Reflections Ramadan 2023 06 – And in the creation of yourselves and what He disperses of moving creatures

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes the concept of the Oneness of Islam, which is the only creator in everything around us. The concept of the universal book of Allah is also discussed, as it is the only book that has been written. There are signs and signs that prove the existence of the Oneness, such as signs of a woman who has urinary retention and cannot do one thing without the catheter, and the lack of a computer. The segment also touches on the idea of a fly and the potential consequences of it on humans.
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Bismillah ruff mercy ravine

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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back Surah Al Jazeera Sharpton number 45 in the halls

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of Salta, Jaya gerth Yeah, your mighty Allah says, Well, if he hello people more I'm I was so new.

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But in to live call me up No.

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And it means and indeed in the creation of your own selves and in what he has disperses of moving creatures on earth are signs for people who are certain for people who have your keen uncertainity in faith and in the oneness of the Almighty Allah.

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The concept of European is developed through a firm belief in the Oneness of Allah, that he is the only creator is only Sustainer. And indeed he is able to do all things

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through observing the science that proves that he is the only creator in everything around us. Even within our own selves, as Almighty Allah stated Wafi unfortunately, come fly to Barcelona in chapter number 51. Allah Almighty says and even within your own cells, don't you see, there are signs.

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I keep leaning over, understand my back, move in my arms within in right and left all of that because of the blessings of the joints which the Almighty Allah had bestowed upon us. He revealed to His Messenger SallAllahu Sallam that these joints are simply one of the countless blessings of the Almighty Allah, that you need to say to Allah Thank you Allah, equal number of times to the number of the joints every morning. And he said, If you just pray to rockers with this intention, it will be sufficient. If he fusi can fly to the saloon, the two kidneys which Allah bless each and every one of us with the work

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restless, they are night doing renal dialysis internally without paying attention to it. When you're eating when you're drinking when you're resting when you're asleep. The process of execution and simply just going to the bathroom do number one and number two, these are all signs imagine a person with urinary retention and cannot do even number one without the catheter SubhanAllah.

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So there are countless signs and that's why

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Muslims believe that the reveal book of Allah the Quran is not the only book that he bestowed upon us there is the universal book. Because of that, in Surah, two jatiya, the IR before mighty Allah subhanaw, Taala said, Enough is similar to all all the mean indeed in the heavens, and in the earth, there are many signs to prove the Oneness of Allah, but for whom, for the believers, and then after this idea, he, after he said, Well, if you have more malleable swimming, dab in all the creatures around you live in with you on earth, he said, walk through life in lelee. One hurry on earns all along Minnesota in a restaurant for heavy Hill out of the bottom out here. The process of having day

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and night succeeding each other, following each other, with a perfect system. And the process of sending down the provision and the rain from heaven, reviving the dead land out of it, making it all green by the lives of Allah, and directing the wind to carry the pulling greens and to move the ships in the seas. Those are many signs

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from among the countless signs to prove that there must be a computer and he should be the only one who's worthy of worship. But yet in the coming years, he alone, again Tilka Ayatollah Ruhollah Kovalchuk, these are some of the some of the signs of Allah, Allah Allah decides upon us with the truth. Like when I when you say subhanallah in Surah, Al Hajj, chapter number 22 ayah number 73. Look, when Allah subhanaw taala said, woman whose fulfill all them in depth, all the creatures that he created on Earth, we need to look into them and ponder over them we think about the magnificent creation of the Almighty Allah. They couldn't have been created by themselves or by accident. So he

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says an animal 73 of sorrowful had a human soul body of Ms. festa Mio

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in Ludhiana today we're gonna do Neela Healy of locals who babble Allah will return now.

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Where he has logo homos, low Babel che Elias down the rumen Lofa Thorn evil moku I'll give you one idea before we end, the flies, the mosquitoes which keep bothering us they drive us crazy. Didn't you ever ask yourself or ask your parents or as your teacher or your child have asked you? Why did Allah kill rats? Why did Allah kill mosquitoes? You heard they're awful, give me one single benefit. Look what Allah Almighty says, oh people and example is presented. So listen to it indeed, those whom you invoke and you worship besides Allah will never be able to create even zuba a single fly anything, not even a fly. Not only that, even if a fly

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or flies gather

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around your food and happen to eat or to take care of your drink.

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Learn your web, I want to wish them all well as no one wants to show you in less than two women.

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So all human beings gather to create a single fly they will not be able to know only that. And whenever the flies happen to drop on your food and eat or drink and take steal away anything of your food. They could not even recover it from them from the flyers, not over toilet bowl or modulo those whom you're chasing, which is the flies are weak and new to human beings are weak and vulnerable. Because Allah is Earl kadhi is able to do all things. So we need to bow down in frustration. And thank Allah subhanaw taala for rightly guiding us for opening our eyes and our minds and hearts to accept the truth and to recognize that if there is a condition there must be a Creator and the

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creator is La Ilaha illa Allah and who came to learn that through Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and the next time Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh