:44

right. So I took a certain substance and that substance was very very

00:32:45--> 00:33:16

I don't know what the what what what's the right word to use it to use but it causes you to lose a bit of not you don't fall asleep or your unconscious is not like sleeping gas or anything. But you are, I don't know zoning your near the urine or the I think this is Wait, it's a gray area. And this is where you'd say is your mind and what point does the mind lose? Losing says I mean, what is they say you can't operate heavy machinery. At that point, when you get to the point where you no longer can operate heavy machinery is you will do broken or not.

00:33:18--> 00:33:31

It's it's it's really it's and that's why you find Pamela even this thing of losing your intellect. The Sahaba they obviously had very difficult lives in terms of they would work in the field and they would applaud things so it's a very

00:33:33--> 00:34:14

hard labor. So when they would come to the masjid for a shy they were really exhausted and it's quite well it's the many generations of the Sahaba coming to the masjid very shy. And they are sitting waiting for the Adhan and some would not have you know the gates would as many people do in Jamar the AIDS would not have you know, and sometimes some might even slightly snow but they will do is not broken. And so there is a fine line between deep sleep and light sleep and being you know conscious and being unconscious there's a gray area and I think this is a way and the mud hubs if you really want to you know why did this color spend so much time this I mean they will talk about

00:34:14--> 00:34:39

if you're if you if your back is against the wall and you and you don't have the windows broken but if you are you know sitting and you're not leaning against a wall and your windows are broken if you can hear someone talks to you and says Muhammad and you can and you hear you know without you don't wake up you you actually heard him then it will do some broken so I think it's a fine line right? It's not It depends how how out of it are you

00:34:43--> 00:34:50

in this is the issue of 50 doesn't give you a clear yes or no. Doesn't give you because it's not a clear so now it depends. If you took

00:34:51--> 00:34:59

you know a Bernardo or you took an allergy mix and allergic to make you drowsy. It's very different taking either no some morphine

00:35:00--> 00:35:06

and therefore they will have different rulings depending on the substance and the extent that it affects you.

00:35:07--> 00:35:08

Anyone else

00:35:10--> 00:35:14

just like my sister Halima chicken so much for your kind words, I was really accepting keeper sincere.

00:35:16--> 00:35:45

Sugar so much we will continue next week. Unfortunately will not be this time of the month it will go back to the before mother if I have I usually have a university meeting from half past seven at night until late on Thursday, so I have to always tonight's meeting got canceled. So I'm with you inshallah. But next week we'll communicate when and when the session will start. Just have a wonderful week keep us new to us was ALLAH Cena Muhammad wa and he also he was Lamaze anyway I'm glad I'm glad I mean, ceremony Kumar Llahi